MCP opposes ‘illegal’ Malawi public service reform

Malawi Congress Party(MCP)  has attacked government on the launch of the a reform program aimed at boosting the efficacy of public services, claiming government is not following the law in initiating the reforms.

MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila and Jospeh Njobvuyalema discussing -..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila and Jospeh Njobvuyalema discussing -..Photo Jeromy Kadewere.

President Mutharika with Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya during the launch of the reforms

President Mutharika with Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya during the launch of the reforms

President Peter Mutharika launched the reforms programme on Wednesday in the capital Lilongwe at a ceremony which was also attended by MCP president and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera, the Speaker of Parliament and Chief Justice.

MCP spokesperson on financial matters in parliament, Joseph Njobvuyalema Joseph Njobvuyalema, said government is raping the laws in the way the reform process is being carried, warning that the reforms when fully implemented will be “illegal”.

Njobvuyalema said the reforms Commission headed by Vice President Saulos Chilima, “is not mandated by law to do so.”

He said: “Government should have followed the law in formulating the commission as the law stipulates in the constitution.”

The MCP lawmaker advised: “Some laws need to change and if government will continue to neglect the law the reforms will be illegal therefore nonsense.”

Njobvuyalema said government should seek legal mandate from parliament in the whole reform agenda.

But during a launch ceremony held in capital Lilongwe, President Mutharika asserted:  “Reforms will be done, and will be done now.”

Mutharika then publicly signed an operational performance agreement with his ministers to show his commitment to the planned raft of reforms.

The agreement provides clear steps so that the country’s civil service performs at optimal levels, while civil servants are made fully accountable.

“Malawians want change, and this change will be made because we all want change,” said Mutharika.

In June of 2014, Mutharika established the Public Service Reform Commission in line with campaign promises to create a dynamic and efficient public service.

Malawi’s civil service has evolved from a British colonial service that had been a largely independent, non-political and meritocratic administration for governing the state.

But today, the service faces myriad problems, including weak governance structures; an abundance of red tape; poor accountability; low professional standards; waste and corruption; low productivity; redundancy; and a bloated staff structure, according to the reform commission.

Last year, top civil servants were implicated in the pilfering of some $100 million in a public service scandal locally known as “Cashgate.”

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64 thoughts on “MCP opposes ‘illegal’ Malawi public service reform”

  1. enock Malunga says:

    Lets change our ways of thinking to build better malawi

  2. nyasi mmaso says:

    Anthuwa zophwanya malamulo ndizawo.wina alira kuti mfweee. Ogwira ntchitowo ndife ndipo tidakapangabe ma strike. Until pamene azadziwe kuti anzeru nditonsefe

  3. idol says:

    Mr Njovu´s comment has already been addressed in the launched report. Mr Njovu muzisusa mutawelenga kaye, otherwise zoti tizichitisana manyazi chonsecho kuwelenga mumatha sizabwino.

  4. IKLC says:


  5. Say says:

    We Malawians are very funny; we spend alot of money launching reforms which we are not sure if they really are going to be implemented. Launching is just a ceremony; I wished we implemented the reforms without even spending moneys on launching. If this goes political, I assure you all these launches would just have consumed our money for nothing. VERY SOON WE WILL STOP SINGING THIS SONG OF REFORMS.

  6. Vavlov says:

    Bakili Muluzi inherited a professional civil service which he destroyed by appointing mediocre people from the muslin sect and Yao stribe. Same illiterate people many still occupy high positions in government. He even appointed a fish monger from Mangochi as deputy high commissioner to Mozambique, who couldn’t even speak English. It is these mediocre civil servants that fuel corruption and inefficiency in the civil service. We look forward to an objective reform and not a platform for “Lomwelisation” of the civil service. Also watch out DPP may use this to recruit people who will facilitate rigging of the next general election. There is need for close monitoring of the entire process so that any hidden agenda for the reform should be thwarted outright.

  7. Matako says:

    The problem with us Malawians is that we just accept things without questioning them. This is done even when the process is flawed. MCP is not against change but rather the way in which government want to achieve the end result. This has happened in this country where government of the day has ignore3d the constitution. If I might add the constitution was put in place to protect will-nilly changing of laws in the country. Wake up people it is the same government that is borrowing money from private companies like Mota Engil without notifying the parliament. who holds the government accountable? Where is the borrowed money going? who is there to say the money went to the treasury? what is the evidence that this was deposited there not in Munthali8ka’s bank account else where? These are the questions we as citizens must be asking. This is our country our land .

