More officials to resign from PP, claims Mpinganjira

There is chaos in People’s Party (PP) of former president Joyce Banda and that many officials are set to resign, the party’s former vice president Brown Mpinganjira has claimed.

Mpinganjira: Predics more exodus

Mpinganjira: Predicts more exodus

Mpinganjira said he resigned to concentrate on his “private project” and that before long he will be back in the front line politics.

He has been linked to joined ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) but he has downplayed the assertions, saying his next political membership will be known soon.

“Soon after my resignation I have been overwhelmed with calls from people across the country asking me about my resignation and a lot of people have told me that they are also resigning from the party due to their own personal reasons,” claimed Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira’s resignation comes recently after PP Vice President for North Harry Mkandawire MP and Sosten Gwengwe who is May 20; 2014presidential running mate to Joyce Banda resigned. Mkandawire only resigned his post but could not withdraw his membership for fear of anti-defection law as MP.

Gwengwe and Mpinganjira who are not MPs have withdrawn their memberships.

PP secretary general, Ibrahim Matola, said every party in the country including DPP has its own challenges and that his party painfully accepted the resignations but it will map the way forward.

“We can confess that the resignations are regrettable to our party but we have accepted it and we will be meeting soon to map the way forward.” Matola said.

Matola was however non-committal if the absence of the party`s president Joyce Banda is the reason for the exodus.

An electoral expert, Unandi Banda who heads the National Election System Trust (NEST) said the resignations are having a negative bearing on PP and added that only a post-mortem of the events is key to its survival.

“PP should meet and discuss the future of the party as soon as possible because at the rate at how things are going, it’s not good for them,” Unandi told MBC.

University of Malawi political expert Dr Blessings Chinsinga said the resigned members are doing such because they were co-opted to be in the party and they want to revive their careers.

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47 thoughts on “More officials to resign from PP, claims Mpinganjira”

  1. aneneri says:

    ma vp onse out!zoona mbusa wabwino amasaka nkhosa zake,koma nanga mbusa alikuti,dziko ladabwa.a nsonda mukuti bwanji nanga

  2. mtichimwitsa says:

    These guys know to harvest but they don’t know to dig stupid lazy gentlemen

  3. Hestings says:

    Adyera azichika ife ndife amayi basi.ndli nawo?p p!yanyamuka amayi aduseke.aBJ analephera kale ka convention ndiwolephera amenewo.

  4. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Mavuto akula ku pp president wake wadyera akungokhala kunja bakha ameneyu wopusa

  5. kachikho says:

    Its good redance . These guys are bad losers and excess baggage to any political party and they are the reason PP lost the elections. As for baba Mpinganjira who was rescued by JB when he was poverty stricken he is just be,ing ungrateful

  6. dezoman phiri says:

    Even if all people resign in pp who cares anyway.Who will vote for that incompetent cashgate woman into presidency?Malawians are not looking back.Its time Joyce Banda retired and cooked for her frail husband than wasting time with her unpopular pp party.

  7. Afiti opemphera says:

    Ibrahim Matola ganizani bwino, mwaona mmene chipani cha PP chikutheramu. nanunsotu mutha. bola ku UDF kuja mukayankhula parliamant timaomba mmanja nanga lero zili kuti, haaa kale akanati lizibwerera, bwenzi zili bhooo.

  8. abiti mtila says:

    let him join dpp ,the mighty party. pwi pwiiiii yanyamuka sidzabweranso. odi uko a peter adutse.kkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Chopwicho says:

    Timanena ma personal entity parties siiabwino kutha kwake zimatele, kwatsala chipani cha Bingu Family

  10. Mgwalangwa says:

    dyera lawachulukira

  11. Fototo says:

    There are people who don’t know that they don’t know! Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki!

  12. Unknown But PP says:

    Ama JB, tikukudikilani. PP is alive. Baba che Uladi, chonde, atame pelepo. Ken Msonda, hung on there, you are such a principled man. Nangozo ku Zomba, you representing PP so well in parl. Economist Joomar, you are such a heavy PP resource in parl. Khumbo K, our man, you are a master at reviving parties up there. Burry whatever was there between you and amama. Let us together prepare for ama’ big home coming let Malawi go orange again.

