Minister Kumpalume to visit collapsing public health service facilities

Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume says he will meet all district health officers to get first hand information on the fast collapsing public health services in Malawi and chat the way forward.

Kumpalume: To visit hospitals

Kumpalume: To visit hospitals

Kumpalume said he would like to meet all district health officers to tell them to exercise prudence and make good priorities as the economic situation might not improve soon.

“They should put to good use the money they have. There will not be a time when they will have all the money they need, this does not even happen in western countries,” said Kumpalume in a radio interview.

His comments come at a time when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Malawi to cut its budget, which meets further cuts in budgets of critical services like health, education and agriculture which have been hit hard by the economic turmoil prevailing in the country.

Some Malawians on social media platforms have urged the government to cut MPs allowances and State House budget in view of the IMF demand.

Reports from Nkhata Bay say health workers are on strike demanding better welfare for both the workers and patients.

They said the low funding from government is virtually making it impossible for the health workers to provide better services to the patients.

In Mzuzu reports say Mzuzu Central hospital which has a K36 million monthly budget now gets less than K15m a month.

In Chikhwawa, reports say there is a rise in malaria cases of up to 45 percent yet public hospitals have no anti-malaria drugs.

Some Malawians speaking on a talk-show radio programme on Friday urged President Peter Mutharika to visit public hospitals to appreciate the dire situation.

Dorothy Ngoma, executive director of National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives told Zodiak Radio on Sunday that the ministries of health and agriculture are headed by well educated cabinet ministers with PhD degrees yet they are the worst hit and worst disorganised amongst them all.

Lilongwe Rural South MP Peter Dimba told parliament the minister of Agriculture Allan Chiyembekeza is the worst of all agriculture ministers in Malawi.

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29 thoughts on “Minister Kumpalume to visit collapsing public health service facilities”

  1. Amen says:

    This is very important subject.You need support from every corner for this. Health is very important ministry.

  2. Phinifolo says:

    Mzungu akufuna amene anavotera DPP amvetse kuti anavotera za chabe, nchifukwa chache akukumanai ndarama. A voter should experience no ambulance at his health centre. He/she should pick their patients to the referral facility on using their own transport. They should by drugs after a doctor prescribes for them. Doctors, nurses, teachers should not be employed so that shortage should increase. survival of the fittest.

  3. Phinifolo says:

    You are kidding. What is needed is money to run hospitals/health services, not meeting the DHOs. Meeting the DHOs for what. Challenges are clear. In the DPP manifesto, they said they would improve the country’s economy. Is there improvement so far? The obvious answer is “NO!” The good news is that those who voted for Peter Mutharika are lamenting now. Those who advised against voting for Peter are better off. Munya muwona.

  4. Joisi Joisi Joisi Devaluation Watiphanayo Joisi Chinsalu. The Mandate Is For 5yrs And We Haven’t Spent Half Of The Term.So U Expected A Magicians To Heal The Wounds Of 49% In Less Than 2yrs?

  5. musisipala says:

    Kaya zintha bwanji… sitimva za cadirac arrest

  6. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    The world is speedily collapsing. Christ is coming soon. It is done. Brutal leaders, Outcry of the poor,homosexuality, lack of water, love growing colder,indeed the beast is ruling. Soon great tribulations and judgment. Satan take care on that seat someone more powerful will judge you.

  7. MLOMWE says:

    Alomwe ogula ma degree aja mwa ena amachedwa ma professor ndimadotolo zawakanika ku Malawi.Kampalume ankadalira anyani ku college ndichifukwa chake zikumukanika mutu wake ndiwouma

  8. Wonderful Atikinson says:

    Collapsing health delivery services….the centre cannot hold and things fall apart.

  9. Alex Likoswe says:

    You have no powers to solve the problem. Ma allowance basi.

  10. Mwakipik says:

    This guy has British nationality. He holds a British passport hence he is a British citizen. Now, tell me, how come we have a foreigner as a cabinet minister? Can such a person comit

  11. selfish decision says:

    We don’t have a government its like warlords running the country.
    Go shortcut from tank to Mwenekondo in Lilongwe you will find police officers in general duty getting money without receipt.
    Do your underground investigation everything is in shit and is out of control
    The end up is poor Malawian being punished in taxes

  12. guta says:

    Mzuzu Central hospital sinthani Director mayiwo akhalitsa

  13. Peter says:

    Its tough to be minister of health in MW at this time of financial crisis.