  8. little jojo says:

    Njovuyalema knows that if these reforms work MCP ili mmadzi 2019

  9. chie says:

    Abale a kongilesi , kumangotsutsa zili zonse? Nate jese ukwati unatha kamba kongotsutsa amunake chilichonse!

  10. justin says:

    Reformation should not focus on the civil service only but also in the political parties and parliament.

  11. joseph banda says:

    KOMA ANTHU A MCP NDIWOPUSA KWAMBIRI. You mean you cannot feel ashamed. Is Kabwila a Lawyer. YOU JUST WANT TO DELAY CHANGE. Remember back when you opposed Multi Party democracy and now you want to go into power following democracy. The reform is most welcome. IZo zandale zanu za Nyau khalanazoni. Malawi ikupita patsogolo.

  12. gaba says:

    i think what mcp wants is that government should follow procedures otherwise it will be the process of iplementation some will be affected negatively and these will challenge the government’s drcis
    ion in court .thats where you will know that running government is not kuthyola tea.

  13. Ngungudya says:

    Leave MCP alone plz even if akadapanga advise akadamva amenewo advice nanga simeneyo walakwaso mukumutukwana akhale chete mutukwanaso sheee leave MCP ALONE!

  14. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Paja mbewu iyi sikuva feteleza!

  15. Malindima says:

    We want change! We want change! We want change! These were the chants we were yelling in 1993. Most of the reforms being done now are already covered in the constitution. There are many documents of reform since then but no one drove this reform to reality.
    MCP,s concern is noted and will be taken care of but we can’t reverse. Forward ever backward never!

  16. losco says:

    Asiyeni azitsutsu kuti adziwike kuti adakalipo,nanga kupanda kutero adzitani ngati boma adzalamuliraponso.

  17. Namanyepwanapa says:

    If the reforms are illegal it means these two idiots are contradicting with their leader by the name “chatsika”,coz he was also there.

  18. Nyaliki says:

    At 29, the document is on front page of Nyasa Times

  19. wafika says:

    Please take note that ALL HE SAYS IS THE LAW MUST BE FOLLOWED. We do not have to work like Cashgaters who avoided the law. Ndi bwino ku ngowelenga ndikufatsa ngati si unamve. Chingelezi chaeni ake ichi. Thanks for the observation Njovuyatopa

  20. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Reforms are good and welcome but we need to be caresomel. There was no enabling Act for the reform Commissions. They can not just derive powers from presidentrial directives. This is a democracy necessitating wider consultations. I am afraid here I have to agree with the views expressed by MCP. We should have sorted out the LAW first instead of having laws “rewritten: by just a few priviledged Malawians just because they know the president. We need to take ownbership of these Reforms

  21. Cymru says:

    I thought Parliament will be engaged at a later stage when certain clauses governing civil service have to be changed. Nothing has been implemented as in some cases the laws have to be change. Hon. Njobvuyalema should have already known this as he is a law-maker.

  22. Gomezga says:

    I think Hon Njobvuyalema is right in that these reforms are not only for DPP lead government but rather a holistic approach to correct government operations. If parliament is not involved then they are not a law which means any change of government will result in abandonment of the whole exercise. now to safeguard the reform from manipulation later its better that our MPs are involved in passing a legislature to protect the reforms.

    When you study the document one appreciate that it really give good strategic direction the country can take if we are to develop and improve our way of doing things.

    So Malawian lets embrace this initiative it is good for us all and we should jealously protect it from manipulation. In short thats the message Njobvuyalema is trying to put across so doing just yell at him before understanding his case. He is actually for us.

  23. Rompwa says:

    Eeeeeh! Kumamangosusa china chiri chonse? Mozayamikapo liti?????

  24. Kes munthali says:

    Malawi crocodile party has always been resistant to change from the dark bloody days of Kamuzu, and since Kamuzu is Chakweras idol despite the fact that Kamuzu committed genocide on various groups of Malawians including Jehovah’s witnesses(amboni za yehova) I am not supprised. Chakwera wadya dollar za allowance during the lunch of the same reforms lero nde your coming out in public saying the reforms are illegal? Does that make sense? Gone are the days when civil servants came to work at 9 o’clock to read newspapers and gossip. We want an effective civil service. Viva dpp

  25. hotlips says:

    Please does anybody know the website link from which the reforms documents may be downloaded?

