Morgan Heritage ‘swindle’ force Malawi Musicians body for aggressive rules on international artists

Musicians Associations of Malawi (MAM) says there is need for tough rules to be put in place for international music promoters to avoid duping Malawian music lovers.

Rev Chimwemwe Mhango, Martha Mituka and Lulu - Photo by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

Rev Chimwemwe Mhango, Martha Mituka and Lulu – Photo by Chris Loka, Nyasa Times

MAM president Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango said this after music fans in Malawi complained that they were duped of their money after Morgan Heritage failed to bring in a live band instead used CDs.

Mhango said his office was overwhelmed with complaints.

“We don’t expect organisers to cheat people. MAM has received a lot of complaints. My in tray is full, there are many texts in my phone, on Whatsapp. Music fans want to find out what we are doing about it,” said Mhango, a respected veteran singer.

He said MAM, Copyright Society of Malawi and government share the blame because they have not put in place stringent measures to avert such malpractices.

“MAM, Cosoma and government were supposed to be notified. We were supposed to scrutinise the contractual agreement,” said Mhango.

He said his organisation, Cosoma and government will now work together to protect Malawian music fans.

Mhango said not long ago, music fans were robbed of their money after an international musician failed to turn up for his scheduled shows after people had already bought tickets.

The music fans have not yet been refumded their money. A South African music organiser who organised the show was arrested and his case is court in Lilongwe.

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25 thoughts on “Morgan Heritage ‘swindle’ force Malawi Musicians body for aggressive rules on international artists”

  1. Patrick Kamanga says:

    Hahaha,ndalama aba,chamba aba hahaha.Wake p Malawi

  2. MaiMai says:

    Kutengeka Malawians, now you have learnt a lesson and better trust your own artist than these chamba smokers. What can you expect from a chamba smoker as a musician? Playing CD atachisuta to him it was LIVE Band….lol

  3. Koma ????? says:

    you head abt these shows, did you followup to check if all was in order?
    organisers should also be honest …should tell unsuspecting fans that the show will be based on cd performance or live….let people make informed decisions…..

    for example, the rumour about thidd once famous artist judy, will she use CDs? i dont think judy has an active band….so let people know in advance

  4. chilungamo says:

    this is planed deal we cant say organisers were not aware of this development

  5. Rodriguas says:

    Bon Afrikan tiyankhuleni musangoti ziii! Ai.
    It’s called Bon Afrikan Production which is supposed to have functional departments. Like marketing(research), wefare, protocol and others. Even PRO which at this time would come up with a response to these complaints of CD issue.
    Otherwise it looks like it’s not a company as it is purported to be; it seems it’s one man show masquarading as a production company.
    A communuque is vital at this juncture, please to salvage the little respect that has remained of the name bon afrika production.
    It will take much promotion and marketing if this company is to stage another international show in future.
    Hearken u.

  6. Malawi says:


  7. titus Scoti says:

    A Malawi kupupuluma ndi zakunja. Tiyeni tizivina zathu zomwezi monga “tizingocheza” ndi “tsika msungwana tsika”

  8. Tina says:

    Just watch who brings intertainment. Foreigners they take Malawians as fool if I have chance I stinge them definitely. Ma foolish

  9. MCHEMO says:


  10. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good development,See my name

  11. Mapwevupwevu says:

    No display

  12. Mlembo Harawa says:

    what a government? MAM & COSOMA, u better tel us the truth! how can malawians continue to suffer in their own motherland? i remember Kamuzu Banda, Does Malawi Has Laws To Protect The Poor Citizenry? God Heal This Nation!!

  13. Mlembo Harawa says:

    I feel sorry for my nation, Malawi. How Can Mam, Cosoma & Government fail to know/scrutinise such expensive & dubious deals by the so-called clever organisers? are you guys not bribed as well? are these musicians nt told about malawian’s expectations in their shows? why is government allowing this? Naive patrons of malawi can pay any amount!! mukayankha kwa JEHOVA

  14. In diaspora says:

    So the agent is running scort free? Malawian bodies seem to lack celebral capacity to envision how peoples money can be protected from such swinlers. Plz wake uuuuuup!!!

  15. zandile says:

    You are now working up. How can a band play its music from CDs?

  16. Peter says:

    Morgan heritage please you’ll not be welcomed again in Malawi.

  17. Peter says:

    I think MUM doesn’t take Malawians seriously and this not the first time Malawians have been robbed off,i assume MUMs leadership has an interest in the proceeds cause if there not they could’ve react by now.

  18. mapwevupwevu says:

    Morgan Heritage did not swindle anybody, we paid willingly!

    It is surprising that all of those who are complaining did not even pay to attend the show.

    1. jack says:

      Iwe, did you pay?

  19. Morgan.anabwera kudzadya chamba cha nkhotakota osati kudzaimba.

  20. muleke says:

    Inu.malawianz cant afford to buy tickets.these pipo r expensive.who can pay 50 gz?10 gz iz worth cd show.appreciate that we saw the guyz.

  21. levelheaded says:

    After the demise of Joseph Hill,the vocalist behind the reggae group culture, Morgan Heritage is the only established surviving reggae band in the world.The question should be whether 10 pin was matching with a CD performance, the answer is yes.

    To say the truth you can’t expect Morgan Heritage to come here the whole Band at the expense of just 10 bucks no no no. Intact we had the previledge of at least seeing these heroes live.

    MAM was supposed to see to both sides of the coin since there are some who prefer CD performance due to the quality of the beats.

    1. jack says:

      Its not a question of 10 bucks. Some of us would have paid even 100 bucks. It is live music we wanted not CDs. We already have these in our cars and homes.

  22. Mwamuna sakalamba says:

    Ahaaaa!! That’s Malawi. A hibernating society. Always reactive and not proactive in doing things. I mean all along agents(stakeholders) in the music industry did not have instruments/ mechanisms in place to check this? We always wait for a crisis to wake up from the slumber? I thought when establishing organizations the basic things to put in place are, for example , terms of reference? Komatu situkuchita bwino ngati dziko.

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