MCP members implicated in cashgate – Baker Tilly report

Some members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have been implicated in plunder of government resources dubbed cashgate amounting to K24 billion between April and September, 2013.

Belekanyama: Fingured in the audit report

Belekanyama: Fingured in the audit report

The names are contained in the Baker Tilly forensic audit report which Malawi government released on Thursday.

The MCP members implicated include lawmaker Lingstone Belekanyama, Wyson Zinyemba Soko, Rhino Chiphiko and Kettie Kamwangala.

The reports says Kamwangala, who was already arrested and charged, through her Explorations  company received MK 16,750,000 and paid MK 30,000  cashgate funds to Belekanyama.

The Baker Tilly audit shows that Zinyemba Soko of Wymbaso General Suppliers received MK 40,953,287 from government without providing any goods, service or works in return.

“We have not seen the business registration document for Wymbaso General Suppliers but the business bank account was opened by Wyson Zinyemba Soko. Internet searches show a person by this name is the Deputy Director of Youth for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and a person with the same surname, Patricia Soko is an Internal Auditor at the Ministry of Finance,” reads the report.

Chiphiko is MCP MP for Lilongwe City South West and is fingered in Compu-Networks Limited which received MK 30,654,079 cashgate funds.

The report said investigations suggest the proceeds of cashgate may have been used to support electoral campaigns.

Baker Tilly internet searches were mostly on business-oriented social networking service Linkedin, Nyasa Times online news, Nation and Times Media whose links are cited and well referenced in the report.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu told reporters that the audit dossier “is not a court judgment” and should be treated as an investigative report.

The report states that in total 104 government of Malawi cheques, totalling K 6.9 billion were paid to 39 different companies when they had not supplied any services to government the majority of which were deleted from the system.

Malawi with financial assistance from the Germany government wants its National Audit Office to carry out a comprehensive audit report dating back to 2010.

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82 thoughts on “MCP members implicated in cashgate – Baker Tilly report”

  1. ken says:

    kuba ndi kuba basi. Belekanyamayo polandira ndalamazo amati ndi za chani. Thieves adzikuululani kumene anthu akuba inu.

  2. john jere says:

    Koma ndiye kumukhumbatu belekanyama!that’s making a mountain out of of mean kugailidwa k30000 yoti samadziwa kochokera ikhale nkhani?kodi operekayo ndalma zomwe wazipata in his lyf ndi zomwezi!kambani zomveka a malawi musatiyipitsire MCP!kapena munamva kuti belekanyama was part of the cashgate syndicate?

  3. A Dzonzi says:

    Head of State is responsible for all mess and good works. This case JB is responsible for the mess. She must apologise to the nation for the discovered looting (manyi). Likewise Bakili should apologise to the nation for selling national companies to his friends or thieves who killed those companies eg Railways, Whitex etc

  4. mabuluku says:

    Kodi Che Belekanyama mmene mumavutira mu parliament muja simumadziwa kuti anakunyopoleraponi ? Shame tell you so called Kabwila achepetse kulongolora and more over amaziona ngati ndiye otsogola poti adalimbana ndi Bingu pa za academic freedo which was politicaly motivated.

  5. I feel any legislator or other public officer who is a suspect in these proceedings, should be releived of their duties. Even for k30,000.

  6. Losambo says:

    Cashgate we are not talking about political parties. We are talking about Malawians who stole the money period

  7. mai nsato says:

    Belekanyama aphedwe basi! MCP katangale

  8. MVANVARA says:

    Amai Kabwila What Is It?

  9. Fwetseke says:

    Kabwila utibwanji pamenepa zatigweratu nafe apa

  10. Kenkkk says:

    Cashgate is a national problem with no political or party or tribal boundaries!!!

  11. peace chirwa says:

    let the law take its course

  12. WaNGa F.Gwede says:

    HOUSE scandal cannot go anywhere forget. Judges are involved so you know Lawyers pa Malawi they SHIELD EACH OTHER BAMBO. IMENEYO YAMWA MAZI.

