MHRC presents poll report to Malawi Parliament: Mutharika’s victory queried

A delegation of the state-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) Commissioners and secretariat staff presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs a detailed report on the 2014 tripartite elections which ushered President Peter Mutharika to power controversially, and indicated the polls were not “credible”.

MHRC chairperson Sophie Kalinde (C) with Rev Zac Kawalala (L) and Voice Mhonee

MHRC chairperson Sophie Kalinde (C) with Rev Zac Kawalala (L) and Benedict Kondowe

Chairperson of MHRC, Sophie Kalinde stated that commission monitored all the three stages of the elections namely the pre-election phase, election phase and post-election phase.

She said that main challenges facing MEC are about the suspension of its commissioners, delayed appointment of new commissioners and its independence, the composition of MEC by individuals with political affiliations, presentation of nomination papers, role of the media; opening of polling stations and shortage of polling materials and forced leave of the director general of MBC.

Commissioner Ben Kondowe touched on nullification of polls by the then  State President Joyce Banda and call for voter recount; delayed announcement of elections results; management of the transition process; Call for review of the first past-the-post electoral system ;and capture of the media and civil society by government.

Commissioner Dr. Rev Zacc Kawalala concluded the presentation by restating the stand of the commission on the 2014 tripartite elections.

Based on its extensive elections monitoring, the Commission’s main finding is that Malawi failed to administer fair, transparent and credible elections, and to address the irregularities which besieged the electoral process.

The Commission finds the wholesome pronouncements by some commentators and observers of the freeness, fairness and credibility of May 2014 Tripartite elections particularly disconcerting considering the many irregularities that were observed.

“Therefore, the Commission envisages that the information contained in this report raises serious questions on the rhetoric that has applauded the May 2014 Tripartite Elections as free, fair, transparent and credible in most absolute terms,”said Kawalala.

Mutharika, 76, the younger brother of president Bingu wa Mutharika who died in office in 2012, was declared winner of the disputed polls.

The report punched holes on the credibility of the elections that ushered Mutharika to power, saying “the numerous discrepancies and irregularities, limitations with respect to preparedness on the part of MEC, limited resources, and incidences of violence albeit isolated, that marred the elections period leave a significant dent on the credibility of the elections.”

The commission report states that while not all of these events occurred at all polling sites,  “they were not isolated incidents, either, but rather came up repeatedly in different polling centres, indicating a widespread and systematic assault on the right to vote.”

MHRC report said its findings “demonstrate a clear pattern of systematic undermining of the people’s right to a free and fair election.”

Reads the report: “Elections cannot be free and fair in the face of several glaring irregularities, some of them seemingly minor, which nonetheless, cumulatively substantially affect the extent to which the elections can be said to have been free and fair.

“Therefore, whereas, the elections may generally have been free, these developments seriously negate the aspect of fairness in the electoral process.”

A renowned governance body Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) criticised the “flawed” election of Mutharika, saying the result was tainted by “substantial electoral irregularities”.

The commission has also called for several electoral reforms, including overhauling the first-past-the-post system to a system where the winner is voted for by a majority—and further discusses flaws during the pre-election period, during the eventual period and a five-month post-election period.

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46 thoughts on “MHRC presents poll report to Malawi Parliament: Mutharika’s victory queried”

  1. Kadozo says:

    zamkutu anene bwino Mbendela osati zakuujenizo.

  2. tumbukaz says:

    Atumbuka anthu opepera inu..simudzalamulira dzikoli mpaka kalekale..

  3. Citizen X says:


  4. Is this kuchuluka kwa nzeru kapena kuchepa kwa mzeru shatap monsemuja mudali kuti ndiye ndi buku mwalembayo mufuna mugulitse kapena mufuna muone kuti ndalama zama bwana anu muzidya bwanji, shupiti inu ndi a nthu omvesa chisoni

  5. Citizen X says:


  6. Masharubu says:

    Don’t waste our time or reopen old,festering wounds please . It is universally accepted and recognised that the results of the 2014 elections in Malawi were a fraud . So why be-labour the point? Don’t you have better things to do?

  7. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    In 2019 surely infront of our Almighty God there will be no digtal counting votes but by physical counting as they have done in Zambia by elections soon.Tatengerapo phunziro.

  8. Mwenecho says:

    where were u by bring this late u ve failed malawians

  9. tingozisiya bwanji cause zilonda still in great pains.

