MCP wants to disturb Mutharika – State House

State House is accusing main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of working out of frustration to disturb President Peter Mutharika from governing the nation.

Viola:  MCP should focus on resolving their leadership struggle

Viola: MCP should focus on resolving their leadership struggle

Mutharika’s press officer Gerald Viola said MCP just wants to disturb Mutharika for political reasons.

Viola made the comments in reaction to MCP demand to government to release the list of people who accompanied the President and the names of organisations that sponsored them within five days.

The Presidential spokesman described MCP’s demand as “laughable”, saying the party “is just doing this out of frustration. “

Viola noted that MCP always says DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] rigged the vote “hence no wonder they always criticise Mutharika’s government even when it does nothing wrong.”

The Presidential spokesman said instead of “disturbing Mutharika’s leadership”, MCP should solve what he called its internal leadership crisis “as three people are eying for the presidency.”

Viola said the five-day ultimatum is uncalled for and that Mutharika government is not shaken and will continue concentrating on important issues that can develop the country and its citizenry.

MCP criticised Mutharika regarding his two-week trip to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, USA.

But Malawi government argues that the trip was worthwhile and Mutharika attended close to 40 other engagements both on bilateral and multilateral platforms.

Prominent among his many engagements was hosting the High Level Event on Higher Education which is coincidentally a strategy for delivering the SDGs. As one of the six eminent and accomplished scholars who make up the Higher Education Champions, Mutharika reiterated the importance of higher education, and its potential to transform Malawi in particular and Africa in general.

The hectic schedule in New York involved long working days and nights of engaging key stakeholders in line with Malawi’s developmental goals.

From education, health, youth and women empowerment and agriculture to mining, rule of law and social programmes among other thematic areas, the President kept abreast his promise of improving the livelihoods of his citizens. He spoke to these stakeholders with full realization of home-grown solutions in a global context.

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Prime Minister Erna Solberg, of the Kingdom of Norway, His Excellency Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete and many others are some heads of state who paid courtesy call to the Malawi leader to discuss crucial issues.

In addition Mutharika met top officials from Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) where they corporately discussed the progress of the Millennium Challenge Account – Malawi, an MCC-funded project that aims at facilitating economic growth through the energy sector.

In between the high level meetings, the President found time to sell Malawi as an investment destination through meetings with potential investors who already have seen the bankable projects compendium that was put together by the Malawi Trade Investment Centre (MITC).

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87 thoughts on “MCP wants to disturb Mutharika – State House”

  1. Mashamase says:

    Muzamuchimbila wadada Viola nyadanipo sono

  2. Jarsn Phiko says:

    Viola, do you see how the inner faces of people are looking at you? Were you born from human flesh? Did you grow up here in this country, were your parents so rich for you not to experience a little bit of hardship? Have you never been to the villages and noted how God’s creation is suffering? Is your mental circus right to have an average sense of human heart? Are you not aware how Bingu died and you think God can not do it again on this your idiot you call APM? Are you all not seeing the writtng on the wall. Ufumu umatha, ndipo ukutha, ife tikusalilani mdzina la Ambuye Yesu, if you do not apologise to the nation for your satanic actions. This is not normal and MCP or No MCP, what your president is doing is nonsense and stupid, for not only a leader, but an elderly person like him. MALAWI IS VERY ANGRY WITH THIS SENSILESS MAN. Mutiphaso posachedwapa chifukwa sitikulekelerani kuti muzitidoda chomwechi ngati mpira. Munabera chisankho kuti muzitizuza ngati mudatilenga ndinu chifukwa chiyani? ‘Rabbish’

  3. Jarsn Phiko says:

    Ndarama zikayankhula, chilungamo chimakhala chete. Tikuona kuti omwe akudya naye Mutharika sanganene zoona. A Mabvuto Bamusi adali munthu ali kunja kuno lero asandulika kukhala timba. A Viola amalimbana ndi nkhani ngati zomwezi ali ku wayilesi, potsutsa JB, lero akuyimbila mmanja ziwanda.

