MEC releases Malawi poll report: Decries State abuse of resources, MBC

Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) on Thursday released the much awaited detailed report on the May 20, 2014 elections which ushered President Peter Mutharika to power controversially.

The report is decrying the continued abuse of public resources during electoral period by ruling parties and the reluctance of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to open up to opposition political parties.

Commissioner Chinkwita Phiri (left) and  MEC chair Justice Maxon Mbendera:  Results out Friday

Commissioner Chinkwita Phiri (left) and MEC chair Justice Maxon Mbendera

Mutharika, 76, the younger brother of president Bingu wa Mutharika who died in office in 2012, was declared winner of the disputed polls.

MEC report has been long overdue after  a renowned governance body Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) criticised the “flawed” election of Mutharika, saying the result was tainted by “substantial electoral irregularities”.

The state-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) also released its report which noted  that the elections that ushered Mutharika to powere were not fair, not transparent and therefore not credible.

In the 75-paged MEC report  signed by all Commissioner which has been submitted to President Mutharika, the electoral body has since called for strict enforcement of the Communications Act to ensure the public broadcaster treat all candidates and political parties fairly and equally.

MEC revealed in the report that during the electoral period, it held a meeting with MBC management after it was observed that it was bias toward the then ruling Peoples Party (PP) and its allies.

“As one way of levelling the play field, the Commission held two meetings with the Board of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). The first meeting was held on April 4, 2014 at the MEC Head Office to find means on how the broadcaster could treat all electoral players equitably. It was observed that the public broadcaster was biased towards the ruling party and its allies,” reads in the report in part.

Among other recommendations, the electoral body has called for legal reforms that will check abuses of state resources during campaign and the need for investment in the improvement of results management.

MEC also said there is a need for the country to migrate to a new biometric voter registration system with electronic field data capture.

“The 2014 tripartite elections were a significant step in the sustenance of democracy in Malawi as they marked the return of local governance structures after over a decade. The combination of three elections presented an enormous task for the Malawi Electoral Commission. The challenges faced in the conduct of the elections are very important lessons for the conduct of future elections,” reads the report.

According to the report, the elections had a 70.7 percent Voter Turnout with percentage of Valid Votes against Registered Voters at 69.99 percent. 1.07 percent was null and Void against Total Votes cast. 7,470,806 people registered to vote with 5,228,583 as a total Valid votes. Null and Void votes were 56,695 with a total Votes Cast at 5,285,278.

In the MHRC report, MEC was criticised for its poor “preparedness “. And that the credibility of the elections, in terms of both the process and the outcome is “therefore cast in very serious doubts.”

The rights commission recommended that the elections management capacity of MEC needs to be strengthened, including among other things by ensuring that Malawi graduates from dependence on donors to fund its elections.

“Government should be committed to fully and timely fund Malawi’s elections,” recommends MHRC.

The rights commission also recommends that detailed in-depth investigations into the shortcomings and irregularities of the elections should be carried out “in order to identify the root causes and put the issue of whether or not these developments were a result of deliberate manipulation to rest.”

MHRC also called for several electoral reforms, including overhauling the first-past-the-post system to a system where the winner is voted for by a majority—and further discusses flaws during the pre-election period, during the eventual period and a five-month post-election period.


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32 thoughts on “MEC releases Malawi poll report: Decries State abuse of resources, MBC”

  1. Mlengi Akuwona says:

    The commission needed patriots otherwise the country was sold to atambwali who are acting as if they are foregners that after devauging they will go back to their original country

  2. obwande says:

    MEC betrayed Malawi to current status.No hoodwinking here,MBC tried but you failed the whole process by declaring a loser into power. Bare with me you will pay the consequences of this evil for God never lets His people suffer for ever.

  3. MAMA says:




    ALL FAKES !!!

  4. Chidzukulu Cha Akwitusya says:

    MEC was part of the team that rigged the votes this is why they are talking of MBC issues however for the first time Malawians have experience a change in the media where even the oppositions parties were being beamed on the TV. Malawians are still waiting to be told why did the chair cried?

    The process will never change until they change the electronic system they used last time..this government had the team that were given the rights to access the data and change them before the MEC.. We have seen and witnessed the deliberate destruction of evidence like the burning of the offices in LL that were keeping the real votes.. but the chair has not said any of this…..As Malawians we are still in a black bock to what really happened with MEC boday ….

  5. Ticoon Li says:

    Its time tell the truth safe outside can now tell the nation what happened from the info i gave you. god bless Land of Malawi

  6. zimatiwawabe says:

    Konzan kaye Malawi nde mutsitiuza bwino za m’mene munawapatsira boma agalu anzanu aja….zauchitsiru basi fwifwili fwifwili mbc, mbc, mbc.. Ndi ife? Manyi anuwo musauze mtundu wa a Malawi chonde mungotengapo tsoka coz ana athu akudandaulabe kut sakudziwa kumene akupita kut kuli zotan……

  7. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Why not mentioning ZODIAK which you had used to confuse people as if as it was doing a proper job to the nation and yet DPP and Souls Chilima paid billions to this radio station to be announcing fake figures ?

    During Bingu’s time ZODIAK was not in goods books with DPP and they were being attacked to an extent of torching their vehicles , stoning and talking bad against them .
    The whole rigging was through ZODIAK , Malawians trust too much this radio station and yet they got too much money from DPP that’s why after 2014 tripartite elections they have bought so many expensive vehicles which they never had before , they use expensive modern TATAs with other expensive fleet of vehicles.
    Don’t trust ZODIAK anymore.

