Minister says Malawi needs US $16m to avert flood-induced food crisis

Malawi Agriculture and Food Security Minister Allan Chiyembekeza has said government needs at least e US $16m to distribute seed and other farm inputs in the flood affected areas several thousands of hectares of crop fields were washed away.

Chiyembekeza:  Malawi needs help

Chiyembekeza: Malawi needs help

Government wants to use the money to distribute seed for early maturing food crop and other farm inputs like fertiliser to save the country from a food crisis.

Chiyembekeza said impact of the damage is huge to the country’s agriculture-economy.

“We are likely going to lose over 100,000 metric tonnes of crop yields from the floods,” said Chiyembekeza .

“The rainy season is still here and we hope if farmers can replant we will be able to salvage the situation,” he said.

President Peter Mutharika declared 16 of the country’s 28 districts ‘disaster areas’ and appealed for international assistance.

Paul Chiunguzeni, Secretary for Disaster Management Affairs, said while local and international donors have reacted positively there was still need for more assistance.

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22 thoughts on “Minister says Malawi needs US $16m to avert flood-induced food crisis”

  1. johnM says:

    The rain season is almost over, even if you give the people seeds to plan, they will not use them. What is the point therefore of donating seeds to people that will not use them? The Minister should have his head examined.

  2. ben says:

    ministry are failing to pay trasporters and suppliers for this years subsidy

  3. Mtupatupa says:

    How much are total donations recieved so far? How have you used those donations? I may also want to knw how much have the state president, the vice president and cabinet ministers donated to the floods victims? And how much have you people stolen frm these donations? How much would the office of the 2nd vice president require to be established? And where would that money come from? For the time being its better to get what MACRA was about to pay for the upgrading of the spy machine, buy maize distribute to the affected villages enough for the year and close that chapter

  4. Wamalawi! says:

    M’malo moti akambilane how to raise the money, ndiye muzimva zitsiru zimenezi kuti zakodza phwando in the name of launching th project kkkkkk what a silly Idea.

  5. Winston msowoya says:

    President Peter muthalika opts to beg money from international community to help flood victims recuperate from floods advice for him is simple and clear,why can’t he auction the small White House (ndata) and use the funds to help the poor victims who were shamelessly robbed of their money by his late brother bingo wa muthalika.

  6. Gimbogo says:

    Lucky enough the bugget has been amended in parliament and hope this figure was incorporated

  7. Paulos Banda says:

    Koma a Chiyembekezaa? Chonsecho muli ndi Phd. I think you are good at theory.

  8. mboma says:

    Malawi will never run short of leadership idiots, the same idiots have given MACRA 12 million USD to implement stupid spy machine, the same idiots say they need 16 million USD to avert hunger food crisis, the same idiots r saying malawi so poor, this country will never run short of idiots, wat a country!!!!!!!!!

    1. English Guru says:

      exactly the same sentiments i wanted to echo here! i totally agree with you!! i wish there was a word stronger than ‘idiots’ to describe these vision-less ‘idiots!’

  9. Muheziwa says:

    How silly is this minister, why has it taken you so long to think about that idea. This is almost mid March, you just want to steal the agalu a dpp inu.

  10. Jihad John says:

    What does this mean? Are you looking for donations or you want parliament to debate this? Surely there must be $16 million somewhere somehow within government. You can reallocate funds meant for state house for example and reduce other unnecessary expenditures like travel ndi maphwando. Tisangoti zilizonse kupempha.

  11. Think Tank says:

    How much for officials out of that?

  12. Yes indeed. And you might as well use $8m for allowances you shameless nicompoops. I’ve never seen a Malawian Politician with a goodwill towards the needy but rather their own pot bellies. God forbid!

  13. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I would say you vigorously look for this money Mr Minister, otherwise hunger is even a worse scenario.

    However, just a simple advice sir,we can have the K13m MACRA money used for your purpose as a starter pack while you are chasing other sources.

    The VP can postponed the Singapore educational visit and use the money for the same.

    Third option is a speedy handling of the cashgate cases and use the recovered monies for agriculture inputs.

    After you another minister will again, very drunk indeed, looking for housing materials worthy about $20billion and suppliers will be … and maize in color

  14. atate says:

    Tell us how much was received first. Coz the ben phiris hv made money thru un accounted donations

  15. tonse says:


  16. I hope its within our budget and not from donors..cause I knw wts going to happen with the cash

  17. kk says:

    Koma mvulayi ndiye ikupita kumapeto, how many months do you think the rain will continue coming? I think only one and half month.

  18. Mmodziyekha says:

    Humanitarianism is amust.lets provide quick and generous assistance to help them all floods victims so they can cope with what is called ahumanitarian emergency Donors you know how you do when we come to the term humanitarian aid!

  19. wanda says:

    Don’t be myopic honorable minister, the rain is already showing signs that it is going. Use the money to buy maize and distribute it to the victims up to next harvesting period. Just encourage them to plant crops like sweet potato and cassava. Don’t waste the money on fertilizer please, it won’t work.

  20. Likoma Economist says:

    Another gate – floodgate. The disaster is now an IGA, an industry to be exact. What a shame!

  21. BISM says:

    No,,, that’s not true… the rains will be over next month (April). So for you to ‘source the money, procure inputs and distribute’ it will already be late. Just fully prepare for irrigation and do just that!

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