MCP’s Dzonzi puts blame on Malawi economic turmoil on DPP: ‘they’re are lacking visionary leadership’

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson on finance,  Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi has warned that Malawians will
continue suffering due to lack of visionary leadership in President Arthur Peter Mutharika and his rulling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP).

Dzonzi:  Robbing the poor to feed the rich

Dzonzi: Malawi has a leader sleeping on the driving seat

Kusamba Dzonzi made the remarks on Sunday when he was featured in Zodiak Radio’s Talk Show Tiuzeni Zoona Programme.

The MCP Financial Spokesperson who is also Member of Parliament for Dowa West Constituency claimed the current government has completely failed in every aspect of development.

He pointed out high unemployment, high inflation, high interest and lending rates in local commercial banks as a symbol of a paralysed economy.

He said Malawi is like a vehicle driven by a driver who is fast asleep and the only solution is to wake him up or if he fails carry him to a
sleeping bed for someone to take over inorder to avoid an accident.

Kusamba Dzonzi also faulted Mutharika for poor timing and priotizationi of developmental projects.

He cited an example of a good bilateral relationship the country enjoys with China which he said could have been productive to the nation if the President had a vision.

He said instead of asking China to build an olympic stadium, five star hotel and a parliament building in Malawi, a visionary leader could have first asked for an improved energy sector.

“Do you know a country that produces electricity more than any country
in the world?” Dzonzi querried host presenter Maganizo Mazeze before providing an answer for himself.

“It is China so instead of asking them to help us improve in that area what did we do? We asked for a stadium, parliament building and a
hotel” wondered Dzonzi.

He also blamed the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) for carrying out expenditures that are unnecessary rsulting into power outages.

Dzonzi claimed the opposition has been giving Mutharika and his government tips on how to minimise some of the challenges the coutry is facing but he doesnt listen.

“In February we told government to ask Illovo and provide money for them to grow maize maybe for about four times through irrigation so that Malawians should escape the hunger crisis following the dry spell but they never listened. All they said was we will import
maize from Zambia,” he said.

Commenting on the leadership wrangles rocking MCP, he said there is no cause for worry because the party executive is already aware of all what is happening behind the scenes.

He claimed there is a special K3 Billion project ensued by the DPP administration aimed at bribing some party senior officials to bring
confusion and make unnecessary noise in the Malawi’s oldest political party.

“Disagreements are there because there are some people who are MCP by face in public but behind the scenes they go to state house where they are given money to bring confusion in MCP,” claimed Dzonzi.

He therefore revealed that no one owns MCP regardless of how many years he or she has spent in the party hence no need to threaten each other.

“Malawi Congress Party is going through restructuring and this means taking someone from comfort zone to productive. Malawians will continue to suffer because they are having a leadership without vision and if they want change let them bring back MCP into power” said Dzonzi.

Meanwhile, Dzonzi says MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera is unmoved with whatever games some party members are playing behind the scenes through DPP and urged them to fight Chakwera through ballot at the party convention since he ascended to MCP presidency though a convention.

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22 thoughts on “MCP’s Dzonzi puts blame on Malawi economic turmoil on DPP: ‘they’re are lacking visionary leadership’”

  1. Achi says:

    Its very unfortunate that mwana mulopwana does not know that Illovo grows maize in their Chikwawa estate and the suggestion by MCP was not wild rather, it was strategic. Ask any DPP die hard based or working at Nchalo and he will confirm to you that the current maize crop in the sugar estate is now dry and ready for harvest if not already harvested. But this was Illovo’s own inhouse maize production. Sad.

    What MCP is saying is that the DPP govt would have taken a huge advantage of the vast sugar estate land to grow huge tons of maize, even using part of the subsidy fertilizer so that our silos could be filled not from imported maize which has drained our hard earned forex, but from local maize production thru Illovo.

