MP Chakwantha claims DPP hiding ‘real’ audit report with perpetrators of K577bn looting

The chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament, Peter Chakwantha, has accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of hiding a comprehensive audit report by PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC) with names of those suspected to be at the centre of the plunder known as K92bn DPP-era cashgate.

Chakhwantha:  Real audit is being hidden wth names of many DPP culprits

Chakhwantha: Real audit is being hidden wth names of many DPP culprits

Chakwantha claims government has two versions of the report, one which is a data analysis titled ‘Final Analysis Report: Reconstruction of the Malawi Government Cashbook for Purposes of Further Investigation’ and another which has names and details of what happened to payments amounting to K577 billion (US$1.3 billion) that are shown in bank statements, but cannot be traced in Capital Hill’s cashbook.

“One is the data analysis and the other is the real forensic audit report done by the PwC South African team. Now the government has chosen to feed Malawians the data analytic report version so that we all think that this is all that is on the table,” said Chakwantha.

Chakwantha lamented the mafia-like operation of the DPP to sweep under the carpet names of the culprits.

“Malawians we are trying our best but you voted us in minority and the numerical strength by our colleagues is now working to your disappointment. Wonder why we always vote for crooks in Malawi,” Chakwantha took his frustration on Facebook.

“I am still pushing for the forensic report and not this fake Reconstruction of Cashbook report,” said the MCP lawmaker.

He also said media is not playing its watchdog role effectively on the matter, suspecting that some journalists have been “bought”.

“They are asking us for interviews on daily basis but end up giving us blackouts next day in their papers,” he pointed out.

The data analysis has revealed there were deliberate efforts to delete important data from the system and specifically mentioned the following suspicious actions as “red flags” requiring further investigation:

Suppliers created on one day but deleted either the same day or the following day

  • Payments created and deleted on the same day;
  • Invoices created and deleted on the same day;
  • Vouchers created and deleted on the same day.

To arrive at the unaccounted for K577 billion, PwC says it analysed 1 788 295 bank statement payments between January 1 2009 and December 31 2014 and matched this against the total number of payment entries on the cashbook, which were found to be 1 007 075. Thus, 781 220 transactions were not accounted for in the Cashbook.

PwC, hired by the German government to work with the Auditor General’s office, assigned two teams—one from South Africa and another from the Malawi office.

Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa said the analysis had identified significant discrepancies between payments made from government bank accounts and cashbook records held in Ifmis.

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91 thoughts on “MP Chakwantha claims DPP hiding ‘real’ audit report with perpetrators of K577bn looting”

  1. MASO A GULU says:

    Mayi kabwira ; mayi Lunguzi ;bambo Mayaya pitani ku Germany embassy mukatenge report yonse yabwino bwino

  2. Nyoni-nyoni says:

    Koma wina athawa, dpp ndi peter sangabe ndalama za boma muona ,chakula ndi nsanje a mcp. Kumva kukoma ine ndi boma ili

  3. Zonsezi tulo ta Malawi Chakwantha tiyeni nawo if they think they are smart aziwaso

  4. kagunde pamwamba says:

    Impeachment !!!!!!?.no

  5. kenkkk says:

    I am not a jb or pp supporter but something is seriously wrong with the report we have been presented. Dpp are really obsessed with demonising jb to the extent that they have never been happy that jb’s 13 or 24 bn that disappeared is less than their 92bn which the whole country keeps on reminding them they had stolen.

    So what does dpp do? They collude with the stupid lying AG to investigate again the two jb years and inflate the missing money to 577bn which pleases them as it is now makes their 92bn look more respectable thieving than jb’s. What they ignored is that baker Tilley report already investigated jb 2 year era and came up with 24bn missing. This 24 bn could be the result after reconciling the 577bn query. But dpp wants us to think and believe that the 577bn was actually stolen during the 2 year pp rule. Again the motive is to make their 92bn look good as if it is not thieving.