  8. Rodgers Banda says:

    No need to keep mosquitoes as MEC this is now pouring oil on troubled waters. That’s why the kangaroo courts dogged,

  9. Zangaphee says:

    Mbendera unene kaye chimene umalira poulutsa ma result a president. Apo ayi siyani mpando. Chonde kondani dziko osati ndalama. Kuno kuli mavuto osasimbika.

  10. Cash Gate says:

    A Mec Asanamizire A Mbc, Ngati Ntchito Yawo Amaigwira Ndi Dyera Ndindalama Ndikusowa Chilungamo Kwawo

  11. Kennedy nali says:

    Mbendera is malawi’s yudasi isikaliyoti, MBA is just being used as an arabi.oh Lord how long shall we suffer because of these politicians? Hove you forsaked us???

  12. Delete says:

    Nos 11 and 18 are real idiots. If you have nothing to say, do not write anything on this forum. Do not show us that you are so cheap upstairs. we dont need to know this. Ukamati duck ukunena ndani. mshhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Biswel says:

    Anthu anapha Njauju osapha Mbendera bwanji?

  14. I don’t think mec has any words to convince me because you can not allow results with fraud & irregularities to usher any one to presidence . this guy is biased if not he is a damn fool

  15. MEC idzakondedwa pamene zipani zonse zidzawine kulowa mboma apo bii. Idzitukwanidwabe. Mfunseni mbusa. Chilungamo akuchidziwa koma sangavomereze chifukwa wandale wa pa Nyasalande saluza amangobeledwa mboni yanga ndi JZU

  16. Malawi says:

    Nothing detailed here. Mbe dera knows the truth and not unless if you tell Malawians what happened you LL always be haunted by guilt. We are in this mess because of you. You thought you were punishing JB or humiliating her bit now it turns out that the Nation is being punished as well as being humiliated with what is happening. We are like sheep with no shepherd. Things are out of control because of the selfishness of MEC. Humble yourselve and admit your wrong and not to put a blame onMBC as this has always been a culture in Malawi. MBC always favours the party in power.

  17. Fraction says:

    Is this article about MHRC report or MEC report. The writer seems to force MHRC contents on the MEC report. I implore journalists to do there reporting as things are and leave the reader to make their own interpretation. This way of writing is a cancer in Nyasatimes and others.

  18. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    You cannot blame DPP for winning the elections. MEC need to clean its house and ensure that credible staff are employed to handle elections in a fair and transparent manner. Secondly, there is need for strong legal instruments that gives power and ample time to MEC to either verify and correct errors on reported votes from each polling center. The 8 days period to announce results is not sufficient to verify and correct anomalies in the voting results. A full month or more is needed for MEC to conclude all issues related to the voting. It is only here where President elect are rushing to swearing in ceremonies, this need to be regulated in the constitution to wait for 3 months as it is done in most countries. The rush we do is what is creating the chaos and its not easy to reverse the results when one is already sworn-in as head of State.

  19. ZZ Junior says:

    Very unfortunate that MEC is targeting MBC in their report forgetting their own shortfalls. And again MBC coverage of the election results was so bias towards DPP. Peter Mutharika was allover the news and comments plus one lawyer called Tambulasi castigating every statement made by the then Head of State.

  20. IJABU says:

    bwanja la mtsogolo has moved its head office to lilongwe for ease other logistics like distribution of condoms why not u idiots mec

  21. Chikopa says:

    Amangwetu let us not become stupid. How could MEC remove incumbent President? For once let us not think like idiots. The duck lost and some disgruntled members of the duck are the ones making noise.

  22. Stevie says:

    I thought the report was about MEC and not MBC or MHRC??? Talk about resolving problems that MEC met and not what other stakeholders did meet. In my opinion, this report is not balanced…

  23. ..... says:

    This is a DPP Doctored Fake Report

  24. Chimani. Game says:


  25. social investor says:

    Please focus on the first of the MEC report. If you want to refer to the MHRC report do so in a comparative manner on similar issues that have been addressed in both reports. As this story stands, it has a label of MEC report but the substance of MHRC report. Does the MRC report only contain issues of MBC and voter turn out?

  26. Malawianah says:

    Mec will never trusted in Malawi..n vote is useless for they know themslf who to put in power.

  27. Zankutu,it that a detailed report?

  28. Moya says:

    MBC did not put any false gornvement in place like you did,your report is talking of a lesser evil than MEC itself, we want a report that is addressing MEC failures ,and challenges that ended up ushering in a failed party of thugs and killers.We dont want a repeat of ushering in mafia government again in the future but legitimate ones only. We dont want a MEC chair crying when announcing legitimate official results in the future, we dont wantallot papers to be burnt in storage rooms when candidates challenge results in their constituents,we dont want a minority party to rule the majority bcoz of the system we have currently and we dont want MEC officials being influenced by any individual,party or mafias to doctor results.We dont want a constitution that is in conflict with the elections practice like giving limited days to announce results when we know from 2014 elections that we may need more days to sort out chaotic and suspicious results. The list goes on and on but until the report addresses such and offers solutions its as useless as a toilet paper that needs to be used and flushed and we forget about its existence until next shit from MEC calls again in 2019 and you will produces another toilet paper for the nation to use.. MEC the news for you is that Malawi is nausiated,sick and fed up!

  29. chefourpence says:

    whuch report are you highlighting here? MECs or HRCCs? And for the sake of balanced reporting where is the Independent Observers report that declared the elections ‘free and fair’?

  30. Thyanga Thyanga says:

    Zamkutu. Tiuzeni za ma irregularities osati za MBC. Musaone ngati a Malawi sanaone mwamva inu a MEC. Mbendera amalira chifukwa cha MBC? Malawians will never trust MEC.

  31. kabotolokamo says:

    So you trust MEC ? Hahahaha! what a mix up of lies !

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