MCP MPs say MASAF program has failed to end poverty in Malawi

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP0 Members of Parliament from Salima have said that the public works program under Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) has failed to alleviate poverty among the rural poor.

Jumbe and Kabwila addressing the journalists

Jumbe and Kabwila:Masaf not eradicating poverty

Speaking in turns on Tuesday during a briefing of the Salima District Council on the MASAF IV program, the parliamentarians Dr. Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe said that as much as they welcome MASAF IV there was need to evaluate the previous MASAF programs especially the public works element to see if it has managed to reduce poverty.

First to speak on the matter was Member of Parliament for Salima Central Felix Jumbe who said managers of MASAF need to explain to the nation and show tangible results in terms of the ability of the public works program in alleviating poverty.

“It is not good that this program just continues even where we see no real results as far as ending poverty is concerned,” said Jumbe.

Jumbe said that he believes that the current set up the program is not in anyway helping to end poverty, but rather increasing poverty.

MP for Salima North West Dr. Jessie Kabwila also said that despite that MASAF projects have been around for some time hunger remains a perennial thing in Salima.

Kabwila said that Salima still needs MASAF program, but they need it in a way that it is clearly able to end poverty and not deepening it.

“The way MASAF has been implemented or designed, it is not there to ending poverty but rather deepening it,” said Kabwila.

“The current system of public works has made the ordinarily person to became more dependent on government, as it is a hand to mouth system where the beneficiaries just get the money and uses it that particular time,” said Kabwila.

On the positive note Kabwila said that she is happy the MASAF 4 is well gendered as it emphasizes on ensuring that the beneficiaries are equal in terms of gender.

“Of course it could be better if the number of women was put above 50 percent as women make more than 50 percent of the population,” said Kabwila.

Kabwila also said that she was also happy that the money which people will receive in the public works program has been increased from K300 to K480.

“Although the money is not balancing with the kwacha devaluation, but the fact that there has been this adjustment it shows that government has tried to consider the changing situation,” said Kabwila.

Commenting on the same MASAF Deputy Director for Operations Paul Chipeta said MASAF project have some areas with very tangible results that clearly show that they have positively impacted on nation development.

Chipeta said on suggestions about changing the implementation of the public works program the comments will be taken to the secretariat.

“It’s good that some people have made comments on how they think the public works element of MASAF should be done, all these suggestions will be taken for further scrutiny,” said Chipeta.–Mana

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19 thoughts on “MCP MPs say MASAF program has failed to end poverty in Malawi”

  1. zachisoni says:

    I think the two parliamentarians have clearly pointed out the specific area in which MASAF project is failing to produce sustainable out come. Lets support their observation. In some areas MASAF has indeed produced sustainable outcome, for instance, education sector. let me also highlight on public works program. in some countries such programs are
    known as social grants in which the beneficiaries are categorized based on social status e.g age, however, in our country it is extremely difficult to implement such programs becoz the previous governments failed to put necessary procedures of collecting number of population based on location i.e. village, district and even region. this is done by issuing identity cards. so to make everything short and easy the past and present governments decided to introduce public works program which the beneficiaries are identified by local leaders. and all the previous governments i.e mcp, udf, dpp are to blame for failing to oversee the important of ids for national development.

  2. opportunist says:

    MASAF what has it done to this country that u can point at

  3. Anankho says:

    Wozinyanyala mkwiyo umenewu bwanji. Kukhala ngati mumadya nawo za MASAF zo bwanji. For me, the Public Works Program that is indeed being criticized by the two is a political tool to gain mileage and has no impact on peoples poverty. The other community programs ie school construction are making a great difference. Pepani ngati akupondani pa chilonda!!

  4. cnkhuto says:

    Fault finding at its best. How about school blocks in the country? Mukufuna MASM igulire galimoto aliyense ndiye muziti yathetsa poverty?

  5. B man says:

    They want to steal money through MASAF all we know that these are ghost workers.

  6. chidende says:

    Mukatha mutiuza

  7. peter says:

    Kodi Masaf inabwera ku Malawikuno liti? Wina anene chimene masaf yachita ndiye ndikhulupirira apo bii a ndale ndiena ndipodyera ndalama zomwe ana athu adzabvutika ku bweza ngongoliyo mtsogolomuno

  8. Wozinyanyala says:

    Kabwira ndi Jumbe anganene chani cha nzeru zitsiruzo. They want to gain milage using MASAF… This organisation was there long before Kabwira bought her doctorate at PEP stores in Hilbrow RSA. She opened her big mouth against JB and she herself is more useless, typical of a woman. The issue here is the stupid government is responsible for developing the country not MASAF. Yet ur Proffesor is busy teaching ana fwe fwe fwee and using it as a platform to make noise. Jessie just go and fly kites with your Jumbe idiot and leave MASAF. ..

  9. Nyapapi says:

    Ku MASAF ndikobera Ndalama.

  10. Mchawa says:

    Mtunga#3 Imran Shereef will criticize your Jessie Kabwila if she says that MK480 being paid to those taking part in Masaf4 is not enough for the corpses( Mitembo) doing the job. Him Imran Shereef doesn’t just stand up open his mouth and speak anyhow but for the voiceless who are being psychologically oppressed by the vampires with big bad mouth like Kabwilas!!

  11. America says:

    dr Jessie kabwila kodi udocotAlawu wina aliyese ndi dokotala?

  12. Lie says:

    Jessie are really representing your fellow intellectuals on political ground that could make somebody to say yes we need learned people in politics. Or you are worse than some body with just MSCE as MP?

  13. (Ma Corpse Fame) Jesse Kabwira
    She adamant not to apologize

  14. Phodogoma says:

    That is Jessie. She never say anything to much level of her intelectual. Imagine if she calls AIDS victims as living coporses

  15. Ms. says:

    Masaf was good, it help the rural masses.

  16. Alufeyo says:

    We all know that masaf is useless. However it allows us to enrich ourselves. Donors dont mind its a loan so what the fuck if a nigger steals the money.

  17. Mtungah says:

    Ndikudikira a Imran Sherif amutsutsenso Kabwira.

  18. Tengupenya says:

    Poverty is a concept. It will never be eradicated.

    MASAF where is was applied systematically achieved massive impact. In general, the central region is not the best location to evaluate MASAF. There were, may still have, politicians who discouraged communities from participating in the MASAF programmes.

    That aside, MASAF public works programme should target household members who use their earning to better the livelihood of the house members. In most respects, that would be women more than men. Azibambo amakamwa thiyi ku tea room, Azimayi amapititsa ku nyumba ma phene. Kumwa thiyiko kumapindulira eni tea rooms, who are also mainly men, with priority spending elsewhere and not on livelihood at home.

    Target more women before any man.

  19. Jessy is mad she will condemn anything in Malawi. The only thing that she will respect is Lazarous Chadwell.

Comments are closed.

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