    The second matter they ignored was that the German funded investigations were not to cover jb 2 year rule because baker Tilley had already done that with some culprits already charged and sentenced. The German report ws supposed to cover 2005 to 2011 bingu era but ended up covering 2009-2014, why? Also why include jb 2012-14 era when baker Tilley already covers it? The dpp motive again is to inflate jb era figures,make their 92bn look good thieving and demonise jb.

    We hear stupid people saying 92 bn was in bingu era, not peter’s but they forget that bingu is gone and the same people who were in bingu era are now in peter’s era including apm himself. Was bingu working alone? Absolutely NOT.

    I therefore agree with what mp chakwantha is saying.

    So you dpp thugs, stop being obsessed with jb, please concentrate on getting rid of your thieving and start developing our very poor country. All you three parties,udf,pp and dpp through your blatant thieving has prevented real development in the country.

  6. chatonda says:

    This issue is worthy demonstrating countrywide. The government is playing with the minds of Malawians. Enough should be enough indeed. Government should be taken to task until dusk.

    The president should act fast enough to lead the team that want justice to come out. He must try to be proactive than reactive as if there is someone apart from him to address the national concerns like this issue.

  7. mtumbuka1 says:

    A dpp akufunika makofi in parliament kuyambira president wawoyo mambama chifukwa mukuzgobela vyakwiba. Are you not ashamed of yourselves?

  8. ur days are in numbers says:

    NYAPAPI komanso KAPASULA MAYI CHIYONDA pankholo panu ponunkhapo mwamva how can you give backings to thifs zitsiru!!!!!.

  9. phooooo says:

    If indeed DPP is hiding it, go and fish it out. Why you didnt demand for it during the time of JB .After all no person can releases a gun to bokoharam so that bokohara should haram the owner of the gun. I mean even my kindergarten two year daughter can not think dully like you useless chankhwantha. Which school of cognitive are you applying here.

  10. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    The conduct of Government over the Audit report of Mk92 billion which has now swollen to Mk577 billion is not inspiring and is raising more eye blows. This is an issue, given the magnitude of the amount involved, which should have put all the relevant bodies of government machinary at work to get to the bottom of the scandal. What do we see as a nation? Lack of urgency from the government to get the meaningfull report.

  11. phodo says:

    Mr Bwangazi # 8, you are an idiot of Nigerian caliber. Which country will be shared? Kamuzu rejected sharing it and APM will reject it too.If Bwangezi you are a member of gulewamkulu, then you are a chain smoker. Central region is only the region where men are killing their family members and finally killing himself/themselves. All this is because of poverty and impact of growing in tobacco envirnment all times. I am told you do sleep on bail of tobacco when you are waitting to take the bails to auction floors.Recently a certain gule wamkulu who was a chain smoker has killed his wife ,his child then he killed himself. My dear committing suicide is one of the indicators of acute poverty. Komanso nawe pa nyini pamako. Mbuzi yopanda nzeru iwe.Ungamatukwane pa republic ngati pano. Income earning activity for central region is just only tobacco which is an annual income earner. You become very poor soon after selling tobacco.Here in south the locals and estates grow tobacco, cotton, sugarcane(SUCOMA), TEA, macademia, coffee, rice, ecotourism, then what are you talking about on south and poverty.

  12. Malawian says:

    Mr Chankwantha, you are the right person to get a report and give the newsmen you are meeting on daily basis, as legal Chair. You are representing Malawians, but you seem to get information from the papers , somewhere you are deserting your responsibility as you start drumming support from masses to help you. We are waiting for you to get not news men. I think you lack logic in your tracking of issue first get much needed info from rt pple and bring it forward to Malawians. Take something that you are sure of before making any claim if you can. Secondly you are emotional, keep cool. My final word why is that law makers cant set a punishment to all civil servants who have wrong hands over public finance, the guys who have been running around to write requests for payment, vouchers, cheques and approvers at all levels of the whole mess. These people can help to say who were paid in all of these.
    Politicians come and go but the civil servants can help us to trace untraceable payments. Auditors were asking for those people to submit something for their checks and all that info is there. Where is RBM? Ask Accountant General he knows all of these.