  13. Samvankhunkhu says:

    The only one who has said anything sensible is Ibrahim Matola: Every party has its challenges, including DPP. DPP has put its own VP under 24 hour surveillance, they are busy shielding crooks who borrow money with no intention of repaying, and they can’t seem to get their agenda off the ground after one year in office. They are still in the air after promising to hit the ground running.

    Even if every PP member resigns, the earth will not stop spinning. The rest of us should just keep working hard in our various activities. Pinning one’s hopes on politicians is the worst mistake any person can make – even if you happen to come from the ruling “tribe” at that time.

    As a Yao I refused to be excited when UDF came to power. I voted for them but within months I knew that they would not assist anyone but themselves – especially when they refused to give up ministerial mercs after having campaigned to be financially prudent and opt for less expensive to maintain vehicles.

    Politicians – screw them all…

  14. Blessings says:

    Kupusa kwa a malawi,akusekerera kuti awajoina mawa adzathawaso kuno chipani chimakhala ndi mphavu chikakhala m’boma,udf,pp zatha basi mcp ilimbane ndi dpp.

  15. kholes says:

    Lachuiuka ndidyela pamalawi akale onse anakasiya ndale ayambe mwina ulimi zinthu zawakanika

  16. Ntchona says:

    Don’t take them back. When a man has no loyalty he has no honour

  17. Denis Tembo says:

    BJ ndi mwana mlomwe no way angaphatikane ndi atumbuka kya atonga,ayenera kubwelera ku mtundu wake,pp yanyamuka sidzabweleranso odi ukoooo a Peter adutse,time for Professors! Fotseki

  18. mulopwana says:

    vindere vwose ivo.

  19. A COMMONER says:

    Where art thou Kenny Msonda and Chris Daza?

  20. Kholophete says:

    Mr. BJ I think its high time you just left the political podium because you are now too old and your prostitution will only cardiac-arrest u. See in your head all white now kodi nzeru anthu enanu zimakulakani bwanji? Mufuna muzafere mzipani? We have youths who can carry on if you think you are the only ones whose wisdom is sought. Your stupidity is just too much hule lalimuna iwe. Go tell this to all your political prostitutes like Harry Makandawire, Sosten Gwengwe.

  21. garviyn says:

    Malawian politics at its best.nothing strange here,thats wat we’ve bin waiting for…so soon it will be joyce banda resigning.hahahah!!!

  22. Kamwaze Bonomali says:

    They never loved Amai JB in the first place. They are failed politicians who puts their selfish interests ahead of the party. Sad to say, this is the beginning of the end for PP, unless JB returns quickly and boost the weak members of her party.

  23. Ineeeeeeeoooooooo says:

    AaaaaA mbava zimenezi!!!!!! Aona kuti chipan chawo chitha ayamba kuthawa tsopano!!!!!!! Mmmmmmxxxxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  24. magaula says:

    kapaleni makaka che bj kwanu kunatha musakokere anzanu kudzenje we are tired of grey haired politicians like you unabanso iwe

  25. Nkhedu says:

    kkkkk Vuto ndi zipani zinazi maka zolamulazi.Muziona zikuwalandila with open arms.

  26. kadokera says:

    Ndasiya kuvota

  27. Chenkwepu says:

    That’s how God punishes people who do not care for others. You assumed power by death mizimu ya kuwukirani. You tortured innocent people . Tha’t the end of PP. Why is JB not returning to Malawi?

  28. shaaaa! says:

    chipani cha azimayi okalamba koma okonda azimuna a eni.kikikikikikikikikikiki

  29. khaoreyah says:

    Kodi Muluzi zikumukhuza pati pamenepa. Iweyo I think ndiwe mbuli zedi . Osangokamba mfundo zenizeni bwanji,

  30. Issa Kabudula says:

    If there is are political individual who earn respect from me in Malawi can only be Justice Malewezi and John Tembo, these fellows stand their ground, money or no money they stand where they are. For Mpinganjira he is an intelligent man at his own best and not for the good of Malawi (he is a sell out) sapanganika and a dangerous man especially on politics, a destroyer and a traitor per se.