  13. Chekamphasa says:

    But you should be very careful with Kamphasa AG he is here to doctor the list and during the time of Amai he was against Peter and now there is U turn SAMALANI A MALAWI WITH THIS MAN. HE TRIES TO BE CLEVER BUT NDI ZEROTU. ASK MIM GERUS LIKE THE CHIKOTIS. AUDITOR GENERAL HAD TO ALMOST SLEEP IN THE OFFICE TO DOCTOR THE LIST OF CASHGATERS. KOMA KUMENEKO AKAMPHASA SALAMANI M’CHERE!!!!

  14. Kampalapata says:

    I meant no 52 and not no. 30. Mutigowokere a number 30. Ndipo ndikapedi no 52.

  15. Kampalapata says:

    Number 31 you are a killer and liar. Has Belekenyama joined the party to day. Vonse vili muzipanizi ndi nyasi zozakha zokha even yourself ndiwe nyasi zedi. Given an opportunity to run the show of this nation you and your dd congress can also be involved in corrupt practices. So keep quite you have no issue. Uli ndi chimtima ngati cha Njobvuyalema eti?

  16. Kanyimbi says:

    Anthu oipa,Okuba, ndipsi, akamatule, atsinzinamtole, amtalimanja,akawalala. Mulungu akulangeni ndithu.

  17. Ibu_abdul says:

    So pipo r now satisfied wth the mayor names of helpers of cashgaters. Cant u c that the cashgater is still unknown uptodate? No53 bravo to u

  18. I did not see DPP mins or mps are all clean of cashgate well Britain has said cashgate must be backdated to bingu’s time is the president safe? Umkoto ugwazi khaya!

  19. kamphulusa says:

    The problem with Malawians is that they are so ignorant and sleepy. They are prepared to just clap hands and praise the looters and say WAKUBA YEMWEYO and yet because of that looting their fathers, mothers their children are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicines. WHAT A SICK NATION!!. ITS HIGH TIME MALAWIANS TOOK CHARGE OF THEIR DESTINY AND NOT LEAVE THE FUTURE IN THE HANDS OF A FEW CROOKED PEOPLE

  20. kamphulusa says:


  21. Malawi wanthu says:

    nonse ndinu akuba nanu aMCP ndizowo kt mutalowa mboma mungawonongemo heavy ndinu bamva kwambiri makape

  22. Malawi politics is disgusting…chifukwa choti anthuwa akukuuzani chilungamo mu parliament nde mwati muwasake muwaonongele reputation? Shame on you..sakani the Big fish osati izi mukamba apazi, where is pp? Dpp, udf members? R u telling me these are the only pariamentarians who are involved in the so called cashgate? Akakhala achiphiko mukungotaya nthawi yanu 300000 is jst a peanut to him he can’t steal that small money, he is a hard working character who earns for his living

  23. ANALYST says:

    But if some MCP members were indeed involved in the “systemic process” of cashgating, expect fireworks when the German-funded 2005-2012 investigations are completed! I mean, expect the whole DPP to be involved, unless you “microwave” the report!

  24. Mvanvara says:

    Mayo Kalanga MCP Mwayambilatu Mulikunja Paja Mumati Ndiyanyuwani Nanga Izi

  25. chebuwa says:

    Well done we need cashgate matters sorted out urgently and get the monies back.
    secondly we need the Muluzi saga sorted out and get the money back
    thirdly we need the K92 billion Saga sorted out and get the money back.
    fourth we need the housing scam sorted out and get our houses back.
    It is the poor Malawian suffering and there should be no scared cows.

  26. walalawalala says:

    eeeh wonders shall never cease, so imwe wa mcp mwaika mlisha pa nthazi kuti mutipushike waka thena aaah. wa lisha a chakwara thena mukapangira waka ma campaign ndalama za kwimba shame shame shame, no wonder you failed the elections! so wazakhali a jesse wakututuwira nawo ndalama za kwimba izi.

  27. Wawa1 says:

    Mr. Wanga Gwede!!! The cash gate report implicated several politicians from different political parties like DPP, MCP, & PP. Your article portrays the picture as if it was only MCP politicians involved in Cash gate. Ralph was there. Is he MCP? Roy Kachale ( Joyce Banda’s son) appears in the report too. DPP members were included in the report too. Why not incorporate such facts in your article? Please avoid selective and biased reporting against certain party or individuals. Give us fair news coverage. we should be the judges.

