Mlaka Maliro obtains restraining order from court against ex-wife

Gospel artist cum preacher MacDonald Mlaka Maliro has obtained a protection order at the Blantyre Magistrates Court against his former wife Ellina Tamara Kumilamba who has persistently been harassing him despite divorcing each other 15 years ago.

Mlaka: Evengalism full time

Mlaka: Evengalism full time

Maliro and Kumilamba divorced each other after 15 years of marriage in 2001 and have two children Juannita and Maggie.

According to documents Nyasa Times has obtained from court, Kumilamba deserted Maliro for another man in South Africa.

Maliro through his lawyer Ambokire Salimu, on Thursday last week, obtained the order in pursuant to Section 5&6 of Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, to among other grounds, restrain Kumilamba from directly contacting him and his employers or harass his current wife Bernadetta.

The court documents indicate that Kumilamba has been demanding children maintenance from Maliro, which he claims to have been providing all along since the divorce.

The arrangement is that, according to the documents, Maliro channels the children maintenance through his uncle Martin Mlaka Maliro who is a direct link between him and the ex-wife, Kumilamba.

However, instead of respecting the arrangement, Kumilamba is said to have been calling Mlaka Maliro directly aside from verbally defaming his wife Bernadetta.

“Since the respondent’s (Kumilamba) marriage with the other man broke down, she has always insisted that she gets the maintenance directly through me to the extent that she approached my employers namely Prophet Bushiri,” argued Maliro.

It has been revealed that Kumilamba once approached Enlighted Christian Gathering (ECG) church founder, Prophet Sheppard Bushiri who gave her R35, 000 (approximately K1.5 million) as a business start-up capital.

“This was thus not enough to her as she has been threatening through phone calls to visit my employers again and she is also currently causing problems between me and my wife,” further argued Maliro.

Protection Order

The Magistrates Court on Thursday has granted Maliro a Protection Order, restraining Kumilamba from contacting him directly for the children’s maintenance; not to be 100 metres close to him; not to approach Bushiri for any help or seek maintenance, and not to verbally or physically harass his wife Bernadetta.

Private-practicing lawyer, Ambokire Salimu confirmed obtaining the order on behalf of Maliro, saying “We already served the Respondent”.

However, Kumilamba was defensive and angry when contacted, challenging to expose Maliro.

“Let Mlaka Maliro and the court bring the war to me. I will expose him. He is the father of my two children, and all I am asking is for their maintenance which he has been failing to provide,” argued Kumilamba who refused to comment further on the issue.

.Mlaka shot into the limelight in the late 1990s with his debut album Dzanja Lalemba which until today remains one of the best compilations in the country.

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40 thoughts on “Mlaka Maliro obtains restraining order from court against ex-wife”

  1. cheney Benson says:

    This is a testimony that i will tell to every one to hear. i have been married four 4years and on the fifth year of my marriage, another woman had to take my lover away from me and my husband left me and the kids and we have suffered for 2years until i met a post where this man Dr.ATIAFO have helped someone and i decided to give him a try to help me bring my lover back home and believe me i just send my picture to him and that of my husband and after 48hours as he have told me, i saw a car drove into the house and behold it was my husband and he have come to me and the kids and that is why i am happy to make every one of you in similar to met with this man and have your lover back to your self.His email: [email protected] .OR YOU CAN ALSO ADD HIM UP ON WHATSAPP USING THIS MOBILE NUMBER+2347067607073.

  2. Dan says:

    No editorial error bro. the article is clear and to the point

  3. C K says:

    I went to school with Mlaka Maliro and I’m 40 years old so he can’t be less than 40, he must be a year older than me as far as I know.

    1. Nkula says:

      Please people understand the 15 years in marriage as an editorial error. No big deal

      1. Dan says:

        Nkula, there is no editorial error. First Paragraph says,,,,Gospel artist cum preacher MacDonald Mlaka Maliro has obtained a protection order at the Blantyre Magistrates Court against his former wife Ellina Tamara Kumilamba who has persistently been harassing him despite divorcing each other 15 years ago.

        Second Paragraph says: Maliro and Kumilamba divorced each other after 15 years of marriage in 2001 and have two children Juannita and Maggie.

        This second paragraph tells us that they divorced after 15yrs of marriage in 2001. In other words, the statement means the same as to say…. “The two divorced in 2001 after being married for 15yrs” or the two got married in 1986/1987 and divorced in 2001 after 15yrs together. While the first paragraph just informs the reader that although the marriage ended 15yrs ago (in 2001), the ex-wife is giving him problems. So to me I feel the write and the editor did a great job unless if I have overlooked certain lines in the article, I stand to be schooled.

