Mijiga for ‘new insights’ in FA Malawi

Top marketer Wilkins Mijiga is aspiring to take over the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidency during the December 12 elections. He was nominated by Super League of Malawi (SULOM) to challenge incumbent Walter Nyailandu who is seeking a fourth term. Nyasa Times engaged Mijiga for an exclusive interview.

Mijiga: FAM presidential aspirant

Mijiga: FAM presidential aspirant


Mr. Wilkins George Mijiga, you are vying for the Presidency of FAM, Tell us who you are and your track record?

I am a 1993 Graduate of Economics and Sociology from Chancellor College, University of Malawi and a Post Graduate scholar in Leadership with the University of Cape Town, has been a consummate and passionate driver, campaigner, innovator, architect, pioneer, veteran, manager and Administrator of a lot of football initiatives and campaigns in Malawi at all levels from secondary, university, community to National level. I was born on April 6th, 1971, and currently work as Head of Strategy, Marketing and Corporate Affairs for National Bank of Malawi. I am also a Board Member of Airport Development Limited (ADL) since 2014 and I also co-own one of Blantyre’s elite, most prestigious and up market pub called HS Winehouse.

Most people know you as a banker and a marketer or a corporate leadership scholar. What football administrative credentials do you have to run for such office?

I have a very rich track record in football involvement not only as a player, which almost every Malawian boy does at one time or another , but in football management and it started from my high school days and runs as follows;:

From 1987 to 1989 I was Team Manager, Malosa Secondary School Football Team Where I was instrumental in facilitating the day to day coordination and operations of the Malosa Secondary School Football Team during its participation in the then Famous MBS Trophy.

Some of the prominent members of that team included Lennox Thipa who went to play for Admarc Tigers, Austin Mandiwa who is currently in the USA, late Paul Kankodo who went on to play for UFC, Zonena Zimphonje, Wilson Nanungu, a Physiotherapist with QECH. Todate they still call me “athimu”; colloquial Chichewa for Team Manager.

From 1992 to 1993 I was Team Manager, Chilunga (Chancellor College ) Football Club This was another two years of being the operative and administrative champion for the coordination and facilitation of the logistical requirements to run Chanco Football Club that was playing in the Blantyre and District Football League division two .

Most of the players in the Chanco team graduated their way up into the UFC (University Football Club) of those days that was playing in the Premier League, the most prestigious league at time

From 2000 to 2001 I was Manager and Champion of the Carlsberg Cup I championed the launch of the first ever Carlsberg Cup in 2000 as Brand Manager for Carlsberg Malawi. As the Carlsberg brand champion, I took the lead in the conceptualization, packaging and bringing into being the Carlsberg Cup and its subsequent holly razzmatazz of execution that made the Carlsberg Cup of 2000 achieve Pop Star status with its novel execution of bringing military aircrafts to spice the cup final including using of beauty pageants to bring the cup making it become more than a cup final but a massive exciting football pageantry.

In 2005 I was Vice Chairperson and Coordinator of the FAM CUP

On January 5th 2005 on the request and approach by the President of the Football Association of Malawi to help the Association deal with the draught of Cups and Tournaments sponsorship in Malawi at his taking office, I used my rich social capital and professional and social networks to coordinated a caucus of professionals and business executives that formed the FAM CUP Campaign chaired at that time by the Vice President the Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.

As Vice Chairperson I was in charge of the operational and logistical coordination of the day to day administrative and routine operations of the FAM Cup Campaign.

The Committee conceptualized and launched the FAM CUP initiative, conducted a self-help funds mobilization for the Cup and ran the organisation of the matches in the competition and the attendant logistics of running a Football Cup Competition including the format of fixtures and then the execution and staging of the Finals having secured aK6 million once of sponsorship from Press Trust.

Having successfully ran this campaign and given birth to the FAM Cup, Standard Bank came to take it over and rechristened the Cup to Standard Bank Cup.

In 2008 I was Pioneer and Founding member, BEACH SOCCER

I worked as a founder and pioneer member of the first ever Beach soccer tournament that happened in Sunbird Livingstonia Beach in Salima.