  13. Snoop says:

    very unreasonable MCP and PP losers. Drunk with hatred. Do not argue with fools and haters as it will not make any difference!!!

  14. Nyapapi says:

    Ma MP ngati awa ndi opananda ntchito sangatithandize!

    Iwe Chakhwantha ngati uli ndi genuine report ukukambayo osangotiuza zimene zilimo bwanji?

  15. Kapasula Mayi Chiponda says:

    Basi ndaziwano kuti anthu amangobwebwetuka zautsiru. Chakwantha , Manganya , Kamulepo Kalua, Billy Mayaya zitsiru nonse. Tulusanitu report lolondolalo ,ntchito kubwembetuka ngati Kabwira ndi mzake uja Joyce Mtila . Kumadekha ndikumafufuza kaye. Makape

  16. JONAS says:

    kodi lipoti la 92 billion linatuluka akulamulira ndani? amayi kapena —— nanga woyenera kubisa ndani?

  17. White Rabbit says:

    Tick, tock, tick, tock…dpp/udf…time is running out.

    Redemption time is here!

  18. mulopwana says:

    There is no way German Govt could fund an operation will will result into a data analysis…never…The Germans knew what they were doing and that is ..they wanted a real audit report and not analysis of transactions.We should not be fooled here…Germans could not release such a big amount for a just report….no….no….Chankhwantha is right and we must support him.By the way of which tribe is this old man Kumphasa .He is grown and brainless …he is siding with Peter…Peter and his group were outside thinking they would become rich from there but looo…they came back poor and they are busy stealing from our taxes.

  19. Mwendanato says:


  20. Joseph says:

    Let me get these point strainght first:
    1. People stole Mk 577 billion, thats equivalently to our current national budget, and no one noticed? Not even the minister of finance or the auditor general? Remember this did not happen overnight!! What does the auditor general do then???
    2. You are telling me that they are able to retrieve bank statement with amounts intact, buy miraculously without names? What kind of bullshit is that?

  21. Victor Jumbo says:

    There is lack of accountability by our leaders namely both DPP governments old and current because they are the master minders of all these corruption and plunder of government coffers the so called Cash gate scandals. It seems all the leaders including the president are busy enriching themselves at the expense of the poor Malawians. I would definitely call them scumbags who are there only for one thing , Greedy and don’t care about poor Malawians. They are the same thieves who keep changing parties one after another in search of opportunities to steal and plunder the already poor country which depends on donor funding. What a shame our so called leaders have brought on our beloved country, Malawi. Now rampant corruption is rifle. Ministers are all millionaires and send their children to private schools or abroad Why because the which was meant to improve education in Malawi has been shared amongst themselves through dubious ways. No one in their right mind would ever trust these politicians who are here today and there tomorrow in search of more opportunities to keep stealing from the poor. Look at the dubious proposal to sale Malawi Savings Bank in order to protect Crooks who got loans from the bank at the order of the highest man in command and not on merit. They are the same leaders who don’t think that quota education system discriminate against intelligent northerners. There should be no discrimination against any Malawians in this modern Malawi for their right to education, health, freedom of speech , religion and right to live decent life however they choose. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me for them to hide all the facts and truth to all Malawians because None of them cares about the ordinary people, they only care about themselves and the richness they have amassed throughout these years as a team of few intellectual thieves of all times who are only there to protect their interests and nothing to do with the poor people. Just look at the cooked economic budget which was presented to parliament and the huge amount of money which has been stolen from the public and No one in the government is comfortable and have the guts to put to an end to this evil doings by the same people who were entrusted with powers to protect and uphold the rule of law. Now the question to Mr president is why? Why is your mouth shut on cash gate scandal? Why are you turning a blind eye on Cash Gate Scandals? And what will you do now? Will you keep on hiding the truth and keep on shielding the culprits or you are in the same group bunches of Intellectual Thieves? If Not then you should not hide the truth. Act now and lead the cleaning process. Root out corruption and send to jail the culprits. Be the first to Act and don’t wait anymore. Remember , justice delayed is justice denied.
    I am crying for my beloved country, Malawi.
    Victor Jumbo, UK.