    Ambuye akukuwonani, iye ndiwachilungamo, sanyengeka, amaweruza mwachilungamo. Zimene mukutichitila anthufe mudzayankha pamaso pa Mulungu. Zikadatheka kuti tizikakuonani mukukukuta mano ku gehena bwezi ife tatakondwa koposa kuti mbava zaweluzidwa. Pempho, mabwana tiganizileni ife anthu wamba, a kafucheche, mphevu mdyera ku mthiko, Agaru, masaka, makasu, madzi anvula.

    A Pulezident, ngakhale musamapite ku misonkhano yonse mwatchula ija, ife sitidandaula ai, ndipo tikuyamikilani kuti mukuganiza. Mwayika misonkho, malipilo a sukulu osiyana-siyana, mukuti mufuna kuti boma lizikhala ndi ndalama, kodi ndalamazo muzizidya nokha ndi akazi anu, ndi anthu a DPP, pamene misonkho tikupwetekeka nayo tonse? Inuyo bwana yambani kukhoma msonkho nanunso, muzigula zakudya, muzilipila magetsi ndi madzi, muzigula mafuta a galimoto, muone kuwawa kumene tikukubva anthufe. Kodi Gaddafi adakwanitsa bwanji kumapatsa anthu ma alawansi osiyanasiyana? Adakwanitsa bwanji kupereka magetsi aulere, ndi zina zotero. MCP is right, why are you hiding the list. Imigiration department please come in the open and let us know who went with the President. This is devilish in its entirety.

  4. najere says:

    chewa wa MCP zipatse discipline.unagwa kale ndiye utagwa ukufuna udzuke nkudzitsatsa mopanda nzeru.chooooka

  5. George says:

    Mavuto onsewa akubwera chifukwa cha Maxon Mbendera tamufusani kuti amkalira chiyani nthawi yomwe amatulutsa dzina la Munthu wamatamayu??????

  6. Vowola Mutole says:

    Lifted off the wall of Malawi Gossip News Enjoy:

    Malawi Breaking News and Gossip
    25 September at 07:37 ·


    FUNSO NUMBER 1 (CNN REPORTER): President Mutharika, manultrition and child mortality are some of the big challenges your country faces despite doing well in the Millenium Development Goals, what strategies has your Govt put in place to ensure to address these problems?

    President Mutharika: Yeah thats right. These r big problems indeed. My Govt is putting measures in place to attract capital into the country. The capital will create jobs

    FUNSO 2 (ABC): Mr. President, what sector has your Government prioritized to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Yanko la APM: Malawi has many infrastructure challenges. my Govt is constructing several roads like Jenda Edingeni, Bangula Thekerani to ease mobility.

    Hehehe a President athu koma

    Koma Mutharika Pulezidenti wonjoyeka bwanji, ndipo timuseka sanati – mpakana 2019 wooo!

  7. God is watching you, if He wishes, mukhoza kupezeka muli kunja kwa dziko lino before 2019 nkumalephera kubwera kuno ku Malawi, dzikotu limanunkha ili. Watch out!!

  8. Mlomwe says:


  9. Thom Chunga says:

    Just have the names published in any of the dailies or weekend papers for transparency sake. Thereafter apologise to the entire nation, thus ,to humble yourself.

  10. Kenkkk says:

    I can see from the discussions here that some of the dpp die hards are trying to shield Peter. They use languages like ‘ tell the president the truth, don’t mislead the president, you tell the president what you think he wants to hear’ you tell the president only good things’ etc. This is all bullshit. Peter knew everything from start including the large entourage and the hiring of the big jet. He was never misled by anyone. His judgement is just too poor for a president. Please change Peter, my free advice.

    As for Viola outbursts against mcp, ooh my God. Inferiority complex in dpp creeping in? When we say dpp are thugs, there is all the proof.

    A simple request by all patriotic Malawians is turned into something big by stupid dpp thugs even in this modern age of technology when the requested information could have been produced in less than 60 minutes.