  28. Mm says:

    PP& MCP r cashgaters so DPP is very clean? There is no truth in this. ACB office needs to take a risk for the sake of millions of Malawians. Why should Malawi suffer because of the few pple who knows they are enjoying looted tax payers money. By the look of it ACB is not independent. UDF is swallowed, PP and MCP are in the cashgate. DPP is holier rhan thou. Who will speak for us. Even the little parties are being enguffed. How selfish is that. Who is going to say something in this. I wonder if these politicians care about the welfare of those who vote for them.

  29. Smart namwali says:

    Kkkkkkk Nyasaland wanyasa

  30. Chinziri says:

    Rhino Chiphiko has always been a shady character, so this is coming as no big surprise to some of us . The interesting thing is that he was one of Chakwera’s main financiers during the just – ended presidential elections .

  31. Macford M'bama says:

    Chonde ine ndimafuna kuti anzathu a bomawa tsopano azitiuza kuti ndalama zonse zimene analanda zakwana zingati kuti tizichotsera tione kuti 24billion kwatsala zingati. Chifukwa tikhoza kungouzidwa kuti talanda mwakuti pomwe ndalamazo zikupitilira mmathumba anyuwani.

  32. Kapadza Mjinkha says:

    Anthu a ku Lilongwe City South West,, uyu Chiphiko tisatayenaye nthawi, achoke! Berekanyama should resign immediately from MCP and Mpando wakowo ndimaufuna nkale lomwe. Ndikubwera kudzaima pa ma by-election. Shame on you.

  33. You have hated Joyce Banda claiming that she was behind cashgate yet you have been from the same scandal. then, after such revelations what do you say? komanso mukanakhala okwatira tinati mumadya ndi madam ndalamazo koma hiiiiii sakwata wakuyeliko weni weni….

    shame on you and shame on you again….. you pay back the money with interest and rot in prison cells



  35. cynk says:

    nkhani ndi imeneyotu kumangoti mayi JB, Khumbo nanga Chiphiko cha mbalamecho bwanji ndi chimbava chikwidzingeni

  36. curious says:

    This forensic audit report should be interesting. Guess it also mentions those who were bought beers using cash gate money kkkkk elsewhere it is linking suspects with their boyfriends hahaha koma audit imeneyi iwulula zambiri

  37. A Chakwera ndalama zochokela kwa ma MCP members anu ena you used for your campaign its CASHGATE tainted,eeeeiiissshh politics no holier than thou!

  38. Nyopex says:

    Vilangeniso vimenevo. Ife chigwirirecho ntchito koma ayi ndithu osasintha.

  39. Onasiwelo says:

    Ndiuzeni chipani chimene milibe amene anabapo mu Malawi muno a dpp ndie musayambe dala Daniel Phiri anaba zingati? Anayambitsa kuba ndi Daniel Phiri big small kahuna bingu mathanyula may his soul rest in hell with 92 billion which is being used by mathanyula junior he used the same to bribe MEC and other evil minded people to manuplate the elections

  40. Lilaka Nena says:

    Leave out Belekanyama. Seriously you defame a citizen because of MK30,000? mulibe manyazi eti?????? … cashgate si ya zipani, or PAC, or tribe… done by Malawians and affected Malawians.

    the report out is only from one ministry, thats Toursm. Where are the real beneficiaries? where are the lists from Local Government? where are the lists from the Army? Where are the signatories? the authorisers? Leornard Kalongas, the Mpwiyos, the Kachale brothers, the Makandes in the list? there are many big fishes out there? and is the total cashgate sum 6 billion? or 13 billion? or 14 billion? or 20 billion? or 24 billion? sindikumvetsa ndimasuleni

  41. vindere says:

    Mumati Atumbuka this and Atumbuka that. Now what do u say about wochewa? Stupid fools kungodana ndi atumbuka chifukwa cha nzeru zawo.Sizinati,munya muwona.

