Mkhosi Jere enthroned as Malawi Ngoni king: Inkosi ya Makosi M’Mbelwa V

Eldest son to Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa 4, Mkhosi Jere on Saturday was officially enthroned as King of Ngoni’s Mmbelwa V at a colourful ceremony attended by State Vice President Saulosi Chilima at Edingeni in Mzimba.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni from Zambia, Inkosi Zulu Gama from Tanzania and Inkosi Gomani of Ntcheu were also in attendance during the event.

The function  started  at 10 o’clock with church service and then the service followed by government official coronation part and then  Ngoni cultural dances.

The function was  marred by confusion over the venue since some people wanted the function to take place at Engalaweni.

Divisions became  so deep between people of Edingeni and those from Engalaweni a development which resulted into shifting of enthronement venue from Engalaweni to Edingeni.

Source familiar  with  Ngoni History says argument of shifting the ceremony from Engalaweni to Edingeni was against the Ngoni Culture and that the in-house fighting which  reached at unprecedented equilibrium with people of Edingeni  accusing each other of snatching  the ceremony from the traditional enthronement Village Engalaweni to Endingeni on argument that all the Mmbelwas were buried at Edingeni headquarters except one who was buried at Mzalangwe in the same district of Mzimba.

In his speech Chilima hailed  the Ngoni of Mzimba for the smooth transition of the M’mbelwa chieftainship and more especially their quest for development.

The Vice President said although President Mutharika really wanted to preside over the ceremony, he was unable to go to Edingeni due to other pressing engagements. He expressed hope that the President will find time to visit the area in due course.

Chilima and Inkosi ya Makhosi in a group photo - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Chilima and Inkosi ya Makhosi in a group photo – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Among other gifts, Chilima presented a donation of K2 million and a cow to the newly crowned chief from President Mutharika, a clear sign of the President’s support to the chieftaincy.

Meanwhile, former  Vice President Khumbo Kachali  appealed for unity amongst the Ngoni.

Speaking in an interview Kachali said wrangles and fighting was retrogressive in this event which is very important among the Ngoni Community.

Father to the crown Prince, died in 2013 following the protracted battle with diabetes at Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre. Born Zwangenda Jere died at the age of 56.

Mkhosi Jere is an eldest son of the three brothers, Mswati and Allan Jere.Before ascending to this position Mkhosi has worked as a bank clerk with First Merchant Bank in Lilongwe. Mkhosi also worked for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) as a data clerk.

He holds a Diploma in Business Management and worked for Merchant Bank in Lilongwe before returning home to ascend to the throne of Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa.

Speaking, on behalf of the Mzimba Heritage Association, Reverend Dr. Overtone Mazunda commended the President and other all well wishers, too many to mention,  for their  support during the function.

Ngoni’s gift 

Before  the coronation of M’Mbelwa V, Lilongwe-based Ngoni’s organised a day long social event, where among key issues, discussed and pledged to give the new Ngoni king a gift befitting his stature.

Led by group president, Dr. Mark Lungu, the event dubbed Zwangendaba Ngoni Day, under the MZIHA Lilongwe-Chapter, held last Saturday at the Safari Club at the heart of the city, also saw participants contribute to collections towards the gift.

“It was enjoyable and memorable. Those who came are listed against an update of collections which they made,” said Timothy Shawa, one of the organisers.

During the event, at least thirty people living in Lilongwe, including a good number of ladies for songs and hlombe, offered to attend ingoma dance drills to be performed during the installation of the Inkosi ya Makhosi.

“Nobody will develop Mzimba but ourselves. So we must think beyond just maintaining our heritage,” he added, asking Mzimba people to get hold of the Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA) constitution to better understand its objectives.

Other performances performed by the group include Mganda Vimbuza and Ingoma ya Omama.

Siya Phamberi mzimba!—(Additional reporting by Patricia Masinga, Nyasa Times)

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32 thoughts on “Mkhosi Jere enthroned as Malawi Ngoni king: Inkosi ya Makosi M’Mbelwa V”

  1. Ntadza says:

    Please present issues in the right manner, Inkosi ya Makhosi Mbelwa V is not Malawi’s Ngoni King, he is the King of kings of all Ngonis of Northern Malawi (the Jere Ngonis), the King of Kings of all Ngonis from the central region to the south (the Maseko Ngonis) is Inkosi ya Makhosi Gomani V, in other words both Mbelwa and Gomani have equal status. And all Ngonis or Zulus are related.

