MCP’s Msungama arrested for ‘treason’: WhatsApp group messages talked of Malawi regime change

Malawi Police on Sunday arrested opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Ulemu Msungama for treason allegations after he allegedly insinuated that there should be a regime change through a discussion on a WhatsApp group of party members.

Msungama: Arrested

Msungama: Arrested

Msungama, who’s challenging results of Lilongwe City North East election allegedly made the remarks in a leaked WhatsApp group chat

He wrote: “As MCP we were supposed to take advantage of all this mess and play it from the background.”

Police arrested Msungama Sunday morning and interrogated him on the WhatsApp messages,

“Yes I have been arrested and they are taking me to a Lumbadzi Police holding cell,” Msungama told Nyasa Times.

“They are accusing me of treason,” he added.

Police spokesman Nelson Gondwa said he it was “premature” to comment on the matter.

However, Police sources say there are more impending arrests over WhatsApp messages with MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila, lawmaker Paul Chakwantha amongst the suspects.

Police say the MCP members were planning to “organise, strategise and implement the removal of the constitutional government of Malawi … the Egyptian way”.

They say the MCP members discussed how to conduct an insurrection similar to Egyptian revolt that brought down Hosni Mubarak after nearly three decades in power.

Police alleged that the WhatsApp participants took turns calling for a revolt against President Peter Mutharika.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka confirmed the arrest of Msungama and said the party is aware of a crackdown on its members ahead of parliament which sits from Monday.

“No one would deny they want a better Malawi,” Mkaka said.

He said it’s a big leap to say MCP members discussing about Malawi woes they’re planning to make a serious threat against anyone.

“The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Mkaka said the arrests are clearly being driven by a political agenda to “instil fear in people.”

MCP called the arrest on treason as “outrageous charges.”

“Arresting people for WhatsApp discussion is against freedom of expression.”

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53 thoughts on “MCP’s Msungama arrested for ‘treason’: WhatsApp group messages talked of Malawi regime change”

  1. sikidzi sabwe says:

    dziko lili manja mwangalu chili chose palibe choyenda ndinabetsa voti yanga bwanji

  2. jj says:

    leave APM alone. let him feel the heat of stealing the votes. things are very bad but we want APM to succumb to his own downfall. akudyerera ndi anzakowo APM iwe thukuta olo uli m aircon. uwona

  3. True Son of the land says:

    I am at a loss with the direction MCP is taking. Do you mean Msungama, Kabwira yo n Chakwantha should be left plotting overthrowing the president simply because they are MCP members?
    Rev or Pastor Chakwera, are you really there and behind this stupid mess your boys and girls are doing?
    It’s a shame to MCP. Kulowa M’boma its not through back door ayiiiii ndi vote yokha basi.
    The constitution mandates Prof. APM mpaka zaka zisanu.
    A police plz enforce laws of Malawi without fear or favour. Atsekeleni alowe basi including those that are saying akufuna kudzalowa.


    Kugwa mmanja a Mulungu ndi koopsa…… Kusiya ubusa ndikulowa ndale you thought you will be clean? my foot not even you Lazarous will turn this Economy around. wait for your turn mukuthamangire kuti? no wonder the PP government supported you because you were and still remains a week minded person…… I dont think without the support of the manondo brothers you could have made it and so to speak this will not work you will only destabilize the already ailing economy. mukuvomera za umathanyula kuti azungu azikukondani? ife stand yathu as Malawians still remains no to Gay rights irrespective of who is in control of this country.

  5. umziya says:

    Zayambika. Cardiac arrest around the corner

  6. Che Sipindulo says:

    Then you are going to arrest thousands of people because alot are discussing the same.

  7. che mdala says:

    ziriko. so you mean solutions to our current problems is to unconstitutionally overthrowing the government? what kind of thinking is this? moti abusa nkumavomera zimenezi?

  8. Eye Witness says:

    And when the donors say APM is becoming more autocratic and intolerant to criticism muzizati personal non grata..

  9. Humphrey joe jnr kawenga says:

    Live peter alone. Mutha ngati makatani. M.c.p is gone with kamuzu. Dpp all the way.

  10. wa dpp says:

    mbuzi,anthu adziko lapasitu lero akukonda kudya nyama yambuzi.atsogoleri amipingo mbuzi,atsogoleri andale mbuzi,akakhala khala mmaofesi mwawomu akukonda kudya nyama yambuzi.

  11. mwanawamkulu says:

    kodi mafumu simuyakhulaponso zakufina kulanda boma

  12. Howard says:

    This country has been lost for over 50 years!.

    The so-called ACCIDENTAL GOVERNMENT in place now is unsettled and insecure because they are
    unable to manage the country and they are making accusations and false arrests. PEOPLE ARE NOT ONLY CHATTING
    on Whatsapp… They are on Facebook, Email, Instagram, the Local Bar, the Mini Bus, The Boats and everywhere
    talking about the rotten stench that the countr is under.
    If was a few weeks ago the DPP Idiots talked about arresting The American Ambassador!.. That would have brought
    much calamity go an already FAILED STATE…

    It’s high time this country is COLONIZED AGAIN FOR 100 years… It’s the only way CHANGE OR PROGRESS will happen..

