Mota Engil eyes revival of hotel project along Lake Malawi

A Portuguese based company, Mota Engil officials are expected to arrive in Malawi next week to hold talks with Malawian President Peter Mutharika over the abandoned $50 million project in the lakeshore district of Mangochi.

Mota's planned hotel in Monkey Bay

Mota’s planned hotel in Monkey Bay

President Peter Mutharika greets Gilberto Rodriques of Mota Engil at the official opening of John Chilembwe Highway in Blantyre on Friday.Cgovati nyirenda. mana

President Peter Mutharika greets Gilberto Rodriques of Mota Engil at the official opening of John Chilembwe Highway in BlantyreCgovati nyirenda. mana

Government entered into an agreement with the multinational in Public Private Partnership (PPP) which could have completely transformed area which is touted as the most beautiful part of the whole Lake Malawi.

The company was supposed to construct a five-star hotel and a golf course but the project was abandoned after disagreements with the community on the land.

According to a report by African Press Agency (Apa), Mota-Engil Malawi Public Relations Officer, Thomas Chafunya confirmed on Thursday that President Mutharika has initiated contact and dialogue with the investor in order to find a lasting solution to the project.

“The government has been meeting the communities to tell them the importance of the project to the area as well as the nation,” he said as quoted by APA.

Chafunya said there is hope that after the discussion with the head of state, the company will reverse the decision and start the construction.

Mota Engil started operating in Malawi in 1990 through its Engineering and Construction area and during the early years of its operations in the Malawian market the Groups interventions were mainly centred on highway infrastructures, especially work involving the construction and rehabilitation of the country’s highway network.

The company is recognized for its work in projects like Nsanje World Inland Port, the Nsanje-Bangula Road, Kayelekera Uranium Mine and the Nacala Railway Corridor construction. Recently the government also gave the company a concession to run the Malawi Lake Service which has seen it introducing a passenger ship.

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26 thoughts on “Mota Engil eyes revival of hotel project along Lake Malawi”

  1. Mafia says:

    Tiyeni tipange malawi wathu kukhala malo otchuka pa dziko lonse potsegula ma hotel abwino ngati awa.

  2. Charlie Hebdo says:

    The multi-million question is “How much is enough to pay off the communities for taking away their livelihood?” Trust me, locals will not be allowed to fish within the parameters of the hotel which will extend many kilometers into the lake. Mind you, these people have been fishermen since the time of their forefathers. Let government come up with something that will sustain their livelihoods just as fishing used to.

  3. mouce says:

    Before Mota Engil lay their foundations, let’s see what their marketing strategy is to promote tourism to Malawi. There are +/- 30 hotels, lodges, and motels between Mangochi and Monkey Bay who can’t fill their beds – how does Mota Engil propose to do so? Malawi has become an expensive tourism destination – hence the lack of tourism compared to the 80/90’s when we had a tourism boom. Airfares are crippling – food prices – crippling etc.

  4. John says:


  5. Sake Chilling says:

    Comments from 6, 8 & 10 are stating sensible points. That is what should happen. There will definitely be opportunities for small businesses to spring up around the resort. For example fish vendors, farm produce vendors, ziboliboli vendors, handcraft vendors (straw hats, mikeka etc), traditional dances during the evenings for the guests etc). So this is an opportunity not to be lost. It will certainly better than all these Malawians flocking to South Africa where you can be killed at any time for being a Malawian in foreign country.

  6. kadamanja says:

    Why meeting the president and not the minister responsible? Corruption at its best.

  7. big says:

    Malawians, lets support this investment 101%. benefits outweigh seemingly bad side. The community has to relocate where necessary. thats how civilised nations do their things. Thats how Singapore developed. On another but related note, govt need to be more serious about slowing population growth. Too many people in a tiny nation with limited resources is recipe for conflict and disasters. Too many idle, illiterate and unproductive citizens in Malawi.

  8. mwana mulopwana says:

    Comment #1 you are very stupid, it seems you don’t know what you are talking, The fact that you have never travelled is the reason behind such coments, for some of us who have travelled know what the project will bring to Malawi, I have met a lot of people who always talk good things abput our lake the only issue they complain is the long journey from Lilongwe to Mangochi,

    Go and visit the Fiji island , you will understand that this project is worth it, we need leaders who are visionary, osati mbuzi za anthu

  9. shaaaa! says:

    midyomba yambiri inasamukira ku lilongwe ko kagwira ntchito mu manyumba mwa anthu,nde boma lisamange hotel.tikupatsani malo ku dzaleka kikikikiki

  10. bobe says:

    Malo a gogo ako, zaka 50 ukulimapo maolanje —- zankutu

  11. pierre says:

    comment reserved .

