MCP MP raps DPP: MP Kumpalume makes a point of order

MP for Blantyre West Dr Peter Kumpalume rose on a point of order in Parliament  against MCP MP for Dowa East Richard Chimwendo Banda who accused the ruling DPP for not putting water as a priority in the two years they have been in power.

Kumpalume: Makes a point of order

Kumpalume: Makes a point of order

Banda was contributing on a MK11.2 billion loan authorization bill titled “European Investment Bank (Lilongwe Water Resources Efficiency Programme) loan (Authorization)”that will cater on water supply in Lilongwe.

He said for the first two years that DPP has been in power, there is no provision in the budget for water.

“It might be that the DPP-led government has no plan to provide water to the poor masses because been entrusted to run the resources of this country, they have not put water as a priority, more especially benefiting the poor masses in this country.

“The bill we are discussing now is about Lilongwe and it is about a private limited company and at the end of the day, people are going to be paying back the bills,” he said.

Kumpalume however stood on a point of order, saying Banda “got some of his facts wrong.”

He said: “The DPP-led government has only been in power for about a year and not two years.”

But Banda clarified: “The first budget was for the last year. The budget we are considering now is for this second year. So if last year’s budget had no money for water for the poor masses and this year there is no money for water for poor masses again, that is why I am talking about the two years.

“So, I am not talking about something which you don’t know. You know that last year’s budget had no money for water and this year’s budget has no money for water as well. “

The water bill was passed and the Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said the program will increase productivity capacity of Lilongwe Water Board as the production cost and water loss will be reduced.

But the MCP MP for Dowa East appealed to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development to consider “the very same initiative that Lilongwe Water Board has made” to benefit poor masses.

Gondwe said Government will borrow 24 million Euros from European Investment Bank which is wealthy MK11.2 billion.

“The bill’s intended purpose is to increasing efficiency in water supply to the City the program will cover 250 thousand new connections across the city of Lilongwe as Kamuzu Dam will be extended to 5 meters in order to increase the water capacity.”

He said government decided to borrow from the European Investment Bank because the terms of the loan the bank offered was fair as low as 1.45 percent interest annually and also the payment period is reasonable.

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Please can someone teach this ridiculous ‘MPs’ how Parliament is supposed to work.

Just cry out ‘point of order’ when you don’t agree with someone’s facts! Why not challenge them and debate the actual issues rather than continually asking the Speaker to intervene. They are like little schoolchildren pleading with their ‘mommy’ that ‘Richard said something mean to me!’


Kumpalumeyu koma mwati9 si mbava imeneyi? A face tells a story lol….


NYAU @ 1…adzagwe ndi ambuyake a dzino limodzi mkamwawa, mark my words too!!!


Dowa what what MP rising on the point of order about Lilongwe water concerns, Is the constituency he is representing got enough water already or he just want to make noise to get attention. If he rose and said the country’s water system I would have said its a national important issue.

These MPs instead of presenting their constituencies they talk about where they stay, where they build their houses becoz those are the problems they know and face , what pple in their constituencies its non of their concern and they dont even want to know them

Bravo Hon Richard Chimwendo Banda. You spoke about water and this is true . We have challenges with water in our rural masses . The other members are on for hand clapping

professor watipaso mkandawire mduka

Peter kumpalume, if you want to argue please argue with facts otherwise people will regard you as a nonentity.
1) you can’t say that speed trap cameras are positioned at the end of our trading centers so how can they reduce accidents? Our roads usually have 2directions.
2) The current budget is what the current government DPP will use to reach 2 years in power.


Kumpalume kadokotala kombwambwana Kali ngati fabiano kumbwambwana ngati sanalowe mkalasi.
Mutadzagwe ndinu a dpp obera chisankho

mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati
mulhomwe wakwa Goliyati

ukunamatu iwe the so called Nyau, DPP yake iti??????boma likulephera kuwapatssa malipiro abwno ma Civial servants, Cement yotchipa ili kut? Nanga malata otchipa wagula ndani????????Zinazi abale kuchita kuposedwa ndi mzimayi uja!!!!!!Matchona amenewo nyasi zeni zeni za Boma

Nchembere Zandondo
As a matter of correction DPP has been in government for eleven years. Proof; DPP was in government for ten years. Their leader was Bingu Wa Mutharika. He died. And there was a break for two years. And DPP came again.This time DPP is only year old in Goverment. This should add up to Eleven years not two years. Where was this polite MP from Dowa. Don’t mislead people. This MP Kumpalume, is juvenille. He is disorderly. Eleven years without water , only loan after laon. Even to build a toilet, you get a loan. You are just making Malawi… Read more »

What a waste of resources! PETER KUMPALUME, a top Chemist with a PhD, what are you doing in parliament!

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