Mkondiwa promises Civo players Malawi govt jobs

Malawi government through the Chief Secretary Charles Mkondiwa has promised to provide jobs to Civo United players as one way of encouraging them and to ensure they live better lives.

Mkondiwa: Government will employ Civo players

Mkondiwa: Government will employ Civo players

Mkondiwa said this when he hosted the players to a luncheon at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe on Thursday 5th November, 2015 as a token of appreciation for winning the 2015 Standard Bank Cup.

They beat Mighty Be Forward Wanderers 1-0 courtesy of a Nelson Kangunje late strike.

According to Mkondiwa, players who have qualifications will be considered on various government posts.

Mkondiwa said apart from playing football, players need to be working since football is a short term career.

The Chief Secretary also promised to provide the team with a new bus as requested by the players and officials as well as jerseys.

Speaking on behalf of fellow players, Civo Captain Emmanuel Zoya thanked Mkondiwa and government for hosting them at the luncheon saying this was a big motivation and that it will give them anger to work even harder.

He also hailed the idea of offering jobs to players who are qualified in different professions.

“Football is a short term career and indeed we need to be doing something so that we continue to live good life after quitting soccer. We have been told to submit CV’s through our General Secretary Rashi Mtelera for consideration,” said Zoya.

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22 thoughts on “Mkondiwa promises Civo players Malawi govt jobs”

  1. Denver says:

    Who’s going to employ the tennis players?

  2. odabwa says:

    Hehehede ulu zilikumalawi kkkkkkk koma yaaaaaa

  3. Mr Bambo says:

    That’s the Malawi I know

  4. True Patriot says:

    good move Mr Nkondiwa.But there is need to consider hiring players with suitable qualifications to play for Civo because thats the entry point to the civil service system.

  5. Telling the Truth says:

    This is truly shockinpg. You mean you want to employ footballers and failing to employ nurses, doctors, teachers?

  6. ADE says:


  7. Tonde says:

    Should you continue with ur ideas to employee the civo players i wil ask the antcoruption b to arrest u coz that is corruption someone to start playing at civo becoz of mpira

  8. Joseph Moyo says:

    A mpumulo wa bata sindikugwirizana nanu timadula msonkho tonse ndipo ndi ambiri tikusowa ntchito palibepo nzeru kut oponya mpira okha apasidwe ntchito?osathafe ndye tizingokanda?ndipo angowatenga opanda ma interview?ikadakhala company ngat beforward tikadamvetsa osat misonkho yatonse azibndula osankhidwa ochepa.ok ndye apasenso ntchito andakatulo othamanga awomen football.administration imeney indyenso ai.madokotala ndwofunika chotchipa nchiti kusalemba madokotalawo ndye matenda ena azipezeka alibe ma specialist ndye kuwatumiza kunja how much does govt spend on that malawi waola uyu basi

  9. Itn’t Good To Offer The Jobs To Prayers : I Like It

  10. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Doctors are not promised jobs, athletes are promised jobs… What is wrong with this picture????!

  11. general says:

    I wonder why many Malawians these days wants to be experts on everything,why do you fools question the integrity of Chief Secretary in offering Civo players jobs,so you mean government’s failure to employ doctors means that they should also stop employing anybody,is a wage bill of employing a doctor and a player (most of whom are JC or MSCE holders) similar?,on priorities who told you where are these players going to be posted,maybe they will be employed as HSAs in health centers and others in the same health service system.
    People need to understand that government spend hundreds of millions in training these Doctors and it can not be happy to see them just loitering in the streets jobless,government is trying its best to source funds to employ them,but with the donors walking away its a tall orders

  12. Kenkkk says:

    Are they not professional footballers who are Being paid for playing football? If not make them professional and pay them for playing football, not other jobs. Civo is a football club and should therefore foot the salaries of its footballers just like any other team.

    The footballers can be civil servants and their job is to play football and the club which is govt owned pays them.

    There is no need for the footballers to have other govt jobs. What for? Playing football will be their govt job.


    priorities are upside down bwana principal secretary. you could have kept quiet if you had nothing to say. rather than promising them jobs.

  14. Mbwindi says:

    a malawi jelousy.Inu simuwamvera chisoni anyamata luso la mpira likawathera?

  15. Tomtom says:

    Useless idea by a useless government through a useless chief secretary. How can you think of employing football players while throwing away the doctors, teachers, agriculturalists and other professionals. Will these players be paid for office work or pitch work? Mkondiwa its time for you to retire. You have run out of tangible ideas.

  16. boffin says:

    What! just 4 winning a cup den u want to give them jobs without interviews. We idling here cause u r not employing ndye muzikamba zopusa. how old r u? above 60 u shld b out of de civil service ma rubbish

  17. Dyetsani Njomba says:

    Crazy idea. So you will give them positions in government and pay them salaries while they spend all their time at the football pitch either training or competing. What a waste!!!!

  18. jeb says:

    Uku ndiye kupusa kwa munthu wamkulu. Mmalo mokamba zokuti football should be professional in malawi basi kumati tikupatsani tchito. Mukufuna adzigwira ntchito zingati makosanawa. Performance appraisal yawo mudziyeza ziti – za mpira kapena ku office. Basi kuvala taye ndi jekete kumakakamba zobwelera mmbuyo. Inuyo ndi school kuti kapena mukupeleka ma sports scholarship.

  19. Kwazulu says:

    I wonder what civil service reform strategy is this. Where is Malawi going? Oh my God

  20. Bright msowoya says:

    Thats a good development but my question is, where will the funds come from? If the goverment is falling to employ the already graduated primary school and secondary school teachers.

  21. Kwazulu says:

    If government was a person, I could beat that person until he bleeds to death. How can government fail to employ doctors who are much needed and afford to employ football players. Are the priorities of the government properly set? Do we really need to come to the public with that silly story?

    1. Mbiyazodooka says:

      Am equally baffled by this level of thinking from the Chief Secretary. So he wants more of football than serving people’s lives in hospitals? RIDICULOUS!

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