MP Kamlepo insinuates Mutharika is ‘professor of doom’: Angers govt

Free speaking Member of Parliament for Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua (PP) attracted wrath of government in parliament when his statement seemed to insinuate that President Prof Peter Mutharika is a professor of doom.

Kalua: Professor, what are you professing? Doom?

Kalua: Professor, what are you professing? Doom?

Kalua was making his appeal for government to pay civil servants their June salaries and not prioritise in Mapwevupwevu (Dinner parties).

“You know there is a saying in English that, you can have 28 degrees, 50 degrees, but if you don’t have morals and values, you are more like a trained dog,” said Kalua.

Kalua continued: “Here we are talking about leading the people, working on their behalf, helping the people of Malawi and yet we are starving our own people. What do you expect these people to do? That is irregular, unprofessional and lacking national leadership.

“I urge the government to be serious. If you say you are a professor, what are you professing? Doom? “

His statement attracted reaction from the Leader of the House, Francis Kasaila, who accused Kalua of targeting President Mutharika, a professor at law.

“I think it is becoming uncalled for by the Honourable Member to start castigating the President in this House, and we on the government side will not allow that to continue,” said Kasaila.

“The Honourable Member said; Professor, what are you professing? Therefore, as a government we will not allow that to continue. The Honourable Member is really becoming a bad apple in this House and we are asking the secretariat to deal with this. The Chair should start dealing with this Honourable Member because that is not acceptable,” Kasaila added.

But Kalua told the House: “I did not mention the President. I said you can have 28 degrees that’s what I said.”

Kalua, who is one of the people who fought for the introduction of multiparty democracy in the country, is not new to controversy. He was rendered a political convict under late president Bingu wa Mutharika’s regime when he challenged his eccentric autocracy.

While leading the small Malawi Democratic Party, Kalua was sentenced for saying at a political rally that: “We can’t fear police, we can’t fear Bingu,” referring to president Bingu wa Mutharika.

President Mutharika’s professorship recently also courted controversy when Professor Danwood Chirwa who lecturers Law at University of Cape Town in South Africa branded Mutharika as a ‘dubious scholar.’

Professor Chirwa Submitted: “By the way Peter published very little, less than 10 recognised articles in a career spanning about 40 years. What he lists as books are compilations of instruments. He was awarded the professorship somewhere in 1977 not based on research output or excellence but confirmation of tenure, which is common in the US.

“He had no research output worth talking about by that time. It’s a pity Malawians have been fooled and believe he is professorial material. He isn’t and cannot be based on his academic outputs, both teaching and research.

“He also held no notable academic leadership post, eg Head of Department, Deputy Dean or Dean. It is thus understandable that he speaks as if he knows nothing about higher education, for he’s always been a dubious scholar.”

This was in reaction to Mutharika’s comments on University of Malawi (UNIMA) lecturers when he spoke on the role of lecturers during the UNIMA fundraiser to commemorate 50 years of its existence.

In his speech, President Mutharika advised University Lecturers to focus on research and publishing in international journals rather than wasting time writing and commenting on trivial public issues.

However, the remarks have attracted a host of angry sentiments among the academia with many UNIMA lecturers questioning the rationale of the President’s comments.

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75 thoughts on “MP Kamlepo insinuates Mutharika is ‘professor of doom’: Angers govt”

  1. wales banda says:


  2. Munnyabu says:

    Kamulepo a true son of Malawi only truth comes from his mouth is fighting for a good cause not even Doomed Prophesised Party (DPP) can stop him

  3. kunena mosapyatila says:

    Sending regionalistic comments with tempers flared will not help Malawians. I am Northerner who has lived in the South a great deal. I know the ordeal that pple in the remote parts of that region pass thru. You pple who can afford a smart phone and a laptop can rant whatever nonsense you would like to at Kamulepo-who is speaking the painful truth.

    Currently, imagine you having to cough cash to fill a govt ambulance to ferry your sick grand mother from Njereza to Mangochi District Hospital or a referral case of your niece from Nsanje DHO to Queens. This, coming due to lack of funding by your so called dear govt! How can you feel? One MP confessed of some of his constituents surviving on the roots of water lilies. I don’t know how much a 5 litre bucket of maize will cost in Thekerani or Thambani-let alone a 20 litre pale by December. I can for see women scrambling for madeya at a maize mill.

