Minibus owners meet over ban of Bongo, Vanetts vans

Minibus owners are to meet this week to chat the way forward following the decision by government to ban mini vans Nissan Vanette and Mazda Bongo which pack passengers like saldines.

Minibuses, the only way to travel in discomfort in Malawi

Minibuses, the only way to travel in discomfort in Malawi

Privately operated minibuses

Privately operated minibuses

Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (Moam) Coxley Kamange said the owners would be meeting to brain stop on what to do next if the government moves in to ban the small minibuses.

The Road Traffic director said the government was concerned with the vehicles carrying people saying they were manufactured to carry goods.

This was after the Parliamentary Committee on Transport asked the road traffic directorate if it was aware that the vehicles pack people four on each line of chair and conductors could be rude if one or two of the people are fat.

The Parliamentary Committee on Transport chairman Victor Mbewe asked the government to ban the vanets or bongo as minibus operators force desperate passengers to sit four on each line of chair instead of three.

Moam  also wants government to consider reducing tax on motor vehicle tyres as well as extending the tax waiver imposed on new and used motor vehicles not exceeding eight years to 10 years.

Kamange appealed to Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe to consider extending the duty waiver to enable indigenous Malawians to bring in more minibuses so that they can phase out the mini vans, such as Nissan Vanette and Mazda Bongo.

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12 thoughts on “Minibus owners meet over ban of Bongo, Vanetts vans”

  1. Thako Lambeta says:

    Kadulitseni akhale ma half tone basi muzikanyamula gado ndi mbatata basi

  2. KAJOLOWEKA says:

    Ma bus 6 a cash gate ayambe kuyenda kumene kukuyenda tu maminbus kuti anthu asabvutike. Kuchoka apo Boma liganizire kutenga loan ku China kuti ligulire ma basi ena kuti zikhale mmene zinaliri nthawi ya Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda. Anthu sitimabvutika kuyenda ndi kuzazana mu basi.

  3. JAMAHIRIYA says:

    This would certainly be a very welcome idea. Go to Rumphi and see how minibuses to and from Hewe 65kms west of Rumphi Boma pack passengers. From Rumphi it is four passengers on all the seats. From Bolero to Hewe the front seat accommodates another passenger to make three and the fourth is the driver who sits sideways while driving. The worst thing is that desperate passengers even sit on the roof of the minibus. In total a vanette/bongo minibus has well over 25 people on the bad and potholed road. This is really dangerous on the part of passengers.

  4. ANALYST says:

    If passengers were to be sitting three on each chair, the discomfort issue would not arise. However, because the police have failed to enforce that law by demanding bribes all the time when a minibus exceeds capacity. Minibus drivers and/or owners have also continued to “pack” four passengers per seat! Wake up you government, most of Malawi’s troubles stem from the spirit of corruption aka cashgate

  5. ernerst says:

    I hope there has been careful consideration on whether the current provision of commuter services satifies demand for the service. If not, properly planned tax waivers would be a solution

  6. dikisan says:

    Mwaona kuti ine ndaitanitsa 12. Ndiye mukuletsa. Ndiye mukuti nditani nazo?

  7. youna says:

    Achita bwino. ma conductor amachita mwano kwambiri nkumati folo folo kwinaku akunukha kukhwapa. This has been the brainchild of UDF led government in 1994. Achoke achoke!

  8. Bwande says:

    Does the Malawi government have any model for public transport? All we see is chaos on the roads. No proper bus stops in town, etc. And one question that the government has to respond is ‘why do we have so many accidents on the roads and so much failure in enforcing rules on the roads when there are so many traffics officers everyday on the roads?’. The Malawi Police, especially traffic police are the root cause of all the mediocrity in Malawi

  9. DOD 2000 says:

    The government should put a period like 3 years ,,,after that period ma vanette isazapezekenso pa mseu kunyamula anthu ,,, komanso aike lamulo loti vanette yanyuwani yogulidwa after the Ban isamatheke road payment…. izi zithandiza anthu omwe ali ndi ma vanette kupanga plan komanso iwo amene akugwira ntchito ngati ma Driver ma galimoto amenewa

  10. kambwali says:

    The problem here its not minbus owners but the traffic police who have failed to enforce the law and resort to receiving bribes from minbus drivers. If anything the law must be enforced not banning minbuses.

  11. Mboma says:

    great comment ze roberto, very correct, UDF is the mother of mediocrity in Malawi

  12. Ze Roberto says:

    If this will be implemented it will instill a sense of dignity to commuters in Malawi who are often parked like sardines. The minibus owners have over time demonstrated having no welfare of their clientele in the name of making profits. And if there are dirty violators of road traffic rules and regulations then they are minibus drivers and their foul smelling so called conductors. But I know the root cause of the problem. The minibus business mushroomed at the same time the country ushered in a regime that cherished lawlessness in 1994.

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