MCP shadow cabinet raises questions on nepotism

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has attracted criticism following the release of its shadow Cabinet which observers have said is far from being nepotistic just like the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) current cabinet set which has the majority from the southern region.

While President Arthur Peter Mutharika appointed his cabinet mainly from the south with his ‘homeboys’ from Thyolo and part of the Lomwe belt making the bulk of the ministers, MCP President Lazarus Chakwera has followed suit with all the members of his shadow cabinet coming from the central region.

Kabwila:  Shadow minister come from the sitting MPs and not out side parliament

Kabwila: Shadow minister come from the sitting MPs and not out side parliament

“This MCP cabinet is not different from what Malawians have been complaining about Mutharika’s 20-man cabinet which has almost everyone from the south,” said one commentator on social media platform.

However, Chakwera has defended his choice of cabinet arguing that since the opposition ministers shadow government ministers in Parliament, MCP is justified since almost all its members of parliament are from the central region.

“This is just like what happens in the United Kingdom where an opposition party has shadow secretaries from the sitting MPs and not out of the House of Commons. How could someone from outside Parliament counter argue on policy matters which are tackled inside Parliament,” said MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila in an interview.

The MCP shadow cabinet, however, conforms to the DPP administration’s lean Cabinet. The MCP shadow Cabinet announced in Parliament on Monday comprises 21 members with leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera as president and head of the defence force, but he has no deputy president.

Joseph Njobvuyalema has been maintained as Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development in keeping with his party role as spokesperson on finance matters in Parliament while Peter Chakwantha, who chairs the Legal Affairs Committee, has been appointed shadow minister of Justice.

MCP deputy spokesperson Ezekiel Ching’oma heads Information and newcomer Rhino Chiphiko heads Transport while long-time legislator Vitus Dzoole Mwale has been tasked with Labour and Willard Gwengwe will head Trade and Industry.

The MCP shadow Cabinet has three women, Juliana Lunguzi for Health, Khumbize Chiponda for Foreign Affairs and  Kabwila for Gender and Social Welfare.

The shadow cabinet has four deputy ministers, Patrick Chilondola for Defence, Everson Makowa Mwale for Agriculture, Langton Nkhosa Kamwendo for Education and Alec Chitete for Civil Service.

All these are MPs from the central region.

Chakwera has been advocating for a need to legislate the size of the Cabinet so it does not remain a campaign promise, which can be ignored once a party is in power.

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72 thoughts on “MCP shadow cabinet raises questions on nepotism”

  1. George Lihoma says:

    This reminds me of an old Mutabaruka’s song in which he sings ‘…when you are not in power,its easy to say this and that.But when you are in power,its totally different.’….

  2. ACHEWA says:

    MCP is brave party, since multiparty in Malawi, how many parties formed a shadow cabinet? MCP, next govt ufune usafune.

  3. United Party says:

    It would appear most commentators are ignorant about who goes into the shadow cabinet despite Hon Chakwera clearly explaining to them. Shadow cabinet members unlike the executive have to be sitting MPs of the Party (In this case the opposition). This limits the leader of opposition choice of his cabinet. This is more complicated in MCP as almost all MPs are from the Central Region.

    1. Zuze says:

      That is a blue lie. So according to your reasoning small political parties that have no representation in parliament cannot have MPs? What a foolish way of self-blinding!

  4. Mtupatupa says:

    I can see the federation working just by going with what DPP & MCP have done in the appointment of cabinet and shadow cabinet

  5. BUSHIRI says:

    Kodi MCP ilipobe??? Mukhaula

  6. MAVUTO says:

    very good at criticizing ….look at what they have done. these are the worst racists. ask chakwera , when shall he visit southern region, if he thinks he can rule this country from sentolo alone then akudzikwata mchala ha…….ha,,,,,,,hhaaaaaa abusa

    1. Zoshola says:

      Iwe Mavuto ndiwe mbuzi. Mulungu kwao siku South. Wait and see, mufa imfa yowawa. Kubera sikudzatheka Chauta akadzakana.

  7. Pasan says:

    am told dat once apon atime(1992~1993) aford wz almithy party with support 4m all corners of mw .koma atauzidwa kut tatutsileni ur cabinet to b ,masses of PIPO WERE disappointented 2 find out tha almost all member of cabint were 4m northern mw and executive were ful f northers.mcp pamene ili Kuopposition shud try to giv hope not copy and paste the dpp’s nepotism.Ofcourse AtengelA Merit Pipo Like Jumbe Winayese Amadziwa Ndi Amuna Paulimi. MY FREE ADVICE TO MCP AS NOW BWANJ ATAKOPA SOME MPS WHO STIL INDP 4M NORTH &SOUTH SO DAT THEY BUILD STRONG BASE N THEIR AREAS.