    Thus in several ways u may want to look at it, such a good suggestion was to have several gains to the so called poor nation. Cant u see the loss? Can u see the wisdom in the thought MCP is peddeling? Cant u see the chaff within Govt that makes it fail to see upright?
    If u cant see aright cos of power, then Malawi is in wrong hands which God needs to quickly intervene.

  2. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Oooh! Yes!

    Khani koma “Mwana mulopwana” he has a V V I P medical health insurance. Is this with MASM Malawi or an American organization. Tell us more Mwana mulopwana. What other benefits do you have.

    1. mwana mulopwana says:

      MASM can not provide this but I am an expert in my field of work and for your information I am not in Malawi ,just work hard and pray to God

      1. It is a fool like this expert who fails to see things as they are but hide behind failed parties! Hand clappers holding PhDs

      2. Big Dick is in Town says:

        All politics and no brains make Mulopwana a dull boy

  3. patrick says:

    We are tired of Blackouts, mpakana 22 hours in a single day, Anthu ya escom akulandira ndalama ku lilongwe amperka magetsi ndi azima mu area yina. Corruption at escom. Chifuka nsaku mperaka pa news ma timetable afuna a mpereka magetsi ku anthu ama mpreka ndalama, aku mpanga ndalama ambiri. anthu ya escom. ACB investigate please.

  4. OMEX70 says:

    Mwana mulopwana, you are the one who is useless.The MP is right but because you are looking things from DPP lens, that’s why you will fight too and nail to defend the DPP led government.

  5. mwana mulopwana says:

    MCP MP Mr Dzonzi a very useless person, what is the core business of Ilovo if I may ask you, it seems nonse kuyambila Chakwera nonse ndi Mbuzi zokhazokha, I cant buy your idea and you cant talk about china bringing power yet everybody likes doing dubious power connection,

    1. Central says:

      @Mwana mulopwana: No wonder you are mulopwana!

      Your thinking is too shallow! It would have been better if you researched for more information on the subject.

      For the sake of breaking the sugarcane monoculture, sugar cane producing companies rotate sugra cane by growing other crops and that has proven to have environmental and productivity benefits. Mind you its not the first time, Illovo does it, and government was just asked to take advantage to encourage Illovo to grow more of maize than any other crop when they would be doing their rotation practice.

      Ndiye inu a mulopwana ndi sukulu ya kwacha yanuyo, munangomva ena akutchula ” core business” mwamva zanu mu chilopwana chanucho!! When they say “Core business” it means the company has supplementary and or small businesses. Miwina tikupanseniko ka sukulu pang’ono the word “core” means “main”. As such “core business” means main business. And instead of leaving their land to farrow Illovo grows other crops for sale!!

      Ichinso ndi ch mbuziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kuteroku inu mukuona ngati amene akukuuzani zochitawo akudana nanu………………………….. no wonder you are maintaining Obamacare medical insurance chikhalilecho inunso mukundetsa dziko and have no clue as regards to do go about introduce yours for your people. Koma ndinu okanika………………………….!! Chilichonse mumachionela pa angle yonunkha………………………………………………mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

      1. Mario pei says:

        Thank you very much Central for educating this embecile called mulopwana,, he is a full time mbuzi

        1. mwana mulopwana says:

          @Mario Pei , iwenso nde mbuzi ina mwinanso Central mutu umayesela, gwape

          1. Mwananyanian says:

            Attacking Mwana Mul(h)opwana on personality or assumed intelligence or integrity will NOT dilute his arguments. Not even a bit. Mainly about the deficiencies in our culture required to advance our economy and society.
            Attackers: stop the name calling. “MM” is more civilized than you think. Aaaaaaa.

      2. mwana mulopwana says:

        who told you that Core means small , I am not shallow minded you need to get the definition right, I have never heard that Illovo does grow maize, mwinanso iwe ndine wophunzira ndine , fore your own information CORE means CENTRAL , you need to understand the company Mission statement and its strategic goals, I fear for the organization you are working, Manyaka amunthu

        1. Big Dick is in Town says:

          Hahaha, Mulopwana ameneyo. Dull man.

