Minister threatens journalist over booing story

Minister of Sports and Culture Grace ‘Obama’ Chiumia has threatened an unspecified tragedy will strike journalist James Chavula who exposed the humiliating booing she endured at a Tumbuka cultural ceremony on Saturday.

Unmoved: Chavula

Unmoved: Chavula

The Nation Publications Limited (NPL) Bureau Chief for the North reportedly riled the minister with an article revealing the heckling she suffered at Gonapamuhanya Festival in Rumphi following her desperate attempt to reprimand Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya who asked leaders of all manner to always treat their people with respect.

On Monday, Chavula took to Facebook to offer a glimpse of a phone conversation in which the minister not only called him nonsense, stupid and corrupt.

Obama is also reported to have threatened: “Uwona tsoka. Zimene wachitazi uwona.”

The minister allegedly uttered the expletives using a private phone number though the journalist repeatedly requested her to introduce herself or use an unmasked number for feedback purposes.

When asked about the confrontation, Chavula said he did not want to “glorify the threats”.

“As a journalist, it’s not the first time I am receiving threats and insults from politicians. However, I decided to open up because keeping quiet strengthens the misconception that they can dress down anybody and get away with it,”  he said.

It seems the reporter is not taking the matter lightly.

In the interview, he explained: “When she says uona matsoka, is she referring to a natural tragedy or an act of terror?

“Let’s not forget a minister is a top government official with powers, state machinery and party fanatics subject to abuse. Will Obama use all that or part of it to instil fear in journalists in the country?”

Her angry reaction comes barely a day after Speaker Msowoya stole the show at Gonapamuhanya having warned leaders against ranting and insulting people.

“Leadership is not about insulting the people. Treat them well and with dignity. I am saying this to all leaders, including Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe himself,” said Msowoya, who is also vice-president of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The minister had a day to forget where she misconstrued the remarks as an attack on President Peter Mutharika who recently banged tables when the press asked him to account for a bloated delegation to the United Nations General Assembly.

She accused the Speaker of reacting angrily to errant legislators in Parliament, saying the president is human like any other person.

“Even Jesus got angry and chased away traders from plying their trade in a temple,” she argued.

The defensive speech sparked jeers, with some hecklers asking her to sit down and close her mouth.
Chavula writes that she expressed ignorance of the boos while ironically saying they might have emanated from MCP and People’s Party supporters in attendance.

The backlash is the first public protest to emerging arrogance in the DPP-led government which is grappling with a worsening economic meltdown.

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49 thoughts on “Minister threatens journalist over booing story”


    Gonapamuhanya! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos

  2. Mphondo says:

    More fire Wabweka! Jah fried rice iiii

  3. chokani says:

    no comment

  4. Jaydee says:

    No 27 youre right James Chavula thinks he is the best journalist kufuna kutchuka pankhani za zii a Nation mukanadziwa zomwe amapanga u cd have kicked his big ass long time back munthu oyipa wankhanza shame on u kufuna kutchuka youll never be Ralph Tenthani or Chinyeke wachepa

  5. Zina la Obama anangobera-MTima oipa waufiti

  6. advisory committee says:

    The jounalist is taking it personal with the minister in all areas lets respect our leaders

  7. Clement says:

    Chavula uli biiii umasamba iweyo? Kufatsa kumapeka zopusa zakozo. Muuzane ndi msowoya wako mwayamba kulowa mkati muona polekera. Hon Chiumia munaonetsadi mtima wokwiya kwa zitsiruzi I mean msowoya ndi anzake ndipo aona polekera.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Shame on 41 don’t just comment without knowing the truth,

  9. Gakanje says:

    that pimpled woman feels herself a lot, and ‘mfana wa ma plain’ it is because of her pomposity that she likened herself to barrack while campaigning in 2009

  10. Uzweta Thuwe says:

    No need for threats and we are in a democracy

  11. mwana mulopwana says:

    Please leave Mahope anga Grace Obama Chiumia alone,

  12. Obanda says:

    This is not the first time dpp leaders to be boooed at the function. They were also booed at the funeral of TA chilooko when Kudonton started saying that the funeral was for gorvernment and there was no need to give opposition leader a microphone to speak. Japi mhango was in atendance too that day

  13. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No one fight with Media and win, tell your boss Pitala

  14. Chilombo says:

    Mfiti yaikazi imakhala yokwiya,chenjera.Komanso ufiti siuli kwao kokha,iwenso kwanu uliko ndiye asakuopseze!