    1. Mthako wa Alhomwe says:

      And so you are told by your tribalistic grumpy granny….and expect to tell facts.

  8. cherel says:

    tingogawanapo apa, zausilu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Zomba Zero says:

    what do you expect of MCP? Actually, this is beyond regionalism. It is called cronyism. Over 80% of the MCP shadow cabinet is from Lilongwe, the home of ex-Reverend Lazarus Chakwera. Imeneyo ndiye MCP!!!

  10. tsk tsk tsk says:

    Ha ha ha, it now okay because the self righteous ones are the ones that have done it this time. However there are three people from the Northern region in Peters Cabinet, and those are ALL the people who won on a dpp ticket up north, there are two people from the central region one from the eastern region and the rest are from the southern region contrast Chakweras choices and their implications. Now the reason given is that all their MPs barring the speaker are from one region, how different is this from what the DPP has done? mesa charity starts at home they will give positions to their own kaye (DPP)? Is there a rule that would have stopped mr Chakwera from building a shadow cabinet that includes people from other parties in parliament? As this Cartoon of a man and his attack dog are always harping on about nepotism and sharing the national cake and blah blah… Mxi, bunch of hypocrites the lot of them and the people contorting themselves to justify their hypocrisy and you know it!

  11. pooooopo says:

    A Kabwira mukufuna mundiuze kuti somebody outside parliament cannot be an effective Minister? We have proved that wrong. Taonani mmene akuchitila Goodal Gondwe, wakuposani nonsenu ku Parliament ndi nzeru zopanga clarify and analyse issues. Msaka bwa! Go back to the drawing board a MCP nu. Dpp woyeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. gaba says:

    SO its nepotism when its MCP? Agulugunyinda! inu.Are you afraid of a shadows,mental hospital is few miles from elsewhere Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaach!!!!!!!

  13. crispen kandido says:

    the sad truth is everyone is a nepotist. pachizungu amati charity begins at home.

  14. yohane says:

    The major tribalist in Malawi are tumbukas thought they keep fingerpointing others as tribalists. Blame yourself for the cause. Go to hail with your selfish motives.

  15. MLOMWE says:


    1. Zuze says:

      That is a blue lie. So according to your reasoning small political parties that have no representation in parliament cannot have MPs? What a foolish way of self-blinding!

  16. Mwana wa Mfumu M'vonye says:

    MCP is really just continuing in the spirit of their chief patron, HKB, the principal tribalist of Malawi. No contradictions here. For thirty years of dictatorship, that party principally served the Central Region.

  17. chakwera Joyce Banda says:

    Agalu ndi agalu bask kapena kuti aww ndi Makoto a chumba munthu osabereka MCP mpaka Yesu kubwera no chance kwa iwo

  18. Pichi says:

    At least they would have made a shadow cabinet of national unity if they wanted some moral ground. Incorporate MPs from UDF, PP and some independents from across the country. Awa zawo nzimodzi Amalawi andalewa asatipusitse.

  19. Hazrat Pillane says:

    waiting to se udf & pp shadow representation then we can check the imbalances, after all they are just fake ministers assigned to scrutinise the real ones.

  20. Alekhalibdul says:

    Kaya zanu izo bola ine ndili ndi Jesus ndikukhala ndimoyo baa kangani choncho koma mudziziwa kut mweni wake akubwera

  21. Voter says:


  22. Kapenandiye says:

    When Peters’ cabinet was out people talked a lot, i then asked this question, had MCP won the election who would chakwera pick for ministers. He has now provided the answer. I tell u he could pick one or two ministers only from south and north, which is no different from DPP . Look at the females shodow ministers hey, over the dead body of MCP. Don’t hide behind shadow ministers this is and could be yuor cabinet. Chiri kwa mzako. Regional representation DPP is better.

  23. Don Chigwe says:

    When in opposition, it is important to be more careful otherwise you become a laughing stock. What nonsense to quote parliament.? Do you mean after parliament, the shadow Ministers cease to be functional?