  11. Faith says:

    Viola nazikambe anati kutsogolo kwa bwino kumbuyonso kwabwino
    zowona atolankhani onse aja kungopereka mafunso atatu wokha
    please let them air out what they have. Ngati munatopa wosapanga tsiku lomwe mudzakhale mutapuma bwanji? sindinadabwe powona ntolankhani akuwumirira mikophoni komanso kumati gender onse aja anali ndi mafunso womwe mukanamva zambiri. omwe akuzugulirani sangakuwuzeni zoona chomwe akudziwa ndikuteteza udindo womwe mwawapatsa. Viola dziwani kuti inunso munalinawo limodzi atolankhaniwo ndizowawa kubwerera ndi mafunso womwe watenga nthawi kukodzekera. Komanso ambirife timayikonda press conference Chonde musamayithawe. Timafuna yapompopompo wosati kumakalipa sibwino.

  12. kenzo says:

    yohhh this viola man how will it take you to open your eyes???
    God help us please.

  13. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Munthu akabibidwa ngati amaloza mnzake kuti wamubibila? Musanamizire MCP apa, mwayipitsa zinthu nokha malume…. Leave MCP and Chakwera alone… Paja chipako chikamukhalira munthu timayimba nyimbotu..

    Chamuny****a chipako …………….

  14. time wasters says:

    Did i hear the autjor writing,mutharika attended some meeting about high education promotion? And back home he uses quota district of origin in selecting students to sec and university,bans JCE exams,what the fuck is that? Plz am so sick of these foolish educational policies,how the hell can you improve education with these stupid policies? You can attend a millions UNGA meetings on improving education,but as long as you cling to these stupid educational policies back home,forget it.

  15. Patrick Phiri says:

    We all know that MCP is totally confused. Nothing good can come from them.

  16. Nachanza says:

    People want to know who funded the 100 plus DPP government took to the United States. If you have nothing to hide this information will be made available without any hassle
    Publish the names and the financiers and the story will end there.if this is not done be prepared for more probes. Its not witchhunting
    By the way I do not belong to any political party. It is the truth I want period

  17. Impeachment Agent says:

    Who is this pig head Viola? I can see that he is a liar who should be employed as a cleaner not press officer!
    Look no Head of State other then that of a neighbouring state, would be calling on to Mutharika in New York, It would be the pig head senior Mutharika that would be calling on them .
    Now this nonsense about foreign investors has also to STOP. Mutharika has been to USA at least 3 times after rigging the elections and anointing himself as President, each time he said that met investors who he said were queuing up to invest in Malawi, but we Malawians have not seen one investment materialise not one!
    Mutharika is self anointed President he carried out a coup by rigging and only strong determination by MCP will bring Mutharika’s lies and dictatorial rule to an end.
    I say IMPEACH the buffoon MUTHARIKA, IMPEACH him.

  18. Viola says:

    Apologies to all Malawians.

    The list of the people who were on UNGA is being compiled and will be released to the press very shortly. The list will include the list on chartered get and those on normal flight.

    Sorry Malawians for the delay!

    We love you all! God Bless Malawi.

    Press Officer
    G. Viola.

  19. Optic Computer says:

    When I hear of mulonda at G4S drilling the Katsongas and Mullis how to get rich then other Africans will take Pitala seriously. Everyone knows we are the poorest in the region, even Kikwete knows. And he knows that Olira pamaliro samuletsa, koma kumutonthoza by attending his lectures.

  20. Telling the Truth says:

    This is why the 2015/16 budget has gone off track within the 1st quarter because Peter Mutharika is spending recklessly by hiring jets and taking bloated entourages to UN. If Peter Mutharika is not spending carelessly then may be his government is not collecting adequate revenue. Is it wages? No it cannot be wages because these are known in advance. So the painful truth is that Peter Mutharika is failing. Bvuto la cashgate amalidziwa kale. He said he has solutions. Are they not working? Nthawi imene amatenga boma ma donors anali ataleka kale kupeleka budgetary support. Did Peter Mutharika think that donors would resume budgetary support after he won? The answer is no. DPP has a terrible record up to April 2012. And the K92bn or K577bn which his government is not probing. Donors want to know how Bingu wa Mutharika accumulated K61bn in just 8years.

  21. Man of God says:

    If there isn’t anything wrong then just produce the list being asked about. What are you hiding? Ma herb eti?