  42. Kampalapata says:

    MCP I thought you are notorious with only “death and darkness”. It has however pleased His Excellency Dr. Lazaro Chatsika to include another “d” that of cash -gate deals. A baba had indeed managed to keep the party free from being infested with “dealers’ from cash -gate for long time. He had to put the incoming members under microscope to ensure that the party remains with only ” death and darkness”. However we have just seen the works of the shepherd who can accommodate the sinners for them to repent. By the way can I have an input from sister JKK.

    1. Cashgate 1 says:

      We just believe and hope that MCP will put discipline measures into practices, especially when those associated with Cashgate plunder have been proven guilty.

    2. Jarsn Phiko says:

      This is a foolish comment, coming from a dog. Dogs dont understand issues, they only buck even to a shaking tree moved by the wind. IF you cant see things properly do not call them names. If these too people are connected to cashgate, they have their personal credibilities to defend and that has nothing to do with Dr Chakwera or MCP. is Lutepo answering charges for PP? Reasoning is indeed what many malawians do not appreciate. SHAME ON YOU.

    3. Central says:

      Kampalapata ndiye chitsiru chakukikapo ndithudi!! Ndithudi iwe uli ndi mamina osati ubongo!!

      Kampalapata cashgate report is for the period April to September 2013!! For your information, Chakwera and team came in to lead MCP after the MCP Convention!! Do you want to be reminded again when that happened? Do you also want to be reminded when the General elections took place? Ichi ndi chitsiru zoonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Mbuzi ya mano kunsi, and nobody needs evidence that what you have is natural hatred for these people!! Eeeeeeeeeeeshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Unada ndi lilime lomwe!! Looooooooooooooo!

    4. wa ku nkhoma says:

      uchitsiru bwako kampalapata wangudendekera chimtucho nzeru mulibe ugalu bwako!!

  43. fisi Gammar says:


  44. Mwenecho says:

    iyayi Mbelekanyamayo mtayeni

  45. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Mr. Soko kodi 4X4 ija ndalama zake ndi zathu zomwe? Mumaonekatu mzungu ku Biwi Triangle kuja, ife kumangoti anzathu munagwira potentha. Asaaa, koma dziko ili please…Ambuye bwerani nsanga muzatiwotche basi

  46. Yobe boo says:

    MCP Kumenekooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!, Nanga Obaba O TEmbo bwaaaa? Tikukuyang’anni ndichidwi ngati wina anena kuti Achewa ndi akuba. Akanakhala waku ………… pamenepa bwenzi angunyoza mtundu waanthu ena. SHAME !!!!!!!!!! ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  47. kwasala ku ndi matrials kucourt kuti apezeke olakwa kapena ayi.maloyers plz plz taasiyireni anthuwa akalongosole okha akawone kutentha malovu mkamwa poyakha mafunso.

  48. Vikhumbo says:

    Ndiyekuti achiphikowa matukutuku aja amafuna adzikapitiliza kuba ndalama dzamisonkho mumva kuwawa,zayambika ku MCP.

  49. demateo maluzi says:

    Iwe no3 suwadziwa achiphiko ufufuze bwino bwino ndiye uziyikira umboni Bruno lomwe

  50. NDALAMA zangati izi ine ndiribe katereku olo ka handede ndiribe

  51. Alluyah Anganga says:

    amangeni komanso abweze ndalamayo tili ndi mavuto mdziko muno ambiri kobasi ndiye ndalamo abweze basi……………..

    1. Jarsn Phiko says:

      Kufa soferana. Amene adaba amangidwa, ku khoti, osati kuweluzidwa pa internet. Ndizofunika akatswiritu izi osati wakhuta madeya ako nkumabwebweta ngati Nan’tchenga, tizinguwonetsa uchitsilu basi. Zikomo nonse anzeru amene mumalemba zothandiza, pitilizani.

    2. Cheduwa says:

      What was the color or smell was the money used for MCP electoral campaign. the link is not satisfactory.

  52. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    “A MUD THROWER IS NEVER CLEAN IN HIS HANDS” Its a shame that MCP is lashing out tongues on cashgate and yet they hv the criminals in the camp. Clean the house and those involved must step down. SHAME ON THEM.

  53. chatonda says:

    Osanyengerera munthu regardless of the party one belongs to. Arrest them and take them to court without delay. No one is above the law.

