M’mbelwa against Mzimba divided into three districts

Paramount Chief M’mbelwa the V of Mzimba has quashed a request made by Councilors to divide the district into four other districts, saying the issue requires more consultation as the district does not belong to chiefs and councilors alone.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V : Against Mzimba division

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V : Against Mzimba division

The call to divide Mzimba came as a hot cake on the agenda of a two-day full council meeting which ended Thursday.

Responding to the call, M’mbelwa, looking unmoved and composed, said the issue to divide Mzimba district needs a lot of consultations as the district does not belong to chiefs and councilors alone.

The Mzimba Ngoni Chief wondered if the councilors consult other people in the district on matters of the district, saying there is also another proposal for a federal system of government being pursued by individuals from the same district.

He urged the councilors to follow the right procedures and proper channel in the presentation of their concerns.

“I am caught in between. This issue of dividing Mzimba started way back. However, the issue needs to be discussed with sober minds by leaving emotions aside.

“We as chiefs have welcomed your request but we feel you have skipped some important procedures which you need to follow. The issue of dividing Mzimba needs to be discussed at length by consulting all the necessary stakeholders because it is not only councilors and chiefs who make up Mzimba,” said M’mbelwa.

He advised the ward councilors to go back to the drawing board and not play with people’s lives as it will come to haunt them some day.

Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa said development is not all about money, but it has to be defined from all other necessary angles.

Moving the motion, Councilor for Kasito East Ward, Fumu Mdolo, said dividing the district would accelerate development in many parts of the district which have remained underdeveloped over time immemorial.

Councilor Mdolo said it is sad to note that all other regions in Malawi have progressed in development but Northern Region has remained stagnant, saying one of the reasons could be the vastness of land under one district.

“The idea to split Mzimba is not intended at undermining the authority of our chiefs but we feel that it will increase allocation of resources as each district will have its own recurrent budget allocation as well as development budget allocation.

“A case worth noting is where resources meant for Mzuzu first passes through M’mbelwa District Council and by the time they reach Mzuzu they are already used up, leading to crippled government service delivery,” said Mdolo.

He further observed that once the district is split it will lead to efficiency in the delivery of services and promote transparency and accountability.

Member of Parliament for Mzimba South, Makwenda Chunga, raised the tempers of some ward councilors when he stood up and accused them of pocketing money from some organizations [which he did not name] to advance the issue to divide the district.

He further blamed the ward councilors for being in a rush and without really consulting the chiefs’ council.

However, Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira brought the chamber to silence when he asked the members to critically look at the facts Councilor Mdolo had presented.

He said it is not time to start looking at who is who when dealing with the issue as all ideas expressed are aimed at developing Mzimba.

“I support the facts these councilors are presenting, but let us look at the real facts behind this issue.

He also proposed to the council chamber “to leave the issue to our Paramount Chief to take a stand and discuss with the government to look at better ways of developing Mzimba or else we should revert to our Kingdom.”

The Chairperson for M’mbelwa District Council, Dan Nkosi, adjourned the meeting until further notice.


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31 thoughts on “M’mbelwa against Mzimba divided into three districts”

  1. Kango Shumba Emazwini says:

    These councilors should stop thinking that they’re superior to make such big decisions withought proper consultations…………….!!

    ……. If the purpose of dividing Mzimba is development?——then they had inadequate assessment because Geographical size has no effects on development……………….

    Simple examples:
    -Malawi, the small country not developed
    -Northern Region, the smallest compared to other two Regions yet not developed
    -Mzuzu a small a city but yet to be developed

    Note: Development is a Political will minus that let’s not expect developments from the Central Govt.

    Imwe makhasalala pala munthu yunji wakamulyeskani tumabanzi kuti mutimbanizge Mzimba kam’phalirani kuti mungakwaniska cha! Chifukwa BOMA la Mzimba mazaza ghakuska Mzimba mulije.

    Mzimba its a Kingdom that remains a fact some are arguing that history doesn’t matter yet Malawi as a Country is protecting its ownership of Lake Malawi through same long History.

    (divided we fall united we stand )

    Phambeli Mzimba Hamba Kanye Kawuyeyiwe……………. Brave By His Imperial Majesty Inkosi ya Makhosi napapata vakugawa cha! Mbalyalya wandale awa watitimbanizgenge waka machero wazamutisekangaso.