  22. jabulosi says:

    I have gone through the analysis and you can easily tell that the years to scrutinize are 2010 and 2011. Cases for 2013 are being dealt with in courts as 2013 cashgate “Baker Tilly forensic audit.” Go straight into 2010 & 2011 forensic audit without delay so that thieves can be locked up!!!!!!!

  23. Thyolo Thava says:

    Mbava za DPP ….Kumaliza dollar za boma lero ulendo okagwetsa MSB

  24. Mmalawi says:

    Stupid claim

  25. Zanga Phee! says:

    Brilliant you deserve your position Sir,please don’t take rest put them on the corner they thought they were cleaver no secret under the Sun.Mind you they will also think of corrupting you please distance your self from such malpractice please, the goodness they are all alive step by step.See my name.

  26. no body we can trust even oppositiön you will do same thing

  27. no body we can trust even oppositiön you wij do same thing

  28. Bulangete says:

    Nyasatimes I know you will not show my first comment because of the truth I have said. You are always happy to see chaos happening to the ruling govt. You promote chaos through your publisher. Zanu izo. What is awaiting moderation all this time.

  29. CONGO MAFIA says:

    You cannot tell us that analysis of bank statement payments and payment entries in the cashbook have no individual names or company names. Who supplied what to where or whom and who paid what to where or whom? Simple logic !!!

  30. Avumbulutseni anthu akuba awa abisala kwa nthawi yayitali while portraying themselves as angels. Goodall , Msaka, Patrick Kabambe stole the subsidy money by having cuts from suppliers. Amanga ma mansion kudabwa kuti ndi m’ma Malawi mom’muno! We all know that. The civil service is also full of thieves like Nwazi Mnthambala (check when she was at Agriculture and at Accountant General), PS Madula, ndi mbala zothelatu!! A s long as its DPP and these thieves as public servants mother Malawi will never develop.

  31. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Chakwantha, give us the real forensic audit report yourself. It means you saw it and do not hide it

  32. jmc says:

    Tiyenawoni amenewa, azuza mtundu wa amalawi chifukwa chodzikonda.

  33. Bulangete says:

    MR. Chakhwantha koma mwawerenga today’s Daily Times News? “Kunena kwa ndithe ndithe Nanthambwe anadzitengera” Akulu akulu anatero. Musawasokoneze amalawi ndi zinthu zomwe simukuzimvetsa kapena kudziwa zoona zake. Nkulakwa. Fatsani kuti akatswiri owunika za chuma achite ntchito yawo ndipo atulutse zonse moyenelera kenako mubwere poyera nkukamba zoona zake za nkhaniyi. We don’t want politics or campaigning taking advantage of the current situation where peoples eyes are focused to know the whole truth of the matter.

  34. nyavizwazwa says:

    So why hiring the specialists when you do not want to reveal the truth?

    This means the big fish are in it and are fearing to be revealed.

    Tulutsani reportlo afterall these consultants have been given alot of tax payers money on top of the cash gate just to hide the findings. Seek and hide on the back of a poor Malawian. God will pnish you really.

    So what do you expect of a local Malawian?

  35. Joseph Banda says:

    MP Peter ChaKhwantha, I see you a very promising young man who is capable of using his brains rather than a mere nyau dancer using the body than the brains. I understand that you are a Lawyer. I understand you chair Legal Affairs in Parliament. Obviously you must know that Auditor General (AG) is employed by Parliament, not the President, Not Chief Justice nor Minister of Finance NOR DPP. As such he reports to Parliament. It is then logical that if AG has to hid any information to the public then, it must be at the instruction of the Parliament. Then you come here yavi, yavi that DPP is hiding a real report. Really? Why can’t you summon your employee i.e. AG and demand answers why he handed over the really report to DPP and not Parliament. Then discipline him. Is this difficulty to do? MWINA MWA MWA MAGAZI A MCP OFUNA KUNAMA NTHAWI SONZE. This looks stupid. Don’t you think so?