  13. The Real Analyst says:

    Tiyeni tonse mawa tipite ku police komko and demand to be arrested. We’re all on whatsapp, Facebook etc and at times we say things against government incompetence. If this is a crime, then arrest us all. Apo bii we will come to the police on our own and demand to be put together with Msungama

  14. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    What happened to the treason case of the midnight 12?

  15. Nandolo says:

    I am waiting for God’s action. He will not fail Malawians. He is a loving God. He will fight for the majority. Chikwati chimakoma pali chikondi osati chogwililira. Malawians are being raped. Find out the meaning of a “leader”. Are u sure u are a leader?

  16. wishes says:

    Stupid failed government,kumubela kuja sikunakwane mwati mummangenso? Manyazi mulibee!

  17. Daniel Phiri 2 says:

    Akuyenda mma pazi a Bingu nde nde nde.
    Saulos prepare to rule.

  18. kamoto Ralph says:

    Peter is indeed a puppet president and a clueless one. Alomwe olo aphunzire sukulu siioneka. Monga a Chaponda aja ungati olo std 8 anafika mmene amaonekela muja!

  19. mkwate says:

    Tiyenazoni mukatha mukamangeso ine

  20. That’s stupid, release him now. We want change

  21. patricia kaliati says:

    petulo ndiweupusa ndipo akupusitsa akukunamizawo. ine sindikuwopa chifukwa sindiwe president ndiwe president wokuba. wa treason ndiwe unabera chakwera

  22. wokomaatani says:

    tiye nazo…munthu akalephera amayamba kupeza zifukwa zot athawire..umbuli wachuluka mumaona ngat u president ndikudya msima ndi nkhuku..mitu yaikuluyo izigwira ntchito osat kumanga anthu apa…

  23. wokomaatani says:

    Manganiso Jessy Kabwira Ajayira Kwambiri

  24. gwamba says:

    Zoopsatu izi. God help us.

  25. wokomaatani says:

    Zazii tapanga zot zinthu ziende bwin osat zopoila mwayambaz

  26. namnyero ineyo says:

    aliyense amene akulimbikitsa zolanda boma pamnyero pake. mcp singazalamule malawi.. machende anu

  27. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Nowhere does freedom of speech include “material” encouragement of insurrection.
    Amangidwe baasi (nobody is above the law). Ms Kabwila-Kapasula always causing trouble wherever she is!
    Malawi Police: do not handle these kids with glove hands: This is serious business!
    Any democratically elected government would take this seriously.
    No getting into office through the back door!
    The country would be ungovernable, if there was a “coup” by the opposition.

  28. Alungwana says:

    A government by accident! We want a better Malawi

  29. Mr. Banda says:

    Its unfortunate that it has reached this far. When will our leaders learn the truth of life? Accepting defeat is a great weapon to destroy all hearsay and unfortild truth. Noone would have kind words with the state of affairs as of now to government. Yes we vited the DPP in power be it legally or otherwise but the pace we are moving I would not dream that we creating a better Malawi for the 4th generation. How on earth could we make the Kwacha to slump up to this extent? Malawians majority lives on a less than a £ already and is hoovering at 900 how do you expect a rural malawian to survive? I one for all I would say if we wait for God to sort this for Malawians, the way He does its not good at all. I recall the way He did with Eli and his sons. He is a good Lord.
    Coming back to arrests, do we (government) have enough muscle to pursue this treason charges if we are failing even with the cashgate cases staling in courts? Are we serious that we need to compasate the likes of Msungama with our hard earned taxes? What kind of government is this? Why cant you solve serious problems other than this nosence? Malawi is a Gid fearing nation andbeware the church will hold prayers soon what comes out of such prayers is so disastrous.
    Finally let me establish that MCP has learned oroffessionals who equally know the rules of the fame that if one government/ leader is ousted out of government, proper take over is inintiated in this case its Chilima who would take the mantle. Stop this nosence for once!!! If arresting arrest all MCP and opposition people including me.

  30. Japim says:

    Very bad to dpp government

  31. Songazaudzu says:

    Msungama ndi wa chibwana. Usinkhu onsewo he is not yet settled, waiting for handouts basi. Politics without money is nothing. Look at American politics; you can’t compete there without money. Akapeza zibwenzi zimangomuthawa chifukwa alibe ndalama amadalira za brother wake Mike. Pano akunyenga Ma hule a ku Blantyre Angella Msiska ndi Nellie Chong.


    Vindere vyeneko, very disappointed and disgusting. fake government.