As a key member of the team I was key in driving the conceptualization of the trophy, the venue booking and scheduling of the event. Most critically I championed the resource mobilization to run the launch by securing sponsorship of K0.5 million from National Bank of Malawi. I was also one of the few members of the team that attended 10 of the meetings running up to and during the launch of the Beach Soccer in Malawi.

Since 2003           Member of the Big Bullets Board of Trustees

From 2008 to 2012 I was Board Member, National Council of Sports

From 2009 to 2010 I was Chairperson, FLAMES 2010 Resource Mobilization Campaign

My highest achievements and contribution to football to date came in 2009 when I appointed by the Malawi Government, under the recommendation of FAM and National Council of sports to Chair a special Task Force to mobilize resources from the corporate world, the private sectors and the Malawian public with the purpose of applying those resources and make them available to be used by the Malawi National Football Team, the FLAMES to participate in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations in Angola.

I led the task force which included prominent members such as Peterkins Kayira, Mrs. Wilma Chalulu, Mr. Darlington Ndasauka, Mrs. Stella Hara and many others; to go on the highway conducting fund raising initiative including big walks, SMS (short message service) Promotions, Music shows, dinner and dances and seeking pledges of support.

These efforts culminated in engaging the help of the Chief Executive Officer of Press Corporation , Professor Matthews Chikaonda who helped mobilize business captains to pledge in excess of K22 million that was paid over to FAM on January 7th 2015 and enabled the FLAMEs effectively at the 2010 AFCON in Angola

It seems you have been deeply involved with football, how about FAM, have you been directly involved with their Activities?

Of course most deeply involved. The FAM Cup initiative as well as the 20110 FLAMES Resource Mobilization were direct activities benefiting not only the people of Malawi but FAM in particular. I have also been engaged by FAM at various levels on other key assignments like in 2012 to 2013 when I was Member of the FAM Commercialization and Marketing Team

In this assignment I worked as a lead and member of the Commercialization and Marketing Initiative to make FAM a fully-fledged-self-financing and financially vibrant and independent Association that generate adequate financial resources through innovation and initiatives to be commercially viable. This initiative culminated in the launch of the first ever FLAMES Replica Jerseys deal with PUMA and the subsequent launch of the PUMA Replica Jerseys and its marketing and vending.

What other key initiative have you been involved with in the Football arena?

In 2014  I Chaired the Resource Mobilization campaign for KEEP BLANTYRE CLEAN and GREEN and the Blantyre MAYOR’s CHARITY SHIELD

I worked as part of the team that championed the launch of the Mayor’s Charity Shield in 2014 in the month of November following on to the Mayors Ball that happened on November 1, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Khwesi Msusa.

As Chair I was part of the key personalities that led the team in the conceptualization of the tournament, liaison with stakeholders including the participating teams and all the logistics and administrative tasks of managing the Tournament end to end. And the Shield was won by Mighty Be Forward Wanderers. We are currently working on the 2015 version .

So why must Malawians, through the FAM Affiliates , elect you as the next FAM president?

As President Barack Obama said when he visited the AU this year , we need change of leadership to bring in new insights and energies into our institutions and communities.

Most significantly I have a vibrant energy towards society initiatives not only in football but many spheres, I am an ardent believer of and a devoted embracer and doer of everything to do with good corporate governance, I truly believe and walk transparency which has given me a great source of social capital and networks with all the key stakeholders in any business and social endeavours and I have demonstrated that I can use my social credits and capital to benefit football before. I will use that same capital to turn football into a vibrant , thriving and sustainable business that will benefit all the key stakeholders.

What will be unique about Wilkins Mijiga, should he become FAM president?

I will make FAM transparent by publishing its audited accounts every year, as a constitutional must, as champion the cause of ring fencing corporate governance by abolishing Life Presidency at FAM by advocating for term limits and empowering the affiliates to be meeting FAM as a governing council at least three times in a year so that the FAM Executive is held accountable to the people of Malawi for its actions.

