Minister warns ‘illegal tenants’ in MHC houses

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Paul Chibingu has issued a stern warning to Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) tenants who illegally sublet their houses to other people, saying government will prosecute them.

Chibingu: Warns on tenancy cheats

Chibingu: Warns on tenancy cheats

House rentals go up July 1

House rentals go up July 1

Chibingu said government aims to clamp down on abuse of MHC houses.

The Minister said he has knowledge that some people are renting out houses at a much higher rate and warned that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

“I have a case in which a Malawi Defence Force soldier discovered that one of his neighbours is an illegal tenant and having approached officials at MHC since he was on the waiting list, he was told to identify the house illegally occupied,” said Chibingu, as quoted in the press.

The minister said tenancy cheats have been able to carry on with their fraudulent activity, denying social homes to people in real need.

Chibingu vowed to bring the scandal of MHC housing tenancy fraud and abuse to an end.

The Minister has since authorising the increase of MHC house rentals, saying “those who cannot afford to pay the new rates must move out of the houses so that others can occupy them.”

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10 thoughts on “Minister warns ‘illegal tenants’ in MHC houses”

  1. Wodandaula says:

    Shame on you why have some houses which were built by kamuzu regime bought, and you have been occupying the same house more than 30 years but they still say that your name is still on the waiting list. Why cant those sitting in tenants be given the chance to buy the houses. And still at the end of the day you see some house are being sold what is happening. Love your neghbour ! You are still a corrupt country. Old houses on stock should be sold

  2. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    These threats are useless.Threats do not build a country instead you should come with innovative ideas of building more houses in the city with these bulging population.Why only relying to some old houses that were built by Kamuzu and a few houses built during the corrupt Muluzis time.Start building apartment style that can accomodate more people and takes little space instead of making unnecessary threats like Malawians are your kids.Malawi has the worst housing policy in Africa.A city full of houses with unburnt brick and using outside dug pit latrines and this 2015 for that matter.Start adding more houses than making unnecessary threats.Kenya and Ethiopia have started the apartment styles in their cities why is Malawi failing to them like them.Malawian politicians likes talking alot than acting.

  3. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This minister Chibingu, is stupid. Why are people doing that?

    It’s because him and MHC are corrupt. Houses are given or sold to people of party or tribe. Very stupid.

    I had submitted my form long time ago but when I go your office to make a follow up what you tell is all crap. You think am as you are.

    Be the first ones to change.

  4. Sapitwa says:

    MHC could have done away with this Tenant-Landlord system. They should have been developing properties and selling them to people. Imagine staying in MHC house over 20years paying rent and yet you end up not owning it!

    Wake up MHC; build houses for sale and the Governmrnt banks: MSB, Inde and of course the other commercial banks could have structured a lending opportunity made easier and with special lending rates. We could seen good houses in Malawi if this started some 30 years ago instead of encouraging people building shacks on informal places.
    What I fail to understand is that Kamuzu stayed in the West over 40 years so was Bingu in diaspora and now APM.They were exposed to high standard of living but failed to just enhance basic standard if living thus: a standard electrified house with burnt bricks and well plastered with running water and a flush toilet; nothing more. These fools have taken us for granted and thus why we are still poor.

  5. kenkkk says:

    Just take away the house from the person who is renting from mhc and give it to the person who is occupying it illegally, hence legalising his occupation at a higher rental which was being paid to the corrupt original tenant who didn’t need the house.Mhc gets a higher rental. Win win.

    The so called illegal tenant actually needs the house.

  6. Afumu Phiri says:

    iwe Chibingu i think ndiwe galu, koma MHC kuli corruption heavy makamaka ogawa malo amadzipatsa ma plots using maina a chibale awo then ndikumagulitsa kwa amwenye, makamaka MHC Lilongwe head office tafufuza pls.

  7. Mweneeee says:

    For how long will you be threatening the Malawi citizens? Wopusa iwe eti!

  8. Honest says:

    Here you go again mr headless minister. Who said we cant afford to pay? What we are saying is konzani makhola anuwo and make them habitable by human beings, osati kumangothamangira kutolera rent. Kumangolota ndalama zathu basi. Shame!

  9. Honest says:

    The problem is that MHC is so corrupt!! And when one has gotten a house in a right procedure, you punish them by not maintaining the houses so that they should be bored and move out of the house so that you should corruptly give it to your relatives and corrupt friends. Shame on you!! This especially happens in Mzuzu. Same houses are maintained and painted each time. Kumanamizira kupemphera anthu ankhanza inu. You want to get rent koma munthu nyumba ngati khola. Anthu woyipa inu. Kuthamangira kumuuza munthu muli ndiye utuluke ngati yikukunyasa. Amatero? Umunthu mulibe makape inu.

  10. Aaron Nsena says:

    Musatero a nduna, find another solution to kick out illegal tenant. They r occupying these houses bcoz of their fat pockets so expect them to leave just bcoz of a hike in rentals? Mwauponda a nduna, instead u r just victimising ur fellow innocent Malawian tenants. Think thrice for twice u have already done

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