  14. pido says:

    Does visiting and meeting D.H.Os by Minister them solving a problem. Where was e all the time. Where are Directors, Deputy Directors Chief Health Officers and Principal Health Officers. This means capital hill is not working. They want a minister to meet them while they are phwii mmaofficemo. The Minister needs to meet the D.C,s not D.H.Os. Ndale basi. Decentralisation does not require Minister meeting DHOs no

  15. zibwente says:

    I feel like we can makebit without IMF. IMF please don’t fool Malawians

  16. Jamison Chagwa Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business. Get rid of rubbish to save this God fearing, corrupt ridden, feeble country.

  17. chimwemwe says:

    IMF policies which have been followed are only bringing misery, they are using western policies for africa which are only making Malawians more poor, how can you tame inflation when the kwacha is devaluing everyday, we know CHUKA and GOODALL are clueless what about other economists WAKE UP. Malawi needs to Fix the kwacha immediately to tame inflation. We cant even afford medicines now due to donors and IMF policies do these donors have a heart or they have no morals left in them.

  18. Moyenda says:

    Tell me, how does this make it as news?
    No news here.

  19. Kuntaila says:

    Zavuta pa Malawi. Boma lalephera. Just resign

  20. umziya says:

    All this time you didnt know that theres a crisis in the health sector? Very incopetent official. Mukungofuna mukadyeko ma allowance kumeneko. zaziiiiii

  21. mbuyuni says:

    A minister can have PHD, but good plans manifest with good funding. You can be intelligent, you can spend the whole year planning, but without money you are equally dull.

  22. The real Ujeni says:

    I really don’t know what kind of education Malawi professionals gain in Malawi colleges, they simply can’t practically deliver out there. We have architects who cant design anything of beauty and high standard, Engineers, Surveyors all half baked. People are getting qualifications either easily or the courses are just below standards.

  23. estery chibambo U.K says:

    nothing is working for this government .Every thing is going down hill at every alarming rate,and you,
    the stupid good for nothing minister of Health, goooooooooooooo mutisowele you have failed. Abale nothing good coming out from this government, ASOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ACHOKEEEEEEEE AWONEKWAWO TIMVEKO ZINA ZOTHANDIZA

  24. Kumamvetsa says:

    Kumpalume! Going around only to tell DHOs about prudence? You must be the biggest jokers of them ball. This is nonsense.
    For a start, that rubbish can be passed on to DHOs through a simple circular letter.
    Secondly DHOs are practising more than prudence. The staff in hospitals are sacrificing everything they stand for.
    Lastly trip isn’t a good example of prudence
    Actually a money making for you Minister. Who doesn’t know you?

  25. The Analyst says:

    . . . You Kalemba ceases not to amaze me with your strange manners! Does it have to take you years to make this decision?
    . . . And after all this time you mean this is the best course of action that you as a minister could come up with – meeting each and every district health officer and holding talks? How much do you plan to spend on these site-seeing trips? Are you sure its worth it?
    . . . What happened to the internet hence email mesaging? Are you sure you cant write an email to these district health heads and convey the same message and get feedback? How about phone calls?
    . . . Are you sure to cheat us that you do not know the problems which our health system is facing? You cant cheat us! Or you just need the allowances? Why not save the money for a tablet of LA which could save a life somewhere? Or a just a dose of painkiller?

    Truth be told, you and I know that these meetings wont change anything coz you already have the information that can ably make you make a decision. A mind just needs less than 50% of information to make an informed decision. And your mind needs 110% hence the meetings? What a Strange mind!

  26. DZUWA LINYENGA says:


  27. Wozinyanyala says:

    In Malawi education is just a weapon to torture the poor Malawian….none of these so called graduates really thinks. They are all idiots even some called Professors. We would rather have people who uses their brains though with less education. How can you cut the budget in healthy sector just to pay your idiots to lie about you. Everyone is crying in the country and someone still says he is a Professor and knows what he is doing? I read somewhere about the government trying to introduce toll gates. What a joke! Where are roads in Malawi? Have you forgotten what Zuma said about our freeways in Malawi? Even dogs are laughing at us. No amount of education will help a Malawian understand being a Leader. All they know is pride. Poor Malawi….

  28. Lyton Magola says:

    I hate people with empty promises like these ones who knows how to talk not to do, there were ministers before you Kumpalume who knew how to talk than you, they are no longer, they never even left any ligancy, you must be careful we don’t want to listen to the lies we want to see actions.

  29. Green Grass says:

    Can the much touted Reforms under this Ministry be suspended otherwise what is obtaining on the ground is pure mockery of the Reforms agenda

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