MCP splinter group asks Chakwera to resign, calls for early convention

A splinter group has emerged in the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that has since challenged party president Lazarus Chakwera to step down and convene a convention.

MCP rebels at news conference

MCP rebels at news conference

MCP splinter group addressing a news conference

MCP splinter group addressing a news conference

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, one of the MCP officials who propelled Chakwera into the party helm said at a news conference on Wednesday that Chakwera has failed the MCP.

“You hear one problem after another in the party. We do not have a leader in MCP who should deal with the problems. Honourable Dr Chakwera should call for a convention now where we should elect another leader, he has led us down,” said Chidzanja Nkhoma.

She is a billionaire Malawian lady with properties in housing and other investments. She is eyeing for the MCP presidency.

Chidzanja Nkhoma, the daughter of one of Kamuzu Banda’s first cabinet ministers in the 1960s, accused the MCP of nepotism.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has since welcomed the decision by former party president John Tembo to mediate on issues that are tearing the party apart.

“This will help bring back the unity the party needs ahead of the 2019. This will bring back the four corner stones the party prides itself in. Time is running out, 2019 is just around the corner,” Kabwila said.

One of MCP senior party members Felix Jumbe has been telling the media how Chakwera is sidelining him and problems he is facing in the party.

Kabwila’s supporters were recently beaten up at a rally held by Chakwera in Salima.

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36 thoughts on “MCP splinter group asks Chakwera to resign, calls for early convention”

  1. Pension Nenereko says:

    The problem is anthu believe they have secrets – A jumbe ndi a Kabwila adadya za DPP ndipo alemphera kudeliver zimene adagwirizana nkana kubwebwetaku kuti mwina a DPP a ziti akugwira ntchito Now the so call Chatinkha alowa mbwalo atazidyanso. Mudziwe kuti MWINI MPHALE ZAKUDALA CHALA

  2. Nzeru za yekha theorem says:

    Lazaro iwe Lazaro, utsogoleri waku mpingo siufanana ndi wandale. You better drop and get back to Assemblies where you were valued and respected. Ku mpingo you can easily appoint a leader or influence others to do so koma osati kuchipani where the people you are overlooking know the constitution which you are ignoring to respect.
    If you are proving a failure to govern MCP nanga boma mungakwanitse? Let JZU mediate and come up with all interested candidates to compete at the convention. Musawanyozere ma governors bcz ndi amene ali ndi mphamvu on the ground. Kwaaaaaaachaaaaaa!!!!!

  3. ngalamayi says:

    3 years away is ‘just around the corner’??!! Instead of infighting, the MCP should be developing policies, strategies to make themselves a credible party in power. When is Malawi go to get politicians who put Malawi FIRST, ahead of petty squabbling, personal interests? It would be interesting to hear the real motives of these politicians. I doubt many would put their country first.

  4. Muzanga says:

    Kodi osangochitseka chipanichi? It has outlived its usefulness as an opposition party.

  5. john aluma says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..MCP (Tambala waKUDA) imwalira ndi chitopa called Environmental CHANGE….

  6. Mathwee says:

    All these so-called rebels are coming up more and more often because of Dr Chakwera’s failure to lead MCP. For long he has shied away from resolving the simplest of issues facing MCP. The people are frustrated. The people don’t want Jumbe either. Nor this Chatinkha woman. The people want Chakwera but the only problem is that utsogoleri wa chipani saudziwa. He’s not a bad man, he’s just not good for MCP. Unfortunately if the convention is held today, Chakwera will win but he will still not change his poor leadership style. His handclappers will still be blinded by his star-power but come 2019 palibe chomwe tidzaphule. Another unfortunate thing is this…those people with real potential to lead MCP sakudzionetsera poyera. Or at least coming forward with an alternative agenda/manifesto different from Chakwera’s inactive one. Mavuto alipo!!