    2. Dan says:

      C K, Who said Mlaka is less than 40 years? The article is so clear. Its about a former wife giving him problems. It also says the two divorced 15yrs ago after being in marriage for another 15yrs. Therefore, simple primary mathematics will be like: 15yrs in marriage+15yrs they have been divorced=30yrs. Then 30yrs+ some years before marriage (lets say 18yrs) =48yrs.


      So the guy might be in the ranges from 45yrs to 50yrs. But no problem with the article

      1. Kaka says:

        Tamufunsanidi ameneyu…. As a matter of fact Mr. CK is just out of order. The article is clear and loud. The years mentioned here are those of marriage and Mlaka sananepo kuti ali ndi zaka zingati or kuti akunama nkhani ya zaka… Inu mwazitenga kuti zimenezi??? kkkkkkk

  4. The Photographer\'s Camera says:

    I wonder why people seem puzzled with Mlaka’s age.

    1. Did at any point, Mulaka say he is 15 years old?
    2. Is it a crime to be old, in Malawi?
    3. Which is better – to look older than your age or to look younger than your age? I believe, the latter is better

    From the strory Mlaka should be in his late 40’s or ealy 50’s; but he looks younger than an average 26 year old Malawian man; and this is a cause for celebration for any man, esp those whose apetite is young (if you know what that means)!

    1. Dan says:

      You nailed it bro, no need to be puzzled. the article is straight forward. 15yrs in marriage with Tamara Kumilamba and they divorced in 2001. This statement means Mlaka got married in 1986. Assuming he got married in 1986 aged 18 then it means he was born in 1968. If the assumption is true then he should be 48 years old. But all in all, the article didn’t dwell on Mlaka’s age, and I don’t know why people feel confused.

  5. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Mlaka is not Mlaka kikikiki!

    So all musicians in Malawi are now in the service of Bushilu!

  6. koma Kumeneko says:

    “Maliro and Kumilamba divorced each other after 15 years of marriage in 2001 and have two children Juannita and Maggie.” END OF QOTE . The article writer here is telling us they divorced 2001 after 15years in marriage ndiye wa IQ 0/10 ndindani?

  7. Tione says:

    Achimwene a Mlaka, mwachepetsa distanceyo. Kukufunika asamakuyandikireni even 20,000km. sinanga muli ku Joni kuti asamazabisale mu Hilbrow inu muli mu Joni momwemo. Komabe ndakondwa kuti simuzikumana pa maliro, kutchalichi, mushop, mumsika, kumasewero unless kukhale bwalo lokwana more than 100 metres kkkk. Tingoyesera kuti inu mwapita ku Queens kukawona odwala ku ma ward, ndiye kuti Ellinayo akuyenera kuti ayime cha ku Tambala kuja eti kapena pa Universal or cha ku Poly kuja kkkkkk…akangoyandikira basi auvala unyolo kkkkk koma abale dziko ili ndagoma nalo zochitika zake. Poyamba simumafunda bulangete limodzi inu nkumakweranakwerana usiku onse ngakhale masana mpaka kubelekerana ana 2 ndiye lero mwati musayandikane zooona?????kkkkkk

  8. Issa says:

    Kabaza you should also read the second paragraph which says “Maliro and Kumilamba divorced each other after 15 years of marriage in 2001 and have two children Juannita and Maggie” So as usual, the author of the article is the problem. Sentence construction inavuta.

  9. Malawiana says:

    this guy must be very old. around 50+ years I guess. Lord have mercy

  10. alhomwe atilaula says:

    i believe Mlaka could be pushing 50 now mwina anangochimwitsana poyambapo. look at Lucius now all grown up, time does fly siana ndi anthu akulu amenewa ndi kale lija anayamba kuyimba. palibe chodabwitsa apa, may be he was born in 1965!

  11. Mr Man says:

    Izozo zili apo koma how old is Mlaka?

  12. Brie says:

    ‘Married for 15 years, then divorced in 2001″. Pano anawo akula, above 18 I think, ndi ananso? Akungofuna yoti adzidyera Ellina, but take it easy woman. Learn to be calm and humble, Mlaka can support his children if they need support from theIr father, he is a man of God, he know what is right to do as a human being, don’t show the ugly side of U…

    1. Brie try to understand English here, they divorced 15 yrs ago(since 2001 up to date) which makes 15 yrs kodi sukuluzi mudasiira pa window eti, ana a mma high school kumangodziwa kulemba, kuyankhula ndi kuwerenga chizungu pomwe IQ ndi 0/10

      1. Kho says:


      2. November Rain says:

        Finale, the second paragraph reads, they divorced each other after being married for 15 yrs also. Nde Brie walakwitsa pati? Let us not try to expose other people’s ignorance and only end up exposing our own.

        1. Brie says:

          Nice one November Rain! Finale wa Kabaza my brother, understand it this way. Maybe the writer confused us otherwise, that’s it.

