Mota Engil to finance Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba Road

The construction of the long neglected 80km Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba Road which will be pre-financed by Mota-Engil to the tune of $80 million will be constructed in three years, Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila has said.

President Mutharika performs the ground breaking ceremony at Mhuju in Rumphi District - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika performs the ground breaking ceremony at Mhuju in Rumphi District – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Kasaila (right) Jose Denis from Mota Engil and the officer from NRA present during the ground breaking ceremony at Mhuju in Rumphi - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Kasaila (right) Jose Denis from Mota Engil and the officer from NRA present during the ground breaking ceremony at Mhuju in Rumphi – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Kasaila said government has entered into a public-private partnership which will see Mota-Engil pay the full costs to be recouped over an agreed period of time.

The road will open up the CCAP’s historic mission station at Khondowe Plateau, a stunning tourist attraction which is home to Livingstonia University, Gordon Memorial Hospital and legendary Scottish missionary Robert Laws’ iconic stone house.

“The project will be funded by a contractor whose capacity to deliver a project of this magnitude is beyond a doubt,” said Kasaila.

According to Mota-Engil Public Relations Manager Thomas Chafunya the company “will invest the money and government will pay back at a profit rate within an agreed period.”

President Peter Mutharika kick-started construction of the road after unveiling a groundbreaking ceremony at Mhuju, Rumphi on Saturday.

The road splits the Henga Valley—an agricultural hinterland for tobacco, maize and coffee—on the way to Livingstonia and descends the treacherously mountainous terrain through Golodi Road, a narrow winding road built in 1906 by the early missionaries. It also leads to Kaziwiziwi Coal Mine on Phoka Hills.

Member of Parliament for Rumphi North, Jappie Mhango commended the President for the landmark project.

“For many years, previous administrations had just been singing about this project, but they did not do anything tangible at the end of the day. But in just ten months you had been in government, you have come here with this pleasant surprise,” said Mhango.

Besides Njakwa-Livingstonia- Chitimba Road, government also expressed commitment to implement other road projects like Jenda-Edingeni, Rumphi-Nyika and Mzimba-Eswazini-Kafukule-Ezondweni roads in Northern Region.

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50 thoughts on “Mota Engil to finance Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba Road”

  1. mlomwe2 says:


  2. cholikunowa says:

    mwachewa imwe vamubowani matako yabuya wino+wakongo wanyanamwee

  3. duduzi says:

    Koma Politicians#*??!!!!, How do you assess National or Regional priorities? As much as we understand that Khondowe needs a tarred road, my strong belief, sober and fair assessment….I think the Rumphi -Nyika-Nthalire – Chitipa Road would have been the first. Parliament could not even access information regarding this shoddy deal……..How could it be approved by this president who went to school for nothing! THAT IS WHY WE NEED FEDERATION/FEDERAL GVT, because we would have discussed, known and agreed OURSELVES which road could gives us what and start first? FOOLISH POLITICIANS WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEIR REGION.

  4. Nyamkaka says:

    Japp Mhango, do not show ignorance. The project has been on the cards a long time ago. Kupusa! This is not a new project.

  5. Mclaren says:

    This is the problem with northerners. Instead of supporting the president on this noble project we are fighting him.

    Ignore all these nosenses. Go ahead and build this road. Phoka feeds the whole district when there is famine

  6. Public Private Partnership ? Was this loan approved by the 193 who represent us ?

  7. Chalo Nimazghola says:

    Good work for the northerners, Word to the goverment we need these road to Choma-Chikwina-Mpamba road and Mzuzu-Nkhata bay

  8. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Since when did a construction company become a financier of development projects in Malawi, and is there legitimacy in this undertaking.

    Clearly this is a loan to the Government of Malawi and not to Peter Mutharika. We therefore wish to demand that the whole process of this deal be within the law, in particular relating to Public Procurement and Approval of State loans.

    The whole deal smacks of a shady deal between Peter and Mota Engil, wake up Malawians. Why did we not float an international tender for this project for the sake of transparency and value for money. Was the Public Private Sector Partnership involved in the process, if note, the whole process is illegal.

    Relevant authorities including Parliament must look into this.

  9. frank says:

    Ndiguleno sports car

  10. nyaphaphi says:

    kodi mota engil muli nayo pa mgwirizano wanji? musamakhaletu mukuwaphako amnzathu akudulidwa ziwalozi…what partnership? dpp itigulitsatu ife…

  11. Phodogoma says:

    So Tumbukas are very happy. That is why people say you are selfish.

  12. Tengupenya says:

    Goodall akuyesetsadi eti?

