MP Menyani hits at APM for ‘not trusting his ministers’ on Information Bill

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) public relations director, Alekeni Menyani MP, has faulted President Peter Mutharika for debating the Access to Information (ATI) bill in public and offering amendments before parliament.

Menyani: MPs dont debate a bill in anticipation

Menyani: MPs dont debate a bill in anticipation

Mutharika is on record saying ATI law should not apply retrospectively and that it should only focus on information generated after its adoption.

President  Mutharika cited two clauses in the Bill which he said he had a problem with that include  a provision that would enable Malawians to recover any information that preceded the passing of the legislation and that no future Parliament would have power to change the law.

But Menyani faulted President’s amendment suggestions, saying it’s strange.

“My understanding is that before the executive comes up with a bill, they meet at Cabinet level and this where they do all the debate and their proposals and if they have the proposals, the responsible minister is the one who is mandated to bring such amendments at a particular time when the bill sees the light of the day in the august house,” said Menyani.

He made his comments on Times Television.

Menyani said it is “strange” that the President wants the amendments “even before the proposed bill has gone to parliament.”

He said the law does not allow parliament to discuss a bill “in anticipation.”

Menyani said: “Why can’t the President trust his ministers, trust his members of parliament, give them the information that they need, the proposed changes that he wants to see and not to allows to do this in anticipation.”

He said the whole idea of separation of powers is that “each branch of government has its own power to exercise.”

When he met media owners in Lilongwe recently, Mutharika challenged that he would not sign the bill into law even if passed by Parliament if it maintains some sections he expressed displeasure with.

“That provision [law applying retrospectively] has to go. And we cannot say no future Parliament can change this law, Parliament is sovereign. That also needs to be corrected,” he said.

Ministry of Information, Tourism and Civic Education has promised that the Bill would be tabled at the Mid-term Budget Review which starts February 22.

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11 thoughts on “MP Menyani hits at APM for ‘not trusting his ministers’ on Information Bill”

  1. Mchengasuyandama says:


  2. Sapitwa says:

    Strange that you are surprised yet in your own party, your Deputy President discussed the abortion bill with his chiefs in the North debating on it before it has gone to Parliament.He even promised them that he will fight hard to ensure it passes to save the lives of those girls aborting pregnancies in Karonga.

  3. Myao says:

    He came near to do a right thing by planting a tree but hey the exercise was not completed just like the counting of votes in 2014, he’s still on zero% performance wise and it will be like that ngati 5ys ikwane (nzambiri zimachitika). Nanjinanji ndi Joseph Mutharika mufuna mubweretseyo!!!

  4. Kapindu says:

    Yense akunyoza first citizen ndi otembeleredwa ndithu kodi ufuluutu usatipangitse kukhala ngati tayambitsa tokha kodi sizobwera bwanji nthawi yakale anthu anali olemekeza mtsogoleri wawo koma lero ndi asasamba omwe amakwera pachulu kunyoza mtsogoleri wa dziko zoona

  5. Biger says:

    Bravo APM don’t sign antagonistic laws. You are a star.

  6. reasonableman says:

    is he really the professor of law? it seems he has a long way to learn the law.

  7. KUKHALA says:


  8. mgoni wa kwa Gomani says:

    Boma la kanika.

  9. Peypey says:

    If this bulldog goes ahead to amend the bill before it goes to parliament all the opposition MPs should not do the rubber stamping , they shouldn’t allow it to pass it the way the bulldog wants it. Don’t pass a bill because it wants to please APM

  10. Tione says:

    Tinakuuzani kuti ndi galu uyu musamuvotere koma aMalawi kusamva. Pano ndi uyu akungonyera mwano ali phee ife tikufa ndi njala. Akufuna zomukomera iye basi

  11. wakale says:

    koma munthu ndi ovuta kwambiri…. when he does not answer what he is accused of you talk very much, when he comes out and rectify the burning issues you are here now telling us he erred uhh????????????? but why??????????????????

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