  36. Blue Ice says:

    Stecelia Motors kumidzi ya chemussa imalandila bogus cheques without offering any services ku PVHO, afufuzidwe. We as malawians now we know we have money but only a few are benefitting.

  37. Mhesha says:

    MCP, kulira in everything!!!! Tikhalire zimenezo as a country? Ask the PWC themselves if they submitted the full report. Kulira …..

  38. kambuzi says:

    mwazionatu izi tinakuuzani poyamba pomwe kuti awa sizinthu. mwaliona figure k577 billion, malawi bwezi ali patali pa chitukuko. ndalama zachulukatu izi.

  39. malili says:

    Go go Chakhwantha go! Kabwira! go! Juliana! dont leave any stone unturned, Kamulepo We are proud of you people ife tonse sitingakhale ku parliament nthawi imodzi God sent you there for a purpose and we are behind you and we are praying for your security! May God continue giving that spirit of boldness! till chilungamo chake chidziwike.

  40. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Dont worry Chakhwantha ———Goliat anafa ndi mwala wa legeni

  41. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    DPP Ikufuna kumaliza Malawi -Najala -Floods-Kuphedwakwa Alobino -Kuphedwa kwa Amalawi ku south Africa-Umbava wa Mfuti -Umbava wa Pitala ndi gulu lawo M`boma

  42. mwahana says:

    You are very RIGHT Hon. Cheque payments have details of Payee or are we saying all were cash payments. The Payee is either the name of a person or company. These yearly totals missing from cashbook have supporting payees, WHO ARE THESE PAYEES?????? GIVE US THE NAMES!!!! Proof of what they were being paid for will be discovered by the forensic audit and that is the time it will be decided whether the have a case or not!!!!!!! For the time being just release the names and such names should be flagged as dangerous people or companies not to be entrusted with public jobs or tenders!!!!!!!!

  43. chiipiraachaje says:

    Mbava za DPP you were busy castigating Joyce Banda when infact you are the real wolves, misana yanu!!! Chitengetseni chi mlomwechi he should answer questions ku Parkliament. You shall be judged just as you judge others. Wina akanena mnzake kuti uyu ndi mfiti, just know that iyeyo ndiye amatamba baaad, ndaonera Mathanyula. Kukamwa kunachita kutanuka coz of accusing JB. Now its your turn to dance to the music, idiot!!! Fortunately its the southerners who suffer most, njala, floods Mulungu akukantheni ndithu ndikuvota kwanu kwa uchitsiluko. Alomwe pano ali nyoooomi coming to central region kusakasaka chimanga munya muona!!! Zianthu zosamva shupiti!

  44. icho-icho says:

    Malawians,u are about to be saved from these evil DPP doers.

  45. sir bentby says:

    why mec allowed this dude to be mw President?

  46. chisombezi likhunya says:

    Dpp is a sorry governing party. Party crooks party with no remorse to development agenda of Malawi. These pipo need to be hanged. They have done more harm to Malawi.

