MCP urges Malawi govt to declare ‘state of emergency’ over floods

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has urged government to declare “ a state of emergency” following heavy flooding in the southern African country which has killed 48 people and left another 23 000 displaced.

Floods sweep out whole Manyowa village in Nsanje

Floods sweep out whole Manyowa village in Nsanje

Road cut out with floods

Road cut out with floods

Malawi in troubled waters

Malawi in troubled waters

Chakwera:  State of emergency

Chakwera: State of emergency

President Peter Mutharika speaking to reporters o floods disaster.CGovati Nyirenda. Mana

President Peter Mutharika speaking to reporters o floods disaster.CGovati Nyirenda. Mana

Addressing a news conference in the capital Lilongwe on Wednesday, MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera said this will enable government to get funds from other allocations to assist  in the floods disaster.

“It will also enable some people and well wishers to come in  and fully assist the affected people and that government will be able to move them out of their areas to safer places,” Chakwera said.

He then appealed for all Malawians to “stand together” regardless of their political affiliations to help the affected people.

“It’s very unfortunate that some people have lost their lives, yes property can be restored but when one person lose a life, it becomes a sorry state.

“Lets all stand together, handle the situation as a family so that these should pass and everything becomes normal for everyone,” he said.

President Peter Mutharika has since appealed to the international community for assistance for the impoverished country.

“The floods have affected Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe, Zomba, Blantyre, Chiradzulu, Thyolo, Mulanje, Balaka, Machinga, Mangochi, Ntcheu, Salima, Rumphi and Karonga. So far, it is estimated that 13, 999 households have been displaced by the floods and 48 people have lost their lives,” Mutharika told reporters on Tuesday.

He declared the affected areas as “disaster zone.”

He added that the floods have also damaged a lot of hectares of crops, washed away livestock and damaged infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Officials were unable to visit the affected areas due to continuing poor weather.

Mutharika said tents and food are urgently required, adding:  “Rescue operations are also a priority. Donations in cash or any kind should be sent to the Secretary and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs, Private Bag 336, Lilongwe 3, Malawi.”

Speaking at the same briefing, Vice President Saulos Chilima said the Department of Disaster Management which is also in his office is currently setting up a call center that will be informing the media and the nation on the latest developments.

“A phone number will be given to the public, anyone seeking information can call and fact based information will be made available. We will also be organizing press conferences on daily basis to keep the media updated,” said Chilima.

Chilima further appealed to the public not to take advantage of the situation saying, donations should go directly to people that have been affected by the floods.

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65 thoughts on “MCP urges Malawi govt to declare ‘state of emergency’ over floods”

  1. chidempete says:

    Mukati MCP ndiye kuti chiyani? Zachamba eti.

  2. luis sakala says:

    We have to do something to solve the matter fast

    1. we have to do something our salf dont wauting for donetion plz

  3. mgebegebe says:

    mcp yathandiza chani pazimenezi, boma lathandiza 500 million, nanga pp udf athandizako chani. abusa

  4. Katundumadzi says:

    Is Chakwera a man of God? if he z y did he quit de wok of God and tak de need of being de president of dis country? Its so pathetic 2 c smebdy quitng de wok of God bcz zinazi mzapansi pompano izi. And by de way, u ppo do u rely knw Chakwera?

    1. Rambos says:

      Chakwera is aleader of opposition. All humans r sinners, nobody is perfect.

  5. Fact says:

    When a crisis occurs in a country, most political affiliates want to rise above the scene. I wonder where this compassionate man was when his salary was being raised excessively to deny it on the basis of the poor Malawians (most of whom are affected by the floods. Fact is, he is just another politician. The best thing would be to patiently bear and support the leader of this country without any hidden political agenda.

  6. So many countries have ever declared a state of emergency because of natural disasters.

  7. Jesus reigns says:

    Chakwera being a man of God, minds the affairs of ppl, because the heart of God is always to the ppl. While these other leaders their hearts are on money, how they can get rich at the cost of poor Malawians.