        2. Tate says:


  13. Rina says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk typical of ex-wives. Just ignore them. Mxxeeewwwww

  14. kantukodooka says:

    Kuaude milamba iwe muleke Mulaka wa Yesu Christu a nyaude mwa ambuye iwe kagwere khoswe ndondocha

  15. Wiseman says:

    Elina Kumilamba, tengela kukhoti mwamuna winayo osati Mlaka. How could you trust a man who took part in destroying your original marriage to be your husband? That’s foolishness of the highest order. Now look at the man. He has now seen some sense that he should not take a woman who dumped her husband for a wife. Get a life Elina

  16. Marcus Zimbiri says:

    Koma Bushiri ndi more. Kenaka timva kuti watenga Musicians Association of Malawi yonse!

  17. The Analyst says:

    “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’.” – Sigmund Freud
    Moving around town, you meet a so strikingly well-curved-breathe-taking young lady. Wanting to have a second and closer look, you see an equally handsome man by her side then you coil your tail and back off. Then you understand that women want nice-looking men. And you forthwith begin to invest in your looks.

    Not getting tired of looking around; you will see a very modern and captive-holding beautiful lady married to a man (who is a clear and living proof that man evolved from something else).
    Searching further, you realise this not-so-good-looking man has money, and you understand why. Women want money, and you begin to work and hustle-hard.

    But two days later, if you cup up your ears again, you will hear that the marriage for some rich, beautiful and respectable lady, whose husband is equally rich and good-looking; is broken, coz the lady was caught in flagrante delicto, with some impecunious, dingy and malodorous mulonda. Then you understand that it isn’t money, a woman is after.
    Simply put,
    . . . it’s a fruitless exercise trying to study and understand what a woman wants (yet most men waste time doing this so as to learn how to impress their lady). Whatever women want, they know it themselves.
    . . . After all, “Women are meant to be loved, not understood.” – Oscar Wilde

    1. Chims says:

      you have nailed it, the Analyst

    2. kamsikiri says:

      I like this analysis…,but i can conclude that women want good looking, money, performance in bed and good attention.

    3. noah says:

      oh yes you’ve nailed it…publish a book please would love to read it

    4. Zoona says:

      True analyst. The bible exhorts us to love our wives basi. Women are a very useful waste of time thats why real men dont marry. Actually if you dont have cattle but you drink milk more frequently than some one with cattle why keep any? Sex sex sex that stinking but exciting foolish game has the potential to turn an intelligent man into a donkey so please fuck but dont marry.

  18. FKS says:

    Mulungu amatola zonyokazo ndikuyamba kuzigwiritsa ntchito. Iwe umathawa chamba amasuta chija, taona zimene Mulungu wachita. Umwa tarmec chaka chake ndi chino

    1. Muntukwana nkachoka says:

      The problem here .Mlaka missed the opportunity in 2001.Second wife knows these kids I believe .he was supposed to care these kids in his house together and leave the ex wife alone.Where were the kids when the ex-wife went to south Africa with another man.there was no way a woman could harm like this unless there is a mutual understanding between them. 15years?????

  19. Benson says:

    Bro, that’s what normally happens when you are in Christ, the devil try to pinch left and centre

  20. ineyo says:

    “….Maliro and Kumilamba divorced each other after 15 years of marriage in 2001 and have two children Juannita and Maggie. ….”
    Meaning Mlaka got married 30 years ago?
    How old is mlaka

    1. Chims says:

      zodabwisatu izi

  21. kamarata says:

    We know Elina Kumilamba, she ran away from Mlaka indeed long time ago. We were in same class and i know her character. The other man dumpoed her nde sizikumuyendera anta! Mlaka wachita bwino, ndi nsanje imeneyo just move on watha ma plan. Ankayesa chani kuthawa mwamuna wake nde lero onse athawatu kkkkk

  22. Smmify says:

    Ooh. What a protection! I didn’t know Mlaka had another wife b4 Bernadetta. And, au saying the marriage lasted for 15 years b4 they broke up in 2001? In other words, they got married in 1986? I didn’t even know that Mlaka would be that old… I hope the matter is resolved once and for all.

  23. Mndambala says:

    Ndiye muti titani pamenepa?

  24. Thethemule says:

    Ellina, that’s desperado umaona ngati uhule ukuthandiza. Muleke munthu wa Mulungu Mlaka akule mnofu. Iwe kanyini kamene umadalira kaja katha fasho ndiye uli koma kwa Mlaka. Azimayi kumausunga mtima zamawa sizidziwika pano you want your nsurvival to come from him yet you deserted him and caused a lot of distress in his life. Mkazi ndi duwa, lero kuwala mawa lafota. No-body wants you now. Ndinkalindanji ndiyo nyimbo ya Ellina. Pano kulilira kuutsi, maiwawayeee!

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