  47. phiriwaphiri says:

    hi mr Chakhwantha and your team, i thought you wanted the report, and it has be presented what else do you need, if you are nor sure , why cant you ask those who who submitted the report if you feel the one presented is not real CRY BABIES AND BAD LOSERS M.C P, STRATEGEIS ON 2019 ELECTIONS SHAME ON YOU

  48. Stevie says:

    Chakwantha. Sit down and dont bother us further. Mesa eni ake opanga ma audit’wo akuti forensic audit report sinatuluke? So, what are you trying to tell us when the pipo involved in doing the audit says it’s not yet out. Tatopa ndi timaexcuse tanuto. We know kuti u are doing that so that nthawi yanu yokhalila ku Parliament iwonjezeredwe, mupitilize kutidyera tindalama tathu tochepa tatsalati. Pass the budget and come back to ur constituencies muzikaona mmene tikuvutikira. If you were to be involved in the looting, wud you be crying out loud as you are doing?? Aaaah. Nonse ndi amodzi kungoti enanu you are doing so coz simunali kuchipani chomwe chimalamula otherwise you wud have been quiet. Am I wrong for this observation???

  49. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Things Fall Apart, The Center Cannot Hold

  50. duduzi says:

    Ladies, this guy speaks a lot of sense besides being HANDSOME.

  51. Palikanthu says:

    It seems like the released report was the preliminary analysis the PWC had to do to guide their forensic audit. I do not see why theGermans could invest billions only to have a deliverable that reads as an addendum to an audit. This report sets out the context within which the audit took place, so indeed push them until they release the audit report that should be used to pursue the culprits.

    These politicians and their stooges take Malawians for granted. Malawi has to be revolutionalized, God kindly cleanse and purge our country for divine promotion.

  52. Chiumia says:

    Chakhwantha or whatever fucked name they call you, since you know there is another report then instead of wasting time telling us just give us that report. We need it. Over K500 billion was lost between 2012 and 2014 and we all want to know who looted it. Stop gossiping and shut your stinky mouth and substantiate your claims by giving us that report with list of names.

  53. half trillion says:

    how do you know this? if you have seen the real report then bring it out or shut up!

  54. Patrick Phiri says:

    This MP must be too dull. Does he think the funder of the exercise would keep quiet?

  55. waakulu says:

    tsoka Malawi poti eni Cashgate mudawavoteraso

  56. KWATHA says:

    Chakhwantha you are really working. Keep it up, man

  57. Gule Wamkulu says:

    A Chakwantha munazolowera nyau…izi za audit ndi nyau sizigwirizana. By the way, you are soliciting money to speak to radio stations, why do you need the money. Zakuba basi ngati maloya onse aku Malawi. Before you forget, your party- the party of death and darkness- is in the opposition. Malawians rejected this party….too much nyau in the party.

  58. MARTIN MUBISA says:


  59. nthandalanda says:

    Tatopa ife ndi mbavazi. Just ignor the budget. They should first table the report and debate it. Not this duplicated budget. Sitikufuna zimenezo. After all tikukhalabe opanda budget as much money is stolen by these crooks.

  60. i kachere says:

    amwene agalu amemewa sangapeleke ma documents amenewa olo pansi pataphwisa, kaya kamba adukule sapeleka, abisa palibe angalolele kuti boma lake liyaluke, ndi joyce banda yekha analolela kuziyika mbava poyela kuti zimangidwe, kaya poti anali wa cizimayi kaya, koma agalu awa mwina tingopita pansewu basi, kuti mwina zinveka, koma zomadikila ma report abweletse ndiiwowo ayi ayi ayenela kuchotsa moyipamo kaye, akachenjede ofufuzawo adakamapita wonkha ku parliament bola

  61. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Bwana Simukunama tinaona ife Galaxy Ikubwebwetuka pankhani ya JOyce Banda lero anthu amenewo apatsidwa zimaudindo boma Now this one they are hiding koma sizitheka ndipo Mulungu achitapo kanthu -Inu azodiack muli kuti musakonde ndalama gwirani ntchito bweretsani zinthu poyera ndife abale anu omwe tikuvutika

  62. tumbuka of nyika says:

    Chakhwantha you are a liar

  63. Come whay may the world is gonna still kno the perpetrators kaya ena God anawapanga smoke out! I am one of the few men n women who pay a huge sum of money in the name of PAYE!. But what do i get in return? poor service delivery including no durgs in hospitals, no justice etc. What pains me most is that these stupid politicians enjoy tax free previlege and yet they r busy feasting on other ppo’s hard earned money. God is not sleeping he is gonna do what he did in April 2012! Enough is enough. When PP got caught in the scam u guys were all over the place singing songs little did u kno that yours is times times of what JB n her stupid Co. did! Panopa muli busy kumangovutitsa anthu omwe anali ku receiving end ya cashgate deliberately ignoring main players of the game.