  2. wangalusa says:

    Malemu Stonard Lungu anaimba kale; ”za padziko a mzanga nzachabechabe.”

  3. Yafeti says:

    Koma a Petulo zoona kumaliro mungakapereke K200,000, koma ku phwando nkupereka K2, 000,000? Koma zikuyenda apapa?

  4. vanikani NJASKO says:


    1. BULL says:

      true, the reporter wanted to twist things to his advantage and also to confuse pple.

      Everything was well organised and nothing to quarrel about.

  5. original KK says:

    Khimbo kachali should have been the last person to preach UNITY . it’s not a secret that khumbo poisoned mbelwa the 4th. He made mbelwa the 4th apologise for supporting Bingu . Saulosi thank you for your presence we love we the northerners . We pray that God gives you grace to one day govern this country .

  6. Atonga Achanda says:

    In Malawi education does not decide once future. Nsanje anthu enanu too much and no dought these are useless Lomwes from a poor district Thyolo. Ngati pali anthu osaphunzira ndiye ndi alomwe, mbuzi za chabe chabe alomwe. HIV prevalence in Thyolo District is at 18%, (4.2%) of national prevalence……ntchiot kunyengana basi mmalo moti muzipita ku sukulu……agalu inu. go to Thyolo District Hospital……most lomwes u savage too much…….

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Wow! Some vitriol here; where does all that come from, bearing in mind that the featured story is one of chieftainship installation and celebration?

    2. Mwikota Nanariwa says:

      Atonga Achanda, wangodana ndi a Lhomwe, nkhani ikhuza a Lhomwe bwanji? Ukulemba ngati a Lomwe alibe anthu ophunzira bwanji-kuli ma dokotala, ma lawyers, ma Judge, ma professor, ma president ndi maudindo wena. Sautsiru ai.

  7. Hombe says:

    Pali Ntumbuka pali chisokanikiro. You can not even chose a venue for coronation and you want to make big decisions regarding national development? Don,t waste our time.

    1. Ineyo says:

      You Hombe idiot should understand that Ngoni’s are not Tumbuka’s just as it is everywhere across Malawi. Ngoni’s in Dedza and Ntcheu and Mchinji are not Chewas, as are Ngoni’s from Nsanje and down there who are not Senas. Uchitsiru ndi umbuli basi ndiye ukuchuluka mwa Alomwenu.

  8. Okay says:

    It looks like quarreling is enshrined in these cohorts from the Nord! You mean we won’t see more wars and divisions after cessation and feadulism?

  9. Wadada wakuchindikika says:

    Imwe wamfumu,muyimire waka zimene wakukhumba wanthu, Musakhale ngati Mfumu Kyungu of Karonga yadyera…

    Poti imwe ndi munthu musatenge izo mukuganiza panokha ngati ndi maganizo awanthu onse muchalo chino cha Malawi..

    Imwe Ufumu wa Mmbelwa musatichititse manyazi chifukwa chokonda ndalama, Nthawi ya Bakili’s 3rd Term Bid inu akwa Mbelwa mumasapotera kuti Muluzi ayimenso! Imwe mafumu muzilemekeza malamulo achalo chino komanso amalawi.

    Gwirani Ntchito a Inkosi Yamakhosi Mmbelwa V

  10. kachira says:

    Masawani Jere amakutukwana Mkhosi wati wulije zeru. Wachita manyazi Masawani…. Ufumu wamuzikubola wubamuwuwonaha….ndiwe kapukuveti?? Uniyimbire pa 0122265787890. Mowa wulukutimwesa waka … No ufumu kuwuwona……ckoka Masawani…. Mkhosi woyeee