  13. Tengupenya says:

    Now the eyes are opening nadi. Build a port at Chilumba in similar manner and rail roads connecting the main economic growth towns of karonga, mzuzu nkhamenya, salima, chinkhoma, mchinji, liwonde, mangochi, lucheza and of course nkhotakota. Then talk to tanganyika to open the mamba bay route for Malawi with modern rail and lake transport services connecting to to the Malawi network at Chilumba. Do that and sit back and see how the private sector capital used in this manner would transform mama Nyasaland!

  14. totani says:

    Mutsegulekonso orphanage chifukwa ndikuona umasiye ochuluka wa ana atazasiyeko anyamata a mota



  17. Asset Declaration says:

    Long time ago, land was given to foreigners for salt and cloth. What a lousy deal! Today people in thyolo and mulanje want the land back. Because we never learn, we are busy giving our minerals (including gold) to foreigners for some road! Selling precious mineals to achieve short term goals. Do these people know anything about sustainability? Think about future generations you fools!

  18. Asset Declaration says:

    DPP 92, what kind of games are you playing with Mota? To put what you are doing in layman’s language, one can say ‘You are indulging in archaic tactics! You are exchanging our expensive and precious minerals with cheap developmental projects’. Just like you plundered chikawa, you now want to loot precious minerals? You granted this company a licence to mine gold. We don’t even know the conditions underc which the licence was granted. projects projects

  19. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  20. Asset Declaration says:

    DPP 92, what kind of games are you playing with Mota? To put what you are doing in layman’s language, one can say ‘You are indulging in archaic tactics! You are exchanging our expensive and precious minerals with cheap projects projects

  21. Chenda says:

    The Mhuju to Rumphi Boma road, Mhuju to Livingstonia road ; and up to Chitimba through the escapment really requires construction.

  22. ujeni says:

    80km in 3 years? What a joke. You want to come back in three yrs(2018) and campaign saying completion will be in 2019.

  23. sabiti says:

    Atumbuka watchout thats Mota Engel ask ur friends in Neno instead of just contructing railway line some of them were busy with gold there, the locals sounds the alarm but the authorities insteady arrested them ,the next thing we head is that they have been granted liesence to mine gold there. Keep ur eyes open we are yet to see who is to gain more

  24. Khongoni Boy says:

    Kkkkkk Atumbuka Samalani Azikazi Anu Akwatidwa Koooopsya Ndi Anyamata Amota Amenewa

  25. Titemwanenge Tizenge says:

    Priorities on road constructions in the north are so numerous, to the point that we cannot effectively prioritize. There are so many economic corners that require roadnetworks with Mzuzu and the rest of the country and beyond. Njakwa-Golodi road would open up to rich agric land, educatuonal institutons, tourism; Rumphi-Nthalire would smoothen access to yet to be fully tapped tourist world and fertile land; think of the crystal clear waters and beaches of Usisya which lie idle for lack of a road from Mzuzu; ask MP Grace Chiumya about the God-given rich soils of Chitheka where harvests rot because of lack of transport.

    Perhaps we should advise legislators from the North to extend their caucus to include issues of distribution or resources. MPs need not wait for parliament before they can meet to brainstorm on regional development issues. These honoroubles can surely deep lightly into their pockets to meet for the good of their people. This also calls for Northern Region-based think tanks like FOND to offer technical direction.

  26. nanzikambe says:

    Without donor aid, this is only way to develop our infrastructure. This is how many economies developed Angola, Mozambique. ..iinu kuno nsanje basi.

  27. Tiwalankhulire says:

    Inu a Chewa aku Dedza ndi Lilongwe tapemphani tadandawulani za misewo iyi:

    (1) Msundwe Santhe-Mchinji via Kasiya Malembo (2) Old Airport Malembo via Nsaru, Kabudula Road, (3) Mitundu- Thete via Lifidzi, Dikisoni, Njonja,

  28. golden eye says:

    Wait AND SEE. Time is a limiting factor… and it is good to have projects than saying AZUNGU ANDIUZA KUTI… Malawi for Malawians. We need development, zikakhala zomangoopa njoka ludzuzo …umeneyo ndiye umalawiwo..Fear is our greatest problem…. if we remove fear we will develop beyond recognition…. Dziko lathu ndi lolemera, azungu, amwenye, ndi anthu ena amuafrika amakhala kwathu kuno koma samadandaula kuti afa ndi njala chimanga kulibe, koma ife anuake eshii,…….. Kukonda kuzazitsa TOILET basi… leave some legacy please. TOILET ndi Manda azakudya palibe chomwe mungaphule mukamakonda kudya basi.. BOMA lizingokhalira kukuthandizani za za kudya ..muzayamba liti kuzidalira pa inu nokha……………………………………..

  29. golden eye says:

    Wait AND SEE.



