MP Ngumuya against Scotland Yard coming to help Malawi in fire probe: Lunguzi, Mwenifumbo back investigations

Parliamenterian for Blantyre City South Allan Ngumuya (DPP) expressed reservations with  inviting specialists officers from Scotland Yard in United Kingdon to be e been called in to try to solve the riddle of fire that has been gutting public places but had  backed the motion on investigating the death if forer Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Isaa Njauju.

Makowa Mwale: Bring Scotland Yard to Malawi

The motion calling for the investigation into the gruesome murder of Njauju was moved by Nkhotakota South East  member of parliament (MP) Evason makowa Mwale.

He said Scotland Yard should also come to investigate mysterious fires at Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) and Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in Lilongwe and the fire at Ministry of Agriculture offices due to failure by government to launch a credible investigations on its own.

Ngumuya – No Scotland Yard fire probe

Ngumuya: Scotland Yard should not come to probe fire icnidences

But contributing to the motion, Ngumuya said  he was against extending the investigations to mysterious fires.

“First of all, it is very important that we need to investigate all these cases and nobody can say no, to these.  But my question is; why do we mix, the death of Mr Njauju, ESCOM and other agriculture cases. These cases happened some time back and we were supposed to investigate them a long time ago,” said Ngumuya.

Ngumuya, who is also veteran gospel musician, backed the motion  to investigate Njauju murder.

“But my concern is that Mr Njauju’s death is very important, nobody can say no, for this investigation.  And nobody can say anything negative about the investigation.

“We have to separate the issues because it is like we are politicizing them.  Do we really need Scotland Yard to come and investigate ESCOM fire? Do we really need Scotland Yard to come to Malawi to investigate Agriculture offices’ fires?  I do not think so.  But if you ask me the importance of the late Honourable Njauju, I would say yes, and then if it is for the government to invite the Scotland Yard to come and investigate, then that is another case,” said Ngumuya.

He asked the House to “ stay away from politicizing these things.”

Said Ngumuya: “ Mr Speaker, Sir, when we say no to Scotland Yard to come and investigate the mysterious fire at ESCOM  and Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters offices, it will be like we are saying no to the investigation of Njauju’s death which is wrong.  These things need not to be mixed, they should be separated.”

Lunguzi – Malawi deserves better

Lunguzi: Malawians deserve better

Dedza East Juliana lunguzi of MCP supported the motion, saying: “. If we were a conscious nation, a nation that cares, to date Mr Speaker, Sir, we could have found out what happened to Mr Njauju. Mr Njauju was not an ordinary citizen.  He was working in a very sensitive institution which most of us have do not want to see it independent because it polices us. Today the family of Mr Njauju is still looking down the road to say what happened.”

Lunguzi also called for an extention of the probe to other suspected regime murders like university student activist Robert Chasowa.

She said : “ It is not only Mr Njauju. We have had deaths in this country.  For instance,  Mr Robert  Chasowa  died under mysterious circumstances.  Today his family is still looking for answers. So, Mr Speaker, Sir, this is a very good motion that as a country we need to accept.

“We cannot continue losing human lives and property just because somebody is hiding something. This is 2017 and we know how sensitive our country becomes when we go towards elections.  Because there are some people who want to hide so many things so that they can come and rule this country and continue plundering the property of this country.

“ I am sure people from Dedza East would love to hear exactly what happened to Mr Njauju? What is causing the fires? There have been so many mysterious deaths in this country. Many people have died, mysterious road accidents, we never know the causes.  I want to support this motion, Mr Speaker, Sir.  Malawi deserves better, we need to learn.”

Mwenifumbo – Attack on democracy

Mwenefumbo: Attack on democracy

Karonga Central independent MP, Frank Mwenifumbo said the  attack on Njauju was an attack on democracy and that cannot just be left uncovered.

“I am very glad to see that the Honourable House has regarded itself to agree, that it is important as a starting point to see what really happened.  Mr Speaker, Sir, there have been so many clues leading to the death of Njauju.  Just imagine, Honourable Members, one of us being killed in the line of duty? Njauju died when he was discharging his duties for mother Malawi and not for his family,” said Mwenifumbo.

Minister of Justce and Constitutional Affairs Sameuk Tembenu said government us already working on bringing Scotland Yard.

The motion was approved by the House.

