MCP member claims to be in hiding

The infighting in the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has gone physical, forcing a member Azam Mwale to go into hiding for fear of his dear life.

Menyani: We don't know Mwale

Menyani: We don’t know Mwale

In a telephone interview from his hiding place with Nyasa Times,  Mwale who recently spoke in the media against the current party leadership said some party Members of Parliament (MPs) rough necks to deal with him at his home in Lumbadzi.

Mwale mentioned Kasungu Central MP Amon Nkhata as one of those behind the plot.

“Led by central region party youths, the came to my house on Saturday night using a black minibus registration number DA1069 saying they want to deal with me, lucky enough I had already been tipped and they didn’t find me.

“At around midnight, the went to HH Lodge and asked if am lodging there but the owners told them am not. I am currently afraid and don’t even have time to visit my family,” he said.

He called the development as very unfortunate considering that, “in a democratic system, every person has the freedom of speech and what I said was not against the party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera but for the betterment of the party.”

Added Mwale: “MCP is for us all and not a particular person, if we see that things are not working then we have all the right to advice where necessary and this is what we are doing.”

Mwale claimed he has a backing of many supporters although he has no position in the party.

Recently, Mwale told the media that the current party leadership has failed and there is a need for an emergency convention.

He said he has managed to source about 27 district chairpersons signatures in support of the call.

MCP has about 40 district chairpersons and the party constitution state’s that an emergency convention can be called by two thirds of the chairpersons.

When contacted, Nkhata refused to comment on the matter.

“I don’t comment on something I don’t know,” he said.

MCP Public Relations Officer Alekeni Menyani refused to comment saying he doesn’t know the person (Mwale).

“If he is indeed an MCP supporter he could have know how we handle issues within the party,” he said.

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26 thoughts on “MCP member claims to be in hiding”

  1. DOBO says:

    A friend of mime who is journalist mocked and surprised me with a lot of cash claiming that many journalists are are better than me, an accountant as they are approached by politicians to write fake stories for money which is twice my salary.Study some of these stories which are very baseless. It is happening in Malawi, a PROPAGANDA TORN COUNTRY.

  2. BOKHO says:

    Chipani chakupha ndi DPP msanamizire MCP.

  3. Konge Lesi says:

    MCP IS A PARTY OF DEATH AND DARKNESS, said Chakufwa Chihana. MCP is a cruel and brutal party that will use all available means of force to deal with dissent within its ranks. The MCP Leaders are raping their constitution day and night. That’s why Jessie Kabwila has been fired from her position as Spokesperson. That’s why Richard Chimwemwe and Amon Nkhata are causing havoc in the central region, beating and firing people from their positions. Shame on MCP. SHAME ON LAZALO CHAKWERA

  4. bad says:

    MWALE……………………………MWALE………….mwati lero simchewa??????????ndavanso kuti Kabwila zuti zivutenso……….Ngakhale mmaofesimu akangokuona kuti chipani chaocho ulibe nacho ntchito sangakupatse ndi moni yemwe. Amene akuthamangitsa mwaleyo akaangogwira ntchitoyo ndiye ndi nduna akadzangolowa m’boma

  5. Clement mwale says:

    Chipani ichi sichidzathekanso

  6. mbuzi ya DPP imeneyi .kagwere kutali

  7. 2016 welcome says:

    If I were a DPP supporterror I would be more concerned with the dismal performance of my party as it appears to have no clues to solve the prevailing socioeconomic woes that have relegated the Malawi citizenry to refugee status in their own country. Much as we don’t condone political brutality, all the political parties that have ruled multiparty Malawi have no higher moral ground to demonize the old MCP. We have seen assassinations even during the political pluralism period. Then that makes us assume that could the parties who have killed people during multiparty time be any different if they had a chance to rule during one party period?

  8. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    dis mcp can’t win any general election wy leavng kabwira aside & choosng alekeni menyani as ur spokes person? no any democracy in mcp & i don’t c anymore chances of bouncing back into governmnt vry soon. its a high tym ndale zakale mutazisiya dis z a democracy not 1 party system anthu ali ndi ufulu pa zomwe akuona zikulakwika kuyankhulapo. nthawi yomangoimba manja zilizonse idatha w r in a democracy chonde mudziwe.plz mr chakwera do de way mr ken msonda did by leavng apost wilfuly without any demands.ur style of handling crucial matters z not good at all mind u muli mu ndale & ur followers ndi andale & its totally different frm whr u were 4de past assembly whr ur followers were following u in God name.think t again ur hor

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Nyani ya dpp ameneyo. Why don’t you just join fellow dpp thugs and keep quiet?