  64. Wa-Tomato says:

    Amangwetu, I ask the question, does it mean these deleted transactions were not bearing any names of companies or individuals at all. I mean, Fotseki, are we real serious about these reports…? Is it really difficult for PwC to outline names of those involved in these dubious transactions? Fotseki…!!!

    1. Amalawi says:

      If you read the report you will find out that AG was given more information in the appendices . These appendices have not been attached. Let the appendices be attached to the report.

  65. Chakwera says:

    Koma MCP simuzasintha. Clueless, tactless, desperate etc

  66. Wiseone says:

    In any business it is even very common that you could have payments on the bank statement which have not been captured in the bank statement. This however reflects a number of possible problems
    1) fraud where supporting documents were either destroyed or suppressed
    2) omissions, errors by bank etc

    Regardless of whatever, the overriding problem is always incompetences of the accounting personnel where payments are not recorded in the cash book, reconciliations are not done on regular basis say monthly.
    My view of this is that officials in the ministry of finance and accountant general are incompetent. And true 90% of these officers are economists and administrators. We need qualified accounting officials starting with the minister himself

  67. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This is not a political issue only that politicians were involved.

    You are right, Mr Chakwantha. There is no way an audit can just produce figures without names. Cheque stubs bear names. Why can’t they ask responsible people what happened.

    PriceWaterhouse must be very stupid auditors if this is the approach they do when auditing.

    Very Stupid and dull auditors, they are incompetent!!!

  68. Hoitty says:

    koma kuba dollar zonsezo mpake second term ya Bingu zinasokonekera. Fuel sakanagudwa okwanila ndi ndalama zimenezi? Bingu woyeee DPP woyeee. Tsopano advert munkachita nthawi ya zisankho inu a DPP zanu mutapanila zoposa za anzanu

  69. kaya says:

    Let the truth be told and akubawo arrested anf prosecuted

  70. Kenkkk says:

    The other report is being doctored to remove dpp names and then released in 10 months time I presume. This mp seems to make more sense to me. The Germans can’t spend so much money only for pricewater house c to give us a data analysis report without a forensic report.

    If say the data analysis says most of the money was stolen during Jb two years and the forensic report for example says most of the beneficiaries are dpp, then this tells us something is wrong with the data analysis report we have been given so far.

    Personally I don’t care which party stole more or less, what matters is that both dpp and pp are thieves and the culprits must be caught and face the wrath of the law.

  71. truth be told says:

    please opposition, keep fighting for us. figures mentioned are alarming.let those responsible dance to the music. learn from nigeria, now buhari is on the mission of recovering the money that was stolen by gvt officials. let peter and his friends payback what they stole.

  72. VITU says:

    wakeup malawi

  73. JCInLA says:

    Please tell Malawi the names of these culprits. We will take care of the rest.

  74. Mmihavani says:

    Chakhwantha, just show us the hidden one. You seem to have seen it. Are you guys still hallucinating about MCP winning presidential elections? Just forget it and concentrate on 2019 elections. The problem with MCP is that ambiri ndi osaphunzira, anyau, a uzimwale, conservative so you don’t embrace strategic planning. Mukakhala ophunzira mumakhala a misala ngati Kabwira. You think the Germans who sponsored the audit can connive with government and Auditor General to lie? Just be patient and wait for professionals to finish.