  22. ulanda says:

    Gerald Viola will soon start a War between all Media houses and DPP and Goverment one Day. Why Cant he Zip his Mouth instead of boring us with his stupi rhetoric,

    Whay He- Viola should know is that whatever he says you will not that Journalists will stop covering Goverment functions as a resultPeople will start Speculating and we dont Want another Cardiac arrest to occur at state house just because some fool of a Press officer will provoke the Tension.

    Please Spare us all that as we are already facing alot of problems because of your stupid Goverment

  23. Osasewera Pano says:

    Apatu zavuta a Viola. A simple request is turned political. Why? You should just respond and ensure that you have given the list of those that went and their sponsoring organisations. This is not being asked for by MCP alone but by the Malawians. Don’t you understand?

  24. yuona says:

    This Viola man is another useless spokesperson this country has ever had. Pali nkhani zina pamafunika kungokhala ngati simunazimve chifukwa sizimatheka kuzibakira kwake. Ubwere pa Kawale ndidzakugulire green mutatu mwina uyambanso kuganiza bwino.

  25. che msumbo in rsa says:

    Iwedi nde ndi vowoladi u are buzy protecting a rat pa nkongopako iwe vowola pitala wapanga chanikudziko la malawi he must b removed and pipo can vote again minus pita pamitombopanu nonse kuyambila pita and all dpp for 1month

  26. Tengupenya says:

    zalowa chibwana. address issues of national concern, without unnecessary diversion to other issues such as inter-party and intra-party shenanigans.

  27. malawi says:

    Kod list mesa atolankhani alinayo?? atolankhaniwo osalemba okha bwa?? MCP yapenga, ili bizy ndi camphaign ya 2019. If MCP has solutions, why employing those solutions now??? are they verbal solutions or practical, r u (MCP) just dreaming or u r doing this for the sake of oppossing. In Malawi ife ma ordinary citizens tizakhalabe ozinzika chonchi bcoz of our opposition parties, media, civil society and government reclesness on the conduct of other officers within the government who are sabbotaging processing of important issues to fell this government, so the government is just watching, kaya zanu izo. sinanene munthu ine pano.

  28. Jabulosi says:

    Do we really have intelligent people at State House to run affairs of this Nation????? The State house seems filled with Madeya!!!!! Is this nation in safe hands?????

  29. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Again lies from Mutharika, he claims world leaders paid courtesy calls on Mutharika, but the fact is that he Mutharika paid courtesy calls on those leaders. There is no shame in this but why try and show that your importance Mutharika, when world leaders see you and think to themselves, ”so this is President Muthartika whose brother stole $91 million from poor tax payers money” Idiotic Mutharika as I say an over grown BAFFOON.

  30. Aphade says:

    Akuti ng`ombe yayimuna ikukanika kududa ngolo bolaso yayikazi ija imkayeserako kududa.A Voola muuzeni minthu zoona kuti sizikuyenda,tikulira mokweza.

  31. joseph ngaiyaye says:

    A viola nkhani ndiyoti mupeleke nambala ya anthu amene anapita aku UNGA

  32. Che Katundu says:

    A Viola if all is good wth u ,us suppoters fr DPP we are cryng fr amistake we did

  33. Press Freedom says:

    Viola munthu wa uve wopanda nzeru. Akuyankhulila kopambukila!

  34. Denguzman says:

    Mr. Viola, nkhani ndi the list of pipo who accompanied the Pres and the names of organisations that sponsored them. Koma inu mukukanena za MCP. Viola, avoid misleading the Pres and mukamaona Amalawi panopa si Amalawi aja Muluzi ankawanamiza kumazungulira ndi ma lorry a chimanga uku anthu akufa ndi njala koma Amalawi panopa democracy yinalowa mumagazi moti salora kuti wina apitilize kuwanamiza so watch ur mouth Mr. Viyola.

  35. Utawasala says:

    You will blame other on your failure. Viola do you know that Malawi rack honest leaders? Malawi has crook politicians and supporters just follow for the sake is a man from home. Even yourself you write just to please whom you are supporting but you know the truth. Leaders should lead by example not just by lip. My advice to the president is listen to the opposition not to the people who are supporting you. Take criticizims positively they are stepping stones to your higher level. Don’t listen to the people around you because they just want to please you. Zodiak is a radio that is an eye open to you and to Malawians as a whole, MBC is behind time and it is their to please you but it is not giving the true information on the ground.