      3. mwana mulopwana says:

        @ Central , you sound very stupid ,do you want to tell me that the President has to access cheap medical facilities , your reasoning sound is below average, I have VVIP medical heath insurance and I can access even the most expensive health facility in the world which even a Malawian CEO or minister can not access, school ndinapita and I am enjoying every benefits that has to go with education including with my family, musatinyasepo, ngati muli ku Malawi, this is the reason why the country is going down , instead of using your head to good use, you always complain about any president, Malawi is in deep shit because of people and not President

        1. Central says:

          @Mwana Mulopwana: its too easy to learn one is dealing with smart brains….!!

          Obamacare medical insurance is what “somebody” is boosting to be having!! Obamacare medical insurance is a USA medical care for all citizens of America and was engineered by Barack Obama and that in itself signifies that a Leader is not only a caring leader but also a responsible leader. Sincerely, zotukana pambali, if a leader is boosting of having a very good medical insurance in another country, yet such a leader has his own country to look after…… then its a sign something is amiss..!!

          Kaya otukwane kaye utani, the truth still stands and is that Illovo does not sell sugar only, they have other supplementary businesses and farming (producing maize and other crops) is one of it. Ndiye inu ndi bootlicking yanuyi, yomwe yakupezetsani ndalama mwayamba kunyadira apazi, a mvekere and I quote: “VVIP medical heath insurance!” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, za ziiiii. munth wa VVIP status koma osadziwa zinthu ngati iweyo, ndiye m’misonkhanomo anthu amakhalira kusekatu!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

          Mbuzi ya mano kunsi, ndi u VVIP wakowo!! Can’t admire stupid positions, which are fruits of tribalism, nepotism, Hlomweism, ism ism ism ism ism ism!! Kagwele uko ndi umbuli wakowo!! Ndalama uli nazo koma ndiwe mbuliiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

    2. Big Dick is in Town says:

      Ada awa aliblietu nzerutu a Mulopwana

    3. Ngongoliwa says:

      Mulopwana. Dull minded. For your information Illovo were more than willing to do that. It just takes 3 months to grow maize thru irrigation. During Kamuzu Press Agriculture was growing tobacco and maize too using rains. What would stop Illovo to do the same? No wonder Mulopwana.

    4. Chimbuto says:

      Are you more concern about the MP or the country. It’s saddening to see that in Malawi we have citizens of your mindset! Is it individualism (money, a certain position you hold thanks to the current government) that is driving you or ignorance that has just led you far astray?

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Dzonzi you know DPP government says opposition does give alternative solutions, so how can I verify what you are saying. Whether the suggested solution is feasible or not but don’t tell us lies. I don’t like unreliable people. Next time prove to us that you better that than information minister Mr. Ndau, the stupid.

    1. wakwiya says:

      I read what Dzonzi wrote there is so much true in what he says. How can one build 5 star hotel when one has not build better school system, healthy and agriculture. I have been at 5 star hotel. I was disappointed. Beautiful hotel no visitors. Food was the worste in a nice hotel. Stadium is built but it open so no money is coming in but Chinese have to be paid for the loan. Malawi has no electricity which is very important to the country’s development. But Malawi has only black outs. How can a nation think of investors without electricity. Go to other African countries and look. APM has lived in one of developed country he should know what is important for nation development. He knows but one reason he is sounded with corrupted greedy people who feed him lies for their own benefit. Anyone can fail to rule a nation even he/she is good if he/she
      Has bad advisers. That is the case in Malawi. Chakwela mentioned but some Malawians every time opposition say something they insult them instead of look into what is said. Reason Malawians have never practised democracy and rights.
      Very sad. I live outside Malawi one of Democratic nation. I get shocked to read some comments which some Malawians write.
      Instead of practising their rights they support government on very wrong grounds. How do they think the government will work for them?

      1. Achimidzimidzi says:

        Just to acknowledge your response Wakwiya. Ndakupatsa nyota imodzi for the spirit of sharing what you know. Bravo and long live.

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