Most importantly I am exceptionally innovative and have an abundant knack of creativity and I do things with the utmost of perfection and I am poised, with the support of all the key stakeholders in football to take Malawian football to the top ten of within the next four years and the top five within the next ten years by doing what every intelligent sensible person does, building from the ground level with a strong foundation and not starting to build with the roof as is the case now where all we focus is the national team.

No, I will make football vibrant from grass root football academies through active vibrant district and regional leagues and tiered age bracketed national squads right to the super League, which is already professionally ran and vibrant, to the national team. I will do the hard work of building from the bottom not the lazy easy way of just participating in every tournament even when we are not ready.


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86 thoughts on “Mijiga for ‘new insights’ in FA Malawi”

  1. Jackson White says:

    Koma chinanchina a Walter mwadyelapo…Siyani zili bwino asadzachite kukumangani please!

  2. Chigawaneni says:

    Nankununkha Sadzimva, I salute you. What else do we want from a FAM president apart from what Mijiga if he can walk the talk? Let’s Give Mijiga a benefit of doubt. I wish I was one of the voters. All the best Mijiga!

  3. Tengupenya says:

    To claim that FAM has a life president is to demean the incumbent. Just campaign and compete. If your aim is to change leadership for the sake of change, you can talk of the successive terms by one person as undesirable. Talk about performance, goals and visions.

    One vision to think about is joint training of Flames with the world highly ranked Queens. The Flames could learnt the spirit that drives the Queens with very little in their way in terms of training infrastructure and sponsorship. Build mental stamina and game survival for the Flames through learning from the Queens.

  4. big fan says:

    who soever god favours/shall prosper

  5. mustafa says:

    I urge you to scrape the SULUM though it has taken you on board thus as time goes such that much local resources can be channelled to the stragling teams and not sulum if ever you succseed on the presidency brother

  6. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    “A Kalenga ndinu anthu tengani Naomi akhale wanu!”

  7. chakuchanya says:

    Chisankho cha ma affiliates si chabwino chamabanzi ichi otherwise Monica should rise to the helm.

  8. wayunda says:

    It is not a matter changing leadership but how does he/manages. What the is the performance of Nyamilandu? Is he doing Nothing or something. Looking for change behavour that is why we lost Kina Phiri. Now football is going down.

  9. Ineyo Kaya says:

    guys Munthu koma uyu. i have a picture home of the FAM fundraising team that launched the FAM cup in 2005. Walter ali pompo. he called to ask Wilkins for ideas and Wilkibs mobilised all of us. ku Angola CAF Walter called Wilkins agaun to help him mobilse resources how is it now kuti Wilkins alibe football administration. all the time Walter is nzeru zikamuthera as is always the case amayimbira phone Wilkins for nzeru abd support lero wayipa?

  10. Martin says:

    Mijiga yemweyo kuti Wawawawaw. ife tagwira naye ntchito ku Carlsberg anayambitsa Carlsberg cup. Street bashes. the carlsberg beach party. the guy is brilliant or the word is GENIUS. ma affiliates mukumva zofuna za anthu

  11. Gannett says:

    November 20,.11 .2015: at 06:52 pm. Mijiga ali bhoo

  12. palestine in mosko says:

    Honestly speaking Mr. Mijiga deserve the seat, full stop. Who doesn’t need a change in lyf? “Change Is What We Nee! Yes We Can”! Baraka Obama.

  13. Jimmy Koreia-Mpatsa says:

    Walter,my friend and past team mate at Moneymen social club, it is said “A successful person is one who leaves a place better than he/she found it”,If u have achieved this then I say congratulations but if u haven’t then I say take solace in the fact that u gave it your all.
    I honestly believe either way it is time to move on and we will all hold you in high esteem, I believe up ahead there are more fishes to fry and more pools to swim in.


    tisaname , munthuyu akukwana kwambiri . lets pray for him kuti ma Affliates adzamuvotere basi .

  15. Ma says:

    Mijiga you can’t win against well informed Walter wachepa nazo you are just wasting your time and money. …

  16. gori says:

    Ma affiliate ma affiliate listen to what people want please we want NEW leadership at FAM, SO TIZAMVE KUTI WINA WAVOTERA NYAMILANDU TIZAKUFUNSANI!!! MULI PAMENEPO TO REPRESENT THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE ON THE GROUND.