  24. Nankungwi says:

    A Malawi anthu otsalila kwambirfi! People of Malawi the regionlaism is among the people of Malawi. Thes leaders both Mutharika and Chakwera have no choice but pick from what is available! Listen where possible Mutharika has shown that the region you come from is of no consequence, he has Kalilani, Ntaba, Gondwe who are not from south but occupy very big positions ins that party! Kalilani is extremely powerful in DPP! she is from the central region!

    People follow parties mainly necause of where the leader comes from . If only WE US the PEOPLE of Malawi chose paerties because of thier ideology and boost those parties we believ will best serve Malawi we would not have a concentration of regions in parties!

    What the bloody hell ! to do you want a leader to do when all he has got for followers are people from the same region? This is highlighting a very big mind set problem which the nation needs to deal with very throughly because it inhibits growth in many ways! If you people start thinking broadly these leaders will have no problem in chosing the kind of cabinet that you want but don’t blame them for doing the best of a bad job!

  25. Central says:

    People like Munlo though he qualifies, have no chance to argue straight in parliament because he is not MP!! Ndiye mumafuna Chakwera ndiye atani abale………….!! Just be patient you will see in June 2019……………………….!! Chakwera ndi nyoooooooooooooooo ………………………… oskhala “Mamba” yanuyi yokhalila kutututsa lilime kufuna kulamvula venom!!

  26. Phiri phiri says:

    Chepetsani umbuli Shadow minister amakhala uyo ali mp not outside paliament. Plz muziphuzitsika anthu opanda mzeru inu

  27. kalanga says:

    Blocked brains can blame MCP coz they know not procedures governing parliament.


    shaa shadow cabinet yopanda mmihavani ngati ine mngulu weniweni wodya njoka ndi chome anthu anthu mmalawi muno kungoikamo achewa afiti okha okha it can not succeed.

  29. ATONGA says:


  30. Zuze says:

    I do not buy MCP’s pretext for nepotism and regionalism as argued by Jessie Kabwila in Malawi. Kabwila argues that the MCP president Chakwera appointed shadow cabinet ministers almost exclusively from the central region because the party has most of its MPs from the central region and it needed to appoint MPs only into the shadow cabinet to provide a critique to government in parliament. This argument does not appeal to all senses.

    Why did MCP have almost all MPs from the central region? Is it not the same behavior that reduced MCP to one region and perform worse than when the party was under the leadership of Gwanda Chakuamba and recently John Tembo? The main question Kabwila needed to answer is what about political parties with two MPs in Parliament? Will they not have a shadow cabinet merely because it does not have enough MPs in Parliament? Will the shadow cabinet be on merit if it has the capacity to leave out well deserving party members in the South or North that are well qualified, but have been left in the cold under the lame and unjustifiable pretext that the qualification for appointment as a shadow minister is to be an MP! The last time I checked, even new political parties have shadow cabinets and they do not exclusively scavenge for serving MPs in parliament.

    MCP cannot be trusted to use this argument because it is merely a pretext for consolidation of its support base and an appeal to nepotistic tendencies against which it accused DPP. If MCP wants to remain a credible political party worth some support from reasonable citizens nationally, it must admit DPP was justifiably reasonable in its cabinet appointment based on its support base.

  31. Ma says:

    MCP is the worst nepostic party, their leader whose picture they were on all uniforms deported all teachers from north that were based in south and central mwayesa tayiwala eti.

    Even if this is for Parlianment only, thats where you should have shown that you are different from DPP. TALK IS CHEAP NEPOTISM IS REAL!!!

  32. baby says:

    MCP caught red handed. In fact if MCP had won, the cabinet composition would have been similar to DPPs.

  33. Ngodya says:

    Ndizodziwikilatu kuti a Chakwela akanasankha aBisani,a Mulipa,a Machilika,a Namakhwa,a Gobede,a Kaliwo,a Kandiyelo ndi Ena kumpoto komano poti anthuwa sangakhale ndi mpata oti nduna zikayankhula kunyumba ya malamulo aziziyankha . Ndie chifukwa chake asankha okhawo omwe Ali aphungu .Mwaiona!!!!!!