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21 thoughts on “MP Ngumuya against Scotland Yard coming to help Malawi in fire probe: Lunguzi, Mwenifumbo back investigations”

  1. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Wawa, you will not win. In your first posting when you said “we don’t want to involve Scots here” , what did you mean? If you don’t know Scotland Yard can in no way be shortened as Scots because Scots refers to Scottish. If you mean Scots meant Scotland Yard, I am afraid, you better go back to school. I would be make a mistake to say that your writing style portrays you as a typical MCDE school leaver, too dull. Intelligent people keep quiet when are corrected or they simply say “thank you”. For how long have you been to Scotland and which placed have you been to and what were you doing, bathing oldies in Old peoples homes? Did you see the room Dr. Kamuzu Banda was sleeping when he was studying at Edinburgh – wasanduka mbuzi mano kunsi mphanga. I know Scotland inside out more than you claim to have known it because I have studied there. Bwera nazo zina. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

    1. Wawa says:

      Yahya Jammeh
      U think u r intelligent? I doubt it . Stop cheating urself Dude. Quit trying to correct everybody when u don’t even have the facts. Concentrate on ur stuff. Damn Loser!!! U r just as dull my friend. No wonder you r obsessed with Dictators who don’t even have power any more.
      Who cares weather u studied in Scotland or not. Nobody gives a hoot. That’s ur problem , not mine.
      YAHYA JAMMEY has fallen . Let him ROT IN EXILE!!

    2. Wawa says:

      Yahya JAMMEY the fallen loser. Let me tell you something. This is social media, Not a Grammar School. Everybody has the right or freedom to write in anyway they like, without fear of being corrected by Crazy empty tins like yourselves. Concentrate on ur postings Loser!

    3. Wawa says:

      Yahya JAMMEY the fallen Dictator
      No wonder our beloved Malawi can’t move forward. It is becoz of crazy Lunatics like urselves who think becoz they once studied at a cheap school in Scotland then they know it all. Naaaaaaayy!! Stop behaving like a Kindergarten grammar teacher.
      Yahya JAMMEY must die in Jail

    4. Wawa says:

      Yahya JAMMEY
      How can you rule Gambia for billion years when u r no longer calling the shots ? Maybe by remote control from Exile? Typical of idiots. No wonder u can’t even spell .
      Enjoy Life in Exile.

  2. paul says:

    anybody can see the link to criminal fraud ‘modus operandi’ in all these and other cases hounding Malawi. Big sharks are behind this, and the State is aiding abetting it! The small drop-feed of names hauled for legal justice is often only forthcoming once these smaller fish cross the Sharks. I fail to see any morality in the systems that are agents to the nation and its citizens.

    it is so broken, and akin to sons and daughters forcing the rape of their own mother for their own personal gain. I doubt there is any amount of praying that can remove the shameful stain let alone winning God’s favour for a seat amongst His chosen!

  3. zuzo dekha says:

    mMAN OF QUALITY total bullshit. u are taliking of a man who has no clue of how to run a country. zinamukanika kubera azungu ndi u loya wake nde mbale wake uja nde anali galu wa ncila. nsete zokhazokha

  4. nanyati says:

    Scots are people from Scotland nothing to do with Scotlandyard as the previous guy explained already. Koma enanu sumukumva chifukwa chiyani?

  5. Wawa says:

    Yahya Jammie or whatever u call urself. I am convinced beyond doubt that you are a confused fella. Who told you that I said Scotland Yard is from Scotland? Be advised that By cutting the name to Scots , I did not mean or imply Scotland Yard is from Scotland . Please don’t put words in my mouth. By the way, I don’t need ur crazy self to school me on anything. Who told you I didn’t know Scotland Yard is British? You confused fella. Get outta here. Go to Hell. I clearly stated that these cases need to be investigated by our own local investigators; Not Scotland Yard. U mean u didn’t understand that? Where did I lose u Fool? There is no progress on Chasiwa case coz someone in authority don’t want that case investigated, period. And not that our local investigators are incompetent.

