MP Menyani denies DPP link, says Malawi future belongs to MCP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker Alekeni Menyani has hit out at “nonsense” suggestions that he may work with the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.

Menyani: I'm MCP all the way

Menyani: I’m MCP all the way

Menyani told Nyasa Times in an interview on Tuesday evening that reports that President Peter Mutharika is luring him with a cabinet post to work with DPP should not be entertained.

“It is just nonsense,” said the youthful lawmaker.

“I am MCP, loyal to my party and its leadership. I cannot betray my constituents who elected me on MCP ticket and I cannot quit MCP.

“I have had so many text messages, phone calls about it – the rumour that I am going to DPP – I only read about it like everyone else,” he explained to Nyasa Times.

“I cannot join DPP at all, at all. I am MCP all the way. In fact the future for Malawi is MCP,” he added.

Menyani accused the DPP of attempts to divide MCP and weaken the opposition, saying he will not prostitute himself politically to suffocate democracy.

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36 thoughts on “MP Menyani denies DPP link, says Malawi future belongs to MCP”

  1. Frank Ndili says:

    Inu monga simudziwa kapena you are still in the denial stage? Can we can we really call these thieves leaders? Imagine Muluzi = 1. 7 billion kuba mlandu uli ku khoti. Amayi = Cashgate. She is in hiding. Pitala = 92 billion kwacha= MSB stealing through selling. Amenewa ungati atsogoleri kapena ambanda/mafias?

  2. The future of anything lies in its inception. If you destroy the begining you have destroyed the future. So Menyani is right to say that the future of Malawi is indeed the MCP.

  3. lony says:

    umaitha menyani agenda katauluka we MCP forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    that is true imaraan sadick tamavomerezani zinazi.

  5. Asset Declaration says:

    Menyani yemweyo kuti wa wa wa!

    Ungalowe DPP iweyo? Kuti chani? Akulodza ambuyako?

    Ulowe DPP kuti uzikatenga misonkho nkumalipilira ngongole za akathyali?
    Kuti uzikaba ndalama za NAC?
    Kuti nankhumwa akakupatsire chiwewe?
    Kuti uzikalemba grafiti?

    Yayi tele……Menyani wathuwathu uyu!

  6. Where did you get that nonsense that the future of Malawi lies in the hands of MCP Mr Menyani?

  7. mphwache wa bingu says:

    By the time you Menyani realises that you are wrong and MCP will not govern Malawi in near future our offer would have expired. You have very limited time to make a wise decision otherwise we will be consulting our next candidate Juliana Lunguzi

  8. Gavanala says:


  9. Teacher says:

    Kodi Sosten Gwengwe alipo? Ali ku Malawi komweku kapena akuthamangathatha kunjaku ndi a Mayi? Paja ndi running mate..,

  10. Get rude says:

    nilibe chonena poti mwanayu ngwanga


    So, MCP has gotten Malawi’s future in its hands? Yeah, why not.
    But Nation’s Chachacha Munthali would find that prospect abhorent. Actually, there is a distinct possibility that he could take up arms for SECESSION if MCP ever came to power.
    Next, both Henry Phoya and Chris Daza, on joining PP, alleged that one had to be an initiate of some Chewa “Freemasonry” sect & have some DZ-LL-DA-KU lingo on their tongue, if they were to survive in that party.
    On the other hand, Mr Menyani could be right. We know that AFORD is gone for good and UDF is next ….”kutha ngati makatani”-pang’onopang’ono. DPP cannot survive after APM leaves the stage. MCP will definitely survive well into the future.

  12. Dindiyoni says:

    I never thought such wise people still exist in Malawi. Really, that’s bravo. I only hope that he’ll walk the talk. Paja anthu a Neale today the deny this tomorrow they do the same thing.

  13. chakwanuleka says:

    Intelligent young man. We need such principled legislators like you and Lucious Banda. Not the other UDF prostitutes and vision less Atupele who only think about their bellies.