  34. regina Osman says:

    Nkaona amati sitima imaphweka akamayendesa wina. Asaname kuti akubwenzera zomwe anachita a DPP,

  35. Jonh Maliro says:

    MCP is very regionalist. Shadow ministers are not supposed to come from parliament only. A shadow is supposed to articulate alternative policies of their parties in that portfolio in and outside parliament. UDF in 1994 announced its shadow cabinet even before elections and it was very representative. A shadow cabinet is actually government in waiting. so MCP much as a voted for it, is not very different from DPP in choosing people from its strong hold. but that’s how things should be, you don’t appoint a sheik from a non Muslim or a priest from a non catholic. Let political parties be national or Malawian cease to support only parties from our regions, same religious affiliations. etc. Republic of Northern Malawi

  36. Ignorance its the big ploblem among Malawians, what’s wrong with the Chakweras cabinet? Its the Cabinet in parliament only, for checks & balance for each & every ministry, its not abig deal, This is shadow Cabinet, stop crying my fellows Malawians, Umphawi ndi Umbuli zikasakanikirana kumvetsa zinthu kumakhala kovuta nthawi zonse.

  37. yuona says:

    Useless DPP is only trying to confuse people. This shadow cabinet is for MPs alone! MCP supported the a Northerner for the post of speaker, Mighty MCP has a shadow minister from the North, Ku South kulibeko nduna coz sitinapateko representative wa mnyumba ya malamulo. Kodi umbuliu inu Alomwe mukuutenga kuti?!

    1. pette says:

      useless man. ukucomenta utavala chinyau? so you mean apanganso shadow in ya anthu oti sali ma MP? mwavalachi chimbano tsekwe??????????????????

  38. so you wish should have chosen mpinganjira or Mzomera ngwira to justify non nepotic politics? Shame? And shame! Subjective poverty!!!!!poor minds and souls!!!!

  39. dpp says:

    Mungotukwanana kapena kunyozana anzanu akudyerera. Inu bwanji osamangoganiza zoti ana muwadyetsanji. Nzeru mulibe

  40. Mack Banda says:

    Anyani kusekana dzikundu!!!!!! The saying is clear:- the more things change, the more they remain the same! You dont expect anything new from these parties.

  41. nangozo says:


  42. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Malawians are very stupid pple. DPP chose pple who supported them when they were out of the govern only. Nyau zones nthawi imeneyija zinali kuvina ndi kumapephesa mumiseu, now want those pple to be pointed from nowhere. Foolish pple

  43. fumbani sichinga says:


  44. SAIKUPHA says:

    Inetu zikungondisekesa zingatheke bwanj kugwira ntchito moikapo moyo ndi munthu ot sumufunira zabwino? Chomwe inu a mcp mukufuna ndichan?

  45. malawi says:

    koma ma comment enawa ai ndithu just shows kuti umbuli ndi wambiri kumalawi kuno
    people cant understand simple things

  46. ANALYST says:

    If you dont know what a “Shadow Cabinet” is, then you better read first; or just keep quite. A shadow cabinet comprises MPs ONLY from the main opposition party. Now MCP is the main opposition party, but has no MP from the South; but only two from the north. One of the two from the north is Speaker, and Chakwera has appointed the other into Cabinet. Did you want him to appoint non-MPs as shadow ministers? How will they scrutinise the govt policies?

  47. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Those condemning MCP for nepotism in the way in the composition of the shadow cabinet are displaying dangerous ignorance of the constitution. When a president appoints a person as a minister who is not an MP that person sits in parliament by virtue of his being a minister. This does not apply to a person who is not an MP and he is appointed into a shadow cabinet. He will not be allowed into parliament. That is why opposition parties appoint shadow cabinet among MPs while the president can appoint outside parliament. MCP do not have an MP in the South


    1. wobeba wanga says:


    2. FKajera wa Kajera says:

      This is in preparation for Federal Government. That is the way forward. How long are we going to be pulling each other struggling for power. Let us stop it now and call a spade a spade. We are waiting for comments from you southerners. Do not undermine this good thing for Malawians. Malawi will be one with one president. It will change only in internal administration. Wake up and shine.

  49. Malindima says:

    What could be the difference if you had won the General elections?
    This could have been your justification and you are the worst.
    We should not hear from you complaining about nepotism against DPP. Yours is the worst.

  50. Tilipo says:

    Nothing is news here. Mcp ministers are for parliament purposes only now. Why confuse people. DPP is nepotic not Mcp. See who is speaker of parliament. Mcp is very very justified.

  51. Jose' says:

    Maybe the question should be “Why doe MCP only have its MPs in the Central region” Is MCP a regional or national party? Kabwira, Is this one a more representative shadow cabinet as your wide stupid mouth has been yammering about our competent cabinet?