  10. kwabaniso says:

    Atumbuka akulirabe kodi???????

  11. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    I thought the chapter of who won the last elections was closed? Yet various groups in Malawi, including MHRC, continue to waste time and resources on issues of “water under the bridge”. What a shame! Especially when we have very urgent and pertinent issues currently facing the nation.
    Sophisticated and more experienced foreign observers declared their conclusions, a long time ago. Those observers are certainly more believable. No question here! Perhaps, it’s time for funders of some these amateur “NGOs” considered seriously questioning these groups re. their motives, methodologies and, especially, rationale.
    You should hear how some of these NGOs are ridiculed at bao games! No kidding!

  12. mlomwe wa mzeru says:

    kodi amawerengera ma voti ndani?

  13. mlomwe wa mzeru says:

    MHRC kapangeni mapulani a2019 2014 sina nayoni maso pasogolo kodi anthu amene amawere ngela mavoti anali adpp kapena a mec? kodi nanga pamene mavoti ama bedwa apolice,amec,amcp,app,udf anali kuti?

  14. Kumbuyo Kucheta says:

    Almost 8 months after electoral results; fokofu zanu!
    Where were you during the 8 days electoral impasse when Kennedy Musonda, Jesse Kabwila, Kandi Padambo and Gustavu Kaliwo were battling with the electoral process?

    Your findings will not change matters had you supported those who were fighting dorm the nullification of the results.
    Should we assume you have brought up the report now because you members or commissioners are frustrated after being left out on foreign missions as Ambassadors? ?????????

  15. wagwanayo says:

    This report is wastage of space and time. Youidiots of highest magnitude, If Peter and Saulos stole the election and you allowed Inauguration to take place, what do you want us to do now. What are you going to do. To hell you tribalists from one region that live fight Lomwes day in day out. Shame on you idiots.

  16. marin says:

    These reports do not make any sense to me and its impact leaves much to be desired. In other words it cannot change anything apart from depleting our resources that’s time and money. Where were you when abiti Mtila was calling for vote recount and even for re election? You were cool as cucumber. Stff naked fools. By anzeru aku madzulo

  17. Kipingo says:

    Stupidity is been promoted by these so called CSOs.
    Are we serious we need them?
    As far as i know politics will never be smart at all. You will hear the loser saying this while the sympathisers say that. But the MEC heads declared the winner. This report will only give losers a thing to talk on but won’t help at all for DPP is in power. DPP enjoys others weeping.

  18. timothy mauluka says:

    ??????????? what next? the fairness of Kamuz’s election?? Jeeeeeez? this is one year after the elections and even in the US there are discrepancies but people move on!!! may you all rot in NGO HELL!!

  19. Mwadya ndikumaliziratu ndalama za madonor zoti muchitire advocate mathanyura,ndiye mwasintha tone mukufuna kukhala Electral Commission,Elections Support Network kapena Intl Observer?Lengezani kwa a Malawi yemwe adawina chisankho cha May 2014 Molingana ndi report mwatulutsalo

  20. Kenkkk says:

    Please don’t remind us about the stupid elections. You should be telling us how we can make elections fair, more credible next time and yourselves should join to monitor each polling station.

    We know the elections were flawed but we have come to accept the results of the flawed elections and we move on. We are already giving the dpp thieves a tough time, that is enough and all for now.

  21. mmihavani says:

    Monse muja?? Stupid! Ndiye ife titani?

  22. HATER OF FAKE CSO says:

    If it was poor preparation who was to blame it it the current govt or the previous one. We wanted this report before announcement of results but you where so dull that you wait other people to tell you. We have serious problems of floods to attend to than this useless report. Ana anjoka inu satana akufungatileni bcoz you let the problem out then to fix it. Let Demon bless u with calamities so that one day you should put the affairs of malawian first. Your report cant change anything.

  23. Vyachalo says:

    Ife a DPP taganiza kuti tikavoteso. Anthu mnayamba kale kunena kuti DPP anabela ndipo dzikoli likuyendesedwa ndi bala. Tiyeni tivoteso basi

  24. Mr. B says:

    What can we do as Malawians in 2019 to have credible, transparency and fair election. Let’s stop it not to happen again and accept the will of the majority according to our constitution. Let’s build Malawi, a better Malawi, a solid Malawi, a Malawi that belongs to all of us(MALAWIANS). Support each other not destroying each other we can do great things to uplift our country to another level. It pains me to learn that Malawi is one of the poorest country in the world. Why? We do have resources, beautiful waters, beautiful mountains, beautiful animals and beautiful everything in general. I love Malawi and I am a proud Malawian.

