MCP parliamentarian bemoans selective relief items distribution

The opposition Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Mpenu constituency, Makala Ngozo has taken a swipe at Department of Disaster Management Affairs for what he termed as ‘unequal distribution of relief items’ to people affected by floods that have rendered many Malawians homeless in the country.

NONM project officer Mrs Harriet Chiomba handover the relief items.

NONM project officer Mrs Harriet Chiomba handover the relief items.

Ngozo who represents the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the national assembly, made the accusation at a  function when members of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives (NONM) were donating relief items worth about K8 million to 58 families affected by ‘thunderstorms’ in the area of Traditional Authority Mazengera.

the legislator said it was sad that government has been channeling most of the relief items to southern region disregarding those in the central part of the country.

“We are neglected people here.  We always see people from Nsanje and Chikwawa on the Television receiving donation but nothing of such relief items distribution exercise is done here. I am very grateful to NONM for being the only organization that has so far assisted people of my area,” he said.

NOMN Project Officer Harriet Chiomba said the organization decided to go with the relief items to the district after learning from the District Commissioner’s office that Mazengera area was also affected by the disaster.

Chiomba said nurses solicited the donations from Norwegian Nurses amounting to K5 million and Malawi nurses raised K3 million. The relief items included maize flour, cooking oil, sugar, beans, and clothes.

In his remarks Traditional Authority Mazengera commended NONM for the relief items which he said will help lessen people’s suffering in the area.

NONM has since reached 58 families in Mphalombe, 60 families in Chilomoni, Blantyre, 60 families in Mangochi, and 60 families at Khombedza in Salima district.

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matin Saidi

Stupid politics go to hell with you so called mp,hw you compare that south and central

Joseph Banda

IWE NGOZO NDIWE MFITI. Can you compare the magnitude of destruction in Nsanje with what you are talking about in Mazengera. God should forgive you. If Mazengera was that but why YOUR CHEWA GROUPING UNDER KANYAMA PHIRI WENT ALL THE WAY TO CHIKHWAWA/NSANJE TO DONATE? I guess Kanyama and other well bred Chewas realized how bad things were/are in the South. DO NOT PLAY YOUR DIRTY AND STUPID POLITICS HERE.

Arthur G.M. Mtambo



MCP MP’s you are a disgrace, I voted for MCP and I will do the same come 2019. Some MP’s need to be given a chop from the party. They know that if they stand on MCP ticket and that the constituency is in central region they will win. How can one MCP MP be drinking at Culture club in Chigwirizano with local mahule from Biwi. Inu abale akazi onse aja ali ku Parliament osakwatiwa osapezako modzi. I hated that day mpaka kumavina ndombolo ndi mahule. Kaya zanu izo anthu a ku Lilongwe anyau unu. Ife anthu ma MP a… Read more »

Please let politics aside on this issue, this is tragically moment. you don’t have to confuse people by mere political statements. Mr MP?

Obey GOD

Anthu aku south kumene mkuti avutikisisako bwanji sachokako chaka chili chose amakumana ndi ma flood koma ali komweko nyee, Inu simkukuziwa kuti anthuwo anapeza popezera ma blanket moti sagula zofunda nchifukwa chake amakanilira kumeneko coz akuziwa kuti chaka chili chonse amalandila zakudya ndi zovala zofunda zaulele. Achokeko kumaziko koma amakana ali ndi cholinga ine ndinamumva wina akunena kuti kodi chaka chino mvula ikapanda kusefukira ndiye tisowa zakudya ndi zofunda, ndiye osamawamvera chisoni kwambiri ndizofuna , kaya ndi flood kaya mphepo onse ndi mavuto palibe kusiyana.


Please know the difference between a flood and a thunderstorm. Taking relief items for flood hit areas to thunderstorm areas is very wrong. Moreover I doubt if thunderstorm can affect 58 families. Is it thunderstorm or hailstorm?


stupid thinking hv u been to nsanje chikwawa and phalombe to see hw pipo are surviving????.U mean kugwa khoma la toilet malawi should be shaken.So called mp kkkkkk……mbuzi ya mp.iweyo ngati ukuwona kuti kwanuko sakuthandizidwa what r u doing urself????.


Bolako inu aku central if kuno ku north ndiye ayi ndithu.


With all due respect to MP Ngozo, floods affected the southern region most. I appreciate that other parts were also affected but at a much smaller scale compared to the south. Therefore the response level in my view has to tally with the scale of the effect. The problem we have is looking at Malawi as tiny pieces of separate land instead of seeing it and one whole thing. Outside Malawi they report that “Malawi” has been hit by floods which is the correct way of looking at it. But that’s only my view.

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