  12. Kholophete says:

    Midyomba tsono akukulandani malo alomwe zinthu zoti simuzapindula nazo. Ogwira ntchito azachokera kwina because of high level of illiteracy in Mangochi. Tetezani malo anu ung’onoung’ono (Atupele Muluzi) asakuputsitseni because he will benefit from that. Inuyo eni ake malo palibe chanu mulira.

  13. Jose' says:

    Umbuli wangokula pakati pa ma coments. The five Star hotel that is being talked about here is not the one you saw when you visited Majaore in Mocambique. Travel, go to the west and admire what it means to have a Hotel with a golf course. Anthu tikuganiza mwa chimidzimidzi. We need cool headed politician who will rise above usual projects and embark on real landscape changing projects like this one!

    Devepment of a country cannot be mentioned without talking about physical infrastructure. It is an act of stupidity to just be criticising for the sake of it – that is tantamount to washing dirty linen in public



  15. mphatso says:

    Some of the comments i read are disgusting.Have you ever been to Mangochi you people?The place is so beautiful but we just waste it.Had it been given to other countries,we would be rushing there to spend our holidays there.Let the peopale who have travelled and seen what other countries have done do the job maybe one day Mangochi will be a town to recone with.Lookat mlangeni resort today,very pathetic and yet Mc william Lunguzi(may his soul rest in peace) developed a nice place only to be left to useless kids.Motor Engil and government please continue where you stopped the plan is marvellous,a trully colour dream

  16. Truck says:

    That’s Investment if all goes ok with this Project most unemployed Malawians will get job just Compansate the owner of the land and start off with the Project.

  17. dar says:

    Evethough This Govenment is putting Laws to grab Land from Chiefs and Malawians; That Land is from my home that Guy is from Thyolo and Bingu became rich through Mota Engil everybody Knows but mere villager is very poor; Now he wants to apease Mota over land belonging to poor malawian; Our Chiefs and Village headman in Malawi are very stupid

  18. Bontileti Zwigi says:

    Midyomba Please. Lolani chitukuko chibwere. Ana anu aja abwera ku Xeno azapeza ntchito zomwe amapitira ku Joni. Just negotiate for a better relocation package. The places where your children went to work in South Africa were once villages but they are now attracting people from as far as Malawi for jobs. Similarly there will be a multiplier effect as more structures and businesses will come up and more people will flock to Mangochi for jobs. Imagine having an international airport in Mangochi following the hotel project. Then shopping malls, a stadium, good roads etc I feel sorry for you people for not having a vision. You will never develop. Mukhala osauka choncho mpaka Yesu azabwere.

  19. Okay? says:

    You who oppose to the project, how many lakeshore areas are converted to irrigation farming? How many people have been relocated in Malawi due to infrastructural development? What is special with these Malawians in this part of Mangochi? Kusazindikira kwanuko mudzafa amphawi ndithu.

  20. P. Moyo says:

    We need this development very soon, but help the people whith money and nice land to relocate

  21. Byron says:

    $50 million for a world class project? I don’t think that’s a project of high expectations to the international world.$200 million and up would make sense,maybe because in Malawi anything is possible-allowing sub-standard structures to take shape,siphoning of MRA and then destroying records etc.etc. Who knows? next time we might have some fly-overs for cyclists.

  22. Malawians,Why under utilise lake and fertile land?intead of irrigation farming and intergrate busness oportunity we want to entertain western and eastern people and then kumati tigule chmanga ku zambia.dziko lakumana ndi anyani,mbuzi bola agalu omwe aja amwene.

  23. chindere says:

    Malawi will not develop if we block investors.Worldwide people are relocated before a major investment

  24. JCInLA says:

    Mr President, let it be known that since you are an American citizen, we will sue you in the courts of the US on behalf of the village you are about to remove and the victims who suffered during the peaceful demonstration.

    Our fellow Malawians, please stand with the people of this village. If you don’t soon you will see your village being seized by the the Mota Evil with the help of greedy politicians who will soon regret their actions.
    Selling Malawi is Treasonous, and those that are responsible will pay with their own blood.
    May God, allah, jah bless our lovely country.

    1. sunderstar says:

      Stupid comment, this project will benefit the same community you claim will be forcebly removed. This development will definetely upgrade the lives of people there. Its only that there is a big political interference per se and many politicians will work underground and they will use the villagers to fight this development. In many countries development do come at a cost and if we are crying that Malawi is not developing its because of our attitude.

  25. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Why not a high-rise hotel to save land? And why a golf course (another waste of land)? You can construct a 5-star hotel with minimal land. Please do not dispossess the poor of their land… Golf corses only benefit the elite, they waste a lot of water and they stay idle most of time. That golf course land can be used for something that will benefit the greater part of the community (e.g. Irrigation farming), rather than a few business elite who play a senseless sport and cut their corrupt deals on how to exploit the poor further.

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