MCP refuses to accept Lilongwe south east by-election

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says it will not accept Malawi Electoral Commission decision to turn the Lilongwe south east election rerun into a by-election.

Mkaka: Re-run and by-election are two different polls

MCP acting spokesperson Eisenhower Mkaka said a rerun and a by-election are two different elections altogether.

“The Supreme Court ordered a rerun and we want a rerun. If they don’t understand what a rerun is, let MEC go back to the court and ask for its interpretation,” said Mkaka.

He said in a rerun, no new entrants would be allowed to compete in the election whilst in a by-election, new competitors would be allowed with new voters registered.

MEC chairperson Jane Ansah said the pollster has to go for a by-election because there is no law in the country which provides for an election rerun.

The Lilongwe south east and Lilongwe Mapuyu south by-elections are expected to be held on June 6 at a cost of K500 million.

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12 thoughts on “MCP refuses to accept Lilongwe south east by-election”

  1. Nobel says:

    This is human made problem where a politician is mandated to lead an election entity of which the appointing authority is also a candidate. We don’t have to expect fairness. Like many people have said, a rerun and by election are not the same. Why then did the Supreme Court ruling had to use ‘ rerun’ and not a ‘By election ‘ if the two terms are alike?
    This is the litmus test to our electoral laws which requires serious reforms as championed by well meaning Malawians. Unfortunately, those benefiting from the faulty electoral laws are shamefully against the much needed electoral reforms. Let’s follow what the court ruling directed or let MEC chair resigns for misinterpreting court ruling.

  2. DOBO says:

    Guys,there is clear difference between a re-run and by-election.What this MEC chairperson is doing is a clear delay tactics aiming at court battles to continue until 2019.,This total abuse of courts on clear issues as this. I even don’t understand why and how a learned person like Asah can not understand the difference between re-run and by-election whether on point of law or no law.I think Malawi can not develop with such people aa Jean Asah.

  3. mtete says:

    Abale mai uyu ndi wamatama. She is a Mrs. know-it-all. As said by others, she should have consulted if she knew there is no law governing the particular type of election. But no, she thinks she knows best. Sad.

  4. Becks says:

    Does absence of a law make a rerun ineligible? Does absence of a rerun make another different law applicable? Total madness. Is Janet Ansa a lawyer byou the way?

  5. concerned Citizen says:

    If there is no law concerning a rerun, the best she could have done is to consult the court for direction not making her wrong and partisan decision on the issue.

  6. ANALYST says:

    Iwe Jane Ansah, ngati walephera kuyendetsa Malawi Electoral Commission, siya udindo udzikayendetsa mpingo wako uko! Supreme Court yanena kuti mupange re-run, iwe ukupangitsa bye-election – whats wrong with you??? Kubera zisankho ngati mwayamba ndi Lilongwe City South-East, 2019 kudzakhala bwanji?? Mxiiii

  7. zax says:


  8. Yahya Jammeh says:

    If there is no law for a re-run why did the Supreme Court order it?. Is Ansah more knowledgeable in the electoral law than the three Judges who gave the verdict? Whether MEC wants it or not, there will be a re-run, otherwise that will be considered contempt of court. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  9. Chaponda says:

    Wayamba makani amayi .muduwa nazo izi 50+1 % yabwera ngati mwadya kale azakuduwisa yomweyo .go as ANASTAZIA she not SHAKEN.INU muduwa msanga mukupupuluma ngati kachale

  10. chikoti says:

    If there is no law for a rerun,where will MEC get it to conduct a rerun as insisted by MCP . Kma kuchuluka nzeru kwinaku

  11. zatonse says:

    MEC, why come up with by-election and not a rerun as directed by the court, you want to tell the nation that the Supreme court does not know the Election laws of Malawi? 2019 zidzayenda machitidwe ake amenewa……………….?

  12. Anzijo says:

    If you don’t want a by elections then just throw a towel anzanu apanga iya..I thought there is no law concerning about re run..ngati zikukanika kuli ma councillors kumeneko azitiimilila up to 2019

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