MP demands audit of State House, budget cut for MBC to 1 Kwacha

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  legislator for Lilongwe Malingunde Peter Dimba has asked for an immediate audit of State House, the official residence of President Peter Mutharika.

MPs in the House listening to the debate

MPs in the House listening to the debate

He has also asked the immediate reduction of state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [MBC] budget to K1.

Speaking in parliament Wednesday when he contributed to the mid-year budget, Dimba noted that the State House had not been audited since Kamuzu vacated the Sanjika Palace in 1994.

Kamuzu, who ruled Malawi with an iron fist since independence in 1964, was ousted from power by Bakili Muluzi of the United Democratic Front (UDF) at the ballot box in 1994.

Dimba said it was uncalled for that Finance minister Goodall Gondwe was asking for an increase in. State House while asking for budget cuts at the graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau.

State House recurrent budget is projected to increase by K150 million ($198 939), but at the expense of a K435 million ($576 923) cut in its locally funded development budget.

Gondwe said the State House is usually audited.

Dimba also asked for the reduction of MBC allocation saying the public broadcaster was demonising opposition leaders in the 193 strong member House.

He accused the government of parading chiefs on MBC tv and radio to demonise the opposition political party leadership of the country.

Dimba also faulted the government for reducing the budget for relief maize from K15 billion to K8 billion which he said was unfortunate.

Most of the chiefs who demonised the opposition are those that demonised President Mutharika in the run up to the general election during the reign of Joyce Banda. Banda came a distant third in the elections won by Mutharika an indication chiefs do not influence people’s opinion in Malawi.

Gondwe h announced budget cuts which, among others, will see a freeze in the hiring of teachers and nurses in the next six months.

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Then also freeze the hiring of police officers who are attending interviews today at Lilongwe Teachers College. You DDP govt want Malawi to be a Police state. If not hire the teachers to reduce pupil/teacher ratio which in turn will increase the efficiency of the teaching profession. Nurses are also very crucial in as far as delivery of a meaning health system is concerned.


Mbuli za ma fumu aku malawi. All they know best is ufiti, katangale and uhule basi.

Let me a agree with the author that chiefs have no influence on the outcome or elections.


Malawian useless opposition, nothing new to offer here! Grown men and women literally just barking, barking, barking and barking some more…..for nothing!

Marko Kalebe
Mbc deserves k1 budget becoz it serves Dpp only, why being biased and unprofessional like this? MBC inafika pochititsa manyazi, Go anywhere around the world u will see that in a Democratic dispensation are no biased and unprofessional covering by National Broadcasters. Here in Malawi we don’t have a Public Broadcaster, I have never heard or seen Mbc covering mass rally of a certain political party apart from Dpp’s, ZODIAK is better placed to be Malawi’s public Broadcaster becoz covers alot of important events of National interest not Mbc which has demoted itself to a minor for being used by… Read more »
Angoni apaphata

Read kachaje column. Are we moving forward. This was done before. Bingu used some power to override it. Some of us then argued that there’s no reason for a budget session.


Ukakhala ndi njala supanga makani koma ena mukukhuta and now mukuti mukatulusa ichi nkutulusaso ichi nde concho ife tikudikila mulungu inu muzidikila awo mwanva.


Why can so called minister of finance rise on a point of order to argue that state house is usually audited without providing facts as to when it was last audited? State house is never audited or tell the nation when it was last audited.hahahaha Gudo gondwe our minister of poverty, financial mismanagement and economic disorganisation


Only an MP can stand on point of order, so don’t show your ignorance here.

Does Malawi not have an Auditor generals Department? So why not query that department.


This happens when you are a minority government and you do not take heed.

Anzeru a kummawa

APM is not a Malawian. 40 years in the US changed him. He comes back ttobe president,my foot.

Billy Chilewani

Let us all be serious for once. You demand austerity measures for poor Malawians and yet you leave fat perks to yourselves. PAYE is biting hard poor Malawians and you want to compound it with toll gates as VAT bite even harder.

For once table this bill-all Executive arm of govt,Parliament and everbody in Malawi to be paying taxes effective from 2016-17 budget so that we all feel the pinch.Ndakutoperani ma
Honourable ongoika burden on poor Malawians.Tax everbody pliz!!!!

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