MCP problems stirred by ‘external influence’: Menyani downplays chairperson’s call for convention

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) on Monday took turns responding to calls from four regional chairmen, who  wrote  the party’s leadership to call for early convention citing nepotism and maladministration as some of the key reasons, with the paying those are baseless allegations and that its problems are a result of external influences.

Addressing anews conference from left to right: Sendeza, Mkaka, Menyani, Chiumia and Dzonzi

Addressing anews conference from left to right: Sendeza, Mkaka, Menyani, Chiumia and Dzonzi

Stowell Gondwe of North North Region, Bauleni Mkweza of Lakeshore, Abi Jana of Eastern Region and Baza Kanda of North South on 9 January, 2016, penned MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera alongside two Vice President, Richard Msowoya and Macdonald Lombola asking them to defend themselves on nepotism allegations or else they should call for early convention.

In the letter it was also alleged that MCP president Lazarous Chakwera is failing to address manage the party where the management committee has been seen to be more powerful than the NEC.

MCP public relations officer Alekeni Menyani confirmed the existence of letters from regional chairpersons of the party dated January 9, 2016, but also a letter from the North-South and North-North regions of MCP.

Menyani, who is also a member of parliament for Dedza North North West Constituency, said there are other forces outside the party who are using the current officer holders ahead of the regional elections in the North on January 3

He said an inquiry into the authors of the letter has found that the chairperson for the Eastern Region Abbie Jana and some district chairpersons and committees in the Northern Region denied that the contents of the letter were the result of a consensus of the members at any meeting which took place.

“They are all wondering where this is coming from. We are not saying that our party is perfect, but some of these issues are so minor that they could have been resolved easily. This is why we suspect that there is a third force behind this. The suspect is a party that has financial muscle to destabilise us,” Menyani said.

He did not mention the party involved but MCP sources named ruling ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of organising dissent in opposition parties including former governing People’s Party (PP) and also DPP parliamentary alliance partner United Democratic Front (UDF).

Menyani said Article 40 of the party constitution explains procedures on how an emergency convention can be called.

According to the said article “An emergency convention of the party referred to shall be summoned if the national executive committee resolves by two thirds of its membership, or at the request of the half of the number of the district committees.”

Party’s Second Deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka said, the constitution does not gives powers to the Regional chairs to call for an emergency convention.

Mkaka said currently Regional Chairman for the eastern Region has just made a phone call saying that he is not party to the letter.

Hew said the eastern region chair said they fooled him by signing at a document which he did not read.

Deputy Campaign Director, Kusamba Dzonzi said the chairmen has no legitimacy to call for convention because their tenure of office expired long time ago.

“The chairmen have shown total disrespect to the party by writing the said letter, these chairmen are just fearing the elections, by the way these chairmen have been clinging to the said positions for 23 years,” said Donzi.

Director of women, Jean Sendeza also took a swipe to the chairmen describing them as people who have failed to follow the four cornerstones of the party.

“If the chairmen had issues with the party, they could have sorted them by contacting the party leadership than going to the media castigating the same party which has been keeping them for 23 years,” said Sendeza.

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28 thoughts on “MCP problems stirred by ‘external influence’: Menyani downplays chairperson’s call for convention”

  1. Mark Saoneka says:

    God works possibility out of impossibility. If some still have that mindset that Mcp will not rule the country again for sole reason that it dominates only the centre, its just their unfortunate. Pple nowadays vote for trustworthy leaders not only parties. Dpp has really failed to deliver on Malawians priorities and worths voted out of gvt. Remember same pple exodussed from Mcp into Udf and from Udf to Dpp from which some split into PP. With this tendency, there are all chances that majority of them will one election vote for Mcp back into gvt for no conditions whether u like it or not.

  2. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    mada das true vuto mcp z on regional level while dpp national lvel one can agree wth m sangawine.Wy alwez majority rule kkkk!

  3. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    i agree wth Madalitso vuto mcp ili pa regional level whilst dpp its national level go 2 south uwil find MP’s 4dpp eastern,central,&north while mcp only central blve m whether w want or not dpp cme 2019 idzawinanso.chipanitu chimalamula acordng 2its majority dus my observation mcp 2rule dis country dey shuld first defeat de homeland of dpp in south &east kenako mkuyamba kulotako zodzalamula apo biiii guyz dpp itha kukwanitsa 31yrs nayonso ikadalamulira boma, mnd u chipani frm oppotion side bounce back into govermnt its not easy again 2go back 2opposition benches.

  4. Darton says:

    MCP goo going forward under Chakwera

  5. youna says:

    MCP will still survive….Kwacha!

  6. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    i mean mcp can’t rule dis country again nthawi yowina inali 2014.oChakwela afunse obaba anthu akumwera zomwe amachita vuto ochewa ngatulo cme 2019 Dpp wil scoop alot of Mp’s hre @ central bt kumwela without o even 1 Mp nde muziti 2019 bomaaa! zaziiii ndaletu ndizigawo go 2america or SA.mcp 2 rule dis country mmmm nt 2019 bt mayb after 31yrs achewa akadzayera maso panopa akadagonabe.

  7. madalitso says:

    when u say no to God,exp ect challenges more than chakwera welcome to the word of politics,mighty DPP is not a problem,indeed your party is a regianal party,DPP is a national party.

  8. muukwaathuni says:

    When there are problems in your party and you are denying its existence, and start pointing fingers at DDP,just know that your party is lacking substance.This is one reason which has kept your party in opposition for over 20 years,You think your party is clean that it can not problems,even the strongest political party in the world the democrats of USA has problems ,so who are you that you should not have.For your own information if you keep on behaving like that forget chances of going back into government.DDP you are talking about inakupezani ku opposition komweko,yakusiyani komweko inu muli dwiiiiiiiiiiiiii,kaya inachita kubera ,koma lero ali mboma,muzasiya liti kudandaula inu a mcp.chisankho chilichonse mumati akubelani,yet campaign mumangopanga ku nsalu basiiiii. If you want to rule this country you should alwalyz remember that problems are part of life ,and its these problems that keep us strong

  9. Zanga Phee! says:

    clear that mess now you don’t have time,those are tricks for you guys to lose direction.See my name.

