Mozambique decriminalise homosexuality: Malawi’s Mutharika to attend its Independence day

Homosexuality will soon be legal in Mozambique as the country will this Thursday be celebrating 40th Independence celebrations to be held in Maputo which Malawi President Peter Mutharika will attend.

Lessons to learn: Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi shake hands with Mutharika

Lessons to learn: Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi shake hands with Mutharika

With the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Mozambique, the number of countries with laws criminalising same-sex activity falls to 78. Malawi, Uganda, Palau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, Northern Cyprus, Botswana and Ivory Coast are some of the countries that hat still criminalise homosexuality.

Malawi minority rights campaigners are still pushing for reforms in the penal code to see to it that same-sex intimacy should no longer be illegal.

The rights activists believe Mozambique being a neighbour to Malawi, their new penal code which decriminalises homosexuality will be something to learn from.

Meanwhile, State House Press Office said President Mutharika will attend the Mozambique celebrations e as part of the two countries’ bilateral relations which date back during the colonial era.

“Apart from sharing borders, the two countries have many things in common including language, relations, culture, and many things,” it said.

A good number of Mozambicans are living peacefully in Malawi and others who stay along the borders access free social services like health, education and water, it added.

Mozambique attained independence from Portugal in 1975.

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15 thoughts on “Mozambique decriminalise homosexuality: Malawi’s Mutharika to attend its Independence day”

  1. Phodophodo says:

    Kodi iwe police bail ndiyaulele # 12 , anthuwa amalowetsa kumene kumatulikira bibiku? Akuti mpaka amakisanako. Yayayayayaya. koma tiphunzira zinthutu apa.

  2. Kanonono says:

    We hate these stupid rights activists. They can go with their homosexuals. We will never buy their ideas.

  3. makwinjaishmael says:

    I am a sinner but I Love and respect my one and only Living God.He is in Heaven.

  4. POLICE BELL ndiyawulele says:

    Mmene amanukhila manyi muja wina zowona mkumati zilibwino kkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahaha

  5. Gift Kayipa says:

    Where are we going?.a reminder word to my fell illiterate malawians Do no follow the majority when they are doing wrong.

  6. INE says:

    Let God punish them starting from these greedy leaders.

  7. Jacob Zuma says:

    Just another example of how Mozambique is emerging as a leading nation in the region. 25 years ago the place was in ruins, and now cities like Maputo are comparable to those in South Africa or other 2nd world nations.
    Malawi is probably worse now then it was 25 years ago and we are continuing to go down.
    Yet we still think we know better then everyone…..

  8. nyasa boy says:

    A pulezidenti tiyeni nazo mukubeera bo osamvera akawalala enawa

  9. okey says:

    Well, the Roman Catholic organization two months ago, said that it has enough room in its churches to accommodate homosexuals. Their Pope said, who is he to judge? Now it is accepted by our neighbours, moto umapita kwatsala tchire. We are next for sure.

  10. mikongoni says:


  11. Robert nyirenda says:

    Amen (Romans 13:11)

  12. Wanzeru says:

    Let us be serious guys, do you think God is not wise enough not to allow you doing this dirty acts. Joshua lamented that even if all the people choose not to worship God, he and his family will worship him. Do you think we need to compromise our principals because our neighbours are doing it? Nay. We are Malawians and nothing can change us.Bodza atsogoleri athu pangani zokomera Mulungu ndi anthu mukuwatsogolera, osati kuti ku Mozambique akutani, ife si iwo ndipo iwo si ife, palibe kanthu kuti tayandikana nawo.

  13. bob says:

    It is unfortunate that in Malawi people realize certain things later that others on the continent. They were one of the last countries to understand the virtues of multi party democracy and now they are resisting to legalize homosexuality when it is obvious that sooner than later it will take root in the country. Malawians are most resistant to change as if they were an extremist state

  14. tchadiwiki says:

    Of course homosexuality has existed for as long as the history of mankind, but let those that practice such acts do it in their usual clandestine manner. The law should remain as we inheritted from the azungu who still regard the act as criminal but are pushing us to decriminalise it- they have a hidden agenda!

  15. P. M says:

    Stupid thinking,God will punish those fighting for homosexuality here in mw.

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