  36. Kanyimbi says:

    Please DPP just counter attack.

  37. cole j says:

    Come on Mr press office enough of suger coalted lies where Malawians are deprived of intergral leadership with humility prior to that much is given and much is required of you.

  38. George Kamanga says:

    Kulira kwa a Malawi ovutika ndi kuponderezedwa kusatsula msasa wa APM ndi tiagalu tomwe akuweta mu DPP.
    Mbendera, Kenyatta Nyirenda ndi iwe Saulosi Chilima muwona zosawona. The security you have is nothing. Ask bingu he had foreign hired guards but he died like a rat before a cat caught him.

  39. JB says:

    Where did you find this excuse of a man from. Your party is already confused it doesnt need aby outside forces . Galu wa munthu Viola mxiii

  40. zansete says:

    Komadi ndie Vowola amangonva kuti kuikila kumbuyo president eti? I think the MCP has a lot of job to do not disturbing the already disturbed,deluded idiot Muthalika. Am not MCP but I think MCP has better and good job to do than what VOWOLA is telling APM.

  41. Stupid viola, Stupid Ibu.

  42. drakes says:

    The problem with MCP is the inclusion of TA Kabudula on the entourage. They really feel bad about it because they think Peter has decampaigned their Party and they want to humiliate the Chief for not being Nga, Nga,Nga, ku Chipani cha ku ph a. Leave the Chief alone and the President has the liberty to use his own resources to introduce our Local leaders to international gatherings as Kamuzu used to take plane loads of Mbumba and Chiefs. Dont misled the CSO’S you are after TA Kabudula.

  43. Achikulire says:

    The problem with malawians is we just complain (ng’wee ng’weeng’wee) without action. This is the time to rise against this stupid leadership once more . This man should go any which way like the brother!!! This is not what we fought for during kamuzu’s time we want peace, unity, accountability, transparency, economic growth, development, affordable basic necessities, etc……
    These things and many more can we only attain them if we fight for them not by just making noise on these kind of forums.
    I mean lets rise up as malawians and fight for our right to everything that is due unto us, only then can/will we be happy.
    These people have been abroad for most of their lives and they don’t know how we are suffering in the villages that’s why they don’t care on what to prioritize in their spending they’re partying everyday they have forgotten their bosses!!


  44. Katakwe says:

    This guy is very unprofessional and incompetent to be a Press Officer. He needs to learn to differentiate being a “Presidential spokesperson” and a “Party Spokesperson”. The State House will realize too late when this guy has left a lot of shit everywhere. It is time to show him an early exit!

  45. Martin says:

    VIOLA, PITALA, DPP ndi masapota anu onse ndinu zitsiru, anthu opanda chisoni,oipa, opanda chilungamo. Tell me, how many times your stupid president has been going around the world spending millions to attend meetings that he always claim to be successful but nothing comes out? We don’t have a problem you stupid bustards, sons and daughters of prostitutes going out there wasting money when at least every citizen of this stupid country can afford a decent meal. Instead of saying sorry, you are now sitting or standing there talking shit and dirty while people are dying in hospitals due to lack of the very same resources your stupid president is wasting. Are you human beings or not? Have you ever been in a situation whereby you hopelessly lying in the cold without a blanket, hungry, thirsty waiting for the father to bring something to eat and there he comes drunk used the last money that was ever left in the house? A good father is the one who go on an empty stomach and save the little on hand for his children. But sometimes I don’t blame this cruel father but the children,Malawians. These children have got no vision nor flash-back may be they deserve the punishment. It’s only 3 years ago when this very same dpp ran this family-or is it country aground,no forex, no fuel, no basic commodities then another woman came and start a visible breastfeeding life back into these children within a few months and I don’t know how did she do that. All of a sudden the children decided to bring back the cruel father and I hope we’re not heading down that road again.

  46. MAIDYAIDYA says:

    What are some of the objectives for the criticism?Please let us try to be objective when critising and analyse first.