  31. Mlawiski says:

    In addition to Mbukavu’s argument, the contractor, Fargo had abandoned the Mzimba-Eswazini-Kafukule-Ekwendeni Road some time ago and left the project area with all the equipment. Today, you talk of groundbreaking ku Rumphi still in Tumbukaland? Whom do you want to cheat? It is in Black and White that Tumbukaland is an outcast before the Mutharika Dynasty so to say. BaTumbuka ukani, tili muwanangwa wa muwuso wa wanthu wose. Julani milomo ngati munthu yumoza.

  32. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: koma boma lisagwileko lingayambe kubweleka ndlamazo ndukamangila mseu waku Thekelani ku thyolo. boma lunama kut lizabwenza ndlamazo.

    ndlama za mseu wa ekwenden kafukule esswazin mzimba sizikuoneka mseu sukutha. lts now 6 yrs.

  33. Patriot says:

    ANOTHER LOAN. My poor Malawi.
    This chimanga folo gouvernment eish very very iNCOMPETENT,
    By the way chaka chino palibe okolola and chimanga folo sichitikwanira.
    Sanasankhe Mulungu mkuluyu. Zinakati zinatero nanga mliri yosiyana siyana yatigwera ija yachokera kuti? Masamu abodza aja Mulungu sanakondwere nawo.
    Prediction of 50 kgs maize bag= K15,000. Munya agalu inu.

  34. PIERRE says:

    Prof.i lke the fact that u want to continue from where chitsulo cha njanji left.Pliz pliz think of mzuzu-bula-usisya road.usisya is fo tourism,soldiers use it to their training place and transportation of farm produce etc

  35. Rumphi-Nyika-Chitipa should have been a priority. I do not know if parliament had discussed on the issue of priority. If you combine these two projects the better

  36. allan mvula says:

    But you eda why using abusive languages here,are you a human or an animal?I doubt if u r a human it seems as if u r a dead body shame on you.Deal well done thanks Mr President forget about these other dead bodies from the North go ahead with your plans.You Northerners learn to appreciate what someone is doing for you don’t be jelousy always you won’t achieve anything God is looking at you.

    1. ujeni says:

      Get out! He is not doing for northerners, he is doing it for Malawi and for Malawians. Is Bingu hotel, conference centre in Lilongwe for people of central region only? Be civilised

  37. kondwani says:

    Since it is a loan to be repaid by public funds has Parliament approved this arrangement?

  38. chris says:

    Has Parliament passed this?this is tantamount to corruption as a supplier of service financing a project.umu muli ndalama za bwana

  39. I think in Malawi we praise anything that is his duty why start castigating other before the job done smoko yanthu imeneyo

  40. emwazi says:

    Rumphi -Nyika- Nthalire – Chitipa road is which will give a kwik return on this ernomous investment but politicians always prioritize where they think they will get their votes, Parliamentarians from the North must get together to prioritize this strategic roadm

  41. akulu says:

    Northern region is indeed far behind in tar mac roads . This road is very important plus the nyika one. Luwelezi was initiated by Joyce Banda i don’t know if its going to be implemented. Politics will play its part coz its someone who did ground breaking. My country

  42. truth says:

    Rumphi- Nyika- Nthalire – Chitipa needs some urgent attention. I hear that Mota is interested in minerals there. This DPP govt will sell everything in this country in the pretext of development and executive powers. We should not at all cost exchange these contracts with minerals. Please please my desperate DPP brothers, Malawians will fight in the future becoz of your strong appetite to stay in power and self enrichment

  43. edda mwalweni says:

    Abale ndale zachibwana , why not to finish already started roads first before ground breaking new one?
    That’s cheap politics, stupid, fotseki ……!

  44. sikusinja says:

    The Rumphi – Nyika road is supposed to be a priority

  45. Kadakwiza says:

    I salute you President Peter Muthalika. Job well done. We people of the north we thank you. But, heee! Don’t forget that we still need Mzuzu International Airport, Mzuzu Stadium and some manufacturing companies in Mzuzu. We also need government to stop all people who are busy smuggling timber at Chikangawa. Am saying this because in five years time Malawi will start exporting timber which is not good for our country.

  46. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Chibwezi cha Mota Engil ndi banja la Munthalika chabweretsa mafuso ambiri kwa Amalawi.

  47. manchild says:

    how about nkhata bay – mzuzu road? tatopa ndi ma promises okhuzana ndi mseu umeneu.

  48. Mbukavu says:

    The Mzimba-Eswazini-Edundu Road was already started several years ago Why not finish it before starting new roads?

  49. Chidongo says:

    Economically an ordinary person would think that the Rumphi – Nyika – Nthalire – Chitipa road would have taken government priority. Unfortunately there is no Jappie Mhango there. With very partisan politics developing Malawi remains a farfetched dream. No explanation on why the Edingeni and Kafukule roads already started have stalled. DPP woyeeeee!

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