  54. Kalulu says:

    The law touch anyone without looking at party, religion, nationality, current status – so what is MCP? I am a member of MCP by the way but cashgate disgusts me and those involved in cashgate in our party sickens me too. Let the law sweep them quickly to make the party clean

  55. Khuth'upa oMachema says:

    We need a statement from the MCP chief, oChakwera, or their spokesperson, Ms. Kabwila-kapasula. What’s up now?

  56. t says:

    K92bn cash suspects will include your president. Now ACB stop fighting political wars for DPP against its enemies. Just do your work proffessionally.

  57. ganimunthu says:

    Hahaha someone receiving K30000 from kettie kamwangala and you call it cash gate. Mukuchedwa guys please tell us who got the money and how osati 30000. Leave Belekanyama alone

  58. paul says:

    Tikulephera kulandira msanga anthu ogwira ntchito m’boma chifukwa cha anthu ozikonda ngati awa, amangeni osawasiya, umboni ndi omweu.

  59. Rajj Ajussa says:

    Shame. These dogs must be arrested & put in jail with no favour. They killed lives of poor citizens in other ways. Go ahead with your investigation Mr man.

  60. Khoswe says:

    Lingson Kambewa Belekanyama, you mean the whole of you will fest jail and political backlash because of 30 thousand kwacha? Insatiable appetite for money will kill you idiot….and you have also been receiving bribes from interviewees considered for ambassadorial positions….you are too cheap Belekanyama….please raise your bars!!!

  61. chamba lekani says:

    no political party is spared. enanu mmatenga MCP ngati chipani cha angelo. mudzalira ndithu. tiyeni tikhale tiziyang’ana.

  62. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    MK30,000.00 for Belekamoyo MP , are you serious with cash gate cases ? He was given ? No one from DPP had befitted from cashgate , let wait for the 92 billion audit report .

  63. evergreen city says:

    Underware u r talking the truth and the fact ife tikufuna maina aakubao ndi ndalama zomwe anaba fullstop!!

  64. Pension Nenereko says:

    The writer of the article, could you please finalize listing of who belongs to which party?

  65. charles nkhomah says:

    Pliz pay the money back not just saying,look now the gvnt failed to suppport sports and we need full list of names without looking who they are or position they are, they have killed people…just to enrich themselves!!

  66. Ochakwera mulopoti? says:

    This explains why Chakwela has become quiet lately. He knows anasunsa nawo za cashgate, what a fake man of god.

  67. still waiting for final list, wheither from MCP, PP, DPP or UDF.

  68. UNDERWEAR says:

    Peter! what people need is the list of Cashgaters in column form against the amount, so that they can reconcile the figures, not in essay form.Just release the full list not blur blur as it is appearing .We do not want that.This is public money.If we find a shortfall, we should be able to quiz your government.If the total money stolen is 20 billion,the individual cashgate figure should also add to 20 billion

    1. Mugona says:

      Did Peter do the auditing? You should be addressing the auditors not Peter. Dunderhead.

      1. Nyasa says:

        Tell him please! TUMBUKAS full of hatred, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, and ignorance. Oh I forgot…paja akapita kusukulu what they know better is Nzuzu cornering.

  69. munyapa says:

    ndimadabwatu ine a chiphiko matukutuku amene aja kuparliament,inali motivation 4m cashgate proceeds kodi?nthawi yakwana

    1. sekuru says:

      guy has always had money dude…do u research, wait till u hear the trials

      1. Zagwa says:

        Who told you that guys with money don’t steal? Wake up!

  70. Tengupenya says:

    Hiii. casigeti ndi ulendodi!

  71. Lizwelithini says:

    wt else are you looking for? Arrest them, umboni ndi omweu, osayang’ana nkhope team yathu ya mpira ikulephera kupita ku camp kusowa ndalama chifukwa cha anthu ozikonda ngati amenewa.

    1. wa ku nkhoma says:

      iwe no.1 ku MALAWI kulibe team ngati anyamata ako akusowa chochita ndi aulesi maganyu oheda ali mbweee mu Limbemu apite ku camp kukakonzekera kuluza? ASOVENGE!!

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