  17. Well articulated and a clear vision for FAM. Please affiliates as the vote lies in your hands I implore you for once. Vote for change. Vote Wilkins Mijiga.

  18. mwanangosi says:


  19. amos says:

    lets try him, osati munthu mmodzi kakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka.

  20. GRM says:

    He’s got our support coz the other corrupt guy has overstayed

  21. Miko says:

    All the best sir.

  22. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    To Walter I say congratulations! You did your part and we appreciate your service to the nation.
    It is now time for new leadership. As usual the new leadership will still need your advice where necessary and please provide such happily.

    To Mijiga again congratulations!
    The nation has high expectations from you. We trust that you are capable and that’s why we don’t need these elections. If anything lets call it a handover ceremony.

    We wish you all the best!

  23. Mijiga says:

    I wish i could vote I could have voted for you Mijiga. I have created 4 tick boxes that can move soccer forward. 1. Player Development, 2. Resource mobilisation 3. Leadership and accountability and 4. Vision. You have a tick in each box boss. Let football see change.

  24. John says:



    MIJIGA IS THE MAN TO SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. NAIDZE G says:

    olo mutani nyamilandu akuwinanso mark my word.amenewa mwina 2020 amadikila

  26. mn.mangenje says:

    He is a good material for that post.I know him when we are at carsberg company.

  27. Yaya kumudzi says:


  28. Fra says:

    Mijiga oyeeee!

  29. musova says:

    zitsiru zina nde zikavotere Walter tidzaonetsana season ikubwerai , Mijiga woyeee !!!

  30. The CV has tell it all and if we deliberatily vote for a wrong person then We will brame the voters.

  31. Dungulinya says:

    untried, untested, is he stable? Not overly nerdish? koma in comparison with incumbent maybe better option

  32. All the best Mr Mijiga!bola osazagulitsa magame ngati uyo akuchokayo olo akukakamira

  33. Ntchona says:

    He failed from the first question kkkkkk. vere sad and poor flow of answering to get people´s interest

  34. Mboka says:

    FAM has been waiting for a long time to have a dynamic leader leader in the caliber of Wilkins Mijiga. Who can say Mijiga is not a perfect fit for this position at a time when FAM is in shambles ingrained in alot of corruption and thefty? Why for God’s sake should Nyamilandu cling to the position as if he is the only learned and capable personality to run football affairs in the country? Term limits should apply please. I wonder why we remain quite at these leaders as if they are the only few elite in football circles.

    More fire MIJIGA!!! . Koma CV yanu yayoghoya mbwenu!!!!

  35. Ndaipalero says:

    Yeah welcome Mr mijiga FAM ndiyanu basi

  36. haward says:

    I was anoyed by the way the affiliates chose their candidate, almost three quarter of them dwelled on Nyamilandu leaving this guy Mijiga only to be reconised by SULOM. I hope when voting you will think otherwise ndisamvenso za Walter zanuzo

  37. jones says:

    sounds better. ho
    pe you will get enough votes.

  38. Patriot says:

    We need change. of leadership to bring in new insights and energies into our institutions and communities,even at Malawi National Council Of Sports.They have overstayed.

  39. Mjomba Yusuf says:

    But what’s wrong with Nyamilandu?

    Does our goal varies on changing things or proper man who can change things?

  40. Wokonda masewera ampira says:

    It is my hope, that mr Mijiga shuld won the elections, we need such passionate people in football, let’s hope other sports affiliates will change their minds to vote for this wise man ! Mr walter nyamilandu did his part! If iwere him iculdnt bother time to stand! But coz the consituation always him! But let’s change the football administrations! Mr mijaga is aleading marketer he can develop our football!!

  41. angoni says:

    its high time we change leadership at FAM.Bwana Mijiga get the root cause of fraud at gates during super league games and commercialised our super league clubs.
    Uthenga kwa Bwana Walter kodi mukufuna akuchoseni ngati Blatter???

