MCP says state broadcaster MBC favouring ruling DPP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MP for Lilongwe Msozi South, Vitus Dzoole Mwale has told parliament that he state-run Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) remains biased.

Dzoole Mwale: MBC is serving DPP

Dzoole Mwale: MBC is serving DPP

Mwale said the tax run MBC is favouring the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in its coverage.

“We can see the way they handle issues or events. For example, there was a wedding ceremony at Senior Chief Chadza where the Leader of Opposition, Right Honourable Dr Lazarus Chakwera, the State President and other dignitaries, including the Chewa King, were in attendance.

“However, I was astonished, horrified and flabbergasted to see a blackout on the Leader of Opposition, nothing was seen [on television]. The question centre on when is this institution, MBC, going to be freed so that the tax payers of this country enjoy their money,” said Mwale.

Politicians in power have all along abuse the state broadcaster which has the widest reach.

Since the re-introduction of multiparty democracy in Malawi in 1994, there has always been an outcry that successive governments have abused the publicly-funded MBC.

Opposition figures only appear on state radio or television in unflattering stories like court appearances.

The Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture, Kondwani Nankhumwa said the DPP-led government is “doing everything possible” to bring in the House the related pieces of legislation that would end up freeing MBC.

“ In the interim, Mr Speaker, Sir, government has encouraged MBC to exercise its own editorial independence,” said Nankhumwa.

He claimed that government has no time to dictate to MBC on its editorial independence.

“We have left each and everything in their hands to work professionally, ethically and in a way that would interest or satisfy members of the general public than being biased towards one side,” he said.

The government spokesman said the DPP will soon table the amended Communications Act of 1998 that will guide us diligently on how MBC will proceed and other related agencies .

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37 thoughts on “MCP says state broadcaster MBC favouring ruling DPP”

  1. Zakwathu says:

    Sumbuleta,Mungomo and his wife Gloria are torturing MBC Staff and they are challenging that nobody can remove them from MBC,Please MPs dont allocate anything to MBC,The money goes to their pockets with fake activities.We are working in fear here at MBC

  2. mbani says:

    You have the numbers at parliament just abolish it I ve been saying this thus ur duty as an MP

  3. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    give them k1 budgetary allocation.

  4. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    Teach them another lesson of K1 budgettary allocation for them to change. MBC IS FOR DPP party not govt

  5. chindele says:

    Mps should should trim the mbc budget. And are there still some pple listening to mbc and watching mbc tv?

  6. Nkhedu says:

    Wasted generation

  7. Bwande says:

    So you people still watch the premitive MBCtv? Nothing professional from this pathetic broadcaster. BTV and SABC are miles far ahead of this Mulakho TV. No wonder you see mistakes all over from adverts to sign posts. Ndi mabulutu okhaokha

  8. Bongozozo says:

    Why worry about MBC nowadays when we have so many media houses to tune to? MBC will never change. It will always remain a government of the day propanga machine. At least Amayi tried to liberalise it but every body knew that with the coming back of DPP, MBC would go back to the dogs. I really do not need to tell you which TV or Radio station to tune to. Eish!


    Pa Mbc Amene Sindimamumvetsa Ndi Paul Kamanga. Nkhani Amawelenga Ngati Akudya Mbatata Yootcha Mkamwa. Pliz Musamamuike Kuti Adziwelenga Nkhani. Tie Yake Amakhala Ngati Ikumufinya Pakhosi Chinde Asamawelenge Nkhani Amatilowa Mmakutu Paul Kamanga Ameneyi.

  10. dzina langa says:

    tinasiya kuonera mbc tv. timaonera pa channel ena anzeru osati mbutuma zaku mbc tv. akumadzitengq ngati iwowo ndiye opambana akamachemerera zitsilu zawozo za achina nankhumwa kaliyati petulo ndi ena a midnight clue and henchmen. i wish boko haram was close to seize the station. there is poor everything at the tv channel. long live times zodiak otha ntchito amaonekedwe abwino osati nkhwangwa za anthu ku mbc. mwamva……

  11. kenkkk says:

    In other countries like uk and usa, it is the govts in power who complain of media bias be they private or tax payers funded. Just shows how backward our mbc and the ruling party are.

    My advice to mcp and other opposition parties is that if you have something to say to the nation,just contact mbc and tell then that you want to say something to the nation without prior vetting of what you are going to say. If they refuse,the go public and tell the whole nation that mbc has refused you to broadcast your message to the nation.

    That is the only way you can shame these mbc and dpp thugs.

  12. shaaaa! says:

    loud and clear,censored tvm

  13. mussa says:

    How I hate mbc.

  14. The worst dictator in Africa Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda made sure there was no alternative media even Television,nevertheless, McP should be the last party to complain about how TVM is being run

  15. chemphopha says:

    What news did Chakwera bring to this wedding? You mean because a President awoneka pa Tv nasi aliyense aonekepo? Enawatu analepheratu chisankho thus why are called leader wa anthu olephera.

  16. balaka says:

    Ife za MBC TV tinathana nazo. Media house imeneyi imakhala ngati ilibe ma producer. Ma programs ake eeeeeh they are terrible. Masiku ano timaonera Times and Zodiak osati TV yakanika kukhala ndi program shedule, zomwe presenter waganiza amangopanga zomwezo, ma program amathera pa njira, ma reporter amachita kuoneka kuti mafunso anachita oloweza. There is no any creativity at MBC

  17. Aferazao says:

    How can MBC reform when the people given positions to run it are appointed from a horde of cousins, nephews, relations of the president and ruling party cadets and an educated Alomwe who do not know the meaning of the word reform?

  18. hoza john. says:

    Poor journalism @ MBC. Nankhumba u r a disgrace to the nation.

