Mota Engil vehicle donations impress communities

Communities along the multibillion kwacha railway line connecting Moatize and Nacala passing through Mwanza,Chikhwawa, Neno, Blantyre rural and Balaka say they are impressed with donation of nine vehicles by Mota Engil Africa.

Mota Engil, a multi sector investor and infrastructure developing contractor, was hired by Brazilian mining giant Vale Logistics to construct the railway line named the Nacala Corridor Railway Project.

Rodrigues: Mota Engil believes in empowering the communities they work in

Rodrigues: Mota Engil believes in empowering the communities they work in

The project is valued at US$1 billion (K420 billion) and will aid the miner in moving million tonnes of coal between Moatize in the Western part of Mozambique and Nacala Port in the eastern side.

The project will also help Malawian importers and exporters to access the sea ports easily and cheaply.

This donation was made possible after meeting several community leaders who expressed concerns of hardships in mobility especially ferrying pregnant women and children to hospitals

” This donation has already made difference in our community.  We dont travel long distances on foot when pregnant women are due for labour,” said Maziko Kadyanji from Chikhwawa district during a media tour on Wednesday.

Letinala Nansani 35, from Thambani village in Mwanza expressed satisfaction that the vehicles were well utilized as they were readily available.

“We have had problems even when we call ambulances from the District hospitals, they will normally come a day or two later justifying that the ambulance was either broken down or had no fuel. But with this donation from Mota Engil, we always have transport readily available,”said Nansani.

The vehicles donation is part of the Mota Engil Africa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The company recently announced a further $350,000 about K140million package towards complimenting efforts in Education, Health, Environmental conservation among others.

Mota Engil Africa Chief Executive Offcer, Gilberto Rodrigues said the company believes in empowering the communities they work in and minimise their plight.

“Mota Engil Africa provided the vehicles to the communities to make a difference in their lives. During several interactions we could hear issues of transport coming up again and again. We thought of donating bicycle ambulances but at a second thought we said motor vehicles were ideal because they can be used in all weather conditions,” said Rodrigues.

He said the company will be lining up efforts to assist more communities in several areas not only from where they have running projects or operations.

At the height of medicine and medical equipment crisis that rocked the country two years ago, Mota Engil Africa made a donation of medical drugs worth K300million through the Ministry of Health.

Mota Engil has been existent in Malawi since mid 1980s.

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12 thoughts on “Mota Engil vehicle donations impress communities”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    Osamawasekelera. Simwawona kuwathira mphepo pang’ono lero apeleka galimoto. Lets fight for justice.

  2. Nthuluko Chapondapanthi says:

    Malawians everybody is stealing from you but the biggest and worse theft is being done by malawians 13 billion just to be precise.

    At least be greatfull that this project is benefitting malawians we will have access to cheaper transportation and no longer have to pay high prices to road transporters and will also provide jobs and forex.

    Lets not forget that at times malawian are not reasonable you can not claim damages of 13 million for something that is valued 300,000.00 but unfortunatly that is the mentality they are rich europeans lets make them pay. Be honest and reasonable for once you never know they might even have plans to replace all the grass huts with proper structure.

    There is no need to disrespect malawian woman we are in 2014 malawain woman should be able to have a relationship with anybody. How could you refer to babies as bastards that disgusting; How many children are in orphan care in malawi there is alot of these children whos parents are malawian who just ditch them are they BAstards??? NO!!!!
    How many of those children belong to those of you who are posting comment????

  3. mabuluku says:

    Anthuwa ngakuba akaphulitsa mabomba akumaba gold anthuwa MBAVa MBAVA MBAVA MBAVA

  4. Saulos Chilimantharka says:

    Welcome development. We are tired of bicycle ambulances. Now we need pickups. Kudos Nyasatimes. Number 8 is hater.

  5. Chief of Chiefs Mwanza-Neno says:

    Mota Engil fooling Malawians in broad day light. You mota engil thughs:
    1) Compansate fully the people whose property you damaged
    2) Construct and complete the schools and health centers you said you would build,
    3) Most of your workers were screwing our local girls without condoms, for each girl, pay tax to central government to pay for the health care and school fees of the bastards you save sawn around.
    4) You have been stealing minerals including gold from Mwanza, return that to treasury otherwise……
    5) Stop paying the mercinary nyasa times reporters to write positive things about you, you thing we are not aware of your trick?

  6. chingolopiyo says:

    CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Comment 3 , You are brain washed. Don,t comment for the sake of commenting. What Mota has done is right. Companies operating in Malawi are supposed to give to the communities especially where they are operating. This is what we call CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The communities must benefit , its not about asking foreign companies to finance. This is a common practice with developed companies who knows the importance of building a good image of their company. Stop politicising everything folks.

  7. Heee says:

    Akulipira azimayi athu akumangowakwata chisawawa anthu amenewa

  8. MCP YA MMAGAZI says:

    The story fall short of more information, like to which government dept has the donation been made through. Is it direct to village headmen. Mr writer be clear next time you put up a story like this.

  9. MWANONI says:

    total rubbish

  10. ujeni says:

    Pathetic Malawians always crying to foreign companies to provide services which are supposed to be provided by our own govt. We are chasing abd scaring investors.

  11. Mtaya says:

    Who is buying fuel for the vehicles?What control mechanism has been put in place to check that the vehicles are not being abused. Who will meet the maintenance?

  12. Nabetha says:

    What type of vehicles are these and how will they be managed by the communities?

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