    These are the issues that the likes of Kamulepo & other sensible MPs are trying to address. Instead of looking at these issues with an eagles eye, focus is on inviting delegates to a Business Forum in a country void of a welcome atmosphere for business, selling MBS, building banquet or is it “boosing” halls. The appalling problems that the country is facing are visible to a toddler’s eye and need govt’s immediate attention.

    By the way, our dear prophet in “AFRICA KUSINI” has prophesied of certain Head of State in a certain country, parting ways with his dear job by way of “RESIGNATION.” I don’t know which country is going to jubilate such an occasion? Let’s pray its not ours. Lord Almighty help my land Malawi!

  4. Phodogoma says:

    Atumbuka basi ndilibe chonena ayi. Iwe Kamulepo kudzuka kwanu ulendo wa paliament basi kupitila kukalimbana ndi munthu amene ali bwana wako. Ngakhale kuti upange iweyo malamulo ku paliyament koma pafunika presidenti kuti asainile.Achimwene inu upulezident mudaima simudapange kanthu. Nzanu kuima kamodzi komweko uyo ali kusanjika. Nsanje bwanji?
    Mwati koma ndimutukwana poyang’ana CV yake.Kulakwa kumeneko. Iye ndi puresident wanu basi.Koma sibwino kumanyoza maphunziro anzanu. Madegree muli nawo apamalawiwo anzanu akunyozedwa nawo kunjaku. Musakwe ayi ndi kulimbana ndi muthalika. Iye aliphe. Sadakuvinitseni gule pakati apa kapena simukuona ayi. Mapwevupwevu iwe eti.Ndipo a Tumbuka si inu a Malawi ayi. Mapwevupwevu ndiye kuti chiyani.

  5. chepetsani says:

    Number 36, watch out. ukuwopsyeza Kamlepo. upita ndiwe posachedwapa. Kamulepo siwamasewera. Kamuzu anamulephera nthawi ya campaign ya boma la zipzni zambiri. Bakili anamulephera, Bingu anamulephera. iwenso umulephera komaso umwalira ngati uyese kulimbana naye. munthu woyankhula mopanada mantha ngati chonci siungamuthe ayi. Kamulepo don’t be afraid. God protects people who say the truth. (John 8:32).

  6. Omex70 says:

    Kamlepo Kalua is a man not the Kasailas who are hand clappers. Their useless heads are making them lose credibility.

  7. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    That’s the problem with Malawians whoever is in power regardless how myopic that person is we can’t critically look at issue and give an insightful opinion. All comes to disrespectful. Why should we respect the president when he does not even respect an ordinary Malawian basic rights? With these delays in civil servant salary payment – who will feed our children? At the same vein the government is organising a party! Come-on put your house in order. You are a disgrace.

  8. A Fredo Aise says:

    Mdalayu akunena zoona Midalayi ikutiwonjeza lija nkale tinayamba kuvutika umphawi ochita kupatsana UFITI weni weni anthu opanda chisoni AZIBAMBO NDI AZIMAYI ADYERA DANGEROUS DEMONIC PEOPLE -DPP Idyani chuma chonse chaulere chimene mulungu anapeleka kwa M’malawi wina Aliyense dzikundikireni mudzatenge dzonse ponka kumanda Mboli zanu nonse

  9. Northerner says:


  10. Okhrana says:

    Kamlepo ndiwaphokoso always. Remember during Bakalis regime an empty tin produces alot of noise. Instead of developing their dead north akulimbana ndiza masalary 4 civil servants. Am a civil servant, kuchedwa kwa salary its nt a new deal. Atilipira. Nonse mukulimbana za our salary ndimwe vindere. These past months timalandira b4 pa 21 bwanji u did comment. Atombolombo

  11. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ine sindimawamvetsa atsogoleri a manthawa omwe amadziwa ndithu kuti President wawo akupanga zozelezeka iwo nkumasekelera uku akuwombera mmanja. Kumakhala kumutani? Akuoneni ngati wabwino? Uyutu kunena moopa Mulungu ndi traitor ndipo zamukanika moti Kamlepo ukunena zoona. Sangakumange chifukwa ndi zoona ukunenazi.

