MP Chakwantha claims DPP hiding ‘real’ audit report with perpetrators of K577bn looting

The chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament, Peter Chakwantha, has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of hiding a comprehensive audit report by PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC) with names of those suspected to be at the centre of the plunder known as K92bn DPP-era cashgate.

Chakhwantha:  Real audit is being hidden wth names of many DPP culprits

Chakhwantha: Real audit is being hidden wth names of many DPP culprits

Chakwantha claims government has two versions of the report, one which is a data analysis titled ‘Final Analysis Report: Reconstruction of the Malawi Government Cashbook for Purposes of Further Investigation’ and another which has names and details of what happened to payments amounting to K577 billion (US$1.3 billion) that are shown in bank statements, but cannot be traced in Capital Hill’s cashbook.

“One is the data analysis and the other is the real forensic audit report done by the PwC South African team. Now the government has chosen to feed Malawians the data analytic report version so that we all think that this is all that is on the table,” said Chakwantha.

Chakwantha lamented the mafia-like operation of the DPP to sweep under the carpet names of the culprits.

“Malawians we are trying our best but you voted us in minority and the numerical strength by our colleagues is now working to your disappointment. Wonder why we always vote for crooks in Malawi,” Chakwantha took his frustration on Facebook.

“I am still pushing for the forensic report and not this fake Reconstruction of Cashbook report,” said the MCP lawmaker.

He also said media is not playing its watchdog role effectively on the matter, suspecting that some journalists have been “bought”.

“They are asking us for interviews on daily basis but end up giving us blackouts next day in their papers,” he pointed out.

The data analysis has revealed there were deliberate efforts to delete important data from the system and specifically mentioned the following suspicious actions as “red flags” requiring further investigation:

Suppliers created on one day but deleted either the same day or the following day

  • Payments created and deleted on the same day;
  • Invoices created and deleted on the same day;
  • Vouchers created and deleted on the same day.

To arrive at the unaccounted for K577 billion, PwC says it analysed 1 788 295 bank statement payments between January 1 2009 and December 31 2014 and matched this against the total number of payment entries on the cashbook, which were found to be 1 007 075. Thus, 781 220 transactions were not accounted for in the Cashbook.

PwC, hired by the German government to work with the Auditor General’s office, assigned two teams—one from South Africa and another from the Malawi office.

Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa said the analysis had identified significant discrepancies between payments made from government bank accounts and cashbook records held in Ifmis.

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Mayi kabwira ; mayi Lunguzi ;bambo Mayaya pitani ku Germany embassy mukatenge report yonse yabwino bwino


Koma wina athawa, dpp ndi peter sangabe ndalama za boma muona ,chakula ndi nsanje a mcp. Kumva kukoma ine ndi boma ili

Mbowe Mulambia

Zonsezi tulo ta Malawi Chakwantha tiyeni nawo if they think they are smart aziwaso

kagunde pamwamba

Impeachment !!!!!!?.no

I am not a jb or pp supporter but something is seriously wrong with the report we have been presented. Dpp are really obsessed with demonising jb to the extent that they have never been happy that jb’s 13 or 24 bn that disappeared is less than their 92bn which the whole country keeps on reminding them they had stolen. So what does dpp do? They collude with the stupid lying AG to investigate again the two jb years and inflate the missing money to 577bn which pleases them as it is now makes their 92bn look more respectable thieving… Read more »

This issue is worthy demonstrating countrywide. The government is playing with the minds of Malawians. Enough should be enough indeed. Government should be taken to task until dusk.

The president should act fast enough to lead the team that want justice to come out. He must try to be proactive than reactive as if there is someone apart from him to address the national concerns like this issue.


A dpp akufunika makofi in parliament kuyambira president wawoyo mambama chifukwa mukuzgobela vyakwiba. Are you not ashamed of yourselves?

ur days are in numbers
ur days are in numbers

NYAPAPI komanso KAPASULA MAYI CHIYONDA pankholo panu ponunkhapo mwamva how can you give backings to thifs zitsiru!!!!!.


If indeed DPP is hiding it, go and fish it out. Why you didnt demand for it during the time of JB .After all no person can releases a gun to bokoharam so that bokohara should haram the owner of the gun. I mean even my kindergarten two year daughter can not think dully like you useless chankhwantha. Which school of cognitive are you applying here.


The conduct of Government over the Audit report of Mk92 billion which has now swollen to Mk577 billion is not inspiring and is raising more eye blows. This is an issue, given the magnitude of the amount involved, which should have put all the relevant bodies of government machinary at work to get to the bottom of the scandal. What do we see as a nation? Lack of urgency from the government to get the meaningfull report.

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