  8. mukhitho says:

    Wazeru amaoneka zinthu zikavuta

  9. Mimil says:

    He is the Leader of Opposition. His staement tells me this man knows his job description. The man has travelled and knows how politics in the first World is done. Its only that the majority of us here tinazolowela kuti President ndiye azinena zinthu. Chakwera keep building ur cv and scoring points so long u apply wisdom. Kumathamanga zinthu ngati izi zikachitika. Please Ma advisers a pule dont sleep on the job. Ma points kumagawana. Show Chaks kuti nanu u are up for the job. Game on Pyoooooooooooooooiii!!

  10. macdonanald lonjani says:

    chakwera amakonda anthu osati mwano pamalanginzo anthu akumvutika kumidzi

  11. Mccarthy says:

    Man you’re very Foolish, why always against Chakwera!!

  12. jupiter says:

    ma comment enawa,,,palinso ndale apa?…..

    1. mmihavani says:

      A Chakwera munalephera kutukula mpingo wanu wa Assemblies ndiye mungathe kuyendetsa dziko inu. Vomerezani kuti what you know is theology

  13. opportunist says:

    Chakwera ndi deal

  14. mmmmh!koma ku Malawi!!!Opposition imeneyo,wanting to get votes from people pa natural disaster!Limbikirani tizakusankhani a Chakwera in 2019 if Im not mistaken!

  15. Nanchunjule says:

    Ngati tiri ndi zitsilu chimodzi mwa izo ndi No41,akuti chipoya l j. Chakwela ndi odziwa komanso wochangamuka kapena nditi woyangwayangwa kuposa mbuyakoyo,Malawi Ali pa ngozi ndipo akufunika thandizo lansanga-nsanga ndie Chakwela kunena choncho chalakwika ndi Chani? Ndipo momwe wayankhula Chakwela Maiko ndi mabungwe atinvela chisoni kusiyana ndi pitala wakoyo mbuzi ya munthu. Anakuuza kuti abusa sangatumikile anthu ngati andale ndi ndani? Tili ndi zitsanzo zambiri m’baibulo,kumaiko a kunja komanso konkuno kwathu,John Chilembwe bwanji? Mwinanso abusa akhoza kuyendetsa bwino dziko kuposa,ma lawyer Ena,ma medical dr Ena,oimba Ena,ma engineer Ena ndi Ena omwe adzadza mu ndalemu. Malawi wakhala za 50 akudzilamulila koma chitukuko chinaoneka nthawi ya Kamuzu basi enawa kunali kumangoba ndalama za anthu osauka.

  16. Malawiana says:

    Chakwera is so obsessed with press conferences to the extent of communicating the bygones. He should learn to visit the sites and interact with people to garner acceptance than wasting time showcasing the borrowed accent to the media. This is what cost him the elections because he spent more time on press conferences than actual campaigning on the ground.

  17. Maggie Lucius says:

    Nkhani ndi ya kuti O Chakwera is still in denial. He wants to be seen to be ruling this country behind the curtains. Bambo omvetsa chisoni. He who rejected Jehovah for worldly things.

  18. President adzimva malangizo a anthu ndipo ngati ndi othandiza agwiritse ntchito. Ndati ndikumbutse pano kuti panthawi ya mastrike APM anangotseka pakamwa koma kunali malangizo. Asacedwe kapena kunyozera malangizowa cifukwa ngotetedza miyoyo ya wanthu

  19. Citizen 'O' says:

    Tread carefully on state of emergency; in such a scenario money and other resources can be easily diverted for self-enrichment purposes. In the end it will be the same Chakwera crying foul that resources have been misused. Let’s speak and behave as if we know how malawians think and behave. Some will emerge millionares out of these disasters if they are not properly handled.

  20. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Can someone school him on the definition and meaning of State of Emergency and Disaster zone. Maybe am somehow ignorant on these two terms.

    Why the whole of the so called MCP president reduce himself to such low. Why is he trying to buy public sympathy and attention in this cheap way?