  10. What do you expect from MCP? this Party brutality murdered many innocent Malawians
    being a member of this Party is like saying Murder should be discriminarised in this country.MCP don’t give a damn about human life value,as they say usuality conquers the mind
    Eeeee! ine Mantha

  11. Peeping lizard says:


  12. bishop says:

    Mwale is just an ordinary supporter of MCP…However what he spoke on zodiak he was sent by some MCP gurus who paid him.And now the same MCP gurus gave him cash to leave for a certain district….DPP is not involved. There a certain faction of old guard in MCP who have been in positions for so long and they do not want elections for they know they will loose hence the confusion then another group is trying to discredit Dr chakwera for their selfish reasons.

  13. lipenga says:

    I see DPP in this story trying all their desperate tactics to destroy PP and MCP .UDF is dead in bed with DPP.

    Anger is boiling against this government Peter Mutharika and they know if votes were going to cast today DPP is gone and never to come back.

    Someone will soon rise up against DPP in 2years time and will cause havoc in DPP as chaponda will assume more power.
    Malawians can not afford to have a President in his 80s in 2020s 2022 ,2023 forget it we will reverse this curse on our nation .God has head the cries of this nation for Leadership . DPPs are not the alphas and Omega’s of Malawi , we have plenty of enough leadership in Malawi who can develop this country for all Malawians. DPP has failed to govern

  14. Nyalapa says:

    pofunika kukonza pakonzedwe basi.

  15. How did Azam Mwale managed to source 27 districts chairpersons signatures and yet he is not even a branch chairman for MCP? This is just a cheap propanda aimed to bring confusion to the Party, Its absolutely baseless and unfounded as there is no name by Azam Mwale to the MCP ranks and File, Simuchitha Chipani inu Ana osakhwima Pamchombo.

  16. wakangoma says:

    Mwayambanso zophana zija? Anthu inu simulapa, timati REV.LAZALO asintha zinthu ayi ndithu. His hands are bloody as well.


    How did Azam Mwale managed to source about 27 districts Chairpersons signatures and yet he is not even a Branch Chairman of MCP? He don’t have even any position in the Party? This is absolutely baseless and unfounded, MCP Supporters we are very matured and we can’t shaken with this stupid story that doesn’t even happened, There is no name of Azam Mwale in MCP ranks and files, This is just cheap propanda aimed at bringng confusion with the MCP, Bravo MCP! Bravo Rev Dr Chakwera! Kokolilikooooo! Kwachaaaaa!

  18. HPB says:

    I hope and pray that this is not true. If it is, then it is a very unfortunate development. One hopes that the leadership will attend to it very very quickly.
    There should be a clear understanding that politics and political parties are instruments for serving the common good, not personal interest. No one has a monopoly of wisdom. That is why mechanisms are in place for sharing views and finding common ground for the good of all. There is no room for intolerance or vindictiveness.

    It is a matter of concern that when questioned, those in position of responsibility do not show alarm at such developments or offer to investigate the matter expeditiously. One-line answers and dismissals of the allegations are not reassuring. It is time we matured as a people and as a nation. We should be old enough to disagree for the sake of the country.

  19. This stupid person just wants to buy sympathy from DPP and favours.

    I know politics better than most politicians do. You do not hunt somebody whose voice has no impact.

    I doubt if Mutharika can waste resources on such idiots of society.

    Who is Mwale? I do not know him as well.

    Umphawi ukakula ndibwino kukalima. Ambiri ma business akayamba kusokonekera timayamba dirty deals.

    Nobody in the centre succeded in fighting MCP. Challenge me

  20. LUMBADZI says:

    I know very well this poor man called Azzam Mwale.a man who spend most of his life time kuyenda bawo at lumbadzi tarven .
    munthu omvetsa chisoni kwambili he have only one t shirt ya mcp amangovara dairly chifukwa cha umphawi

  21. visulo says:

    Yawo ija yopha anthu these nyawu people

  22. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Not surprised at this development. MCP just reverting to its tactics of extra-judicial punishment, so prevalent during their dictatorship.

  23. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Where are you hiding?
    In DPP house I guess kkkkkk
    Adakalipo achitsiru paziko lapansi ready to destroy democracy because of money.
    Paja Judasi naye analinso ngati galu uyu.

  24. KANDAWE says:


  25. Man of God says:

    Mbuzi imeneyo si ya MCP. Ndipo ikapitiriza kubwebweta kwakeko chofunika ndi kuchita nayo kumene. Mbuzi yosakonda abale ake.

  26. Gwamula says:

    Namadzunda mwadya one kujijilika mwadya zambiri za Kabwila mupusa Nazo, ndinu nokha odziwa kulemba nkhani. After all who is Azam Mwale in Malawi Congress Party, We know you and Kabwila are working for DPP to destabilise MCP after failing to block elections mwati muyambane ndi anthu! Dzana mutiuze zachimwendo, dzulo zaMseka,lero zaNkhata kutalikilenji Ku Kasungu, mawa mutiuza zakachala. Auzeni maiwo atseke Phakamwa posatela ntchentche ziwathina okha, poti alonjezedwa unduna afuna mchokelo.

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