MP Kamlepo insinuates Mutharika is ‘professor of doom’: Angers govt

Free speaking Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua (PP) attracted wrath of government in parliament when his statement seemed to insinuate that President Prof Peter Mutharika is a professor of doom.

Kalua: Professor, what are you professing? Doom?

Kalua: Professor, what are you professing? Doom?

Kalua was making his appeal for government to pay civil servants their June salaries and not prioritise in Mapwevupwevu (Dinner parties).

“You know there is a saying in English that, you can have 28 degrees, 50 degrees, but if you don’t have morals and values, you are more like a trained dog,” said Kalua.

Kalua continued: “Here we are talking about leading the people, working on their behalf, helping the people of Malawi and yet we are starving our own people. What do you expect these people to do? That is irregular, unprofessional and lacking national leadership.

“I urge the government to be serious. If you say you are a professor, what are you professing? Doom? “

His statement attracted reaction from the Leader of the House, Francis Kasaila, who accused Kalua of targeting President Mutharika, a professor at law.

“I think it is becoming uncalled for by the Honourable Member to start castigating the President in this House, and we on the government side will not allow that to continue,” said Kasaila.

“The Honourable Member said; Professor, what are you professing? Therefore, as a government we will not allow that to continue. The Honourable Member is really becoming a bad apple in this House and we are asking the secretariat to deal with this. The Chair should start dealing with this Honourable Member because that is not acceptable,” Kasaila added.

But Kalua told the House: “I did not mention the President. I said you can have 28 degrees that’s what I said.”

Kalua, who is one of the people who fought for the introduction of multiparty democracy in the country, is not new to controversy. He was rendered a political convict under late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s regime when he challenged his eccentric autocracy.

While leading the small Malawi Democratic Party, Kalua was sentenced for saying at a political rally that: “We can’t fear police, we can’t fear Bingu,” referring to president Bingu wa Mutharika.

President Mutharika’s professorship recently also courted controversy when Professor Danwood Chirwa who lecturers Law at University of Cape Town in South Africa branded Mutharika as a ‘dubious scholar.’

Professor Chirwa Submitted: “By the way Peter published very little, less than 10 recognised articles in a career spanning about 40 years. What he lists as books are compilations of instruments. He was awarded the professorship somewhere in 1977 not based on research output or excellence but confirmation of tenure, which is common in the US.

“He had no research output worth talking about by that time. It’s a pity Malawians have been fooled and believe he is professorial material. He isn’t and cannot be based on his academic outputs, both teaching and research.

“He also held no notable academic leadership post, eg Head of Department, Deputy Dean or Dean. It is thus understandable that he speaks as if he knows nothing about higher education, for he’s always been a dubious scholar.”

This was in reaction to Mutharika’s comments on University of Malawi (UNIMA) lecturers when he spoke on the role of lecturers during the UNIMA fundraiser to commemorate 50 years of its existence.

In his speech, President Mutharika advised University Lecturers to focus on research and publishing in international journals rather than wasting time writing and commenting on trivial public issues.

However, the remarks have attracted a host of angry sentiments among the academia with many UNIMA lecturers questioning the rationale of the President’s comments.

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wales banda



Kamulepo a true son of Malawi only truth comes from his mouth is fighting for a good cause not even Doomed Prophesised Party (DPP) can stop him

kunena mosapyatila
Sending regionalistic comments with tempers flared will not help Malawians. I am Northerner who has lived in the South a great deal. I know the ordeal that pple in the remote parts of that region pass thru. You pple who can afford a smart phone and a laptop can rant whatever nonsense you would like to at Kamulepo-who is speaking the painful truth. Currently, imagine you having to cough cash to fill a govt ambulance to ferry your sick grand mother from Njereza to Mangochi District Hospital or a referral case of your niece from Nsanje DHO to Queens. This,… Read more »

Atumbuka basi ndilibe chonena ayi. Iwe Kamulepo kudzuka kwanu ulendo wa paliament basi kupitila kukalimbana ndi munthu amene ali bwana wako. Ngakhale kuti upange iweyo malamulo ku paliyament koma pafunika presidenti kuti asainile.Achimwene inu upulezident mudaima simudapange kanthu. Nzanu kuima kamodzi komweko uyo ali kusanjika. Nsanje bwanji?
Mwati koma ndimutukwana poyang’ana CV yake.Kulakwa kumeneko. Iye ndi puresident wanu basi.Koma sibwino kumanyoza maphunziro anzanu. Madegree muli nawo apamalawiwo anzanu akunyozedwa nawo kunjaku. Musakwe ayi ndi kulimbana ndi muthalika. Iye aliphe. Sadakuvinitseni gule pakati apa kapena simukuona ayi. Mapwevupwevu iwe eti.Ndipo a Tumbuka si inu a Malawi ayi. Mapwevupwevu ndiye kuti chiyani.


Number 36, watch out. ukuwopsyeza Kamlepo. upita ndiwe posachedwapa. Kamulepo siwamasewera. Kamuzu anamulephera nthawi ya campaign ya boma la zipzni zambiri. Bakili anamulephera, Bingu anamulephera. iwenso umulephera komaso umwalira ngati uyese kulimbana naye. munthu woyankhula mopanada mantha ngati chonci siungamuthe ayi. Kamulepo don’t be afraid. God protects people who say the truth. (John 8:32).


Kamlepo Kalua is a man not the Kasailas who are hand clappers. Their useless heads are making them lose credibility.

Bodza la n'nanu

That’s the problem with Malawians whoever is in power regardless how myopic that person is we can’t critically look at issue and give an insightful opinion. All comes to disrespectful. Why should we respect the president when he does not even respect an ordinary Malawian basic rights? With these delays in civil servant salary payment – who will feed our children? At the same vein the government is organising a party! Come-on put your house in order. You are a disgrace.

A Fredo Aise

Mdalayu akunena zoona Midalayi ikutiwonjeza lija nkale tinayamba kuvutika umphawi ochita kupatsana UFITI weni weni anthu opanda chisoni AZIBAMBO NDI AZIMAYI ADYERA DANGEROUS DEMONIC PEOPLE -DPP Idyani chuma chonse chaulere chimene mulungu anapeleka kwa M’malawi wina Aliyense dzikundikireni mudzatenge dzonse ponka kumanda Mboli zanu nonse




Kamlepo ndiwaphokoso always. Remember during Bakalis regime an empty tin produces alot of noise. Instead of developing their dead north akulimbana ndiza masalary 4 civil servants. Am a civil servant, kuchedwa kwa salary its nt a new deal. Atilipira. Nonse mukulimbana za our salary ndimwe vindere. These past months timalandira b4 pa 21 bwanji u did comment. Atombolombo

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