  2. Deguzman says:

    Koma yaaah. North always boiling pot but to its own peril. Ndiye mukamugawa Mzimbayo muyesa population ikula? Tsono mapiri onsewo inu mukuganiza kuti ngakhale DPPyo ndi boma lachitukuko ingayambire pati? Ndalama zambiri zithere kusalaza mapiri kapena chani? Nchifukwa chake fans yambiri imangothawako ku Thengereko eti?

    Kodi nkosatheka mMalawi muno kukhalako ndi kanthawi kokulirapo osamva nkhani za anganyawa?

  3. Jendayekha says:

    If division accelerates Development, then lets begin with the division of the North as an independent state.

  4. amalawi muzisiyanisa BOMA ndi district…. mzimba ndi BOMA not district… u hv to no what the word BOMA means b4 musanalankhule….pali Swaziland, Lesotho ndi mzimba onsewa ndima BOMA paokha…..means mzimba simungaugawe or patavuta chotani and mukakakamila mzimba ayima payekha ngati ziko cz zoliyeneleza zose zilipo or mutakafusa a QUEEN athu aku Britain akakuuzani……

  5. Wapolisi says:

    ise tafumbana tadapira takana kuswa Mzimba.

  6. Yamaweya says:

    ine nge mwana wa pa Thoza, tafumbana na awoli wane aahhhh tose tadapira takana kuti Mzimba tiswe, leave the way it is, development is another issue don’t connect it to size. Makhansala pala mwala banzi samalani lingamukhatani.

  7. Greencardless Malawian says:


  8. Sanraiz says:

    Mzimba is a Kingdom. Revert to full kingdom status first, then talk about dividing. Creating Phalombe, Neno, Likoma, etc has brought more misery than development to these new districts. It would bring no less to those districts which would be created. Think again, think soberly. Leave Mzimba the way it is.

  9. Mzakwacha says:

    Yeo a bwana mbelwa.Dont split mzimba.Mind u,the north will be a country on its own.When i come,i will meet u.Leave mzimba intact.Makasalala must go to xool.they dont know what they say.Vyalema na wa lomwe north yiwe boma.Mzakwacha .Nixon:Pretoria.+27724922299.

  10. Dumera says:

    Stupid chief

  11. GRM says:

    In my opinion the only justifiable reason for dividing Mzimba is that the district is geographically big. Those that are advancing division as a means for development are wrong because the national cake is shared based on population size which will not increase in size due to division. Akunama a councillor

  12. kachindamoto says:

    Tumbukas are useless and think using their buttercose/matako. You talk nonsense. You are selfish people. If you divide Mzimba into four districts, UNIMA selection will be based on Mzimba not mboshombosho of districts. Tha mean each mbosho will produce only two for UNIMA selection, losing two at original district level. Chaponda and his team can not allow that, You are crooks.

  13. Guantanamo Bay says:

    Maseko ngonis are found in Ntcheu, Dedza, Mwanza, Neno, Balaka and yet all r united under Gomani V. Dividing a district for admin purposes does not diminish the power of the chief. Those that hv been to Neno wil notice that devolop hs accelerated since its removal from Mwanza. It hs its own district hospital, district police, DC, etc who receive funding direct from parliament without going thru Mwanza. Phalombe is now building a district hospital and a tarred road is passing thru the area. If it had remained under Mulanje such infrastructure wud be in limbo. We, the people of Karonga, hv now agreed with our brothers/sisters from Rumphi. We want to create CHILUMBA district. Nyungwe, Wovwe, chilumba, uliwa, khwawa, chiweta, mlowe, livingstonia (khondowe), mchenga. People of these areas hv problems accessing social services from either Rumphi boma or Karonga boma. Chilumba ‘boma’ wil b ideal. We r stil discussing where the actual boma will lay

  14. beje says:

    who wants to divide ma home district must cut his forefinger first. wat development? look at rumphi and nkhatabay are they developed by the virtue of being districts? shame on u

  15. Ndevuzinayi says:

    The hypothesis that the smaller the district the more the development is fraud. We have districts like Ntchisi, Chiradzulu Neno, are they more developed because they are smaller. Nay. And this assertion that the northern regional is the least developed is also not true. If we go by facts as reflected by various socio-economic indicators in the surveys and census reports, Rumphi is the most developed district

  16. yobu 1413 says:

    Suit avala amfumuyi kaya nkugula shop yake iti?