  25. M'doko says:

    Inenso ndikuona kuti tivotenso komanso ndilibe chikhulupiliro ndi majaji athu anthu odziwa zamalamuro mudziwe kuti ifetu tikupsinjika

  26. Ngakha says:


  27. kachamba says:

    Walemba report ndani nokhanokha zisili basi zakukanika za NACGATE mukulimbana ndi izi simukwanisa akambelembele inu

  28. zatha lero says:

    Kodi nkhani imeneyi itha kuti? Zanditopesa. Day in day out tizingokhalila kumba zimenezi? Kodi amaba bwanji inu mulipompo, tikhalila kulila mpaka kuti. Your grieving process is taking long. Thus u need a mental state examination to confirm the diagnosis of Depression. U completely lack insight mxiiii tisazamveso. Nlkhani imenei ndaithesa. Tho u cry nothing will change. Just wait for 4 mo yrs for the nxt voting process

  29. ken says:

    amutharika tamavani musakhale ngati achimwene (kayerekera,quota system,nac gate……..) akukupezerani zifukwa pang’ono pang’ono zotsatira zake muzadzipanga regret mwayi wositha zolakwika ulipo.bwana presdent ganizani kawiri.azupppppplpllppllllpppplpplpllpplppgojppplpp


  30. Jelbin mk says:

    Koma amalawi umbuli unachilukadi how could the commission release the report soon after elections? A report comes out after a thorough investigation is concluded and the findings are verified and confirmed by the investigating teach as valid and sound, so to ask questions like where was the commission all this time is as stupid as asking moisture in a bathroom.

  31. Chikopa says:

    Nosense at its best. MHRC or whatever you may call it has failed big-time. Having been quite for too long they ought to have come up with something bigger and better to guarantee wow! factor. No new things stated here. They should have said for example – ” Blantyre votes were 600,000 but the ballot papers allocated were 300,000. MEC failed to reconcile – that could have been news not this shit.

    Another body just eating and going to the toilet.

  32. Nkhombokombo says:

    The report is very valid and straight forward but has come in alittle too late. We are now facing these floods, most likely resulting into diseases, njala and umphawi and Boma pano ndalama lilibe. Where are we going to fetch the financial musle to do a rerun of the elections should there be a need? Lets dwell first on this current situation first and leave the Gvt concetrate.

  33. che Zumba says:

    Please send a copy of the report to Max Mbendela!!!!

  34. Nkhamanga says:

    Untimely as it might seem to some quarters, the report is crucially important in bringing to light the circumstance towards which the toothless old man rose to the hot seat and rejuvenates the call for future national presidents to collect 50% of the votes.

  35. ....Pako says:

    Koma bwanji tiVotenso chifukwa ngati anakwanitsa kubela Akuluwa azingotibera chilichonse taganizilani za zaka 4 kutsogoloku

  36. Fathara says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ngati kuli kuchedwa kwama computer ndiye mwagwa nayotu mungowataya basikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ndiye what next????? Kkkkkkkkkk opita ku school apa Malawi.

  37. Thomas says:

    Mwayigwira mbava Mbendera ndi APM

  38. Namu says:

    Kodi awa bwanji? Mmalo mothandiza ma flood victims you are bringing nonsence to our sight. Where were you all this time. So what will change? You were supposed to say these things during those few days they were holding on to the results. It was JB only who started fighting for us, unfortunately he had no back-up chifukwa cha kudzikonda kwanu. I miss Mwakasungula ndithu. His talkativeness was helpful sometimes. Osati zanuziyi.

  39. Boyka says:

    Which body then should be mandated to conduct elections in the manner that you can validate elections as free, fair & credible? Otherwise CHRR you should campaign that u be considered for this assignment next time we have another election. You look more intelligent than all Malawians.

  40. palibekanthu says:

    What next?

  41. galu wa galu says:

    Mwasowa chohchita eti? Osamangodya ndalama za United Nations zo. Milibe chikondi ndi dziko anthu inu.

  42. jedi says:


  43. A million questions for Allah!

  44. Murray says:

    zipindulanji? where was the report all this while?

  45. vigour says:


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