  10. ZALEWA says:

    KONZANI ZA 2019


  11. levelheaded says:

    Your chairmen are bonafied members of your disillusioned party, if they are used by external forces then the problem is internal for allowing external forces using you.

    Pamudzi mukayamba kuloza dzala anthu ena kuti ndiye mfiti mumatha psyiti mfiti muli nayo mnyumba mommo.

  12. Manuel says:

    Many people died in prison or in exile just because MCP found their loyalty suspect. If this paranoa persits, the majority will continue to avoid getting MCP into office;they will surely be in opposition forever

  13. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    MCP musova!
    It would be a grave mistake to just denounce the complainants as disgruntled officers of the party. Or that they do not understand the Party procedures for handling these kind of problems. Be mature, and sovani baasi. There is no conspiracy here.
    Welcome Bwana oChakwera to real politik, where unlike the Church, opposing views should be encouraged, and not thwarted. No room for religious dogma here. Every party has to deal with problems like these, at some point.

  14. Samuel says:

    Achimwene Lazalo titani nao mafunde ayambawa? Enawa asakupusiseninso akuteteza maudindo awo. Musalimbane ndi akunja. Namondwe akumenya m’nyanja yanu yomweyo.

  15. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Osadandaula, Mulungu wadhilana nacho kale chipani cha satanikichi.

  16. 2016 welcome says:

    MCP has survived turbulent times. Bakili tried to kill the party by “buying” MPs but thanks to Hon Tembo because of his political loyalty to the party. Other parties like AFORD etc face extinction because the leaders sold them. Those being used by external forces will prune themselves off the party. Ask Gwengwe, Binton Kutsaira, Kamanya etc

  17. Chigawaneni says:

    Usatana umenewu.

  18. Aggie Phiri says:

    Shame to the chairmen

  19. Alomwe Alomwe says:

    To those criticizing DPP you have a problem. How does MCP lack of governance has to do with DPP UDF and PP?
    The article is saying that these chairmen are afraid of elections slated for this January and are afraid also of admitting to have authored the letters. The moment you use the word afraid it already shows internal problems within MCP and it will not score a point in accusing other parties of their problems in fact it’s better to solve them now than in 2019. Please be wise and solve your problems and avoid another shocking defeat in 2019

  20. concerned citizen says:

    nothing but the truth.External influence is playing a role here.Not to hide words, DPP is trying to play mantis game inside the mcp horizon. DPP is trying to destill opposite parties in order to continue ruling with an iron fists……

    Homosexualism will never be part of God fearing Malawi.2019 MCP will took over for the sake of moral and economic sanity.

  21. Kavunga says:

    PP and UDF have not complained that their internal wrangles are being orchestrated by external forces because they know clearly sources of their disagreements, why should MCP speak for them and try to involve them in their problems? MCP must face their challenges head-on than always blaming DPP for their failures by making wild and childish allegations they have never proved. Idiots!

  22. These are the people who want to bring confusion in our beloved party MCP, Those are the same people who stood against Rt Hon Tembo, He retired from atcive politics, Now they are against Rev Dr Lazalus Chakwera, What kind of Leadership they want? Is the Secretary General Lawyer Gustav Kaliwo from Lilongwe? Is Hon Richard Msowoya from Lilongwe the VP? As MCP have failed to have even a sinle parliamentary seat in the southern region, Instead of thinking of that, You are busy bringing confusion in the party, These people they are not fit enough to lead our beloved MCP at the legional level, Nga! Nga! Nga! Ndi MCP! Nga! Nga! Nga! Dr Lazalus Chakwera kuti Kokolilikoooooooo Kwachaaaaaaaa! 2019 MCP Bomaaaaaaa!

  23. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Please MCP, learn to do things the right way. Those people may be wrong or influenced by others yes, but the way was to call them and resolve the issue in doors. But you have done exactly what they did, going to the media to publicize your own shame.

  24. blue button says:

    mcp simungaigwese mkungotaya nthawi yanu kulimbana nayo

  25. M. Mwase says:

    Nenani nkhani ina osanamizira cipani colamula ai. Zimene anenazo zikonzeni basi nkhani ithepo ao zolodzana cala ai.
    Anthuwatu sakunama anenazi ife anthu tikumaziwona koma poti tilibe mpando kucipani kwathu mkumangupenya basi.

  26. Miss kachepa says:

    Chimwemwe is a foolish contributor I ever existed. Do you know automatic inflation or free floatation exchange rates. The value of kwacha changes instantly. That is what the devil who has made her own exile respond to donor by saying ndangoiti kweeeeeeeee. Umaona ngati wakoka shafiti chako. Imbwa iwe eti.

    Secondly kwacha is not the lowest currency on this planet at all.

    Thirdly powerful currency is not an indication of good economy. If you have shallow mind just like ung’onoung’ono then just sit down phwii. You are diastimaless he goatie.

  27. Dpp the worst party I have ever seen in MW. They think by disturbalising other parties then they’ll rule this country without hassles. foolish people. Deal with inflation, deal with high cost of living. Simuchitha chipani cha Ngwazi chokha.

  28. chimwemwe says:

    Our oppossition needs to bring attention to the government inflation why is it not coming down.why is kwacha now the most useless currency on the world, how can a value of a currency change twice in a day in the morning it is trading at a different price in the afternoon its different, why is the cost of living rising every day,

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