Minister gets praise from backbenchers as Malawi govt MPs open mouths in public health vote

Members of parliament from government side Wednesday afternoon contributed immensely to the mid-year budget review, a day after the opposition claimed President Peter Muthartika muted them with money.

Mussa:  Queried

Mussa: Queried

Minister of Labour Henry Mussa surprised his colleagues on the front bench of the House when he asked the government decision to reduce the Home Affairs vote by K500 million when issuance of national IDs is supposed to start in 2018 and the National Registration Bureau which falls under the ministry is supposed to start this year.

When his colleagues on the front bench, solely reserved for senior cabinet minister reminded him he was minister, he shot back:”I am also a member of parliament, I want to contribute, what is the problem?”

His colleague, Home Affairs minister Jean Kalirani told him the National Registration Bureau is making payments for the registration preparatory work in phases therefore she said the available money will catch up with the next budget in four months time.

However,  the members of parliament took much time on the ministry of Health budget line which has seen an increase by K5 billion from K81 billion to K86 billion.

Health minister Peter Kumpalume impressed the backbenchers with eloquent answers showing he is on top of issues at the ministry and time and again received rare standing ovation and handclapping from the vocal and critical opposition back benchers.

He told the attentive House that theft remains the major factor that is making hospitals have fewer or no medicine.

However, Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi, who is also chairperson of parliament’s Health Committee challenged the Minister on this.

Kumpalume conceded in some hospitals, administrators simply abused or mismanaged monthly funding saying some administrators planned for travel allowances when funding was effected instead of prioritising on buying food and fuel.

He also blamed the centralisation funding of hospitals through district commissioners as pool funds for government departments at district level as some departments use allocations for hospitals when they have used their allocations.

As at 5pm on Wednesday, parliament had passed 26 votes out of the designated 50 budget lines and they were still meeting beyond the.5 pm knocking off time. On Tuesday, they knocked off after seven in the evening.

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Decentralization is better than centralization. If DCs are conniving with DHOs, fix the problem instead of just cry babying.


Zoona, decentralization is not helping at all. DCs misuse hospital funding by conniving with DHOs especially during month of June.


APM needs Ministers like Henry Mussa who can really help him to govern this country.

Bone Kalindo

@ Wanga ndi Yemweyo comment number 7. Cabinet decision is binding on all ministers whether you are the only one who disagreed or whether you absconded. You cant turn around and say but I disagreed!

On the other hand Henry Mussa is repositioning himself to be Saulos Chlima’s running mate should he be kicked out of the arty in favour of Chaponda or be made VP in the unfortunate event that the incumbent kicks the bucket and Chilima takes over the presidency.


Wathuwathu Mussa. You are indeed a Malawian. Akakuthamangitsani ku DPP tikulandirani ku Kongeresi. kkkkkkk

Wanga ndi yemweyo

Chiradzulu East, were you present during the cabinet meeting that you have referred to? Do you know for sure that the Honourable Minister agreed with the “approved” budget during that meeting? I think it’s because of people like you that this country is not making any progress despite the presence of courageous politicians like Mussa who want to move us forward. Go Mussa go! Shame to you Chiradzulu East!


Kumpalume knows his job! No wondeer his presentation had clapping from the backbenchers. Unfortunately, such ministers don’t stay long in their positions-mark my words. The right person in the right place. Bravo Dr Kumpalume, bravo Lunguzi. What an effective combination!


Hon Henry Mussa, Thanks for the good move, you are in Parliament to represent people of Chirazulu East despite being a Minister, Continue holding the DPP government to account onbehalf of the Pople who voted for you, This is not the time for yes Bwana! Kumeneko ndiye kubwera!


Henry Mussa is a statesman. He knows what is best for his constituency and what is best for Malawians. He cannot be an idiot. He is man of the people. He is a leading example.
Remember HM is never mislead. He knows best. I like him.


This is why people should not be allowed to be in the Executive as Ministers and in the Legislature as MPs at the same time. WHAT DOES THE CONSTITUTION SAY ABOUT THIS.

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