  47. Ngongoliwa says:

    Zimene zikuchitikazi ndichiyambi cha mabvuto kumbali ya DPP. Boma likayamba ukali, kunyoza komanso bodza mapeto ake a mangokhalilira kutsutsa china chilichonse. Ndizomvetsa chisoni bamboo Viola akuoneka kuti anthu a ukire Zodiak chifukwa chonena chilungamo, anthu tikudziwa zoona zokhazokha. Mwaiwala kuti DPP siinalengeze za imfa ya Bingu munabisa, ndi zodiac yomwe inadziwitsa a Malawi za imfayi. Ndiye lero mukuti a manarela ngati mpira atafa pulezidenti wanu? Be sensitive, you have no president of your own. Any president elected is for everyone in this country. Tsankho komweko, musatikwiitse a Viola!!!!!!!!! What did you mean when you said atafa president wathu?

  48. martinkaos3 says:

    2019 azabereso.

  49. jedida says:

    DPP is already a disturbed party Viola

  50. Bwande says:

    blaming someone for your own failures and mistakes is a weakness on it’s own. It’s not MCP making these horrible insensitive mistakes. MCP is just asking for proof of what APM said in the conference. It is APM who said that people were funded by some NGOs. MCP is just trying to verify on behalf of many other like me with many reservations. Nothing wrong. Get a life Mr Viola. It’s high time you get a little professional in your job as a pressman

  51. Omex70 says:

    Viola is one of the most stupid people who are working with the president. He doesn’t engage his brain before opening his stupid mouth to utter his rubbish. We want a list of delegates to be released nothing less. #6 ‘Ineyo’ you are also one of the bad apples in the basket.

  52. kk says:

    Viola u r a fool…..u mean wasting our tax money 4 ur USA shoping is not wrong

  53. Charombanthu says:

    Mr Viola, you are missing the point. It is not MCP who raised this point but our ever-sharp press and they are doing quite a good job. The press, including Nyasa Times, revealed that the president had carried with him “the whole village” to the UNGA, just to remind you and all that Malawians want is the detail of that list including the funders. The list does not have to be produced by the president himself, but people like you Mr Viola. People like Mr Viola are the ones who mislead the president because you want the president to hear good news only and not bad news. Inform our leader from a balanced view not just because you are protecting your job. Be objective and tell the president and the nation the truth. I am not MCP but you are missing the point on this one bwana Viola.

  54. Fred Kambuku says:

    Please government advisers learn to admit when things go long.with this you can’t loose anything but rather correct things in there place.allogance is not a solution towards a problem but an addition of other problems to the little problems you have. admission and correction of the problem found. MR VIOLA if you want your party to make it come 2019 take my advice.

  55. Happy Eduardo says:

    Good reporting by Nyasa Times. That is fair and objective reporting.

  56. Bololo says:

    Munthu akamafa amayambadi ndi kugontha mkhutu. DPP you are dying everyone is feeling it. The success you were riding on (from Bingu) is not enough to keep you alive today. Malawians are fed up with poverty and their patience is running thin especially when they see that other countries are progressing well and those stack behind have war as their big setback. Surely, they don’t expect much from your government but they want your focus, prudence, and showing of understanding to pertinent issues affecting Malawians. As long as you are using their money (tax), they need you to work for them and serve their interest.

  57. Malawi 1 says:

    Viola’s brains are located in his genitals for sure. Trying his level best to mark a penalty. Its not an MCP issue its a matter of National interest u ugly face. Help ur robot all the way to his grave!!

  58. Mr Dowa says:

    Kikikkkkkk Viola unatha iwe unali wa nzeru mmene amakusankha kuti ukhale pamenepo pano watsala mabodza okhaokha mmutumo kikkkkkkkk eish

  59. Tubale says:

    Mr. Viola how many people did Minister Patricia Kaliati take with to the UNGA. She carried a lot of relations and friends who had nothing to do with UNGA except that they used taxpayers resources. The tickets the friends and relations of Kaliati used through Ministry of Gender have not paid for. We know the travel agency from which the tickets were procured and we have a list of all those whose tickets were bought from this agent including outstanding payment for the 2014 UNGA. So you Viola despite your academic disability you should know that DPP administration is an enemy of itself. The President doesn’t know what some of his ministers are doing. Kaliati being a typical example who sponsored so many of friends and relations using Ministry of Gender funds.