  17. Boss says:

    Mzimba means body so you can not deved the body .No reason to devide Mzimba because the whole north hasn’t been developed and even now the othe district are stragling like Machinga you can not notice that you are passing a district centre

  18. chawawa says:

    Anthu inu bwanji kodi…….kweni kweni mufuna chani? am from mzimba I like it to be the way it is unless if MP`s or something is making it very difficulty or taking longer to communicate with others to the far end of each part of the district…

    But in the days of kamuzu zimayenda bwanji … siyani chief mbelwa apirize tradional staff … zibwana eti

  19. Greya n. Ngulube says:

    Mwana wamu ngoni can not consider those points.wandalekepo mazgo ayo agogo.can we be able to divide the body(mzimba)?.i hope it can’t.

  20. Mtumbuka ndi mbuzi samesame. says:

    Mtumbuka mbuzi yeniyeni!. Do we devide an area based on population or vastiness or the two should be considered hand in hand..?????…vindere zakufikapo… mbuzi za dyera selfish pple mwalemba mmadzi U are and shall continue to be hand clappers for gd….. Nosense za msete basi.

  21. Nkhamanga Kingdom says:

    There is no reason of diving Mzimba District , Rumphi , Chitipa ,Nkhata-bay and Chitipa are district on their own But they are not developed the same way Mzimba is not developed so there is no reason of diving Mzimba that is non starter Mzimba woyeeee Mbwelwa woyeee , it is already proposed Mzimba will be a commercial City in Federal system of Government of Northern Region . Mwatimba libwe no kugawa Mzimba ta wina Mpoto takana Afumbani dankha akulu a Chikulameyembe pala tchamachitiko mupulikenge

  22. Chizukulu Cha Jonasi Ku Swaswa says:

    No division we are proud of our district.

  23. Concern citizen of mighty Mzimba says:

    Mr Inkosi ya Makosi sir, these councilors are not insane as you think. Actually, as a matter of fact Mzimba district is huge and need to be split into 2 or 3 for developments to thrive in your area. Of course this may sound as like a deliberate way of reducing your powers over the district, however Mr Igwe this will benefit all the Mzimba dwellers including yourself sir. I know you are educated enough to judge what is good for your people but the bottom line is that you must bow down to these demands.

  24. Chipalamandule says:

    NO TO DIVISION.Kasi pala munthu ana mutu ukulu tikugawa kuti umala sopo? Tilekeni ise tikondwa nthewura. Bayeeeethe Inkosi Ya Makosi. Umuzimba chitanthawuza thupi sono ka thupi tigawa pakuti ndikulu?Lyaninge waka tundalama uto amupasani uto.ISE TAKANA.ACHEW AMATI TOTO.

  25. Peter Mifuti says:

    People in Thyolo and Mulanje are asking for cessation from Malawi, People in the Northern Malawi want Federal system of government, People of Mzimba want a royal kingdom and some want the district divided, muslims in Mangochi are trying to apply sharia.

    Self preservation is the first rule of nature………..

  26. johnbwanyama says:

    Likoma, Neno and phalombe are districts, what kind of development have they attained. The really pple who can benefit are civil servants because there will b DC, Police incharge ETC and some other people. Likoma must b the smallest district, convince me what Kind of development is there. Mzuzu is a city just like LL, BT , funding is direct from Government.

  27. Zaliro wa kwa Petros ku Swaswa says:

    Mzimba is a united kingdom that can not be divided. How can development be accelerated if Mzimba is divided. Malawi is already facing stringent financial constraints and I tend to wonder how the division shall improve Mzimba’s economic standing. Long live M’mbelwa and God bless the Kingdom.

  28. wisdom says:

    no mzimba should not be divided leave it the way it is. some districts are small but not developed as comparing to our mzimba (the body). msatipusise ife mwamva!!!!!. thats just being greedy ok. i personaly dont see any problem with the district.

  29. Twayo Jere says:

    No division of mzimba

  30. No mzimba must be divided those are delay tactics these chiefs are bringing real issues. Only dyera.

  31. Gay Envoy says:

    vimanyikilo vwa ku umaliro wa chalu cha winampoto.

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