  11. Mwehiwa says:

    Welcome Mkhosi, You alteady showed courage by resolving the T/A Mzikubola chieftency rangle. Just finalise this now That You are up There. Masabani Jere akumakutukwana tikamamwa naye, ati ulube nzeru ndipo siiwe right King. Also help us on chieftency rangle of T/A Mzukuzuku…this Is a big one. You have shown already that éducation helped You. Amanda Inkosi yethu, siyabongo kakhulu Isizwe…

    1. Makhosi says:

      Etidi Masawani Jere amati Mkhosi ufumu wa Mbelwa si wake Mkhosi….wachita manyazi…Sizwe iyo Mkhosi Jere, Mbelwa the V. Masabani here Unya uzamuwuwonako ufumu wa Mzikubola nyoooooo! Kayambe chabe ntchito…. Sungamanyoze bambo ako muviphiko vya mowa patha….awe………sory. Ndine wa synold paja.

  12. bwaibwai says:

    yah yah ngon’s we r still until jesus com

  13. Gogo says:

    Do not follow the foot steps of your father.Your father was sturbon,arogant,greedy,selfish,coward and useless creature.What we want is 1.Fedalism.2.Mzimba dived.If you cooperates with us you will live long .

    1. Kaya says:

      Ya man that z great deal first ; federation then divide mzimba.

  14. VULUNGANYA says:

    Uli ndi mwayi aise kuti unabadwira kubanja lachifumu….apa zaonetseratu kuti ukalaliki ndiye unakukakamira…nanga ku Bank unali kalaliki,ku MEC unalinso kalaliki….Now that fate has put you on the throne…samalani mtundu waMalawi..YEBO Mkosi!!!!!!

  15. Be neutral says:

    Do not open your mouth on anything unless we the people have told you so.


    “Nobody will develop Mzimba but ourselves. So we must think beyond just maintaining our heritage.” TIMELY WISE WORDS!!
    It’s all good. CONGRATULATIONS!

  17. Soul Rebel says:

    On behalf of all the ngoni maseko i congratulate u mkhosi jere. Bayethe nkosi.

  18. ichocho says:

    From a clerk to a prince.indeed God can do wonders.

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Come on, kingship is hereditary, no need for academic qualifications. Nsanje zosatha aMalawi

    2. vanikani NJASKO says:


  19. Mack Banda says:

    May God give you courage and wisdom Inkosi Ya Makosi Mbelwa V.

  20. Wakwithu uyu says:

    King of Nyika Republic.

    1. mulumuzana says:

      Thats why you people of Mzimba do not understand and are alone in the fight for the Federation, you think you are rulers. No, the North is not Mzimba and Mzimba is not the North. The Mzimba Ngonis were defeated and failed to expand. Tongas in Nkhatabay are not part of your diviveness, Tumbukas in Rumphi will not be interested, the Ngondes and the 21 groups of Chitipa are not part of this thinking. We now hear you want it called Vipya republic…..learn your history before thinking you have everyone. Mbelwa is Inkosi of Ngonis, just like Kyungu for Ngondes not the whole region

      1. Mtumbuka says:

        Bayethi! Inkosi!! Let those who talk evil of our culture die a peaceful death. We don’t claim reign over our Tonga brothers sisters in Nkhata bay, Tumbuka brothers and sisters of Rumphi or Kyungu family of Karonga. We respect their cultures, so too our culture must be earnestly respected. Long Live Inkosi!!. Amandhla!!. Pamberi umMzimba!! Pamberi!!

      2. Mchani says:

        Stupid iwe, tonga’s are a Small tribe around Nkhatabay. If You dont want fedalism in Nkhayabay demain stupid. In Mzimba we want it and we are not tonga’s wokunya mmaji. Stupid, tinalakwa kusapota Joice wanu… Muna mavi…ndithu. You diffiyed which Ngoni??? Ife sindinyadire utonga, mavi ghinu….why You didnt ocuppy any land either in Ntheu, Mchinji or Mzimba???? Mulije zeru.

        1. Ada Mchina or Mchena, whatever u call urself! Vomwakambayapa vwivweka cha! Ifwe a Ngoni a Tonga nde avyala bidu, titulya nabo sima ya kondowole limoza. Ifwe vyogabana mtundu ada cha takukanilani! Simlandu kuja wachoko pachalo, Chauta wendemaso n,kongwa.

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