  12. Kennedy Zimba says:

    Just go on Mr Kamlepo osachita mantha

  13. Zidura ntengo Undigwere says:

    Is this what MP Kaluwa has to offer as part of his debating skills? Degenerating into crass personal attacks?
    If so, his skills are not of secondary school standards; they are not even of primary school standards. They belong to the Bush League. Full stop.

  14. Mbava iyo says:

    Mwana sapitwa, mmmmh dont join the wagon of killers, kamulepo is fighting fr us poor malawians. Yr professor is professor of doom. He knows nothing , he deserves no credit from malawians. Malawians my friend can give credit where it is due, have u forgotten how Bingu was uploaded , kalioto , professor , ngwazi. We dnt buy respect, the evil that men do lives after them. Peter is worse than Bingu, this how we can rate this inhuman, unconscious thing so far. Peter is a name of my son, I am changing it with immediate effect, because it sounds horrible to many malawians now. Kamulepo God has given you this chance to defend yr democracy u started. Govnt side feel ashamed why these all attacks, show sign of remorse u gona win with land slide victory, bt otherwise fate awaits of that Gwengwe faced.

  15. wopanda Jelasi Ine says:

    People, including parliamentarians, attack the person rather than focus on an issue when they are intellectually bankrupt. The speaker should be faulted for allowing this diatribe by Kalua in our parliament. The speaker should be taken to task, to be sure.
    It is obvious Kalua is jealous of APM’s academic credentials. Otherwise, one has to ask: where did those comments come from, really? What was their relevance to the discussion?
    If Danwood Chirwa, of UCT, is the paragon of excellence, then we are in trouble, abale inu.
    Just get him to apply to Washington U, where APM taught for years, even for a job as a Teaching Assistant. And see if he would even get a reply.
    Or, get him to apply for enrollment in the JD program at Yale. And see if they would accept him. Good luck with that, Mr. Chirwa.
    Hopefully, this would show Chirwa’s mettle, and settle the matter regarding APM’s achievements prior to his ascendency to the presidency.
    It really boils my blood when some slightly educated individuals belittle others who are highly educated. For no reason other than jealousy.
    Disclaimer: I am not DPP at all. I am just educated, and worked very hard to achieve my degrees. Sizamasera izi ( I Had to defend more than one thesis: How many thesis has Kalua written and defended?).

  16. chefourpence says:

    atumbuka ndi mphemvu

  17. NGONGOLIWA says:


  18. mtumbuka1 says:

    There’s a moron here commenting using a name” tumbuka selfish dog” You comment shit here and some of us can only take so much when you walk all over tumbukas thinking you got balls to do so,after all you are not even a tumbuka so use the name of your tribe. Why are you ashamed to use your tribe? You are just a paranoid dude who choses to use his last piece of stupidity on Nyasa times calling himself a tumbuka but in real sense he is castigating them..fuck you and your mapwevupwevu half baked professor. Some of us does not give a f….k about your so called professor so you and him can go hang…bitches screw you!

  19. c.Hendricks says:

    Kamlepo,you are the man!

  20. Kenkkk says:

    Tamandani sauka, you have really shamefully exposed your ignorance and shallow mind about professorship. You don’t need a PhD to be a professor, a PhD is not a qualification that leads to professorship. While a PhD helps sometimes but it is not a necessity for professorship.

    A professorship can be obtained by several routes such as academic or industry research excellence or by career progression in academia starting from lecturer, to senior lecturer, to reader and then to professor. All this can be achieved with or without a PhD. Those of us who have attended many universities and visited many countries can tell you that there are many professors at universities or industries who don’t have PhDs. The same there are also many PhD holders who are not professors because they are not considered professorship material.

    So my dear or friend Tamandani, you don’t need to have a PhD to be a professor. You should also note that most innovators of the things we enjoy today or take for granted did’nt have PhDs.