  60. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Surely this is not a concern to MCP only. This concerns all Malawians . Please do not point
    accusing fingers at MCP. Things are not going well in this country. And remember hungry people are angly people. Be careful with what you say.

  61. chimwemwe says:

    Viola is as bad as ntaba i feel sorry for chilima snakes can not be tamed

  62. Paulos Banda says:

    Viola or Vowola? Koma akhale Vowola.

  63. Njegame Syaosimo says:

    Anthu inu if MCP is demanding names of the 120 people that accompanied His Excellency the President to the USA, why are you keeping names of the public figures private. Inuyo mukudziwa kuti things were wrongly calculated hence not able to provide the names. True the guilty are always afraid. Perekani mainawo muthane nawo a MCP wo simple. You are making life difficulty for yourselves. Do not blame MCP. I can see the HE dying in the next 90 days if you feed him with wrong info you people like Viola. Please save the president’s life.

  64. kenth says:

    The issue is about number of people and the financer not leadership issues in your parties coz both parties has issues.Just give Malawians the breakdown for money used names of people who were part of UN trip.Am not for MCP/PP/UDF tiozeni zoona.viola every Lia has got short legs.Viyola samala when doing thing don’t take us for granted.Pitilizani game yomwe musewerayi

  65. Gulewamkulu Kwao Ndi Kumanda says:

    We’re Looking & Moving Forward The Malawi Crocodile Party Will Never Rule This Country Again.

  66. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Viewing higher education through the lenses of Peter Mutharika , higher education loses meaning. I used to hold professors in high esteem but with this clueless thing l withdrew my respect.

  67. Phwado says:

    Point of collection.It is Peter Mutharika who begged to see these great people!A ViOLA ndinudi owOLA mmutu!Kulibwino mudzikaOLA bibi za akaidi!

  68. Palikanthu says:

    The Scripture urges us to be courageous and speak up the truth.
    When MCP or CSO or individuals demand accountability they want to safe guard the national resources which belong to all of us tax payers. Do not think for once that the State President is above reproach, he of all the people should be the steward of financial prudence, transparency and accountability to steer this country in the right direction; more so after this monstrous cahgate loss that keeps eating away at tax money.
    President should therefore release a list of the names, their positions , sponsor, objective and expected result of their being in the entourage.
    In short we want terms of reference for their going there and source of funding.
    Meeting buddies at UN does not justify 135 persons. The president could still have met all those people if he went with 20 officials!!
    DPP you are infatuated with power and that has corrupted your wisdom hence all this nonsense when we the people of Malawi expect decisive progressive leadership as Mw sails into troubled social and economic waters.

    Where is Moses? Where is Joshua to shout Allelluia so that the wall of Jericho should fall? God come to the rescue your people are perishing for lack of knowledgeable God fearing leaders!

  69. Cashgate1 says:

    Viola is one big joke. I thought releasing names of those attended UN is an easy thing to do in order to prove wrong those that are criticizing you. If you went to school, then this is confirming the truth that indeed you had a huge number to UN. Just release it, otherwise MCP is not disturbing DPP, but DPP is disturbing DPP.

  70. John Union says:

    When planting we use quality seeds and the more seeds we use the more harvest all other needs considered

  71. Katola manda says:

    DPP should go peter u r a rat and a red ant v have to use ant poison

  72. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    There are more problems, that you may not see, in our DPP than in MCP.
    Stick to our party, we have nothing to do with MCP. People are talking about
    government of Malawi on lavishness, not parties. Are you associating the lavishness of the government leadership with DPP?

  73. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Viola, we understand the important issues the president pursued in the US during the UN trip. But what Malawians are angry about is the bloated entourage not relating to Malawi’s dying economy. Remember: Going to the garden is one thing, and going to party with so many at the same garden to party with so many relatives when there is hunger in the family is another.

