MCP to ensure checks and balances – Kabwila

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has pledged to concentrate on the job of a legitimate opposition in a democracy by ensuring power checks and balances for the benefit of Malawians.

Kabwila with the players .-Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Kabwila with the players .-Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Kabwila with one of the team- Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Kabwila with one of the team- Photo by Alfred Chauwa

MCP spokeswoman Dr Jessie Kabwila said the party will provide firm, fair and honest alternative voice “in the best interests of Malawi.”

Kabwila, who is Member of Parliament for Salima North west, told Nyasa Times  in an interview on the sidelines of her launch of a K2 million football cash bonanza in her constituency on Saturday.

She said MCP is ready for a budget session of parliament and that through its president and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera, it will provide a system of checks and balances that will prevent the abuse of power and promote good governance.

“A legitimate opposition provides constructive criticism rather than destructive mudslinging. MCP will always be constructive,” she said.

The 2015/16 budget sitting, which starts on Tuesday, May 5, will go on until July 3.

The house will also discuss bills carried forward from previous sitting; they include the Reserve Bank of Malawi Amendment Bill, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Bill, Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply Bill, Metrology Bill and the Insolvency Bill.

Speaking about the football tournament in her constituency at Nakaleza Primary School in the area of T/A Makanjira in Salima, said there is talent for the youth and wants to enhance their potential.

Former Central Region Football League official Zacharia Kasakura thanked Kabwira for launching the tournament, saying it will go a long way in nurturing talent.

Present during the launch was T/A Makanjira who commended Kabwila for the initiative.

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15 thoughts on “MCP to ensure checks and balances – Kabwila”

  1. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Kabwila is not beatiful but mcp ikulamulira from 2019

  2. Wodala says:

    Malawi Crocodile Party

  3. mphwache wa bingu says:

    I thought Kabwira will bring something innovative!! She is following the bandwagon of politicians who think that a football trophy is a way of development. Kabwira you are no better than a standard 8 MP

  4. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Bravo Kabwira, keep the fire burning madam.

  5. Peter Mathanyula. says:

    Most people like zidula mtengo are pathetic beings. He has forgotten that DPP under Bingu killed 20 people at a go. Chasowa bwa? So what human rights is he talking about in MCP??? If history reminds us MCP ruled this country during the single party era. But dpp ruling during multiparty and they still went ahead killing people. If dpp had a chance to rule this country during single party era, how many people would have been killed?? To educate you further no Malawi president had the welfare of this country at heart apart from Kamuzu. So when you write try to think because you’ll just expose your dullness.

  6. Lulu Nginde says:

    Our only hope is MCP, UDF is now gone!!!


  7. Maximum Prison says:

    Koma iwe ukuti “Wanzeru” ayi ndithu DPP inadana nayodi akanakhala mwamuna ndikanati munanyengerana mkazi. Zoona DPP sinawinepo chisankho? Kodi bwanji enanu simubera ngati zili choncho? Inu amaganizo opusa ndi amene mumaononga zipani! Kabwira wanena kuti azikapanga positive criticism and put some checks and balances as opposition party! Ndale zanyuwani osati zachikalekale zanuzo!

  8. Antobwito says:

    We look forward to seeing and hearing the Southern region “MCP” as a Party to launch a Trophy like wise. These are the same strategies this Pierre used when he was sponsoring Southern Region football league. Why cant MCP and its President do the same in the broken South???????????????????? Please, my M.C.P do not let us down in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are our Hope and you are our Next Government that puts people at heart!!!!!!! Why Not, You are!!!!

  9. Charombanthu says:

    Why didn’t you have a government official at this function such as Justin Saidi, the PS for Sports or didn’t you invite him/them? Malawians can we forget our political affiliations when it comes to issues like sports and the wellbeing of the common Malawian? A K2 million sponsorship of a sporting activity deserves such recognition from government.

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Am impressed. Probably Jessie is maturing into intelligent politician. She is not emotional.

    First time that she said something objectively and not confrontational.

    Did Chakwera sit you down????

  11. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Am impressed. Probably Jessie is maturing into intelligent politician.

    First time that she said something objectively and not confrontational.

    Did Chakwera sit you down????

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    Bravo Mrs Kabwira it really shows that no one is regret for casting his or her vote to you keep the fire burning 2020 wooooooooooooooooo!

  13. Kenkkk says:

    We want mcp to be constructively criticising the govt all the time, not just when parliament meets or is meeting. A lot Of dpp stupid pronouncements are made when outside parliament time.

  14. wanzeru says:

    Inu a zidula ntengo undigwere ndinu mbuli a chidzeteeee monga mukuyankhulila kukamwa??? Ndinu nokha amene simudziwa kuti palibe chisankho chomwe chipani cha diesel petulo palibe dpp chidawinapo koma kubela basi. A chewa ndi anthu a mtendere kukadakhala kwina dziko lino kukadakhala nkhondo ndiye musamayankhule motumbwa tonse a Malawi timadziwa kuti palibe ankakufunani anthu okupha inu. Pulezidenti wanu bingu kupha anthu 20 tsiku limodzi pa 20 July akuteromo wabisa forex ku state house mulli brothers akuba all government money mzipatala mulibe mankhwala anthu kumangochi ngati ntchetche. Muzak zonse zomwe tukhala palibe pomwe boma linapha anthu ngati ulamulilo wa dpp.

  15. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Good. Apparently Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula has made up her mind to promote herself in her area so that she wins again in 2019; rather than work to enhance MCP stature, nationally.
    She’s a liability to the party, to be sure, outside the Chewa belt, based on her lack of strategy or vision in her pronouncements.
    MCP’s history and an abhorrent record on human rights will haunt that party, even beyond 2019. Even their leader, Mr. Chakwera is aware that the party would just get clobbered in the south, the most populous region. And so why not just continue to hibernate in their backyard, the central region? That’s ok., but this strategy won’t win the big prize, the presidency.

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