  7. Mwini Chipani says:

    They got money from their masters. They have used the money but the masters are not seeing the results. There is total silence from their counterparts. You do not kill a man who says nothing because there is something ominous behind the silence. He does not answer to the no sense. One does not waste his time with stupid people because stupid people never change. They will always try to change you until you become stupid like them then they defeat you using their experience as stupid people to their level.
    They were in town today because their masters are on their necks. There are no results on the ground. They thought they would divide and destroy the MCP by now. They thought they would sway the support of the people away from their beloved leaders (Dr Chakwera). They thought they will have divided the party by now and make it weaker to please their master. Alas! MCP is getting stronger by day.
    The only best way for the party and its President is to remain quite. Never should the party nor the leadership answer to their vituperations (vitriols, outbursts, kutukwana kwawo).The party needs to remain silent until the puppet master who is instructing these misguided people come out of the cocoon. There isn’t any issue that some people would climb the tree top and start ranting here.
    Take it that some stray individuals went to town to make some contumacious noise to please some misty masters in the other wolrd. There is nothing really to write about.
    In other words, lions should not lose sleep over the opinions of the sheep.

  8. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Bvuto lakumwa mwankhwala nthawi yayitali ndichocnhi ma side effect amenewa kuyamba kudziona ngati mungakhale president………. shit!!!!! kagweleni uko osamusokoneza Chakwera mbuzi zawanthu.

  9. Glyn Kunyenga says:

    This splinter group is full of confused lot. Those who only want to lead and not be led. If even you hold another convetion now Chakwera is still going to win. Why do you just want to bring confusion in the party. If you are not happy with Dr Chakwera just leave. We are fed up. MCP under Dr Chakwera is the only hope for Malawi. Eeesh!!!

  10. Buyelekhaya says:

    Kodi chipani chija ankati Nthanda Congress Party chili kuti? Nkesa chidachoka mu MCP ndipo ena ankati Kongilesi itha? MCP singathe chifukwa ili mu mmitima mwa anthu. Zipani zina monga DPP Zidabadwa chifukwa chakuba. A Bingu (MHSRIP) ataba utsogoleri ku UDF nkuthawa nawo mpamene adakayambitsa chipani chawo. Chipanichi chaonetsapo kuthekera kwake kokupha anthu, kuvulaza, kuba komanso utyopi. Ambiri mukuwaona kumeneko nchifukwa chadyera. Umboni ngwakuti ena adali ku UDF ndipo adathawako. Ka DPP katachoka mboma mu 2012 tidaona amadyeramphoto womwewo akuthawa nkupita ku PP. Musatibowe ngati kuti DPP idabwera kudzalamulira mpaka muyaya. Look at how African National Congress in South Africa has been humbled partly by Julius Malema’s 3-year old party-the Economic Freedom Fighters! Ndiye musandibowe chifukwa DPP nchipani cha kubanja. Sumukudabwa kuti atamwalira mwina wake mng’ono ndiye adatenga mpando? Vukani mawethu!

  11. Vyantonda says:

    Chikwera is our king now enanu nyasi

  12. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Ngati mwalowa DPP osangopita kachetechete bwanji?

  13. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    and this must stop mukutitengela ku mtoso tsopano

  14. KOMA KUMENEKO says:

    Who is this Chatinkha by the way? Kukhala ndi ndalama ndi utsogoleri ndizosiyana chatinkha shut your mouth , anthu tikufuna chakwera not nyasi munenazo.

  15. alfred abraham says:

    achakwera ndi mission ya bho ukafunse wakoyo

  16. Chambe says:

    Tambala wakuda wakalamba! Akusotsoka nthenga tsopano ndikumangolira nthawi ili yonse.

  17. Anzeru Akum\'mawa says:

    The party lacks sanity. In fact a good majority of the old forks in this party don’t know about democracy. The best the MCP can do is to weed out the bush that is overgrowing the party norms. The like of Filex Jumbi need to be booted out and of course Dr. Chakwera need to be replaced immediately with a strong character, otherwise I see the party has already lost the 2019 elections.