    We all heard from the State President himself yesterday not from a coward who hides in Sheep skin yet he is a hyena. My holy Bible tells me that “Muyambe mwathanga ufumu wake then nkumafuna zinazo za dziko lapansi. He left mawu a Mulungu ndikupita ku ndale zomwe ndi za mdziko.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mccarthy says:

      Man ndinu Foolish

  21. agora says:

    Wikipedia Defines for us the Term ‘State of Emergency’ and when it is applicable. Some Instances are when there is NATURAL or HUMAN-MADE DISASTERS (Like the one we have at hand), Civil Unrest, or following declaration of war e.t.c It allows for suspension of some functions of Government to allow flexibility in response.

  22. agora says:

    Wikipedia Defines for us the Term ‘State of Emergency’ and when it is applicable. One scenario is when there is NATURAL or HUMAN-MADE DISASTERS (Like the one we have at hand, Civil Unrest, or following declaration of war e.t.c It allows for suspension of some functions of Government to allow flexibility in response.

  23. Wozinyanyala says:

    Chithandizo chikabwera atenganso Peter ndi mkazi wake kukapatsa milhakho ndi Beam…..

    1. Mukamakomenta muziganiza don’t speak foolish things.

  24. Alungwana says:

    Together we can! Nothing for us without us.

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed. For 50 good years since Malawi got independent yet is not prepared to handle any disaster situation. For 50 good years Malawians still die because of floods. I can’t understand because every year the country experience floods. So boma sili napeze njira yothana ndi mabvuto amenewa mpaka pano? Kuyambira nthawi ya Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu, JB, pano Peter, nkhani yake ndiyokha yokha state of emergency because of floods. Ndi boma lamtundu wanji limadikira wina akataya moyo wake ndipamene azilankhulapo kanthu? Ndalama zapita kuti pa zaka 50 zapitazi. All leaders must be ashamed, as from MCP, UDF, DPP, PP,now DPP again. You leaders you don’t help. And think twice. Asking assistance from somewhere? You are joking? Where is the money for the past 50 years. MCP, UDF,DPP,PP,now DPP must be ashamed when you go to the street today. 48 people have lost their lives because of corrupt leaders we had for the past 50 years.

  26. lilian says:

    Who is PA for Chakwera?if around he is not assisting him.Chakwera takes time to react issues and usually does not research.u declare a state of disaster not emergency in calamities like these.wish kuchitisa manyazi

    1. Kagona says:

      Lilian research first before criticizing people natural disasters also demand a state of emergency declaration.

  27. Vyachalo says:

    We ask those who raised funds for Beam to refund NACGATE that this is time to get together to assist our relatives and friends. Malawian it is our duty to help. Please!please! forget of triblelism,regionelism or ALKHA ALOMWEs country.

  28. Mngoni says:

    Bravo Chakwera, that’s what Malawi needs for Opposition mainly Leader of Opposition, giving proper guidance and direction to the Sitting Government at times like this.

  29. Bwampini mulungu wakwiya nawe,,,,

  30. senzo Andrew says:

    tiyembekezele chani kuboma?

  31. GRM says:

    These terminologies? There is no time in the life of mother Malawi a State of Emergency was applied to disasters. The only State of Emergency was applied by ATSAMUNDA as they fight Kamuzu. The president has declared it a state of disaster and that is enough. After all never in the life of MCP rule was a state of emergency later alone state of disaster was applied. Its only Muluzi who applied a state of disaster in 1997 floods and he flew with TVM to the lower Shire immediately which is lacking in this current President.

  32. Nkhombokombo says:

    United we stand divided we fall. We are already desparate so “HELP” us God.

  33. elder sage2 says:

    Dull politicians. Lazy media. State of Emergency is for political and security crises. It is where even movement of people is limited by the state. President Mutharika is right for once.

    What the opposition and our media should be talking about is declare Malawi as a “National Disaster” State

  34. Kanyimbi says:

    Komanso Chakwera ndi oseketsa eti? Pulezident walankhula kale ndiye amafuna ayankhule kuti chiyani?