  75. M'doko says:

    Pls law maker remove these mbavas for us otherwise we all we will be at the gate looking for our tax

  76. Yankees says:

    B0ma ir0,zakumacee”

  77. Concerned Citizen says:

    Find out those who stole de funds. Once found then arrest them. They’re mortal individuals but Malawi will live on forever.
    Akuba amangidwe, kaya a APM or minister, apite basi. Dziko lilamulidwe ndi ena a Malawi. i hpoe de computer literate know that you cannot delete a thing from it. Thus they will be afraid to steal.
    Amayambitsa IFIMIS osadziwa kuti the system has no secret.

  78. mtumbuka1 says:

    People must not cry because they never learn. How can one in his or her right sense vote for dpp? By the way, where is udf?

  79. mleme says:

    Koma ubulutu ndi tchimo. Does this nyau idiot know what he is talking about? I bet you didn’t even understand the current report.

  80. marble says:

    This is worrisome for a nation like Malawi. Thank you Hon Chakhwantha for bursting the secret. We could not have known about the K577 billion had it not you raised the issue of 92 billion. Whether there’s indeed not yet the other forensic audit report, we are still thankful for your efforts which have managed to force the government to reluctantly reveal what they had hidden since May. Bravo and fight on!

  81. Professor Seyani says:

    This is horrible. Why Malawi leaders do this sujecting citizen to hell like life due to stinking theft. DPP this is too much. Malawians again why did you choose to put these thugs back in government? Very incomprehensible. My fellow Lhomwes, we are also to blame. We vote not basing on principle/issue but based on tribalism, regionalism and nepotism. Look at what is being revealed now. Yet they are failing to cobstruct basic amenities like hospitals. Living example is failure by government to construct district hospital for Phalombe. Governments of recent past have even failed to intervene on plight of tea estates workers. No wonder there is rampant abuse of workers at tea estates in Thyolo and Mulanje Districts and hence we Lhomwes are the most exploited and poorest tribe in Malawi.SHAME VERY SHAMEFUL

  82. Yosefe says:

    We need to push on until actual truth is revealed

  83. bwangazi says:

    Tigawanepo dzikoli!!! Tione kuti anthu akumwera muba chani!!!! The south has nothing apart from the huge population of useless people, useless labour!!! Stupid!!! Pa thako panu!!!! Mbava mapeto!!! Nyini za manu!!!

  84. Raw stuffer says:

    Much as I would love to see the actual forensic report on the K577bn I am of the view that the government is not hiding it as it has not been released yet. But if it is true, then we need a stern voice to urge authorities to release the same

  85. captain says:

    Being legal chairman of that important committee u are the right person to make the noise. Why can’t you just write Germany government to give u the copy coz u are the right person.

  86. swakansweke says:

    Nothing will be hidden under the roof of Malawi. Tiye nazoni a Chikwantha, mbuzi za anthu. Pressurizing on person yet their hands r totally dirty. Very stupid. Don’t worry Chikwantha, God will be at your side.

  87. Chiyabwe Anga Mphalabungu says:


  88. ngulenjet says:

    Inu skimmers ndi zisiru Zina za kumpoto ndi pakati amene munavotera Deseal Petro Palimbe mwatiika mumavuto Ma MP athu nawoni ife tili panyuma pinu Kaya ndi kumatcha timatcha mpaka chilungamo chioneke osavomera budget mpaka lipoti loona libwere

  89. vaanwyk says:

    Chakwantha, though u are in minority but our voice is a majority. We wll fight for justice to the last drop of our blood. Human rights watchdogs are there to spearhead or tow us to a peaceful/violent demostration till our eye see the original forensic audit report. l hope PwC has in their briefcace an untampered Forensic audit report. lf God has planned to shame them perpetrators no one can shield the truth. We ask ourselves why we hand powers to crooks and thieves. Why? What a bad Syndrome of having recycled politicians in govment. Tichali kukusya mino mkenani wapa chalo chapasi. But “Truth Will Out” no matter it how long it may take, be it a million days! God rescue us their evil hands! Do or attack as u did on April 5, 2012

  90. chechisyano says:

    woo at it again

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