  14. Kalonga says:

    Well done Menyani. People see you as a big asset to MCP and would want to tarnish your good image. Look at your friend Sosten Gwengwe! He started so well but got taken up by cabinet post. Where is he now?

  15. Akatswiri says:

    Ameneyo ndiye mwana wakudeza,royal to MCP and its leadership, bravo Hon Menyani.

  16. Chakwera says:

    kumeneko ndiye kubwera

  17. katebe katoto says:

    Kudos baba Menyani!

  18. haward says:


  19. Joloza Kapokola says:

    Hoza menyani!!!! Kubwera kumeneko. Osati za utchitsiru amachita atumbuka kulowa uku..kutulukira uku. Thats why they are finished like curtains!

  20. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Rewards of faithfulness and integrity usually take long to show up but when they do, they come big and they are usually worth the wait!

  21. Malawiana says:

    Apa mwatchaya dala. Tikumane ku Africana mawa nikugulirani brandy wambiri.

  22. Camptain Romero says:

    Future of Malawi belong to MCP , iwe ndi nyau di . May be future of kamano, kang’wing’wi and the like , hahahaa

  23. mzako says:

    A Menyani do u want us to remind your old acting skills at secondary school where you could act “CHEMICAL MURDER” this time it will be”POLITiCAL MURDER”

  24. ujeni says:

    MCP will bring back security, development and dicipline in 2019 and onwards.

  25. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Mr Menyani. Briliant democrat. I applaud you for comeing out clearly with a statement to demistify the rumours and myths. Kudos young man. That;s what democracy is all about. We need people like you to keep checks and balances in the National Assebly. Do not be like prostitute Frank Mwenefumbo or Harry Mkwandawire or Allan Ngumuya who swore that he would remain independebt only to swallow his own vomit at the end

  26. Uchindami says:

    Olemekezeka a Menyani akudziwa bwino lomwe zomwe zimamuchitikira munthu akachoka MCP makamaka ku chigawo chapakati ndikukalowa zina. Kumakhala ngati kudzikumbira manda pa ndale. Chitsanzo chabwino komanso chaposachedwapa ndi chazomwe zidamuchtikira Sosten Gwengwe!

  27. commentator says:

    Pafuka thunzi, pali moto. Fog can’t be mistaken for smoke. Ndinaonera a Katola Phiri pa Kasungu ndi a Chenda Mkandawire pa Mzuzu. I see the invisible hand of the witty political engineer moving the pieces on the chess board. But beware! Don’t play on the esge of a precipice. Pa diwa sasewera.

  28. wawa says:

    I didn’t know we are still remaining with some few lawyers in Malawi who are not insane like some other judges whose judgements leaves a lot to be desired

  29. the councillor says:

    i think thats the menyani i knew 20yrs ago talking! He knows very well how his fellow young mcp political prostitutes ended their political careers prematurely by joining amitundu!!!

  30. Sapitwa says:

    Inde usabwere kumene. Munthu wa ch Dzina chimenchi wayenera kukhala womenyadi. Angazatsokoneze!

  31. Chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkkk dpp umbuli wachulukaaaaa

  32. titus Scoti says:

    No smoke without fire! Tikukuonanitu, tidikira tione kuti nkhaniyi ikupita kuti. Anzanunso ankatero kuti iwo ali pa phata pa MCP

  33. mtichimwitsa says:

    Thumbs up my dear osamakhala anthu adyera ngati a UDF

  34. Jozza says:

    Bravo menyani; we need strong minded young men like u, keep the fire burning, osati ana abongo wa mbuzi Atupere.

  35. Zoziyamba Dala says:

    Stupid Politicians will be Mr Mzomera and Harry Mkandawire whose likely will join DPP soon because are most power hungry, fortune seeker, greedy, selfish and most recycled politician are the Northerners like the UDF politicians, postitutes. VIVA Menyani VIVA MCP none shaking at all.



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