  19. central says:

    Give them K1, let their masters fund them “NOT” my tax!

  20. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    The monopoly of thw ruling parties in Malawi over use of MBC will not end. Several goverments have come and promised to free MBC but nothing happened. It is all political talk meant ti secure votes. When will Malawians be given equal opportunities on information flow. Now is the time for change

  21. Tilibemau says:

    its Mulhakho Broacasting corporation.Ask CV’s for the management you can feel sorry.MSCE certificates with no professional qualifications what a shame.As long as you are Mulhakho or DPP sympathiser you get promoted.Nobody can despute this.Stupid MBC.There are employees with better qualifications and proffessionals but alas they are juniors to these brutes.DPP its the worst.Many malawians stopped several months ago watching and listening to The Mulhakho radio.

  22. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Mumatumbwa apa kuti inu simuonera MBC so why crying here….Go and watch Zodiak,Times as you already said leave MBC to us finish.

  23. nyavizwazwa says:

    Olemekezeka a Dzoole, there is no way MBC can change its behavior because from DG to Chief Report and Camera man are coming from Thyolo. They are favouring their president. Fearing if Chakwera is seen on the screen people will be thinking to support him.

    Forget about the change until Malawi attains democracy

  24. Okay? says:

    Iwe Dzoole tsono ukudabwapo chani apa? Waiwala kuti abiti cashgate amatero?

  25. 100% true I’m not an MCP sympathiser but what Dzoole is saying. You know it’s a total shame to watch MBC TV I don’t understand our politicians the way they do things it’s like they’re kids playing on the sand. This thing is not gonna end cos even if DPP led government is shoved off the then government to come will do the same. We practice the politics of revenge or politics of “CHIKUWAWE” so it’s hard to change. The fact is that everyone when he/she comes to power, wants to show who is in charge, it’s where the problem is.

  26. Patrick Phiri says:

    This MCP never allowed us to have TV. Lero mukufuna chiani? Fotseki

  27. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    This has been the norm in Malawi.Musatikotse apa.Talk of real issues that are affecting Malawians.Ife tikaona nkhope zotopetsa we simply switch off the TV.
    MBC ndi chinthu choonera kaya kumvera?I thought positions are pointed by their political masters.So what do u expect from workers bootlicking their political master to earn aliving.Nanunso dikirani nthawi yanu.Ino ndi nthawi ya Alomwe.Thats how politics works in the country full of dunderheads.

  28. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    MCP ndinu opusa otsutsa ndinu ochuluka bwanji osasintha malamulo oyendesela ma wailesi aboma. Mukufuna mukazatenga mboma muzachite chimozimozi. Nthawi yanu. Mukutiuza mufuna anthu tichite chanu.anthu opusa ndi mpake zisankho zonse mumati mwabeledwa. Nthawi yanu simatsegula wailesi, UDF, PP, DPP chimodzimozi. Nonse ndinu amozi mukunena chifukwa muli kunja kwa mboma. Musamatiuze zopusa. Tisiyeni tizigwila ntchito zanu. Ngati ntchito yakukanikani inuyo eni ife titani.DPP ikugwilitsa ntchito ndi mene malamulo ali, palibe chimene akulakwisa mbola mwachisoni chake tikumakuonani mukufotokoza zopusazi.

  29. phodox says:

    MCP members will cry forkeeping for good over next 30 years.I mean its the same members who cry. If it is not Lazalus himself, then it is Jessie Kabwila or it is Juliana Lunguzi or Dzoole Omwale has some thing to complain or ONjovuyatopa ( who is now becoming wise and wise by being quitier). I think its true that if you divorce a wife or the wife divorces you, still you become jealousy of the expartner. MCP is jealousy because DPP is haging their ex partner or the government. Up to the extent of dreaming that they are on the waiting list for the ex partner regardless the message being sent that DPP will not divorce the wife untill 2045.

  30. Gulugufe says:

    Hahaha! Its very funny that the honourable member has not seen the reality that MBC is for govt!

    Just win in 2019 and the fucken MBC will be at your disposal!

  31. shaaaa! says:


  32. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Wishful thinking o Mwale. Leave MBC alone. Just do tasks in parliament honourably. If you think MBC is not performing, simple no allocation in the budget.

    Ife amene tiri ku mwera tikudikira kumisonkhano ya chipani. Kodi Peter ma muopa eti.

  33. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is an old story but it is now worse. Only DPP supporters and sympathisers enjoy watching MBC. It is disgusting.

  34. Okonko says:

    Chamba eti, if MBC was a portifolio for some company, we would say its a loss leader and if government was sincere in its bid to sale MSB, if the reasons for the sale of the bank were genuine and honest then the same should apply here. Let us sale MBC too. Too much control on content by the ruling gvt. The sad part is that these guys run on our tax, koma sikuyelekedwa kwakeko. Otherwise,this cry for media independence especially on the part of MBC inatitopetsa ife.

  35. Poor man feel it says:

    Selfishness chabe ndiyomwe yavuta.

  36. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It is true this government has no time at all to waste by advising MBC who to feature and not to feature. This broadcaster, like others, is now guided by standards of professionalism and fairness. Regardless of whether the broadcaster is publicly funded or not, the same standards apply. It is clear this government has a genuine belief in free media, and overall transparency.
    Yet MCP crybabies continue to claim victimhood; they see sinister hands in every closet, just like during the last elections when they got whipped by DPP. They (MCP) should up their game by showing up in the populous south, to even just reclaim their second position in 2019.
    Malawians do not take kindly to false allegations, especially ones coming from the party that hogged the media in their favor for over thirty years! During the proto-dictatorship.

  37. R K says:

    Ife timavela ZBS osati nyasi za MBC ayi. TVM ndiye nyasi zenizeni.

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