    On another aspect of your argument, I do agree with you that dishing out professorship left right and centre without any meaningful achievements to show us is dubious. But again the proliferation of professorships in Malawi universities is more of a career progression rather than due to academic or industrial research excellence.

  21. captain says:

    Kamlepo is a genius. Long live kamlepo

  22. Roy says:

    U are welcome kamulepo

  23. Zalowa mitundu sono! I am still wondering if at all the so called Kamuzu was really a malawian! why? no matter how long might have stayed abroad, sikuti akanakanika kumalankhula at least one of key languages in malawi. at least chichewa bwenzi ankatha. i dont kno what u think that man was never a malawian. he came to still from us

    Likewise awa muti ndi a professor awa i also doubt ngati alidi one of them. Professorship ndi state leader are two different things altogether.

    Zonsezi ndi Bakili matolatola unakatengera nkhutykumve ija mpakana pano idabweretsa nazikambeyu & who knows nayeso mwina abweretsaso zizikulu zake zija tinadziona zitangomva kuti mbuyao waba mavoti koma ndi president.

  24. Muzingo nkhalira kukangana nonse mwaoneka kuti mulibe nzeru

  25. coyson says:

    Kamlepo sakunama wht we want z our town everything is money.

  26. The captain says:

    I also tried to read any article by the so called prof. nothing tangible. I think kamlepo is right. This so called prof. is really useless

  27. Its stupid to say kamlepo was wrong what has Peter done for a year now .To be honest which race make malawi move from stage to stage.Simple history who fought for our independent if you know real history so that kamuzu could just come.what about our recent multiparty gvt., I know that you know that truth pains.But i say keep up Kamlepo

  28. CHINDELE says:

    A war of words between two regions. Only the wise can mediate. Not by selling msb which is aggravating the matters but by federalism. Kamlepo is right. Nobody should threaten him. Kamlepo fear nobody the north is behind you. If it is war it will not be the first time history has it all.

  29. Aron says:

    No one is doing good enough why people are leaving the country and Malawi is the poor of the poolest there is no leaders all are stupid

  30. stewart says:

    i am 100% southerner and i support what kamulepo has done mulomwe opanda nzeru ngati ameneyu sindinamuonepo

  31. jonaa says:

    Kamlepo wanena zooona, peter ndi mbava, how can he hide 92 billion cashgate report? sell MSB bank? kamplepo you have our support.

  32. Josey Dungulinya says:

    I’m from the South.Kamlepo was being honest with what he was talking.Most Malawians are not good at telling somebody the truth.This nutty professor from some sleepy Missouri in the US is useless for Malawi.Title itself will not change Malawi.How many derelict educated people do we have in Malawi?They are just drinking sachets doing nothing.This Pitala thing have failed Malawians.He only knows to scribble useless things at Lumbadzi police station and distorting his handwriting to make some easy millions on the expense of poor Malawians.

  33. Terminator says:

    peter is indeed a doomed professor and a fake one.

  34. Please number 18 (Professor Dr James Napwiri Phiri) understand what Kamlepo Is saying other than just barking. Are you a drop out of the current Sukulu ya Kwacha? Kamlepo is saying having several degerees can not make one a good leader or being a professor is not a grantee that one can make a good leader. If you are a professor, are you the professor of doom or mapwevupwevu?

  35. White Rabbit says:

    Small boy peter has no interest in the welfare of Malawians. He is mugabes bitch.
    Their plan is simple. Zimbabwe is down the drain so they need resources, food, oil, Uranium…and they want those things from Malawi.
    In order to get hose things they have to first wipe out Malawians.
    This is called genocide.
    But they do it in stages, subtle ways which at first may not have been noticed, at first only seen as greed. However, as time is coming to an end they have begun to be more obvious as they shift their gear to the next phase of their plan.
    Why do you think they don’t have medicine in hospitals, or pay salaries? Its ways to kill as many Malawians as possible.

