MP Jumbe, Chidzanja-Nkhoma defiant at MCP expulsion

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) expelled Member of Parliament (MP) for Salima Central Felix Jumbe and senior member Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma have  come out fighting  after being expelled from  the party and challenged the National Executive Committee (NEC) decision, saying they will fight on.

Chakwera receiving a present from Chidzanja

Old good days: Chakwera receiving a present from Chidzanja-Nkhoma

The two plan to challenge the decision in court, saying it is  against principals of natural justice as they were not accorded the right to be heard.

Jumbe,  Chidzanja Nkhoma were expelled along side some senior party officials including Denis Nathumba, Lyton Dzombe, Chatinkha and Azam Mwale for sowing divisions.

MCP President Lazarus Chakwera defended the decision for expelling them from the party.

Once a close ally of  Chakwera,  Chatinkha,  is now one of his strongest critics.

She challenged Chakwera of having personal vendetta with those with dissenting views over his leadership.

Chidzanja-Nkhoma dismissed the NEC decision, saying she never applied to become an MCP member and Chakwera could not stop her from being one.

“The party cannot fire us without due processes. Why did the NEC not invite us to hear our side of the story? As a leader aspiring to become a national leader, he [Chakwera] should have democratic tendencies,” said Chidzanja-Nkhoma.

She argued that MCP has contravened its own constitution of not allowing her to be heard.

“Chakwera as a leader alongside the NEC can’t fire me at all cost because no tenant will dare to vacate their landlord on his own house. I was born in MCP and will die there.

“My effort to talk to the leadership proved futile as all avenues to do so were closed. So, all over the sudden you can’t be dismissed without being heard. What I want is to have a unifying leader in MCP. Chakwera can make a very good President for this country but what has remained is to be accommodative to all members in the party ahead of 2019 Tripartite election which MCP need to win,” said Chatinkha.

And  Jumbe  also challenged the decision to expel him from MCP, questioning NEC’s mandate of not following party procedures for failing to summon him in order to hear his side of the story.

“This expulsion contravenes rules of natural justice where concerned parties are supposed to be heard. I will remain MCP member until all party procedures are followed for my expulsion.

“Since this issue has erupted, the party has never given me a platform to hear my side of story. This means that my birth right of being heard has been violated. In fact I am just hearing from you the media that the party has expelled me,” said Jumbe.

MCP also suspended party spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema for being accused of having a hand for last week’s botched plot to burn the party’s headquarters in the capital Lilongwe.

“Looking at the gravity of the allegation, NEC decided to suspend the two while subjecting them to a disciplinary process managed by a disciplinary committee that was constituted by NEC with effect from August 31 2016,” Chakwera said.

The committee has 30 days to investigate and call for a hearing of the suspended legislators before a decision is made.

Chakwera said the legislators’ positions in Parliament would remain secure until a decision of the disciplinary committee is communicated to the NEC after which a final decision would be made.

The duo’s suspension runs till September as a special committee has been set aside to hear their side of the story before the final verdict is made on them.

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MCP kusankha atsogoleli imatha tisaname Kamuzu, Gwanda, JZU, Chakwera , people with maturirty and leadership qualities look chakwera has fired some members yet president APM is shielding 7ministers this tells me that Chakwera can indeed deal with corruption ………….2019 kuchedwa abale inu


Felix Jumbe samatha ndale , akanawina ku convetion MCP imatha, akanapitanayo ku DPP , he isnt mature in politics.


And then the treason case is automatically dropped

Patrick Phiri

This dictator Chakwera satithandiza. How do you expel somebody before hearing their side of the story? A basic principle of natural justice demands that. You cannot set up a committee to hear their side of the story after you have already expelled them. We have a dangerous dictator amongst us. The earlier he is removed, the better for the party. I am now with the so called rebels.


Just go and join dpp you traitors. You don’t want mcp, so go to your bribing dpp thugs. Why are you insisting on remaining in mcp when your behaviour is too divisive and intent on destroying mcp?

Off you go you dpp twisted brainwashed stupid people.


The only best thing you ought to do is go back and apologize , otherwise you are waisting your precious time. You think Malawians are stupid just like you money diggers. We actually know whats going on. Just wait and c come 2019 its Chakwera

Patrick Phiri

MCP will never rule Malawi again. Dictator Chakwera cannot win any elections.

James Phiri
History repeating itself. When you are planning a war- you must always have plan B. Jumbe, Chatinkha, Kabwila, and Njobvuyalema, dont waste your time. Form your party or join another party. For Jumbe, you grossly overstated your value in MCP. You did not grow any roots to stand on your own. You are not like Uladi who can stand and win as an Independent candidate. Look around and you will see what happened to Alekeni from Dowa, Gwengwe, Kandodo, etc. The developments which DPP has brought to Salima should have scared you. You better join Dpp now and pray that… Read more »

Bloody agents


Remove the picture of burnt buttocks please


exactly it makes me shiver and very sad please nyasa times remove the picture


Truely you nyasa guys take off that Sh*t pls. We hav had enough of it

Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre
Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre
For whatever reasons, what is happening in MCP is getting me to think about the history of nationalism in Malawi to which MCP traces its roots. It is also giving me interest in the history and future of the numerous parties that have been formed during the multiparty dispensation. Those who have followed the history of this country will remember that the history of MCP is rooted in the fire of nationalism that started burning in the hearts of Nyasas in or around 1915. This was slightly 20 years after Malawi had been declared a British Protectorate in 1891. Add… Read more »
Kumavalo Nsamaonetsa Nyoni
Kumavalo Nsamaonetsa Nyoni

Kent Y.G. Mphepo, Blantyre.

Malawians do not like sensible comments.Malawians like throwing unfounded accusations at each other, a comment like yours is what they call: (Putting pearls before shine)

“Matthew 7:6 in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount:

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”

You have just done that sir.


Big Up man, what a long and sensible comment. The question really remains, how strong or weak will my MCP come out of this crisis, and what lessons will Malawians draw from that?

Gawa Undi
MCP has not gone through a crisis of the magnitude DPP, AFORD and UDF have gone through. They are tried and tested. You recall what happened when UDF/AFORD coalition government collapsed where Chihana and some of his ministers/MPs pulled out while others like Dr. Mapopa Chipeta refused to leave government? Do you remember what happened to UDF when Bakili and Bingu fell out of each other and Bingu left the party to form DPP in 2005 with the bark of UDF MPs and executives/members? Do you remember what happened to DPP when Bingu died in 2012 when the bark of… Read more »

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