  15. MLOMWE says:

    Asakuopseze ameneyu Chavula ine ndekha ndimulodza.Chiumia upepese sungayerekeze PITALA ndi YESU.Who is pitala after all?

  16. Mercy Bauleni says:

    Atumbuka aputana okhaokah Chiumia vs Chavula

  17. hisbolla says:

    The minister is sick, you all know this.

  18. mhango says:

    Mukumuonelela cz ndi mzimai, aft all she s a northerner,, took bad,, nawe ntola nkhani wopusa ungamalimbane ndi mnimai,, kae kuda biiiiiii, Obama bravol my minister inayo ndi nsanje,,, all the youth we appreciate the wand4 job u r doin,,

  19. stephen says:

    samala. akuonetsa zomwe anaona raph tenthani.

  20. Gloria says:

    Mr chavula, that nonsense. Why are you people from the north so jealousy . I. Think you have been sent to destroy and given A lot of money, Don’t put words in the mouth of the minister, why are you rushing to media and yet Obama comes from the north. TUMBUKAD YOU ARE USELESS VINDELE stop OBAMA is just an innocent lady we know.

  21. mtate mike rsa says:

    Like president like shit of minista hule alwayz kuyamwa mapwala amuthalika anyani.Duna yachan just keep on stealing taxpayers money thus y someof us we r in rsa bcoz we dont want see shit happening we will commit suicide

  22. Zakutha izi kunali Marshall, Gerald Johnstone, Kapito, etc. Where are they Obama? The north is not a place to do that. People are very sensitive there and be careful.

  23. kagawi says:

    James Chavula, one thing you are proving to be complementing somebody’s agenda is that there was no NPL media representative at the function of Gonapamhanya. So where did you get the story then?
    You see watola nkhani imwe, The way Richard Msowoya spoke, it was a direct attack of the H.E. but you are busy polishing his speech to be like a neutral one when listeners concluded it already.
    The Hon Minister articulated a very nice speech including promising to relay to the President all requests that were made. You wrote nothing about it. Zachisoni kwabasi. Chavura, we expect the media to be very neutral for them to be trusted by the nation. If you want to get all what transpired ask Zodiac, MANA, TVM than concentrating on the rubbish you clinging to.
    Vuto ndiloti you thought the young female Minister would easily be bulldozed by Chakwera, Khumbo and Richard who stirred up all this mess.
    James really sizikupindulira kuti udzigwiritsidwa ntchito ndi achina Richard polemba zoti iweyo kunalibeko but fed by the interested parties.
    The Ministers clarification on the delay of many developmental projects was justifiable that it is due to cashgate scandal that has left Malawi and Malawians in ruins. Koma uli pheeee James only to choose kulemba bodza pamene iwe kunalibeko. Udzimvere chisoni kwabasi.
    Bwanas for all media houses, please caution anyamata anu to report on actualities than faking stories especially when one did not even attend the function like James Chavura.

  24. Greencardless Malawian says:

    This woman is becoming more foolish by the day, i wonder whether its because she’s losing her relationship with her gigantic pimples…? In the first place the fact that she accepts being called Obama is a disgrace…she’s too small a personality to take on a name of a still existing intelligent hero, it just makes her look like a fool! Who is she to threaten a journalist who was just doing his job? Is she that daft? Please fool shut up! You never created anyone and so dont threaten ppl because God can make you disappear this very second! Shut up and go do your job better foolish woman! Chindele chakufikapo!

  25. chatonda says:


  26. Njolinjo says:

    Asakuwopseze Chavula. We are with you.

  27. marble says:

    As expected apanso pali two booing camps. One zigoba za dpp and zinazo amalawi ndinso amzake a chavula. Zigoba za dpp koma tulo ndiye sizikugona ata!

  28. Kuchikondwerero Nkhwakuyambanirana yayi.Mukachemeka waka.Kufinangana yayi.Pala yumoza wa imwe wapwetekeka,fwiti ni uyo wakhala

  29. mfana wa ma plain says:

    why do they call her obama? i don’t get it. is it a northern thing?

  30. Meja says:

    Chimimba chachikulu, there is an application that you can download, such calls with hidden identity can easily be revealed, if you are a laggard in terms of technology, don’t portray it on this forum.