    1. Observor says:

      Check here on Nyasa Times its posted on top right to download

  26. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr Njobvuyalema has been in parliament for a long time. Malawi is not progressing which means he has been part of the reasons why Malawi is not progressing. We therefore want Mr Njobvuyalema to leave the Facebook politics to new blood like Chilima. Its now time for change and Malawians want change. Was the cashgate legal? When cashgate was happening MCP was the main opposition party. A toothless dog.

  27. onanana bank says:

    Mvuto lalomwe ndilimeneli kunsava lero siwa adzadza mutsinje wa Lilongwe akuti Business Zaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ife tili pheeeeeeeeeeeee ku dikira Fedulo

  28. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Just keep quiet if you have nothing to comment on. Be civilised and please don’t use online news outlets for hate comments. Love your country and humanity in general. Thanks.

  29. Happy Eduardo says:

    MCP does not see positive things-they just oppose everything.

  30. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Read what hon Njovuyalema /MCP is saying and understand you wont comment nonsense here. MCP is not against reforms but process or procedures should be followed, you cannot do that behind parliament never, try to look at issues as they are.

    1. Zaa Zii says:

      Why did he not advise when the committee was being announced? Why now at implementation.

      His intentions are questionable

  31. mwanamulopwana says:

    Amalawi sazatheka.we need govt that will serve .everyone needs to be accountable to what he is doing.if someone wants to be home and get paid at the end of the month then that person does not deserve to be in the civil service .let’s accept the change and we shall all know who is working and who is not

    1. ahoy says:

      But first of the laws must b followed. If not followed someone may challenge in court and the whole process Will be useless. Zikhala zopanda ntchito

  32. titototi says:

    MCP’s views are just views amangwetu. Njobvuyatopa and Kabwila are just expressing their views. They may be correct or wrong! It is too early to start pating Kabwila’s big booties thinking wayankhula za nzeru! Wait until others come up with contrally views and see where we stand. As of now lets consider Njobvu and Kabwila’s views as just academic critiques which could also be challenged! kkkkkkk.

  33. ntex says:

    Chipani cha MCP kodi ndiye chiti kodi ndi ichi chakhala zaka 25 chili ku kotsusachi aaaa sitikudabwa ndi ntchito yawo kutsutsako ndipo nonse a MCP be reminded that mudzafera opposition komweko musamalotekonso zozalamula dziko la Malawi lino kagwereni uko

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Tidalamula kale zaka 30 ndiposo palibe chipani chimene chidzalamuleronso ngati ife. Chitukukonso tinapanga kale palibenso wina adzapange chitukuko ngati ife. Civil service yathu inali yotumikiradi anthu ndipo sidzakhalanso ngati yomwe inali under MCP rule very professional osati zanu za pa mtundu. In short whatever u r doing can not match MCP in anyway. Mwanvera?

  34. Kakha Erutu says:

    I would liken MCP to an old squeaky Bedford truck yongonyamula mchenga basi. Among other things, the reforms aim to do away with the ‘red tapes’ you are clinging to. Given the state of our civil service, I would encourage APM and Chilima to do the ‘necessary evil’ because that is the only option we have. MCP please don’t throw spanners into the works. We need change!

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Who changed things for the worse? MCP era remains a benchmark in these reforms.

  35. WINB says:

    ziliko……titaone zipatso za reform. ife athu nd maso!!!!! nde mwati tizyamba ntchito nthaw yanj??? 07:30am??????

  36. tsetsefly says:

    I can see this reform program being abandoned. Anything that contrandicts the constitution has no future. It can easily be challenged. This is why I find it very hard to understand that the law proffessor could not see and advise the commission. However it comes without surprise because this is an illegal govt.

  37. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Where can I get a copy of the document, please? I hear reducing number of employees is part of the reform program.

    I would call rendundance. Therefore ministry of finance needs to budget for terminal benefits, simple.For remaining staff you revise their job descriptions.

    Please make more copies so that we are on the same page.

  38. dreamteam says:

    MCP indicate which parts of the reform would require parliament. When the # of PS was bloated it did not require an act of parliament, why would reducing the same do.

  39. Ndiye MCP ndimadziwa ine. Full of maturity and wisdom. These reforms will never be implemented, they will face legal impediments.