  18. Zechariah says:

    Foolishness is the term in this scenario taking things out context .The rebels are missing the bigger picture perspective where unity is concerned than parading in media frenzy seeking superficial sympathizers. The party convention is held every 4-5 years towards the election rather be the solution where party dialogue is concern. The leader of MCP should engage his terbulant members as peace peace maker prior 2019 election he should solidify his party against the odds of not winning!

    1. GADDAFI says:

      chatinkha asatenge MCP ngat chipani chake poti she is related to kamuzu,let chakwera to finish his term

  19. Mapwevupwevu says:

    MCP will never rule Nyasaland again!

  20. Zabwino Ndithu says:

    Vuto ife a Malawi ndikufuna utsogoleri nthawi yathu isanakwane. Kodi inu mukati mumuchotse Chakwera inuyo muzakhalapo muzalolera kuti azanunso azakuchotsenipo nthawi yanu isabakwane? Zinthu mbanja zikalakwikwa kodi timangoti banja lithe ndikapeze wina, ndiye ma anjawo mizakhala nawo angati. Osamadekha myima ndikukambirana bwanji. Kapenatu inu meaty midway ndi zipani zinazi kuti musokoneze MCP. Bwanji kapena kukajoina zipani zinazo kaya kuyimbira a zanu poti ufulu umenewu ulimi? Tiziona Pena kwa anthu azungu mmene amayendetsera zipani zawo. Mumakhala kusiyana maganizo, ena mukhala akuti centre right kapena centre left koma chipani ndikumayenda, chifukwa uko kumakhala kulimbikitsana pakulimbikitsa umodzi ndicholinga chimodzi chozalowa mboma; koma izi mukuonetserazi, kaya poti akuti ndinu ma billionaire, aponda matiki kaya, izi ndithu sizigula umodzi mchipani koma kungogawanitsa kuti azunu akawine mu 2019. Ife ovota mukutikumudwitsa, ndiye tizangovotera omwewa, nanga ai dote zimene mukutisonyeza.

  21. Mwananyanian says:

    That should be the ultimatum to o’Chakwera and co. Either introduce democracy in MCP or face a new party should be the message to the current leadership. Citizens have to be listened to, o’Chakwera, and their perspectives taken into consideration. Unlike the Church!
    But, a splinter Party will just slice off part of the vote from MCP, and have them take several steps back from winning the Mpando wonona (Presidency).
    Many Malawians may think that’s not a bad idea at all.

  22. Winston Msowoya says:

    MCP Idiots,you do not wash your dirty linen in public.To reach that level,it speaks volumes.This is the beginning of the end of the once dreaded and murderous Party.It must be acknowledged that Tembo is in a precarious position in that he is the most unpopular and hated individual in the entire country and that his hands are drenched in blood of innocent people during 32 years of libidinous MCP government.The present pandemonium in the Party,therefore, indicates that MCP is on the road to final rest and if you do not believe,you better look back at the indipendence political Parties in Africa such as UNIP in ZAMBIA and KANU in KENYA,where are they? By no means,MCP will never ever voted into power anymore,it is done and done good.To effect real change in Malawi’s political spectrum,UDF and PP must unite and encourage the revival of the once mighty AFORD in the North to join the fray that would present a formidable challenge to the corrupt and Lomwe dominated DPP,otherwise,Malawians are giving a blank cheque to DPP in the next general elections of 2019.Take my words brothers and sisters,if we really love our magnificent mother Malawi,let us do so for the love of our children and the generations to come.Muthalika and his gang of robbers and tribalists have nothing to loose,but our predicaments and sufferings.MAY GOD HELP US!!!!

    1. Kanchenga says:

      Wishful thinking. MCP is not dying yet. When these power hungry fools are frustrated. True MCP members will remain and uphold the party.There are those of us who will support it without being leaders. We have done that before we ain’t stopping now.