  36. yaki says:

    Kalua ndi chitsiru uyu chamba chimamupweteka uyu . zikumuwawa upresident udamukanika what else can you expect from him. Azilankula zomwe anthu amtuma kwao basi . He will not get any money if he thinks he is going to apeased.

  37. Chikopa says:

    I am extremely baffled ndi wanganya who are backing this Chindere chakufikapo known as Kamplepo Kalua. It is not Peter who is not paying civil servants but rather msubweni wake nya Dada Goodall (Vyose Vili Uwemi) Gondwe. Who has made a budget of MK300million for mapwevupwevu? – nja Wadada ka. Its stupid to hear that Kamlepo is brave as there is a thin line between braveness and stupidity. I would strongly believe the latter is the character of this good for nothing son of b

  38. mwanasapitwa says:

    Kamlepo remember that the president is a human being just like you Kample. For sure you some kind of respect under any condition.It would unfair other member of parliment to vimit insults to you. Northerners are good at uplifting human rights but you are the same people who are very good at insulting others and not just others but the head of state for that matter. I have said that he is a human being who feels pain just you do. He has a family , relatives and friends both locally and internationally. How painful would he feel with such insults. I think you Tumbukas you do make leaders in Malawi more angry. That is the reason why Kamuzu was calling north as a dead region. How could the head of Dr Banda caliber call part of his own country as dead considering the clinical meaning of dead. I am repeating it now north is dead and it will never resurrect at all. He can develop the spirit of Kamuzu by developing north and south. You are assassinating his characters. No body wants his characters to be assassinated just like that. remember there is life which requires our CV after politics. For sure the president as a human being under the control of emotions do feel pain and at times may need protection as well. It wont be out of order to hear that Kamulepo and the president you are meeting in court for the injury caused. Tumbukas remember that Malawi is divided into three regions and each region has representatives in parliament.Why only you Tumbukas vomiting to him like that. I do hear you MP apologizing one another in parliament because of un-parliamentary languages. If you do that to each that what more with the head of the country. Something has to be done here by the speakers or by the DPP and UDF MPs. Otherwise this a shame to the nation and our young democracy.Any body with courage other than MPs can drag this idiot whose grandfathers have never been the president of this country.
    Tumbukas are very SELFISH and FOOLISH.I think South should start squeezing your balls as what Ngwazi used to do. Ndinu kamtundu kotopetsa zedi. YOU ARE JEALOUSY.WHAT A FOATHER FAILED TO DO IN LIFE TIME A SON CAN NOT DO IT UNLESS THE SON BECAMES CLEVER AND CHANGE THINGS THAT HINDERED HIS FATHER TO EXCEL IN LIFE. Watch out Kamulepo. This world is big and you are still young.

  39. Atcheya says:

    For the records, nyasatimes, what Kamlepo had said when he was arrested was: “aka ka Ngwazi aka kodi kanaliko…” insinuating that Bingu was not there when they were fighting for democracy. He was arrested for denigrating Bingu by calling him “aka” and “kangwazi”

  40. its a waste of time to speak and write rubbish and think that you can fool those in the know how. Mutharika is a Professor, whether you want it or not. The most dubious professors are in the University of Malawi. Firstly, it is in the University of Malawi and Mzuzu University that we have seen Professors without a PhD degree and reknown scholarship. With the intention of wanting to lure staff from UNIMA, MZUNI gave most of the people who did not qualify associate professorship and professorship. That is a fact!. Recently, we have seen UNIMA also awarding professorship to people without a terminal academic qualification, i.e PhD. Most of these people have no record in research publication. Most of these people who claim to be Professors within UNIMA come from the northern region. Stop this rubbish, its stupid and useless!

  41. JB Original says:

    Kamlepo means mphaka wonyera kukamwa.

  42. Chibanja tv says:

    Yes, we the tumbukas are so happy with Kamlepo just read our comments they are all praising him for his behaviour in the parliament. Mwana ba kwithu uyu, munganya akumanya kuyoboya uyu, akweeeeeee! cheque your tongue madala next time you will regret it and you wont be a hero ni dyale ivi. Nayoboyatu namphaliranitu mbwenu naluta!.