  35. nyapala says:

    Unali kuti all ths tym! Awaaaaaa

  36. Natalia says:

    Kodi a Chakwera mukumakhala muli kuti? Nthawi zonse mukumabwera pambuyo zinthu zutatha. Are you leading by following? Peter has already declared statem of emergency nde inu mukuti Boma lipange declare/. Muziwerengakonso Nyasatimes yi imathandiza pena

  37. Nyapapi says:

    Tsopano akapanga declare state of emergency Ndiye mvula isiya?

  38. chuwa chimo says:

    mmmmm, i dont think it has reached the extent of declaring state of emergency….

  39. jones says:

    Mr chakwera nthawi yanu sinafike osachita kumuuzira muntharika

  40. Concerned Malawian. says:

    Mwachedwa abusa!

  41. Clement says:

    ndikudabwa naye chakwelayu,one president one voice, walakhula kale nzako
    Ambuye atothoze wonse wolila ndikudalitsa wonse wonutika panyengo yimene yatigwela dzikolino.
    tiyeni a Malawi akufuna kwabwino tithandizeko abale athu amene akusowekela chithandizo chathu,tisangodalila azungu
    kapena mayiko ena

  42. Mabwana alemere tsopano

  43. MSENA says:


  44. Bololo says:

    Kani ena amafuna Chakwera ayankhule ma floods asanachitike about state of emergency. Tikamati kukhuta ndiye kumeneko… This is a sad story. As the spirit of oneness is being shown by our leaders; Muthalika, Chakwera, CHilima and many others, lets just join hands and leave aside politics.

  45. Ngungudya says:

    Wanzeru ndiwe ukuti Chawera za mbuyo mwalendowe, all can not start or say together provided its having sense

  46. johnny says:

    Please please we need action not press conference.

  47. Yembe Matondolo says:

    Tidziti mwanena ndinu a Chakwera.Any sound president could have declared it as such.Bwererani kwa mulungu za dziko lapansi izi simukafika kutali.What a bad choice you made.Kusiya kutumikila mulungu mkutsata za ziii.Beleive you me u president wanu udzakhala wa chipani womwewo basi!!!!!!

  48. Mkwaso says:

    This Chakwera guy is too slow to react, I guess he is always not sure of which stand to take. The President addressed the nation on the same last night and what is he trying to say now? May be because MCP is not present in the affected areas so he got the info very late? Sometimes its better to keep quite than confirm your ignorance on issues. Chakwera is not a leader but a follower.

  49. APM says:

    This is my the name of vulnerable people I will be Pilling some cash from outside.i will be more than richer.

  50. kunyada says:

    Nanu inu a President a MCP,,u mean govt wl not get funds from other sources if it doeznt declare a state of emergency??…Peter has declared thoz areas disaster areaz..n NGOz and others Organisations have started helpn the victims..ndye inu mukut ‘State of Emergency’!!..dont bring us confusion Mr MCP

  51. NYANJWERA says:


  52. misiche says:

    This is what we requested from God.

  53. God Hear Me says:

    Chakwera does not know what a state of emergency means.

    It involves DEROGATION and LIMITATION of HUMAN RIGHTS. its not only about getting aid. Read the International convention on civil and political rights [1966] and the international convention on economic, social and cultural rights [1966] and universal declaration on human rights of 1948. which Malawi ratified in 1993 or there about.
    You should also read the international disaster regulation hand book of IFRC 2007

    What the president has done is right please Dr Chakwera do not just make noise.

    Now it is time for all those who were making noise for demonstration to come in the open and tell us how they are going to assist solving the problems we are facing.
    I hope all of us Tumbukaz we are ready otherwise we are in trouble if we fail to assist because we made a lot of noise for the past few days.

  54. kingston says:

    Chakwera kodi boma limalengeza iwo unali kudambwe?

  55. iyawm says:

    why is Chakwera a diagraceful leader? is he updated on what happens in Malawi or amakhala kuti mind yake ili ku USA? izi sizinachitika dzulo izi? shame

  56. Konvict Adams says:

    rest in peace mum malawi

  57. cnkhuto says:

    Chakwera acting retrospectively. Zambuyo mwa alendo.

    1. mthako wa alhomwe says:

      how?? state of emergency and zone of disaster are same? dunderhead..

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