  23. Boko says:

    Ochewa ndobvuta zedi. There have been splinter groups in MCP since the time of Kamuzu up to now. This is characteristic of Chewas. Their upbringing, which starts from the graveyard (Kudambwe), trains them to be quarrelsome among themselves. No wonder Kamuzu ruled them with iron fist – there was/is no other way. And Chakwera cannot manage these beasts (zirombo) because he is a church leader and not a graveyard dictator.

  24. Maunisi says:

    Don’t talk shit here. You are confusionists. Follow what Kabwira said she is very intelligent. DPP uses all plans to put MCP in trouble and you guys u don,t even think about this. So if you are made president are you sure you amass votes to win against DPP. These DPP know and are geared to hear such nuisance press conferences held in MCP but what God has put in place no one will change the mountain.

  25. Maunisi says:

    No convention at the moment. Let JZU mediate and close these wrangles. I know some of you are jealousy of him. But for sure know he amassed votes and made 8% difference with Peter Mthalika.

  26. Fwangalubiro says:

    You can not complain about leadership at the same time aspire to compete.We have to watch out these people are plants of DPP.Osamanamizana

  27. Bristone Mabichi says:

    Splinter group ndiye kuti chiani? Dr. Chakwera sachoka koma fundo ndi yomwe anena Mai Kabwira, osati zopusazo ayi. Ngati mukufuna mngelo mupange kaya kumwamba koti akakhale.

  28. CHITUTU PHIRI says:


  29. Mivahani says:

    Chakwera as Chakwera I take it for granted that he is a good person. I would have voted for him if he was to be in any other party apart from MCP. The guy is among Lions who dont wish him well, those lions see him as a meal. Let him change the party I will 100% vote for him. koma enawa ndi mitembo basi. ndiye paja mtembo suphwisa…

  30. Anthu enawa kaya anakhala bwanji? Musapoteni Chakwera titenge boma 2019. This is why I always say a Chewafe penapake mitu yathu siyenda bwino. Zoona azikuposani alomwe kugwirizana. Ngati mwatumidwa kuti musokoneze chipani simukwanitsa because even if you go to convention Chakwera will still win. and if that happens just get out of MCP and join dpp and we’ll see if you can secure a seat in parliament.

  31. Mivahani says:

    Isi ndiye kutafunana kumeneku akalowa mboma asa ata mwene bola ku Iguputu komweko

  32. Phiri says:

    Koma ngati ali Felix Jumbe yemwe pa convention adapeza 18 votes against Chakwera’s 286 during the convention just go and join chipani cholephera DPP. We want a united MCP under Chakwera for 2019. We will deal with the issues osati akavuwevuwe atisokoneza. Chakwera 2019 boma

  33. Grace Obama anapepetsa says:

    Aliyense sangakhale mtsogoleri at a time. Enanu mukufuna kumeza musanatafune. Let us leave Chakwera to lead MCP. Enanu olo mutatenga lero utsogoleri, chipani chiferatu. Vuto lake mumaona ngati MCP ndi ya central region. Ndi maganizo amenewo mudzakhala in oppostion for the rest of your life.

    Wake up and realise that somebody is using you big time.

  34. wozindikira says:

    osakambirana bwanji inu aMCP? we have other pressing things to oconcetrate on right now and not these quarrelling ngati ana. why don’t you join zipani zinazi or form yours other than kusokoneza MCP yathu. titubulanapo apa mukapanga zamasewera. tamupangeni support Chakwera timuchotsepo uyu mumati ndani paja??????uja amati tizidya zitetet.every political party has problems. ngati matumidwa bwanji osangodya dollar zanuzo otherwise don’t destroy the party. its high time John tembo comes in and mediate otherwise mukutisokoneza mitu. kabwila is right here. its high time these issues are sorted out now and then so that we prepare for 2019. masiku akuthangawa.

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