Mixed feelings over Chinsinga’s ‘accidental leadership’ in Malawi

Malawians ‘movers and shakers’ have expressed mixed feelings over  the statement by University of Malawi political scientist, Blessing Chinsinga, who suggested that the country is in deep political, economic and social problems because of “accidental presidents” that have ruled Malawi since the dawn of multiparty politics in 1994.

Mollande: Chingasa opinion wrong

Mollande: Chingasa opinion wrong

Chinsinga made the opinion in his presentation at the just ended high-level conference of civil rights and religious leaders and academics, who met in Blantyre under the aegis of the quasi-religion Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

A researcher and activist at Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Makhumbo Munthali said Chinsinga’s observations were on track as they provided the causes behind the current economic problems from which solutions could be built on.

“You can’t just start to go straight into providing solutions to the current economic and socio-political mess without first digging into the reasons or causes of the status quo. And one of the key causes as suggested by our learned professor is accidental leadership which we have had since 1994 to-date,” wrote Munthali on his Facebook page.

Added Munthali: “In fact, a solution from this is simple and obvious: we must try as much as possible to avoid experiencing another ‘accidental leadership’ as we move into the future. That should be our collective responsibility as a nation.”

Munthali further observed that it was possible to have “accidental leadership” originating from a democratic  electoral process.

“Chinsinga’s remarks were neither misplaced nor out of context. The remarks were within context. It is possible to have accidental leadership emanating from a democratic, constitutionally backed electoral process. What is key for us is to seriously find best ways on how to avoid having or experiencing accidental leadership” including the one which emanates from a democratic electoral process which is originally intended not only to produce democratically elected leaders but also transformational leadership as opposed to accidental leadership as has been the case in the country” said Munthali

But a social commentator Bright Mollande disagreed with Chinsinga’s opinion as flawed.

“Either the professor had not done much research or he has forgotten. What he said is not true,” he said, arguing the problems are a combination of factors dating back to the 1970s.

Ken Ndanga, United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesman described Chinsinga’s remarks as an overstatement.

“We respect his credentials but we take this statement as an opinion which can be challenged,” said Ndanga.

He said as much as the leaders that ruled the country had some shortfalls, they did extremely well in some areas.

“Any President who ruled Malawi had their achievements and shortfall therefore it’s very important when making these statements to look on what these leaders did to the nation. Therefore, to say that they didn’t do anything is an overzealous and wrong statement”, challenges Ndanga.

During the PAC conference, Chinsinga argued that for the past 20 years Malawi has been governed by “try and error” leaders.

He said the country need political parties which have concrete fundamental political base project where all people will seat together on how could be done to transform this country instead of having leaders who come from a group of people “opportunistically”.

Public Affairs Committee is one of the powerful religious grouping whose influence on Malawi’s political scene is undisputable which is comprise of Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Malawi Councils of Churches (MCC), Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Quadria Association of Malawi (QAM) and Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM).

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George Kamanga

Chinsinga thit is the truth koma agalu ndi mbava izo sizivomera. agaluwa ndi a gontha khutu


B. Chinsinga is right no beating about the bush on this, surely all the multiparty era Presidents are accidents.


Munthu kukhala president with 35 % only of votes SHAME

The Partriot
The problem in Malawi is that we see every statement through party or ethnic lens! What Chinsinga said is true , but do we expect Mr Mollande, who is swimming in money at the moment, due to his appointed position, to see it as a fact? For Mr Mollande, APM is the best president for Malawi!! For Mr Ndanga, he sees things in yellow with a shade of blue. For him Muluzi was the best ever!!! Mr Ndanga and UDF are more than pleased with the food situation in the country at the moment and the vision which APM has… Read more »

Professor Chinsinga’s remarks is are too technical and academic for raw minded people to understand some of these technical terms as ‘accidental leadership” There so many terms like incidental leadership’ which you cannot just comment without knowledge though such terms have some similar elements and consequences as of mere accidents we know. Apart from this , education level and age should also help us to choose our leaders.Researches for successful presidents favours aged 40 to 65 not advanced aged from 70 above and moderate educated not advanced educated as professors who belong academics and not politics.


Fellow Malawian, critiquing what Pro. Chinsinga had written would only mean that you did not follow his story well. He does not say that all these former Presidents didn’t perform nor excelled, all what he is saying is that they became Presidents through accidental means whereby they were not wholly prepared. That is to say where they should start from, what to do, how to do it and how to finish it. If unfinished, how to pass it on to the next incumbent. It is like avoiding hitting a rock but smashing into trunk!! It is still a serious accident!

Optic Computer
Ojambula is one of the critics who has commented only after understanding Chinsinga’s work. Emotions can be decifered in some critics in this article, and that’s one reason we fail to elect responsible and visionary leaders. The cost we pay is that we continue to be the poorest country in SADC and the whole would by GDP per capita. Chinsinga meant that the president don’t have the vision (long term plans) that can change the political, social-economic and other factors that can change Malawi for the better, instead they start plans with a bunch of party hooligans after elections whose… Read more »
usisya times

The following leaders have destroyed malawi Peter,Joyce,Elesion,Bingu mbava zokhazokha apa

victor kaunda

Malawi agrees with you Dr Chisinga. Some individual can disagree on your vital opinion because they are benefiting from this mess. Continue doing good work you are doing for genuine Warm Heart of Africa.

Response to Mavuto

Mavuto, I do not think you are fit to comment on this column if you can not even express yourself in English. Leave these things to people who went to proper schools.

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