    Viola is one of the people who does not tell the president the truth. He wants to be a good boy even when there is bad drink for the president. I am not MCP supporter but I do not thing this is MCP issue, do not divert the attention. MCP is not responsible for lives of Malawians, it’s the DPP government. DPP should listen when others are crying for survival of the nation. By others, we include even MCP. Viola, you are the one trying to please the president and his colony even when the situation is bad for the nation.

  74. Truck says:


  75. defender says:

    DPP won the election to govern this country 4 five yrs, allow it please!

  76. Naphiri says:

    Mr. Viola, it is people like you who fail the government. Remember, every elected government is accountable to the electorate. I am not MCP but I would also like the government to release information on the funding for the New York trip. Is that a lot to ask for? Why should it be an issue if the government has nothing to hide? Don’t you want accountability for the resources in your own home? What more with a country where millions are struggling with poverty everyday? Don’t you feel ashamed when you drive around the country and witness the extent of poverty after 50 years of independence? Do you ever conceptualize how far the money wasted on these unnecessary entourages would go in giving a woman better care in a maternity ward, giving a notebook and a pencil to a child so that he also can have an opportunity in life or better still invest in the decaying infrastructure—power, water? There are so many needs in Malawi Mr. Viola and we will not sit and idly watch an abuse of scarce resources. Is that too much to ask for?

  77. Peter27 says:

    Its DPP that is taking everything as politics. Malawians, not MCP, wants DPP to release the names of people who went there and who their sponsors were! Get that into your useless heads! Just meeting people over coffee or shaking their hands is not worth wasting our millions on, we want to know the benefits of those meetings. The problem with DPP is they take every criticism of their stupidity as if people are just jealous that they are in power,,, they never critically try to question themselves of the validity of those arguments.

  78. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Mutharika stop embarrassing and shamming himself by showing that you have no understanding of what democracy is. What MCP is doing is opposition to bad governance and not distruption. That is what an opposition party does in a democracy.
    What the people expect MCP to do is to impeach you foolish incompetent Mutharika and your bad governance to come to an end.
    We do not want you to continue a day longer Mutharika as you are a dunderhead full of stupidity dreaming of following in the footsteps of your dead brother Bingu and becoming a dictator. We resent and hate you. So MCP is doing no more then what we want. Even in the barracks our brothers and sisters are watching if MCP fails to impeach you then they will come to collect you to take you to Mikuyu. One way or another your dictatorship must end.

  79. chivwamba says:

    Just release the info inluding anyamata a Mkhito aku Namitete and Is it TA Kabudula. No English what were they doing on New York apart from shopping and drinking on tax payers money!!!!

  80. kenth says:

    Mr Viola just come with list people who went there its not about the leadership issue both parties has leadership problems.Osamasemphana ndifuso just say the following were people and were supported by ••••••• simple and straight forward.If we my say dpp mulibe chilunga mungakane the issue is good Malawian.

  81. ineyo says:

    MCP ikapitiliza chonchi it will become unpopular. Abusa A Chakwera mwatani kodi nanu kumatsogolera nawo zimenezi? Mau a mulungu mwayiwala kale. Zonse zili ndi nthawi. Ngakhale mutani tani koma ngati si nthawi ya mulungu simungakhale president. Its high time you start strengthening your base in the south so that you increase your chance of winning other than wasting time on petty issues. Malawians are not stupid and can not be manipulated.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Malawians are indeed not stupid but you are stupid for supporting this thug ruling the country. Otherwise MCP has a point.

  82. nobel says:

    Indeed MCP will continue disturbing the president if his govt does not release the list of people who made it to UNGA and expenditure summary. How hard is it for govt to reveal this Mr. Viola?

  83. NEd says:

    kodi viola amasuta fodya eti,maonekedwe ake ndi zochitika zake ndi za fodya fodya

  84. Helo says:

    DPP, are you are in govt or MCP is govt. Why are you so paranoid? Do you want MCP to solve your problems? Stop crying and blaming MCP for your failures.

  85. Ndatopa says:

    Ok,anthu atatu akamayang’ana udindo wa prezident ndi crisis. Sindikaziwa kuti viola ndi chisilu.

  86. becks says:

    Viola wayamba kusuta kanundu wambiri. He is too obsessed with power

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