  42. Afanaze says:

    Opportunities dont just happen lets create them by accepting change now!!!!

  43. Chief Zion says:

    Plz our delegates at FA conference this is the time for Mijiga to take over the leadership because he is having a vision that can take the Malawian football standards to another level,let’s get away with the life presidency syndrome.

  44. Never says:

    Wata give chance to others.its enough. Do not biliv in i,myself and me zosiilana izi

  45. Alfred Jordan says:

    Ndale zaku mpira tsopano

  46. Thats the way to go and congratulations for sound policies that will come into effective on 12 December when you resume the FA Presidency. Don’t be shaken this is your time and time has come for you to raise the Malawian flag in sports desciplines at all leves including end of year audit. Ine Steve M. Ngozo. May God bless Malawi with good leadership.

  47. stephen says:

    Let us give him a chance. koma sizoti mungotinamapo yapa

  48. Bola Kunthazi says:


  49. mapapaya says:

    Ine ndikudabwa chifukwa ndinamva kuti malamulo sakulola zoti a Nyamilandu ayimenso.Masapotalanso sakuwafuna. Tatengani a Mijigawo mwina tione zina.

  50. Dukes says:

    Bwanji tingovota ngati general election kuti mijigayu asabeledwe mavote? This is the cream of a leader we want at FAM please ma delegates kapangeni zokonda dzikolanu osati zomusangalatsa Walter if we are to bring the glory that our team had nthawi ya Kamuzu Banda…..am out…

  51. Alex Likoswe says:

    Change for sake of change. Better the devil you know

  52. Chodziwadziwa Bsc Engineering (Poly), Msc (Cant), PhD (Oxon) says:

    This guy has got a well focused vision for FAM as most of us wish it could be run. I do not see any reason worth enough that Walter Nyamilandu should be clinging to the post after failing to revamp the institution for so many years. We should learn to relinquish our positions when we have failed and its really shameful to see the incumbent president of FAM not wanting to throw in a towel. What change will you bring after we gave so many years at the same institution. Let us all rally behind Mr Mijiga and as he has clearly stated he will make sure that term limits are instituted in the FAM constitution, sizamuyaya izi zosilana please.

  53. nyongolotsi says:

    nanga cv yamunthu wankulu mananger wa ilovo, mwaiona kale? kuyankhula ndikophweka koma kuchita.

  54. Peter27 says:

    Everyone is better than Walter…

  55. Wozitsata Heavy says:

    zikanakhala zovota masapota izi Biafra yonse ikanachonga zainu basi!!!

  56. kk says:

    Uyu ndiye mtsogoleri osati zinazi abale.

  57. kent says:

    sananene za kuwina kwa ma games only i mobilised this,i made a strategy,i know these people is that what we are looking for from fam or we are looking forward to our national team competing in the world cup 2018 this guy is full of theories as it is our culture in Malawian governance.Both Walter and Mijiga are lacking vision the affairs of the Fam has to benefit the players osati makasu kumunda amenene amalima koma sadya nawo mondokwa.

  58. Bertha Chisale says:

    Bring it on Mijiga! You are the next president of FAM come December 12, 2015. This is the man we need to change our footbal in Malawi, enewa akhalapo asiyireni azanu, mwaba kwambiri

  59. komkobb says:

    Tioneko zina abale , mpaka kuumilira fourth term.

  60. Mwethu says:

    The best thing would have been for Nyamilandu to just pave way for change, he will be much respected by doing the honourable thing. It is a toll order for Mijiga to dislodge Nyamilandu because he has bribed the voters but if the affiliates really care for Malawi football they must put aside their own problems and choose a person who can change the fortunes of football in Malawi.
    Nyamilandu has done a great job but its time to say good bye and give a chance to others to try to take it to the next level.
    If he is not careful he will end up like Blatter and Platini.

  61. mwayi lusaka says:

    Mr Walter Nyamilandu could have taken a leaf from what happened to Sep Blatter, its better to step down honorably than to be humiliated . You had your time , we appreciate, but we really need ‘new insights and energies’ for us to move to the next level! Thank you for relentlessy serving your motherland through FAM.