  43. wales banda says:

    Tumbuka boy

  44. Lynn says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk Asambako akatero,

  45. nazombe says:

    it’s not a matter of tribes here,kamlepo didn’t mention any race, ,its very sad for most we Malawians because we both know what is wrong with our beloved country and we still support the government, ,if we had people like kamlepo Malawi would have been a better country for every one,,viva Kamlepo!!!!!!!

  46. Hahaha says:

    Mr. President has to go back to school, he is not capable of ruling this country, this is basing on the truth and not assumptions, even a villager by now can be able to evaluate the president. Failing miserably, him failed when he was given a ministerial position by his brother way back, so this time around, i really don’t know why people of Malawi decided to entrust this man with this challenging task of rulling a country.

    Why to the people of Malawi, giving a country to vendors, why God why? im very sorry for this. I am a Lomwe yes, but this country need somebody who can have empathy to the people of Malawi, and not what is happening, salling a bank without notifying taxpayers, why Malawi? God sees, he is the one controlling the president’s life, lets pray that He do exactly as it was done to his brotherman, i rest my case.

  47. sunderstar says:

    Mr Kamlepo Kalua must guard his tongue, as much as he wants to gain popularity by tackling important issues but what he should know is that the President is not responsible on the delayed salaries, the work attitude in Civil service leaves a lot to be desired and this delay of salaries has been there since 1994, even during the time of Chihana as a senior Minister. You are bad mouthing Mutharika too much and you have a regionalistic mentality thats why you are just undermining the authority, if the President was from the North making the same mistakes I dont think you would have been uttering stupid statements and giving out bad names. Use your knowledge of Malawi politics to speak for the development of your constituency which is a beautful place fit to have a Hotel and good lodges, fight for a good road to your constituency, fight for schools, hospital and water transport. It is being stupid to stand in Parliament castigating people instead of being constructive, the more you do that you make the people from the North to be hated by other tribes.

  48. joj says:

    Kamlepo for president! Ndi m’modzi yekha!

  49. mwiithotho says:

    Vindere va batumbuka with the illiterate Kamlepo as a model academic! What pitifully shit-smelling material! !’!

  50. george says:

    Kamlepo ndi deal…….he stood in parliament on the MSB sale and he was ruled out of order. lero ndi izi, MSB agulitsa……Kamlepo said it……..we need more MPS like Kamlepo……..

  51. Okay? says:

    So these dudes from Kukaya think they are the best on the land? Why did MCP and their Kamuzu say the nord is a dead North? I think he knew about their thengere mentality. Kamleponso nkavichi?

  52. Kwatha says:

    Kamlepo ndi nyatwa. Palibenso wina

  53. Samarakunjuta says:

    @ mtumbuka selfish dog.I doubt if u are really a tumbukas person Kwali ukuoneka na balomwe Kwali bash3ba vyako ivo.Palije uyo wakutinkhana na peter apa.Malawi will never be a peaceful if this is the manner of our leaders so stop pin pointing races here.I rest my case.

  54. Remember, this is the same Kalua that featured highly on Channel Africa in those fearful days. He is just doing his rightful job. More fire Kamlepo, we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. hoza john. says:

    Well said Kamulepo. We need Mps of your courage in this country.

  56. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Honorable Kamlepo is out of order. He does not understand politics and academics. You do not need to a professor to lead Malawi better.

    Mr Kamlepo Kalua must speak about issues at hand. Peter’s professorship has nothing to do with the needs of fellow Malawians.

    May the only problem is this mentality that a professor can rule better? If Kalua has this mentality , what about those who are illiterate?

    It is true that Peter’s leadership is not pro-poor. He has lived in USA for a long time and he lost touch with the local people on the ground. Look at his policies of introducing user fees in public hospitals? Privatising mortuary services in public hospitals? Really?

  57. kenkkk says:

    What else can you say about kamulepo? He is priceless. He is very right. Most of the so called dpp educated fit perfectly within kamulepo’s comments. You only have to look at the behaviours of some of the ministers such fabiano, chaponda,etc.