  52. Abiti Mtila says:

    You fools so you expect the ruling party to appoint people outside the party? The Ministers serves the government of the day So if you did not vote for DPP how do you expect APM to trust you with a Ministerial post? Those Goodal Gondwe Is DPP, he is a Minister. Grace Obama Chiuma is DPP is a minister. Jean Kalirani is Dpp is a minister. There is no difference here. You fools just hate DPP but muisovenge up to 2019 woooooooooooooo

    1. wobeba wanga says:

      YES, THEY JUST HATE DPP, THEY SOVENGE MPAKA 2019. SANATI KKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Black Market says:

    Umbuli is the main problem in Malawi. Suppose MCP chose Gwanda Chakwamba from South and Bazuka Mhango from North, where and how could these people counter argue issues in Parliament? We have a very big mindset problem which Bingu also echoed then. We are supposed to establish a Ministry of Mindset Change to develop Malawi.

    1. Harris Harawa says:

      You do not have a brain! You buy the argument used? Why did MCP have almost all MPs from the central region? The main question you need to answer is what about political parties with two MPs in Parliament? Will they not have a shadow cabinet merely because it does not have enough MPs in Parliament?

    2. eye eye says:

      Ise wanandi ndife wajila, mabulu wakufikapo….tikumanya yayi kuti shadow cabinet nchivichi! chikung’anamula vichi? mutigowokelewanyithu imwe ..mwapulika wodada na womama?

    3. ns says:

      Counterarguing could be done through their leader in the house whilst the actual contribution comes from the shadow himself. No excuse bro. MCP has failed. The other alternative was to make a shadow cabinet from the whole opposition block.

  54. Blessed Banda says:

    I wondered with comments people made yesterday in the article that appeared on Nyasa. It really shows that most people that commented are ignorant of the processes and procedures that govern democracy and there is also general slackened reading culture in Malawi to learn new things outside class work. Other even went further that there was non from the north in the shadow cabinet yet there was a name Honourable Jacob Hara MP for Mzimba Solola in black and white on the list. Clearly showing that most people comment withouth thinking or reasoning. Shadow Cabinet really are spokes persons of political parties in opposition in Parliament nothing more. Its not anything they can put on CVs at all.

  55. Mwinama says:

    Whose mouth should be shut? ukunama iwe 1, Mkhola ,how can a cabinet be comprised ndi nyau zokha zokha ndi amayi a Chinana this is unjustified, Please we need an explanation.

  56. Mbudye says:

    Using the same ‘one can choose only MPs’ argument, APM and his predominantly lhomwe cabinet could be justified to say that he had to choose among MPs and clearly the bulk of DPP MPs are in the South! So no difference here! To hell with regional parties, DPP (south), MCP,(centre), UDF (east), PP (north). The only way to deal with this is not federalism but the 50+1 electoral reform in which a party should also scoop not less than 33% of votes in each district! Viva 50+1!

  57. MKHOLA says:


    1. mulomwe says:

      This is indeed Mkhola la nkhumba. You would rather peak pigs from central becoz they are mps (Kamanya type) leaving real people from north or south. Shame on u Lazarous.

    2. Harris Harawa says:

      Please do not buy MCP’s pretext for nepotism and regionalism. Why did MCP have almost all MPs from the central region? The main question you need to answer is what about political parties with two MPs in Parliament? Will they not have a shadow cabinet merely because it does not have enough MPs in Parliament? Will the shadow cabinet be on merit if it has the capacity to leave out well deserving party members in the South or North that are well qualified, but have been left in the cold under the lame and unjustifiable pretext that the qualification for appointment as a shadow minister is to be an MP! The last time I checked, even new political parties have shadow cabinets and they do no scavenge for serving MPs in parliament. MCP cannot be trusted to use this argument because it is merely a pretext for the nepotism of which it accused DPP.

    3. Useless says:

      Tell them again and again, they must be ManU fans these fools who don’t know what a shadow cabinet is all about. Bravo LC and Viva MCP.

      1. ANALYST says:

        Harris Harawa – a shadow cabinet is for the “main opposition” party ONLY; not ALL opposition parties! If a party with 2 MPs is the main opposition, then it will have to choose the shadow cabinet (that’s the Westminister political system)! Chonde tiziwerenga zinazi, they are readily available on the internet – just Google and you will be in the know!!!!!!!

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