Mozambique deport 34 Malawians en-route to South Africa

Mozambican immigration authorities have deported 34 Malawian nationals two of them women, they suspected to be trafficked to Republic of South Africa.

The deported Malawians

The deported Malawians

One of the deportees

One of the deportees

The deportees

The deportees

Malawi immigration authorities say the deportees left Malawi for South Africa on December 7 through Dedza border and were arrested in Tete town.

They boarded a South African open van registration number NT 60780 which was driven by a South African national Rashid Swarea (45) whose  passport number  is A04535897.

Immigration spokesperson at Mwanza border Pasquale Zulu says the deportees are now “in our custody to verify if there are indeed Malawi nationals and also to investigate if they were indeed victims of human trafficking.”

“Once that is done we will consult head office on the way forward,” he says

The immigration officials are advising Malawi travellers to avoid packed in open vans or trucks when going to South Africa.

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15 thoughts on “Mozambique deport 34 Malawians en-route to South Africa”

  1. mussa says:

    That’s true iwo amafuna dollar ambiri amadutsa opanda passport nawonso apolice aku malawi ku mawasunganso anthuwo chifukwa chani asiyeni azagwire ntchito njala yakula pa mw

  2. Kumamvetsa says:

    Ngongoliwa& Sapitwa, why do you continue advertising your ignorance with that high proportion?

  3. Mozambique turning away malawians,how about the ethiopians,chinese and burundians amadzela kuti? Inde analibe dollar to bribe the mozambicans…..osati trafficking..willungly on an open truck,u must be joking !!

  4. California King says:

    Peter Santa Muthalika on drive seat

  5. Is it human trafficking or the people are going there willingly???????? And on what grounds did the Mozambiquecan Authorities deport the people who were just in transit???????? Didn’t they have proper legal documentation??????? From what I have seen one passenger had a passport??????? The matter of the fact is that they were looking for bribes which they didn’t get. If it were women & kids I could have understood but who can traffick Mphongo?????? Mphongo zimakasaka ntchito.

  6. Gadabwali says:

    Passed Dedza border post? Really? Anakufumbatitsani eti or u dont know why you are there? Bwana Chilima, kodi reform yafikako ku ma border post kapena yangothera malo “ogulira” passports?

  7. Sapitwa says:

    They have been doing this for a long time. They mostly travel without passports these Mangochi people. They pay bribes right through all the way. Something might have gone wrong where they were arrested or they didn’t pay enough bribe.

  8. mukamati ku malawi kuli zochita ndiye kulankhula mopusa komanso mopanda mzeru tangoganizani panopa kwacha yagwanso 1dollar-654mk ndiye salary ya munthu ili pa mk14,000 lent pomwepo adye pompo wina ndi lover umoyo ulipo! Mmwene ku south africa mu shop amalipira mk35,000 per fort nyt ku malawi ndi mmwenye ndani angalipire chomcho? Muzilankhula ndi kumaganiza ngat inu mukudya mzanu wagona ndi njala

  9. Paka Bush says:

    Bwana Masauko Medi……Mwaona anzanu ku Mozambique? I mean how does these trucks pass through our border posts especially Biriwiri and Mwanza when your staff is there?

  10. Donya says:

    Inu Malawi wake uti mukutiuza kuti tidzilimayo aaaaaaaaah ine zikakhala ng’ombe nkukolopa nkakolopa akandipatsa 80,000 kwacha yo zanga ziiiiiii kumalawi angandipatse ndalama imeneyo ndani ntchito yokolopayo .

  11. [email protected] says:

    mmmmmmm peter munthalika mmmmmm zamuvuta uyu basi, umphawi wawonjeza mmalawi muno

  12. Sukati Jere says:

    To say that Malawians are lazy is not true. In fact we work harder under harsh conditions but what we get as our pay is totally peanut. If you have the chance of flying over our country look down,you will notice that almost every where land has been prepared for crops.Come harvesting time the prices are lowered thereby denying the farmer the rightful earnings for his toil.The dollar will be strengthened,(that time you come with praises for the government since Kwacha has gained) not knowing it is their plan to steal from the hard working farmer.So what do you expect from poor Malawians?Seek refuge where at least their labour will be rewarded accordingly. So do not accuse those leaving this country for better pasture,rather try to tell your govt. to loom into some of these issues.

  13. Vuto ndi a immigration akwathu kuno kaya school ???? amapitadi. Bwanji Iwo sanadzidzimuka nawo anthuwo kuti aku Mozambique.

  14. ngongoliwa says:

    Malawians are lazy. They want cheap money. We have to work hard in the gardens or business units other than looking that other countries have solutions to our problems. Malawi Gorvenment should also woke up in identifying foreigners and send them back home not only the ethiopians but others like the phwitikizi, the xhozas etc. Juck up.

  15. Nyayekha says:

    Sizilibwino ku Malawi…this DPP&Mthalikaz are a curse

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