Millions of Kwacha lost in material for Lilongwe LDF projects

Millions of kwacha in building materials for school blocks at M’buka Primary School, south of Lilongwe City, have been wasted for over staying without being used since they were bought over a year ago.

Over 400 bags of cement and several tins of paint wasted - pix by LINA

Over 400 bags of cement and several tins of paint wasted – pix by LINA

Unfinished classroom block at M'buka in Lilongwe - pic by LINA

Unfinished classroom block at M’buka in Lilongwe – pic by LINA

Over four hundred bags of cement, several tins of paint meant for construction of two school blocks at the school funded by Local Development Fund (LDF) have expired yet the school blocks are uncompleted.

In an email response to Lilongwe News Agency (LINA), the city, through their spokesperson, Tamara Chafunya, claimed they failed to finish construction of the school blocks because of lack of enough funds because of additional blocks but she promised that work would resume soon to finish the school blocks.

“At that particular time we had on paper an indication that the funding was adequate , until the additional blocks that made us realize that there was miscalculation of the funds,” Chafunya explained.

The city did not disclose how much money they received from LDF and who miscalculated, the city or the Local Development Fund secretariat.

Approximately 30 Million Kwacha has been spent on the two school blocks, costing around 15 Million Kwacha each but still flooring, plastering and painting are some of the works not yet done.

The School Committee Chairman for M’buka Primary School, Peter Banda, explained in an interview with LINA that the community is not happy with the way the whole project was carried out.

“We were told by the city that a school block was to be built here at our school, complete with its latrines and a storeroom. A few days later, the city engineer, a Mr Khotopo came with someone and told us that he was the contractor for the project. Within a few days the contractor brought building materials in bulk even before he had built the said storeroom but told us to set aside one classroom to store the materials pushing learners to conduct classes outside, under a tree,” Banda recounts the way the project began.

The first block started being built in January, 2014 and was expected to be completed by March or early April, 2014 but over a year and half now, it is still unfinished.

“A surprise came when six months later, in June, the city people came back and told us that Government had considered building another school block at the school. They were doing this when the first block had failed to be finished within targeted period.”

They brought another contractor, the chairman said, and a school block which started in June and was supposed to be completed on 31st August, is also not finished up to now.

LDF Technical support office, which is Local Development Fund secretariat, when contacted through their Head Development Communications Unit, Booker Matemvu, asked for a questionnaire but did not respond to it despite several reminders sent to him.

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17 thoughts on “Millions of Kwacha lost in material for Lilongwe LDF projects”

  1. Kelvin says:

    Ntchito za political engineer zonse izi so many schools remember mpaka pano nzosamaliza

  2. Zoona zenizeni says:

    Pano tima contractor ta anthu tili busy kuti pula za LDF.That’s is a very disorganised country so called Malawi.Nobody cares about the future generation learning under the tree in the year 2015 as longer as his pockets are fat,This is cashgate taking place at LDF.Everybody wants to have big cars and build mansions in a wrong way.

  3. Mabvuto says:


  4. The real ujeni says:

    Cashgate, this is how people masquerading as contractors when in actual fact it is a briefcase company, good example is Savala, Karonga and many other dubious contractors. What they do is get the big cheque in advance, each one gets a cut, buy some building materials just to blind people or dupe people that you’re a serious contractor then start playing delaying tactics until everything stalls and die a natural death. This I typical of failed states in third world countries who have no clue of what development is or serious about it. Musova, mavotavota

  5. OBSERVER says:


  6. hey says:

    Mumamaliza Kaye nyumba zanu. Honestly if this was money from your pockets mukanatelo? Children are learning under trees and inu mkumatelo. Or else its another cover up. Mwasololapo then kotsalako kuzisiya cholinga ma records awonetse kuti katundu anaonongeka. Malawi needs reform indeed. Reform ya deliverance. Pathetic. Choncho basi muzipemphananso chithandizo.

  7. Jimbo says:

    No surprise there. Typical Malawi mismanagement. When are officials going to get their act together and get organised. No wonder the country is so backward and underdeveloped. I have even known the bank in Mzuzu to run out of cash!! We had to wait while they sent to Blantyre for more. What is it about Malawians that they seem utterly incapable of planning and organising for the future. Even so called ‘educated’ people seem unable to think and plan for the future. No progress will be made until this problem is sorted.

  8. Tchutchu says:

    Ndamva ngati kuti katundu was delivered but construction was not being done. what it means the officers at the city were more interested in the purchases where the might have inflated the costs through the suppliers. They drew fat envelops from suppliers of the materials. a NAO ndiye mudikiranji apa osangoyambapo ntchito yanu. Katangale odadutsa apa. Ndipo katundu wambiri anamangira nyumba zao.

  9. Peter says:


  10. cashgate1 says:

    Malawi don’t need democracy to develop. Dictatorship may be the way forward

  11. Tili Chenene says:

    Lilongwe City Council is a living dead entity just like its mayor

  12. kk says:

    Anthu anatha kumeneko wawa

  13. Pontho says:

    Its not only Lilongwe investigate what councils are doing with LDF Funds. LDF has no strict auditing. Ngati pali ndalama zophweka ndiye za LDF. Funding yake ikabwera pa Council sizimasowa akuluakulu timameeting ta madzulo anthu atawereka kugawana ma envelope

  14. wez says:

    City of Lilongwe pls build up a good Bus deport in the city. The one we have next to combination market is too old and doesn’t look up well to standard as big city like lilongwe Bus deport. We have good building, nice Rest house, but no good when it comes to Bus parkings minbuses r every where without proper parkings.pls city of capital citys do something we love lilongwe so much

  15. The Star says:

    This is typical of Malawian culture. Failing to impliment a project yet everything was given. In the near future the same people will start complaining about lack of school blocks in their area. If the materials supplied were for two block, what was the reason of waiting for supplies of the 3rd block?

  16. Matty says:

    Am not surprised…….Malawians are greedy. Mwinanso a Booker ananyambitapo pamenepo. Ndi amuna akadya amenewo. He demands kanganyase from all the money leaving out of LDF funds. Ndagodutsamo ine.

  17. Dobadoba says:

    School gate imeneyo toooooo

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