  62. Rover says:

    Inu A Nyamirandu, munthu wakuti akavoteredwe ndi uyu. Nanunso kavotereni yemweyo.

  63. Bwathamisa says:

    Wellcome Mr Mijiga and remember to flashoutall inactive member who have been at FAM for that 20yrs doing nothing but clapping hands…we need reform @ FAM,If Walter has achived alot why clinging to power instead of leaving the Platform while the wind is still blowing….should we say walter and his backroom staff are Myipoic and they need a candle so that they can see…….

  64. Mbiri says:

    Koma ukuyesetsa kukokela CV Mijiga. Nanga mpaka mpira wosewela munsewu waana ukakhale football administration? Kungoti ovota ndi owerengafe ndiosiyana. Ataloleza kuti tivote nawo uwina. Kodi chete wakhala Walter yu tidziti palibe akupanga? Akundiophya! Bwino naye!

  65. KAMBWE says:

    Munthu koma uyu…

  66. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Not because of achievements but the question remains.Is he a God fearing person?I know righteousness exalts the nation but evil down grades.I personally dont know him and am eager to thru you fellow commentors

  67. MAYE says:

    i am behind you Mijiga. what is special with Walter? I agree with those saying he might be afraid of something that once he is out of office, he will be tracked. Go Mijiga go! to the affiliates, Malawi’s football is in your hands, you are the ones who will take part in voting. I beg you to do the best thing

  68. Mgwanya says:

    Okavotanu kungolakwisaso kuika Madzi Nyamilandu mundimva ndizayenda ka demo kandekhandekha koma kaziwawa!

  69. Ooo ndi wa bullets eti basi nyamilandu yemweyo kuti wa wa wa

  70. clems says:

    If this can be fairly implemented so much the better

  71. Willie Chimseu says:

    You are most welcome to soccer body. But remember to overhaul the operations of FAM when u got there.

  72. Half mad Youth says:

    Abwana welcome to FAM! Tengani mpando ndithu

  73. mapwevupwevu says:

    Wilkins ukakhala FAM president the first thing you should do is fire Suzgo Nyirenda, he will spoil your good plans.

  74. Kenkkk says:

    It is high time another person took over fam. Mijiga seems the right person for me.

    He can clean up all the corruption that this man Walter and his board have inflicted on fam.

  75. Gas Machine Head says:

    Yes, we need this man! Mpaka ma third term like Paul Kagame yet Malawi National Footbal team has done nothing despite all of Nyamilandu’s promises. Mijiga, here we come

  76. Peter says:

    Mijiga pitani mukayendetse FAM enawa tawayetsa ndipo alephera. My vote goes to you.

  77. Mgoloso says:

    Mijiga more fireeeeee,,,,ife tili pambuyo po

  78. Zanga Phee! says:

    This will be the first time in the history FAM having a President with a vision with sound policies please carry on.See my name.

  79. owen says:

    Our next FAM president

  80. Yaya kumudzi says:

    May the good Lord create something new in your life this year, I personaly wish you well & all the best

  81. Few good men says:

    Mijiga yemweyo kuti wawawa

  82. KHOKHOKHO says:

    Wilkins, may the good Lord be with you all the way. Tisamangoti satana watikhalira pamsana pamene we have had leadership that has to be changed. We have the opportunity now for our players to have a change, a new broom that will see things differently. We need change yesterday.

  83. Dhilu says:

    It is high time people changed things and elected Mr Mijiga to see change in the management of Football in Malawi. Mr Mijiga is well focused and results oriented and I improle all relevant stakeholders to vote for him for the good of football in Malawi. Why is Nyamilandu clinging to the post? Has he got skeletons in the closet that he is afraid will be out once he goes out and he cannot hold the lid? We understand Malawi FAM was well oiled by Blatter and the monies ended in officials, Malawi games were being sold, match fixing of Malawi international games and so many dirty games happening under the FAM leadership, only change will bring the truth out. Dzuka Malawi! Malawi Dzuka!!

  84. Mandela says:

    Takulandilani a mijiga fam tengani

  85. Watson says:

    Uyu nde munthu!!

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