MP Kalindo blasts ‘undemocratic’ DPP, refuses to be stampeded: ‘Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?’

Can it be that I have become your enemy for telling you the truth? Wonders Mulanje South Member of Parliament Bon Kalindo  —  citing the Holy Bible in Galatians 4:16  — as  he accused some unnamed politicians of being part of the albino hunters’ syndicate, hence the government  failure to act decisively.

Kalindo:I won't be stampeded out of DPP

Kalindo:I won’t be stampeded out of DPP

Kalindo in half naked demonstration

Kalindo in half naked demonstration

Kalindo, who is also a comedian, has since challenged ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gurus—regional governor for the South Charles Mchacha and secretary general Ecklem Kudontoni—who denounced Kalindo in the presence of President Peter Mutharika, saying he is not part and parcel of the party for going ahead with the ‘naked’ demonstration.

“ Mchacha and Kudontoni took turns in castigating me that I don’t belong to the party simply because of demonstration against albino killings,” said Kalindo.

He said  declaring in the presence of Mutharika that Kalindo is not part of DPP is “shocking” and “undemocratic.”

“I am a DPP member. I was born a DPP and no one has a mandate to dismiss me as member,” Kalindo said on Daybreak Malawi program of Capital Radio on Monday.

“If they are democrats, why did they not summon me for a hearing. That is undemocratic,” Kalindo said Kalindo who claimed to be in hiding after being warned by DPP cadres that he is marked for attack.

“I am still living in fear,” Kalindo told the radio.

“There are some [telephone] calls that are coming but am not picking them,” he said.

Kalindo said he has been living dangerously since he was chased from a DPP political rally President Peter Mutharika addressed at Limbuli in Mulanje on Saturday.

“These people are still hunting for me. The law enforcers are in the know of what is happening to me because they are the ones who came to let me know what my party are planning to do,” Kalindo told Daybreak Malawi program.

He said DPP cadres should not live in the comfort of killing critics, saying “One day they will also die.”

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

Kalindo, who is also DPP deputy spokesman, insisted he remains in his position and party membership intact.

He refused to disclose his location.

“I cannot disclose my whereabouts. I was born a fighter and I cannot be afraid,” he said.

Kalindo said “facts do not lie” and knows he has provoked some for his demand for those convicted for albino murders should face the death penalty.

Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati recently ruled out the implementation of the death penalty against killers of people with albinism.

She said it was possible to mete out stiff punishment while respecting human rights.

“Life imprisonment is also a strong deterrent punishment,” she said.

President Mutharika has also rebuffed calls for the implementation of death penalty.

While laws in Malawi provided for death penalties, the country’s leaders have, since 1994, refused to sign death warrants.

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18 thoughts on “MP Kalindo blasts ‘undemocratic’ DPP, refuses to be stampeded: ‘Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?’”

  1. Kenzo says:

    Tavutika tonse kuti tifike pano lelo mwati simundifuna, mukuti ndine opanda chitutukuko mulekelanji kundiphunzisa..walila Winiko

  2. JOLOZA says:

    This is a clear indication that DPP is simply saying, “we are the Albino killers and shut up!”

  3. aaaaaaaaaam …………… he whose destined for his invoice does not nid to struggle ………….mr k…..kip kalm……..truth is owez a panancea to atttack………..remember how stephen perished in the bible?

  4. The Analyst Quotes says:


  5. Ambwiye che Kalindo, ndimakudziwani bwino kwambiri. Mumachokera kumudzi. Ambwiye, slow a bit. Just keep quite. Nkhani zimabwera ndipo zimapita. Ambwiyeee, khalani pheee basi kuti tidzipita patsogolo. 2019 sipatali ali. Musalankhulenso ambwiye che Kalindo!

  6. oyeza mafuta says:

    saying “One day they will also die.”


  7. Bwana says:

    Bon you are a funny comedian but what you are doing has more to do with foolishness than being funny. Sometimes fools are not known until the speak or act the way you have done. What do you intend to achieve. You say Police protected you, don’t you think they will gladly receive you and hear you out on what you know about the killers. It pains us to see Albinos being killed and you should not take this as a comedy. Bring tangible evidence and whether DPP or whoever the law will take its course. But cheap noise you are making is just making us realise what sort of a fool we have in you .


      A Bwana what Kalindo is doing is to protect the lives of albonos. It should not only pain you but you have to do something the way Kalindo is doing.

    2. aabwino says:

      In Malawi there is no rule of law. The DPP and its hand clappers will stop at nothing to stop Bon from stealing the show from a lackluster president.

  8. Malawi Wniweni says:

    Hon Kalindo you don’t fear anything but you are hiding? A petty.

  9. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Leave DPP Mr Kalindo. You were not born DPP. DPP was not there at the time of your birth. You should have said “I became DPP the moment it was formed”.

  10. Ben says:


  11. Tikondane says:

    Bon Kalindo is a force to recon with! We all need legislators who can call a spade by its name. We’re tired of liars; who make noises in our radio stations and tvs without a smallest measure of conscious and remorse. Leave Bon Kalindo alone. Those of you who think Bon Kalindo is dramatist, you are right but mind you, drama is not sin. He is a child of God , too. A Born Again Christian. He knows what he is standing for. Bon, more fire! Akuchotse akuchotse bola ukutisangalatsa tinakuvoterafe!!!

    1. chilungamo says:

      Bon knows that his political career is finished. You can’t mess with the DPP as an MP in the Lhomwe region. Ask Nawena, where is he?. Lero akuchita kupemphesa kusowa pogwira. People like you Tikondane cheered him when Nawena was fighting his own party. You said the same things that he was a force to reckon with and that the DPP cannot touch him. What happened and where is Nawena now????? The cheerleaders can’t even help him now that he is destitute. This will be the case with Kalindo. Zimuchemelerani.

  12. Nkhulandi says:

    i Knew that those connected to the killings will be known

  13. Wamisala adaona nkhondo, that is how God works, zimayamba ngati misala people become ridiculous but at the end of all God is the winner,

    1. jobwijo says:

      I knew that Bon Kalindo is inviting problems for himself. Time will come when night will be the right time for you to move about. Unfortunately police is all over. Do you remember what you said to police incharge Gondwa. These gays will nail you down sooner or later.

      1. International Observer says:

        Typical of DPP and it’s followers. These are confused people in whatever they do. Let them sort out each other before others with good reputation comes in to assist them with crisis management. The other fool is this mad man Ben Phiri. He even have the audacity to allow his subjects address him as Dr. I wished if one of the many universities in the country invited him to present a lecture in a topic chosen by the college in the Queens lingua and see how far he will go with it. These modern PhD holders are very suspect. Please invite him for arguments sake.

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