  33. Japim says:

    chitsilu pitala and ur government see my name

  34. Wakufasaopakununkha Banda says:

    Zimene mwayamba zomanga anthu chifukwa cha ma converasation apa whatsap ndie mutimanga ambiri. Lowanisno pa facebook muone zimene talemba, mukamaliza mudzatimange. Mavuto opnse ali mdziko munowa mungamataye nthawi ndi zokambirana za pa whatsapp? Are you serious? Mmalo mosamala ndalama, mukupanganso creat njira ina yoti mutailwpo ndalama. Koma nchifukwa chani inu a DPP simuphunzira in ur past mistakes? Chilumpha mpaka lero treason case yake siikutha, achina Iron ndi ma soldiers aja. Ine am not a menber of any party and I dont benwefit anything from politics, koma to be honest with you guys in DPP, anthu atopa ndi mavuto ali mdziko munowa. Mukanakhala ena mukanakangalika finding solutions to the problems Malawians are facing than creating treason charges. Apa tsono I can see why Joyce Banda is in her self exile. Apa ndie mukuputa mkwiyo wa aMalawi.
    Mind you, zionetsero kuti zichitike, sadzakhala a MCP oyambitsa ai, adzakhala a Malawi atatopa ndi mavutowa. Kumanga anthu sikungapangitse kuti anthu asiye kulankhula.

  35. Mlangeni says:

    Ndie mumanga ambiri inenso ndinali nawo pa gulupo! Sali ekha msungama tili pambuyo pake

  36. Comred Brigadier says:

    Akufuna kuopyaza anthu kuti asakayankhule za ku nkhosi… Fuck them

  37. Mapwiya says:

    Those are kicks of a dying horse…you want to instil fear in Malawian? Please fix the economy we are destitute in our own country we can hardly make ends meet the cost living is just too high.

    This is not the Malawi we fought for…where were these people in 1993? Malawi will soon slide into dictatorship again with these machona.

  38. Eye Witness says:

    Even here we write that APM Has failed and need to go. How many are you going to arrest bwana Mathanyura?

  39. Jambo says:

    DDP is losing credibility. There is no treason in democracy unless people take guns to overthrow govt

  40. Mwabwezera olakwika si jb ameneyi apa mukufuna amalawi avutike ndi njala komaso nkhondo is that fair

  41. Gibson says:


  42. newton chione says:

    mavuzi kuthako biii na amalawi? instead of feeding them. you are wasting time arresting people, rubbish

  43. Precious Ndaferah says:

    Namalenga Akakufulatirani, Mudzawona Ngati Wakondera. Driver Amaloredwa Kuwononga Moyo Wa Munthu Mmodzi Ndikusamara Miyoyo Yambiri. Take Care!!!!!!!!!!.

  44. Takulatatha says:

    Anthu inu musamapange dala zopusa zanuzo nkumati boma likusiyani..mukunama. And when you say anthu akakwiya zivuta inu mukuona ngati ku bomako kulibe anthu?? MCP should wait for 2019 elections.

  45. BigMan says:

    the law is clear.

  46. B MASAUTSO says:

    Aaa koma abale freesom of expression imeneyo nanunso. Inde zinthu sizili bwino koma njira yake imeneyo ndiye mwapalamuladi mulandu.

  47. That’s absolutely rubbish, Where is freedom of speech? Treason its a serious offence that requires enough evidence, DDP must be very careful with this issue, Last time they was Chakwera and USA high commissioner, Now its Msungama, These DPP people are mentally disturbed, Pitala and your DPP you can’t intimidate MCP, Just accept that you have failed and resign now that all.

  48. Kadausi Sikangatinjenjemetse says:

    Mwayamba kumanga wanthu. Basi ndikhulupirira tsopano kuti Pitala samaliza term yake.

    Bushiri’s prophecy is coming to pass.

  49. Kenkkk says:

    Mwayambako you dpp thugs. Trumped up charges of treason when the real treason charges for the midnight dpp six have been dismissed.

    There is nothing here to trouble msungama. Haven’t you punished him enough with the votes rigging, stealing and burning?

    You will fail miserably if your plan is to destabilize mcp. Just release him now you dpp thugs.

  50. Mr.Bambo says:

    Apatu ndiye kufuna kuonjezera chanzi kununkha inu a DPP.A Malawi akakukwiirani nazo zimenezi mulimva kutenthatu dzikoli.Ma arrests awa akutembenukilani ndithu,zimayamba chonchotu paja pa Malawi.

  51. KOKOTA says:


  52. Akungolonje says:

    Ndiye mumanga ambiritu Bwana, ndi apa WhatsApp omwe? Bwanji osayambira aja ankalankhula openly and lively ku PAC indaba aja. Zizindikiro za kulilephera Boma bwana siziposa apa. Munthu mwam’bera mavoti, mwaotcha umboni, panopa mukuti mummange mlandu oukira boma, boma lake litilo Bwana. Zimayamba pangónopang’ono chonchi. Mbuto ya kalulu idakula ntadzaoneni, phokosotu ili mukuliyambali Bwana. Musadzanongóneze bondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kodi simukuonera ma TV enieni akunjawa kuti anthu wamba panopa ndi amene akugwedeza maboma osatinso otenga mufti ayi. Learn from what is happening with your friends ma Pulesidenti enieni osati oyelekezawa.

  53. MKWAPU says:

    Fake gov.

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