MP Kainga asks President Mutharika to spend time in Zomba

Member of Parliament for Zomba Central Constituency, Patricia Kainga Nangozo has made a plea to President Peter Mutharika to consider spending some time at Zomba State House.

Kainga Nangozo: The President should spend some time at Zomba State House

Kainga Nangozo: The President should spend some time at Zomba State House

Kainga Nangozo said in parliament that people of Zomba “ feel somehow neglected and side-lined” by the continued absence of the President Mutharika from Zomba State House.

“ We feel there is conspiracy against things that have made Zomba a city.   This conspiracy is through a systematic reversal of key social activities that we have been associated with.

“ First, it was the removal of Parliament. I, therefore, urge the President to spend some time in Zomba so that he can fully appreciate the social and economic dynamics in the city,” said Nangozo.

She said people Zomba Central are crying for industrialization in the city.

“The vendors from the old Kandodo to Zomba main market are really in dire need of the industrialization. There is need for government to create a deliberate plan to help Zomba be a city befitting its name; a city that can create employment for young people and other residents.

“It is also our belief in Zomba that having a city investment forum that articulates opportunities in this city can lead to a min industrial revolution that has capacity to create business opportunities especially for women, thereby, helping solve some economic challenges that they face,” said the lawmaker.

She also told parliament that patients at Zomba Central Hospital are going without food.

“This is a crisis that government needs to sort out immediately. Otherwise, the gains made in areas such as maternal health and HIV will be quickly eroded,” she said.

Mutharika was eyeing Zomba State House to turn into a referral hospital equipped with advanced technology to treat aliments that would otherwise be referred outside the country.

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31 thoughts on “MP Kainga asks President Mutharika to spend time in Zomba”

  1. Nzoona madam kainga president tulo in zomba dream in blues eould be development!why do you ask for molitary referrsl hospital attached to vhamco cster for the residents, army and whole Easten province zat wud be development and we can our docs back frm lesotho or notswana pr uk.. Bwamji pamenepo? Yes xa wss only an administrative town edtablished by azungu till bingu elevared it to city status after mzuzu..

  2. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Get facts right: Zomba was declared a capital in 1891, a township in 1900, A planning area in 1955, a municipality in 1979 and a City by Bingu wa Mutharika on 9th March 2008. The first city in Malawi was Blantye in 1966, then Lilongwe in 1975. Note: A capital is not always a City.

  3. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Ndiye tinene kuti chiyani pamenepa????? It gud to change this state house to be hosoital of high standard.

  4. chembiya says:

    There is sense in what hon Kainja says its only that most of us these days we are good in defending of leaders even if our leaders have goofed in making decisions. If the state house leaks how was the former president occupying the same house. Zomba have been stripped off most of its offices: capital, parliament, govt. print just to mention a few I think 2morrow it will be Zomba Maximum prison . Zomba needs developments. stop politicizing

  5. wasoka says:

    kulibe nyumba.state house umadontha.

  6. wasoka says:

    kulibe nyumba.

  7. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    It would be great if the Government would indeed convert the State House in Zomba into a health facility.

    A country with such a small geographical area has no need to have so many State Houses. Each State residence costs tax payers money; money which could be properly utilized for the welfare of the nation. The whole configuration of State Houses should be evaluated on a cost-benefit basis.

  8. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Malawians get your history right: Lilongwe is the first Capital City of Malawi and not Zomba. Zomba was just a mere colonial town when it was Malawi’s capital up to 1975. It was Bingu who declared Zomba a city in 2000s. The first town to be declared a city in Malawi is Blantyre/Limbe in 1966 followed by Lilongwe in 1975 and Mzuzu in 1987. So if Zomba has progressed from being a town to a city is that not development?

    1. Judge Judy says:

      I beg to differ on that, Zomba was a colonial administrative center and until 1975 it was the FIRST capital city of Nyasaland. Perhaps you meant to say that Lilongwe was FIRST capital city in the newly christened MALAWI as opposed to Nyasaland.

      1. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

        judge judy can may be help answer this questions: 1. Which Nyasaland governor declared Zomba a city and in what year? 2. How come Blantyre/Limbe by far the biggest towns then were not declared cities until 1966? What happened?

  9. Blues says:

    I don’t understand why when a president spends night any where can be development,infact this would be over expenditure considering our current economic situation.

  10. he he he says:

    That’s all you can ask for in parliament?

  11. mjiba says:

    Nangozo Woyee iye akuziwa kuti President akamakhala ku Zomba zinthu zimasintha misewu imakonzedwa chitetedzo chimakhazikika komanso ndalama za anthu omusatila zimatsala ku Zomba eish mzimayi woganiza bwino uyu. Chikakhala chipatala mangani chanu cha nyu nyu osati za Mzuzu university planning ndi chipatala chanyuwani kuzomba pangani chanu chipatala appropriately designed to be a hospital osati kumazabwebweta muli ndamanga chipata mutangoyikako dialysis machine amodzi, no no mangani chanu from scratch no President has done that to surpass Ngwazi kukhani ya chipatala.