    We need decent politicians in Malawi who will be there the fight corruption, forge strategies of Malawi development in education, science and agriculture. Individual who will use their man power to develop others, people who think of others are states men/women and those are the ones Malawi want right now – not political prostitutes.

    For mayi Banda – she is getting what she deserved to get, still bad omens are on their way, the appointment she made was based on ill future for the country and the party (PP) including herself. If your own running mate is running away, deputy president running away, there are many question marks to be desired and unfolded for people to know.

    My advice to the youth of Malawi, chose parties which are decent and be members, assist in policy making and keep peace, avoid gangsterism, or be used to fight stupid’s wars Malawi can rise.

  31. ZZ Junior says:

    Its high time Political Parties learnt a lesson or two about these fortune seekers. We don’t need these people in our political circles. Nawonso a PP, why did you give membership to the likes of BJ. The guy once stood as MCP running mate when he was a member of UDF, how stupid and selfish is that?

  32. kanyimbi says:

    Some people were thinking that southerners are fools. This time you will see them more united than before. Even Bakili Muluzi is part of this unity. In 2019 political parties will have Mulanje Mountain to climb. What a tough job it will be.kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Has BJ become a spokesperson for those wishing to resign from the party(PP). Generalisation is an accident of the past politicians.
    Not now, we deal with an issue at hand; don’t waste time on that which has not happened, Mr BJ.
    Attention seekers and gullible, opportunistic ‘politicians’ who have outlived their welcome are toxic to our democracy.

  34. edda mwalweni says:

    No problem let them go life sitikudandaula

  35. MKWAPU says:


  36. John says:

    Pp itha ngati makatani

  37. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Dpp doors are wide open for u bwana bj

  38. kwataineyo says:

    We dont want BJ in DPP. Please dont join us, continue eating your oranges. As old as you are, cant u sit down and take care of yourself? Shame, fortune seekers are disturbing us, they dont want to serve the pple but themselves.

  39. Viva says:

    Not surprising… Politicians in this country have no loyalty to the people. They are not interesting in serving anyone but themselves. Thats why there will always be movements from one political party to another before elections…positioning themselves because they want to be part of a ruling party- akadye basi. Within 12 months after elections, more resignations and crossing the floor to the ruling Party, akadyenso. So wht JB is not around? Azibambo akuluakulu ngati inu simungathe kuyendetsa chipani JB kulibe? Politics za chimidzi, za chiprimitive!!

  40. Nyotsolani says:

    Naneso i wil resign later

  41. munyalika says:

    we will die for PP

  42. UDF yatha, so do u thing PP can survive? Malawi needs 2 political parties. MCP AND DPP. In 2019 don’t go 4 any other party apart from the 2.

  43. The Truthful One from the West says:

    What should be worrying Malawians is the negative effect on democracy if PP is gravely weakened. A very dominant DPP is very bad news for democracy.

  44. kenneth kiyare says:

    DPP mwaifuna lero anthu adyera inu,pitani mukawadyere muzatipeza 2019, PP yanyamukaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  45. thinktankmalawi says:

    They are not opportunists..Joyce Banda us.How do you abandoned party and do global trotting for 10 months. .And you claim to be still in control? …There is no direction..Joyce Banda used the party and abandoned it once out of power…

  46. max nsani says:

    Fortune seekers like BJ, sosten gwengwe, harry mkandawire are the cancers in our politics that needs to be cut out and the whole body politique needs to go through a chemotherapy. They sang praises of JB even as she presided over rampant theft of state coffers and store from the poor people’s resources , pushed out national debt out of control. Let new people like the chilimas show us what they can do, not even these muluzis.

  47. Namalila says:

    Dr Chinsinga, your observations are quite correct and at the same time, they are opportunists.
    They have nothing to do other than seeking fortune wherever they can and at any costs.

Comments are closed.

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