MCP launches steps to revamp party from grass root level

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has initiated steps to revamp the party from grass root level, saying they want its regional committees be expanded from the current membership of 30 to 90 members.

Gustav Kaliwo:  MCP rebuilding

Gustav Kaliwo: MCP rebuilding

Party officials believe that the party needs to focus primarily on rebuilding structures and revamping its membership to stand a good chance in the next elections, scheduled for 2019.

M MCP Secretary General, Gustave Kaliwo, said the party National Executive Committee does not recognise any regional or district committees elected after May 20, 2014.

“The party will, therefore, be conducting elections in all the regions of the country with the aim of implementing the National Executive Committee resolution.

“The programme and dates for the holding of the elections will be announced in the near future. In line with its constitution the MCP, we will also conduct district elections to elect district office bearers,” Kaliwo said.

He further said all elections held after May 2014 in Southern Region, Blantyre District Urban, Dowa West, Lilongwe Rural West and Mchinji South were not sanctioned by the MCP National Executive Committee and are, therefore, invalid.

Kaliwo said: “The party urges its membership to recognise and avail its structures only to those regional and district committees that were in place up to May 2014.”

He invited all those wishing to join MCP and those wishing to participate in the forthcoming elections to register with their local MCP branch or by contacting the Administrative Secretary at the MCP Headquarters in Lilongwe.

Political observers however, commend Lazarous Chakwera’s MCP for demonstrating maturity by opting to focus its energies on the revival of its structures, instead of poking holes at DPP’s controversial election win, which would have been a futile exercise.

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31 thoughts on “MCP launches steps to revamp party from grass root level”

  1. chakumanda betha says:

    Ndizonveka ndi zodziwikiratu MCP ndicho chips I cha dziko. Koma chifukwa cha kuchuluka kwa umbuli anthu timalorera mtundu wodziyenerezawu udzibera mpaka kulkpanga dziko lonse kukhala la bwanja limodzi, ka mtundu kamodzi komaso chigawo chimodzi… Ndinva chisoni poti kamba ka umbuliwo akhtsogolowo akamatinamiza mudzina la mtundu timangowona ngati tadyerera kale koma tawonani pano kodi ndi achewa ndi atumbuka okha akukanda?? Ngakhale alomwewo tikukandira limodzi koma mudzawawona nthawiyo ikadzifika makani akewo ngati zanzeru kapena mungandiuze kuti zimakwanira nonse ndalama mumalandira Ku mulakho wa lomwe??? Achewaso; kaduka ,nkhidzi, ndi umbuliwo amangoti dyoo!! Kumangobetsa mavoti mmalo moti muvote mwanzeruso.. Amalawi kukuyenera kucheso nyimbo imodzi sachezera gule galamukani a Malawi.

  2. Mwamfunsa says:


  3. Kenkkk says:

    Big Man, you are still living in the past. The mcp you are referring to is not the same as the current one. Even the leading actors have changed.

    In fact your stupid dpp, pp and udf have absolutely destroyed the development and economy of malawi through your massive corruptions and thieving of govt resources.

    Furthermore don’t forget you have some characters in your govt who were staunch supporters of the old mcp and they know what they did during that time. These characters are not part of the new mcp but they are in your govt, are you condemning them as well?

    There is no point dwelling on the past BigMan, just concentrate on chakwera’s mcp not Kamuzu or Tembo mcp.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Leave “Big Man” alone!!! His observations are short, but insightful, and almost invariably, spot-on. His analyses are contemporary, not living in the past, as you may claim.

      1. Kenkkk says:

        I think you are the BigMan himself in disguise. It is just hilarious and laughable the way you describe BigMan or yourself?

  4. prince says:

    Boma ilo kwacha

  5. stephen nyirenda says:

    thats my party. thats coming. ku Neno kuno iwill be the champion of this party 2019 boma. mwina anthu akwa chifenthe, nkhuku zalira, donda nkuzaonako msewu wa tala. ena wa alephera.

  6. cash gate says:

    Only A National Party In Malawi, Not A Family Party Like Others, Kwachaaaaa

  7. shaaaa says:

    kampeni ya pakati pokha pano, munaziona kuti.mbusa ndi mtumbuka mwina 2030
    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.sankhani munthu yemwe MULUNGU akumufuna osati zomukakamiza ayi.mack my word

  8. Shonayi says:

    Westing time.Wa quality ya Kamuzu kulibe.Ingolowani mzipani zina.Za old fashion.A MCP sangasinthe.Amati ndi apakati basi.Amanena okha kuti akhoza kuvotela ngakhale galu bola ali wakwawo ndi tambala wakuda.Anthu anzeru sangatsatire zimeneyi

  9. Vyanje says:

    Dzukani aMalawi dzukani – Kwacha!

  10. Kamuzu Banda says:

    that’s the way to go. but don’t win 2019 elections.

  11. M'doko says:

    Icho ndiye chipani cha demokalase chipani cha anthu onse

  12. Mathanyula says:

    Chipani cho Ngawazi, kumeneko ndiye timati kubwera. Osati zinati za pachibale basi.Nanga akadzachoka kapena kufa amenewo basi chipani chidzathera pompo.