  12. WAMISALA says:




  13. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Iwe nangozo ndiwe wopepela, iwe siukuziwa kuti Zomba state lodge akufuna kuti ikhale hospital. Izi sizandale.
    Nanga Pitala ukufuna azataniso kumeneko? DPP woyee! Pitala chala m’mwamba!

  14. guta says:

    Zomba is a beautiful and amazing city. The only intellectual city in Malawi

  15. I don’t see any sense in DAT. what will the people benefit from that. can the president just wake one day and go to sleep in Zomba without any enhancement. wat nonsense

  16. namalira wamkulu says:

    Zomba inayenera kuganizilidwadi kutichoysera capital Parliament mkutisiila prison ndi mental hospital

  17. bad man says:

    ukuwoneka kuti wa wire ena anaduka m’mutumo after kugwa ndikumenyetsa pansi chipumi. do you expect H.E. to sleep at every district centre in order for development to happen?

    your job is to represent the people and bring their issues to the government. this is so because the president can’t be everywhere at once. there’s you, a DC, councillors, chairmen etc etc that are supposed to work together to develop your district, but now you want a whole president to be there too.

    muzikula ma MP athu please and try to say useful things ku parliamentiko. this is 2015 guys.

  18. Gama foreever says:

    Cry for decentralisation, that money made in Zomba should be used in Zomba with a little of central govt funding. In which case you can plan to turn the state house into a very useful hospital and charge people for it. The vendors can be asked to pay something for the development of Zomba. You can collect ALL city rates and Zomba will be transformed. APM will not help you, Chakwera will not help you, AAM will not help you. The people of Zomba should lift up their ruins and develop the city.

  19. Drake says:

    Those that are criticising this lady are the ones who don’t understand. This lady has spoken right to the point that Zomba needs development as a former Capital City. Mzuzu is developing faster than Zomba and the only notable activity that attracts people is the Chancellor College and somehow Kuchawe. These are the type of MP that we want in Parliament. Most of our MP’S use Parliament as a battlefield fighting the President and his Party instead of fighting for development. Malawi needs a lot of development not fights.

  20. Phillip Billiat says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk. Jst time wested madam

  21. ephrahim says:

    A while ago we read that HE and his brother have stolen all the furniture. Where shall HE sleep? On the floor?
    Hon. MP the same happened to your “city “!

  22. waichukucha says:

    Nangozo had a point but rather failed to present it. All what she meant was a call for industrialising the old capital by making deliberate policies that could attract other investors and companies to be established in Zomba. For instance how could the president consider constructing a stadium in Mangochi before Zomba. How many teams are in Mangochi and look at its proximity to Blantyre where there are other teams and its population. It is the same as openning a poke shop in Mangochi.

  23. Gwape says:

    Mmmmh Zomba not fit to be a city, imagine not even a single round about and i doubt if it has got a stadium

  24. sendeza says:

    My warning to first lady getrude munthalika. This woman wants APM to spot her.

  25. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Sometimes to remain silent is better than uttering nonsense for people to prove your stupidity beyond reasonable doubt. Such is the calibre of our law makers.

  26. levelheaded says:

    By the way what are you going to benefit when the president sleeps in Zomba. Haven’t you heard about government Plans of turning the Zomba state house to a referal hospital?

    Kodi Nangozo lingakhale surname? Moti abambo ako ndi a Nangozo? Dzina lakoli umveka ngati wa PP’tu.Koma ma MP a PP kufoira. Kuteroko atsogoleri anu ndi a chenji golo? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    Tsono mufuna mudzamutani APM akabwera Ku Zombako? Mwaikako chiyani? U think APM akagone Ku Zomba pamene Sanjika ili pafupi pompa?

  27. nyu says:

    The only problem with zomba is that, it has got no patriotic city dwellers, it has got a very powerful historical bachground that no city in malawi can match but due to its political weaknes, it has been robed off most of tressures, but the good thing is, no man can delete its history, i understand Peter has got a hided good plans for zomba city, lets wait & see.

  28. Zagwa says:

    Foolish and ununeducated MP! Every sane Malawian is calling for austerity in the presidency including abolishing some of the six state residences koma pumbwa uyu akufuna Zomba state residence itidyelenso ndalama? Ubulutu sizinthudi……..wanting to be relevant in the midst of stupidity.

  29. Nam'binga says:

    Zoona Nangozo,pakufunika kuchitapo kanthu Zomba isanasanduke bwinja.

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