  31. Mzozodo says:

    Wovinidwa ine, you are such a useless blind loyalist who survives by sucking APM’s dick

  32. Yaya kumudzi says:

    Inu a Minister mukuyenera Kugwada pansi ndimawondo anuwo mkulapa modzikhuthula kwambiri pa komenti iyo mwa yowoya, otherwise something is following you, paja make mbuuuu mwana mbuuu, pano ali kuti?

  33. Sir Bentby says:

    Anyachiumia ivi mwayamba ivi vikuzisiyeningi masuzgu nganandi kuluska umampha,

  34. George phiri says:

    Mizimu yakwiya basi. 2019 nkutali kwambiri. Chiumia uwonanso dzoopsya nawe. Mtolankhaniyu akafa iwenso ukupita kumanda. An eye for an eye.

  35. The Most Concerned says:

    This is defamation & the Minister shud definitely sue ths Idiot journalist. How sure r u tht the phone call was indeed from the Minister in question? Watch ur nonsense mouth. Remember Chakwera anamulupira nazo Chaponda zimenezi, useless journalist at its best.

  36. nthandalanda says:

    Obama, ndiye kuti Chani? Munthuwe wamkazi koma ukutenga dzina la munthu wamuna. SI ndiye uhule at its best? Kufoilira munthu ali kutali uko komanso ali ndi mkazi wake. Sikupusa uku? Nduna zakumalawi zimenezo. Shupiti za iwe ndi amene anakutumawo.

  37. kaluga says:

    Bad habits die hard, If she is not repetant, definately something sinister will happen paja kukhala pa mpando wapamwamba sulakwa lo!!

  38. Mhesha says:

    There were two booing against the Speaker and another against the Minister. Why Chavula chose to write only about Chiumia?

  39. wovinidwa Ine says:

    Chavula sees a window opening for him to make a name for himself, by hook or crook.
    He deliberately exaggerated the disaffection of the public: Minister Chiumia’s message was really a run-of-the- mill type. She presented her message in a respectful manner.
    But I guess Malawian men just hate the idea of getting reprimanded by a woman. Baasi. What is wrong with us Malawian men? Behaving this way, in this age?

  40. Charombanthu says:

    Threats will not benefit you honourrable minister in this day and age. Chavula reported what he saw and if you don’t like what he wrote about, just change the channel because you will not stop the journalists from reporting what they see. By the way, using a private number panopa? We are able to know the caller by downloading an app which reveals the identity of the caller. Shame.

  41. matako matako says:

    Achavula musamaledi…..Boma silimaluza anthu amene akukulimbikitsaniwa. sazaoneka inu mukazakhala pavuto

  42. Chimimba chachikulu says:

    Chavura, how can we prove that the one who was talking to you is indeed Minister Chiumia since you are telling the nation that it was from a private line?

    It seems you are just provoking the debate here, it may be one of those bitches that you used to fuck without paying them; who knows. Stop this reporting/jornalism of hatred, Malawians are not fools that they can fail to scrutinise your stories. Full of crap!!!!

  43. mtumbuka1 says:

    Chavula, don’t be intimidated, Malawi is a democratic country and weather its a president or the minister they are human beings and they are not immune to criticism. In fact it’s not only you who feels the president and all his headless followers are stupid and paranoid, most of us feel the same way.Hands off our esteemed journalists.

  44. Ya azikulangani inu atolankhani zanu zimenezo who can sympathise with you guys you’re all biased, journalism my foot ena a inu munali aphunzitsi journalism munaphunzira kuti?

  45. choka peter says:

    Do you mean obama wa ziphuphu Bravo Chavula!!!! Ministers comesand go while jounalism remains for ever. we r behind you chavula

  46. Stampycious says:

    Chavula dnt allow anyone to threaten u, do your job as a real journalist, and u so called minister of sports & culture dnt take chances bcoz u are a top official, i thinl something went wrong for u to be booed, kagwere uko!!!!

  47. Mzee says:

    Chabvula is a liar. Why did you not inform the nation that when Msowoya vomited his nonsense some sections were heard disapproving. Simply because MCP and PP supporters made noise doesnt mean everybody who was at the ceremony fidnt like what the minister said. I was at the venue in the same tent with the paramount chief where many people thought Msowoya was a bit childish to bring stupid politics to the ceremony. Cant you people be professional for once.




  49. Go on Chavula we salute the concept of Umunthu.

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