  13. Antobwito says:

    Nothing else can our Chakwera- led MCP positively and outrightly win the Malawi Elections if this exercise is sidelined. Would the Party concentrates its muscles for the remaining four years before elections, in the populous South and a little more in the North than its central base! Once a Month, our President or else the vice President conduct an open and Public rallies in these regions. Today, there will be 20 people attending the rally, for sure tomorrow, expect more than 30 or 40 people will brace the attendance basing on the strategic approaches and systems of the rallies. Please, please, my dear Lazarus Chakwera, the ever smiling and soft tongued President, take heed to my advice, otherwise I was about to faint due to HBP last May 28th when the fake Maxon Mbendera was crying before the truth betrayed and forsook him in readiness to lie to the about 15million people. Please, I for one, ask for the outright win in the May, 2019 Elections, for Sure yes if the Party leadership strategises well like you have started. One more time I say; GO, GO, Lazarus Chakwera GO South, GO North! Mighty MCP GO South, Go North MCP. 2019 is there for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ngongoliwa says:


  15. Yankho says:

    Nothing will discourage us from transforming Malawi. That’s news and message that we have been expecting from the leadership of our Mighty party Malawi Congress Party. Once the dates are announced I will retire immediately and contest for the post of District Youth Chairperson for Dedza.
    Once elected I will mobilize road shows for Dedza so that DPP gets zero or nil votes in Dedza. I will involve my fellow district Chairperson in the South to conduct road shows and that the party four corner stones are upheld that is unity, loyalty, obedience and discipline on which the party was founded.
    I am extremely happy with the current leadership keep the fire burning and sure with the current direction we will win convincingly in 2019.

    Kwachaa ! Kwachaa. In Dr lazarous Chakwera leadership nothing will discourage us from transforming Malawi.

  16. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Do it fast and conduct all elections Democatically

  17. yuona says:

    That’s political maturity at its best not mbofyo-mbofyo.

  18. pachimbwi says:

    That’s the way to go Guys,kwaaaaachaaa! MCP 2019 Boma kale

  19. Fathara says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pakati pomwepo. Anthu inu munatizuza kwambili ku south kuno sitingayiwale, mwina ku mpoto kapena, koma south ndiye mwachepa simuyikwanisa.

  20. Kenkkk says:

    Very good move and please ensure that every district in malawi is covered and every constituency in the country is represented come 2019. We don’t want to repeat the stupid situation where we don’t have a candidate in some constituencies representing us.

    Be wary of dpp disruptions in this revamping programme, they will not be happy and will try to create divisions and confusions to some of our stupid members.

    Those members who don’t accept mcp executive decisions are the ones more prone to dpp confusions. So we need representatives that have been elected from elections which have been sanctioned by the mcp exec only.

  21. BigMan says:

    This is unfortunately the Party of Blood, Death & Darkness. Nobody wants to be part of that legacy. Its full of murderous youth leaguers and MYP assassins. And as proven in the last election with people like Daud leading the way, its become a crooks paradise ready and willing to lie to the nation just to crawl back into sanjika and start murdering our relatives again. I say NO!!! Never again.

  22. phaka says:

    Zowona muthu wamkulu,mmera mpoyamba

  23. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    MCP is just tinkering around the edges; and this is not enough reform. Malawians are still waiting for real and meaningful rebranding, that will involve apologizing for the crimes against humanity. And for other crimes committed, in broad day light, with impunity, during that infamous proto-dictatorship of Kamuzu Banda.
    Nothing less will assuage the pain and suffering from the physical and mental wounds suffered by Malawians during that time. Who knows what it will take for the wounds, and there are very many forms of them, to start healing. Apologizing may do it, but disowning that dictator would go a long way to start the process. So would removal of some of the party’s symbolic imagery too. Makes many citizens sick!!!!!!!
    The hope we had in Rev. Chakwera in achieving some resolution to this long standing issue, when he assumed the helm of the party, is slowly evaporating. …otherwise, forget winning in 2019! And that is the word on the street, and at bao games too. Period.

  24. mzimwale says:

    MCP is the only true democratic party in Malawi. Enawa angokhala ndi mayina a Democracy koma mphavu yake anayikana.
    We were waiting for that. KEEP IT UP.

  25. sefren Khumula says:

    Thats positive development the sooner the better

  26. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Committees elected after 20 May, 2014 are invalid? Then those wishing to join MCP and those wishing to participate in the forthcoming elections should register with local branch or contact headquarters. Local branch that is invalid? Contact eadquarters, sure? Feasible? Ok.

  27. Thus indeed maturity mr President. MCP can really come back to power if u start recognising ppo from the grassroot. Don’t 4get area committees.

  28. Alungwana says:

    Its time to revive the mighty MCP! Now is the good time. Malawi must go back to real development from 2019 with the MCP.

  29. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    It’s a good move but they should accommodate people from other regions as well. The biggest proble which MCP has is that they don’t want to recognise members from other regions’s ideas , they always feel the party belongs to Central Region people only.
    The reason for taking the party to Southern and Northern regions to them is to say that it’s a formula of wanting people to assist them to win the elections and still they think that their regional party will win.

    The MCP should not think of just using people from other regions but they should accommodate them as well. In short please this party should come back in to government .

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