  58. wez says:

    Well said MP what we real need here is a good leadership not deviding malawians look what’s happening in the country ppl r devided calling each other names due to lucky of leadership, therefore malawi need to unite on this stuetion let them challange to each other in educational for the sick of who is a better leader. But in meantime we don’t need malawi to become like Bulundi ppl fighting for nothing.Bingu was better than this one it seems he knows nothing about leadership

  59. Masoambeta says:

    Don’t waste time on insulting each other. Do some development work in your poverty stricken areas.
    Kamlepo does not mince words and you all know that he’s saying the truth.

  60. Zymology says:

    indeed,he is just a dublicate professor that is why he is interested in mapwevupwevu instead of national concerns

  61. Rich nduna says:

    By the power vested upon me,i declare you DR Kamlepo kalua,,,with a kutukwana doctrine.

  62. Hamu says:

    My best politician who stand for the truth!!!!!!

  63. Angozo says:

    How many professors does our parliament have? If we have professors in parliament how small a number it might be then Kamlepo is justified with his statement. In the case of parliament having no professor let the people of Malawi be a judge and not dpp. What the dpp should know is that what goes around also comes around. You have to be nice to people on your way up because you will meet the same people on your way down. People judge you by you offer. Late Bingu used to say “Let the works of hands be my witness”. If the dpp is sober enough let them refer the statement I have just quoted and answer themselves. If they cannot appreciate those words of wisdom then this is blind supporting at its best.

  64. Samarakunjuta says:

    Am sure all the pple who love the dpp government are enjoying that civil servants are not paid until to date.
    A stupid person have nothing to say when important matters are discussed like this one….No for civil servants in Malawi Really!!!!

  65. Nali says:

    The truth is bitter, lets protects no one who lies in our damn face. Who is happy seing civil servants not get paid????? Leave the nonsense party and pay workers instead

  66. Professor Seyani says:

    More fire. We are really doomed

  67. jimbo says:

    Mr Kalua speaks only the truth. The government don’t like the truth and want to silence him. So much for democracy in the Democratic People’s Party.

  68. Samarakunjuta says:

    Oh so he is dictating us?
    Let me remind (president Muntharika)that Malawi is a democratic country not a kingdom.
    People of Malawi have a freedom of expression and anyone is entitled to express whatever he feels without fear or favour.
    The issue of civil servants not getting paid is one of the big worry,that even the mulakho belt should be ashamed of but still some other members of parliament namely Kasaila or kusaila or what I don’t even believe this guy is from Malawi had it been he is a Malawian he could at least for once agreed with this issue Kamulepo kalua raised.Malawians when are u going to be responsible honorable members like Kamulepo kalua at least he feels how painful it is for a civil servant who have worked for the government for the whole month and not getting his pay at the end of the month?Last but not list,lets all vote federal government I plead with u all who have red this mssg.How can a governnent fail to pay there servants and yet they are busy organising mapwevupwevu really is there any in seriousness

  69. Chama CHa Mapinduzi says:

    He is a professor of Ziphwisi!! Mpwi mpwii after mapwevupwevu aku state house. Hihihi

  70. Manyasa says:

    Telll them Kamulepo, chwemwanachweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

  71. Chemjambe says:

    Hahahahahaha! kma abale tangozisiyani zomazitama kut professor zi kapena Doctor zi…muyaluka nazotu. African Presidents are fond of that kudziunjikira ma titles ku mbweeee! useless Assholes….

  72. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    Hon. Kasaila how did you konw that Hon. Kalua was referring to our president when he said ‘professor of doom’? Is our president the only professor in Malawi or he is the only person without morals and values?

    Hon. Kasaila you are the one saying that our president has no morals and value

  73. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Atumbuka amzanga chirwa, kalua, mzomera ngwira suzyo linu ni vichi? And nyasatimes is as stupid as they come! If you don’t change i will stop reading your stupid newspaper! Why do you want to give the impression that we people from the north hate the president?

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      You are a very stupid dog just like your headless professor. Who cares if dogs stop reading Nyasatimes articles. STOP!!!

    2. Ijeku says:

      It’s not a “newapaper” it’s an online publication otherwise it proves that quota system did not help either.

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