  40. Patriot says:

    How do you expect an ILLEGAL gouvernment to implement LEGAL programmes?
    It IS NOT possible.
    DPP will always do, be, act illegal. Ngati kuli chipani chosasatira malamulo ndiye ndi chimenechi, very DEMONcratic party.

  41. truth be told says:

    I agree with MCP is right. Reforms are good but need to be within the law. If illegal it will come haunt the same poor people meant to benefit.

  42. aphiri says:

    The one u are saying M C P is wrong it shows that u are un educated short sighted. If this is not mandated by parliament it will bring alot of resistance in case if some are fired or retrenched. The court will rule based on technicalities and government will keep on paying alot of money. U just follow ur party without reasoning.mbuzi

    1. Anonymous says:

      Also you Phiri the one you say MCP is right you are also uneducated

      1. BBC says:

        Give details of why you are saying he is uneducated.

    2. freespch says:

      Very sound advice in poor English.Ayi papita khasu sipanama.

  43. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    You are busy praising Peter as he is openly raping our constitution. What if someone challenges these reforms in a court if law? Zinazi kumamvako and learn to learn from the cardiac arrest experience. As Henry Masauko Chipembere said history delays in pronouncing judgement…history slows in declaring it’s verdict.

  44. special advisor says:

    That’s good advice, MCP! However:
    1. You say too little too late. The commission has been working for months. Why are you saying this only now that the launch has taken place? Don’t throw spanners in the way of progress! Silence is consent. The conspiracy of silence won’t be acceptable!
    2. Please explain what you mean by legality and illegality of the proposed reforms. Which laws need to change? Don’t be economical/parsimonious with advice! Give a clear alternative to what Peter and Chilima have on the table for us. So far, that is the only choice on the menu. Add yours on the table on close your loud mouths.

    1. Nobody knew what was being prepared by tgis reform commission until now so no one could have criticized it prior to its launch.

  45. Mfune says:

    Munthu sangacotsedwe ntchito asanacenjezedwe ai. Commission ya chilima singakhale yakhungu osaganiza zimenezo wanrnazo ai.
    Yense wokana kusintha magwiridwe antchito yake apita kwawo.

  46. Penyengu says:

    Oversight and overzelousness is the disease that Malawi politicians suffer. We need to adopt a mindset of thinking thru things b4 we act otherwise there will always be spanners falling in our efforts to develop

  47. ganimunthu says:

    Mcp is not against reforms that’s why Chakwela and others were there
    The only thing you people forget is that the people who will be fired will go to courts and then you will realise this is

  48. Vehtekhu says:

    MCP please love ur people and ur country dont OPPOSE things for the sake that ur in opposition,be sober minded,we want to move forward dont live in the past!..TAMBALA WAKUPHAAAAAAAA…

    1. Zosautsa says:

      Inde adapha Robert Chasowa

  49. grinzo50 says:

    Malamulo atsatidwe basi. Reforms I say Yes,but there should be procedures followed to avoid court challenges. The problem with the civil service is that it has been politicized since the advent of multiparty politics in Malawi and change is necessary but the law should be followed.

  50. christopher banda says:

    If u are resisting change forget about ruling Malawi

  51. Mac says:

    Koma Chakwera ndi Jesie, inu ndi Nkhungun Zowawad

  52. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    The reforms are necessary but the government needs to follow the constitutional provisions. To avoid any legal challenge in the implementation of the reforms, the parliament ought to have scrutinized the reforms through a bill.

  53. mmihavani says:

    Stupid MCP chipani cha nkhalamba resistant to change. Change will still happen whether you want it or not. That’s why your party can’t win any election because it refuses to change with time. Do you tell us that to ask say immigration to reduce number of days it processes a passport you need parliament? To say that we shouldn’t employ more than one PSs per ministry we need parliament? Crazy fools! We know you are being influenced by lazy civil servants who fear for their jobs. These old potatoes should not take us for a ride. There is no job for life. Achoke azikalima ena abwereponso ayese nzeru zina.

    1. Zoona says:

      Your head Sir is one huge Potato !
      Any reform to be sustained must be enshrined in Law.
      Otherwise it will remain as party agenda that can be changed any time
      Any changes that adversely affect any civil servant will be challenged be court. Ever heard of the ” Malawi Public Service Regulations ” popularly known as MPSR ?

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