MP Lunguzi appeals for Chabvuta’s votes on Global Youth Leadership Landscape awards

Member of Parliament for Dedza East, Juliana Ndamvetsa Lunguzi and MCP’s Shadow Minister of Health has taken to her chin the campaign for votes for a Malawian young lady, who has been nominated for the Youth Leadership Global Landscape awards to be held in Paris, France from 5th to 6th December 2015.

Tamanda  Chabvuta

Tamanda Chabvuta

Lunguzi: Go Malawi, vote Tamanda Ellen Chabvuta

Lunguzi: Go Malawi, vote Tamanda Ellen Chabvuta

Lunguzi, a Registered Nurse and Midwife with a career in public health and development management, who is also the chairperson for the Parliamentary Committee on Health, has taken Tamanda Ellen Chabvuta’s campaign for votes on to social media forums.

The Dedza East Parliamentarian and daughter of Malawi’s former Inspector General of Police Mac William Lunguzi, posting messages of appeal on Facebook and Twitter encourages people to support the 26 year old agricultural communications specialist and video journalist make it to Paris next month at a forum that will attract world leaders and where  50 youth leaders and innovators will address landscape challenges the global community is facing.

Chabvuta wrote Lunguzi asking for support and the parliamentarian responded swiftly and positively and she has taken the campaign to vote for Tamanda ‘very personal’ and to her heart.

“I will so much appreciate your support in all this. There are now only 6 days to go. Please join me in the race,” Chabvuta wrote to Lunguzi to which acted sooner that she received the request by going viral on social media soliciting for the young lady’s support.

“Go Malawi Go! Vote for Tamanda, every day, until Saturday so that she can raise the Malawi flag in Paris! I have already voted, and will be voting every day until Saturday,” wrote the Parliamentarian fondly called, Namulangeni appealing to people to vote for Tamanda.

Lunguzi in her hearty appeal elucidated to Malawians her friends and people of goodwill that Tamanda (Chabvuta) who works for National Smallholder Farmers Association (NASFAM) as a Communications officer for is proposing ground-breaking and inventive ways of dealing with landscape challenges the global community is facing.

“According to Tamanda Chabvuta, these challenges range from landscape restoration, land and tenure, financing and trade and also education saying that the world leaders gathered in Paris during the Global Landscape Forum will build on one key message – all elements of land, water bodies, forests and settlements are connected,” posted Lunguzi on her Facebook.

In her video, Chabvuta has highlighted education as one challenge Malawi is facing in the restoration of the landscapes and suggests one solution, thus increasing educative platforms to inform all landscape users especially farmers who she works with, on good practices of preservation and restoration.

 ‘Appeal for votes’

Lunguzi, who is considered one of the brightest parliamentarians of this era, posted her message of her appeal in three different languages, English, French and Portuguese at the end of the tether and in a desperate bid to reach a wider global audience.

“Dearest Friends, Brothers & Sisters all over Africa!

Let us all support Tamanda Chabvuta by voting for her highly visionary ideas in the video on the link below.

Please take note that you need to vote every day until Saturday, the day that the voting closes.

Your efforts will help put Africa on the Global Map! I have been voting, and will keep voting until Tamanda wins!

Go Africa Go! Go girl Go! Together, We Can!” -Juliana

Lunguzi also outlined on her Facebook page steps and guidelines for voting encouraging people to continue voting every day until the closing date.

1) Go to the following link:

2) Click on the green heart icon above the video window then your vote gets processed.

You can vote, again and again, every 24 hours until the deadline which is next weekend, November 15th.

“I, Juliana Lunguzi, have already voted, and will vote again and again until Tamanda makes it. Viva Malawi,” pleads the MCP lawmaker.

 ‘Through the Lens’

Born November 20, 1989, Tamanda is passionate about what she does, she’s  always working in the field in the remote areas behind the camera, and has an open mind and she dedicates herself to fighting hunger and poverty through her job telling success and letdown stories on farming, agriculture, climate change, poverty and hunger through the lens and through the lens she is appealing for votes to enable her go to Paris represent Malawi on the global stage.

“I believe we need extensive educative platforms to solve challenges we are facing in the restoration of our natural resources. Please help get this message across by voting for my video entry into the Youth Global Landscapes Forum,” she pleads.

“I ask the youth to in Malawi to pay special attention to their thoughts, feelings and actions, for this is their attitudes towards life. Though every adventure and obstacle life offers, we’ll find that attitude win over skill each and every time,” she says.

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We are voting! Worry not

Brave Nyanyaluwa

According to votes, our own Tamanda Chabvuta has got 1848 votes and the one running after is Takudzwa Mushaba from Turkey having 1452 but he is a Zimbabwean. Malawians lets continue voting for her


We are voting! Best wishes Tamanda.

Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila
Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila

Can we also vote to get rid of Mathanyula????

peter muthanyula

Nawetu Lunguzi you should try to stay focused. Why do you want your finger in everything? Choncho banja ungalipeze?


Just submitted my voted Malawians lets keep voting every hour, currently she is second with 1500 votes after 1700 votes


Winayo alimmbuyo than winayo

Mary Manda

My Nyasa reporter mpaka the most brighetest MP Juliana my foot they are alot in Parliament i.e Kumpalume,Kabwira,Kawale,kusaila,grace obama chiumia,dr malunga-nsanje……then i can understand lol….trying to put the record straight

mayi juliana, ndimafuna mutakhala mkazi wanga. kodi muli pa banja? chonde ndiloleni adona. zimangondivuta kuti ndingakupatseni bwanji manifesto yanga. mwina anthu mukuwona zoseketsa ndikunenazi but ineyo ndatopa ndi timbalame topanda phindu, future or ambition tomangodikila kuti tindikolole monthend. mayi, you are a perfect example of beauty and brains . ngati kuli kale wachikulire mzanga kunyumba then i apologise to you and him for posting this text, but if not, then it’s within my rights to post it. nditangowona dzina lanu ndi chithunzi chanu pa article iyi, bp inakwera kwambili, so i didn’t read it. i doubt if i will be… Read more »

Voted for the lady. Goodluck

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