MCP lawmaker asks Goodall to come clear on pension scheme

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mpenu Nkhoma, Collins Kajawa (MCP) has asked Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe to come clear on the pension scheme.

Finance Minister Gondwe

Finance Minister Gondwe asked to explain

“The Minister has ably defined government’s intention to resolve the issue of pensions and gratuities. However, he has not clearly defined how he will set aside the funds for the start-up pension scheme, and how long that will take,” Kajawa said in the House.

“We expect that the Minister should come out clear and be able to say, in year one, we will pay out K20 billion, for example, and so on and so forth, and say we will finish, for example, in year six; but this is not clear, it is open ended and that is a huge risk to this nation,” he added.

He also noted that that there is “a dual approach” on pension scheme.

“They are planning to contract the pension fund to pension administrators. At the same time, there will be some annuities to be administered by government. This is in contravention of the Pension Act 2010. That is not the way we should carry out this business,” he said.

Meanwhile, there have been pension discrepancies between civil servants who retired before 2009 will linger on until government starts implementing a national pension scheme.

One way to harmonise pension benefits, according to Gondwe, was to apply the average increase of pension contribution each time there was a salary increment in the civil service.

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11 thoughts on “MCP lawmaker asks Goodall to come clear on pension scheme”

  1. khonyongwa says:

    chindere chakufikapo gondwe. this is non starter. sizigwira zimene azingoyankhula mpaka muyaya. why? ayenera ampasepo aliyense zake ofwhich is not possible ndalama zake azitenga kuti? ngati mankhwala akusowa mzipatala where will gooddall get billions of kwachas to settle us. okuba mbava goodwall

  2. kkkkkkkkkk says:

    A mcp voti yanga mwatenga basi.. u pple are really doing a good job

  3. magaula says:

    badwall gondwe ife amene tagwira kale zaka zambiri zathu mutipatsiretu kenaka muyambe zakuba zanuzi shame on u dpp mbava

    1. Honest says:

      Kkkkk BADALL? LOL!

  4. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Mcp is talking sense on this matter l wish they were in govt nanga muja nkhaniyi inayambira no way 4ward abale a minister of financial matters just moving around it carelessly thoughtlessly and senselessly let the govt comply with the pensions act

  5. Youn says:

    Mkulu wakalamba uyu.

  6. mtengo wagwa says:

    I read a document from Govt that the contributory pension scheme will take effect from Jan 2016 for those below the age of 50 years. This is not good idea because one may be below the age of 50 but has served for more than 25 years in the Govt. Govt should have considered service than age. Govt should take note that each govt Institution has its own Act. Unless the Act changes and then they should implement the new pension scheme. This is the same govt that started five years pension regardless of the years one has served in Late Bingu Munthalika regime. Goodall Gondwe was Finance Minister that time and this time is also a Finance Minister. There was a total chaos in the country. Many civil servants retired in fear of the 5 years pension scheme and this will happen now.

  7. Dr Mrs Ben Phiri Mutharika says:

    Gondwe is a spent force. Upereka ulemu to undeserving individual ndizimene zikuchitika ndi ADA Gondwe. And this is a risk to a country.

  8. CASH MBALA says:

    Pension administration should be independent of Government in order to ensure proper management under corporate governance tenets. Currently there is a lot of mismanagement of the funds and officers at the pensions office are abusing the funds taking advantage of poor pensioners, many of whom are old and some have since died. Cheques for pensioners have in many cases been diverted to wrong accounts for the benefit of the officers. A proper audit should be conducted at this office to catch the culprits. All pensioners awaiting payment must go to the office to check status of their dues. You will be surprised!

  9. captain says:

    Koma a M C P kundimvetsa kukoma . U are really working

  10. G.G says:

    What will happen to civil servants who have already worked for ten years? Will give them their money before you start new system? Those who understand educate me please.

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