  6. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Wawa, in the first place let me correct you that Scotland Yard is not from Scotland and it is not for the Scots. It is a British government establishment just like the FBI in the US tasked to carry out investigations of serious nature. The name Scotland Yard should not mislead you, It is the name of the Police service headquarters in London. The name Scotland Yard or New Scotland Yard as it known, derives from the location of the original Metropolitan Police headquarters at 4 Whitehall Place, which had a rear entrance on a street called Great Scotland Yard in London. The second point is that you seem to be contradicting yourself when you say ” crimes need to be investigated fully, but by who?” At the same time you are suggesting that we Malawians are capable of carrying out that task. In this sense, I don’t see the exact direction you are taking. If you cannot tell who should carry out the investigation while we have the police to do that job in this country and you ask who should do it, you are actually admitting that we are failures or indeed our police is a failure, it does not have what it takes to produce results. How long for example, has it taken to investigate Chasowa death and are you able to see the direction of the conclusion of Njaunju death? This is why these hot brains are suggesting that a competent organisation in the name of Scotland Yard should from the UK comes to help. This does not mean that when Scotland Yard is in the country it will do the job solely by itself, it will team up with perhaps the police, the intelligence and others involved in investigations as a way of building the capacity of local investigators. This is how it works and that’s the only way our brothers and sisters who are failing to find out the truth about these deaths will learn, otherwise on our own we will wait till Jesus Christ comes. Mind you, they will not just come and go straight into the investigations, the government will draft Terms of Reference (ToR) which they will guide their operation. Lastly, let me tell you never to get worried because the matter is over. The Minister of Justice, Tembenu has indicated that government is inviting Scotland Yard, an admission that we Malawians have failed. If you still have a problem about this move, blame the government for being wasteful because the idea was already on their cards from my understanding (read the story once again). Tikuzidziwa ife izi, muzifunsa kaye musanayankhule. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  7. rody says:

    how far did ngumuya go with his education ? thats why we need minimum education standard to our legislators some are outright rubbish ! imagine an mp not understanding the importance of bringing expertise …scots….to do us a good job ! .. we wont waste any money to bring those guys here afterall millions are daily stolen through many gates !

  8. Likongwe Ligomeka says:

    Ngumuya is a goat.

  9. bushala says:

    Where were MCP MPs when Evison Matafale has died. This country is having fool and stupid politicians, what they want is to enriching themselves not assisting those who vote for them in villages. Our country will remain the way it is becz of these fools. Malawians don’t be fooled with these people. The likes of Mkukuyus, they were in government what have they done for us nde aziti mfwemfwe amalawi duo.

  10. Wawa says:

    I would like to agree with MP Allan Ngumuya that we don’t need to invite Scotland yard over this issue. It is no hidden fact that a crime was committed. And as such this crime needs to be investigated fully. But by who? It is debatable. In my opinion, it is not necessary to involve Scots here. For how long are we gonna be involving Scotland yard on every Malawi cases? You mean our local investigators are not capable of investigating such cases? Why do we Malawians lack faith in our own abilities? It is time we empower our own people. We need to do away with foreign dependence. Time to Support our own investigators; give them enough resources to do the job. I bet Scotland yard is not free. Why waste Taxpayers on them? Why cant we use the same money to equip our local investigators? If we don’t give our own people an opportunity to handle big cases like these, then where on earth are they gonna get experience and expertise to handle similar cases in years to come?

  11. kokoliko says:

    Lunguzi looks like a mad woman who has not enjoyed the sweetness of sperms for a long time. Or are my eyes deceiving me? She looks dry. Or is it coz of ukalamba? Akafunse Akweni how to remain young and lookable.

    1. fukutu says:

      koma ada iwe ndiye wangoti kho penipeni pa chinena

  12. Dungulinya says:

    Ngumuya kape zedi!

  13. texas says:

    I agree with Ngumuya. Lets not waste government money. ka scotland yard nkachaninso.

    koma guys tamuwoneni lunguziyo kutuwa kikikikiki. akusowekeratu ma sperm uyu. Kumufaka tuma round tuwiri tokha twabwino akhoza kusalalatu uyu. Nanga tiziti sakudya zokazinga zindalama zonse zija anaba bambo ake zija?

  14. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Kani Ngumuyayu komuyenera ndi koyimba konkuja, m’mutu mulibe nzeru? See how Minister of Justice has deflated you with your ureasonable argument. Hows can bringing Scotland Yard be politicised? Is it the opposition bringing it or government? So mukabwenwwta chonchi uyou go back back you tell your girlfireidns that you have been partcipating in parliamentary deliberation. What you have done is just as good as saying nothing. See the reasons given by hot brains of the likes of Juliana Lunguzi and Mwenefumbo. Ukafuna unduna talk sense, not rubbish. Take it or leave it, sakupatsa, someone better is coming to replace Chaponda. Peter is not duft, he is a man of quality koma anthu nomwenu you compromise his choice of quality. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  15. youna says:

    Pajatu Ngumuya amabakira uchimbalangondo. Remember anakatenga injuction nthawi ya ma elections chonsecho amadziwa bwinolomwe kuti panali zolakwika zambiri. Lero ndi uyu akudana ndi kafukufuku. Does he really love this country or he is just doing this to serve his master?

  16. Shut up Allan says:

    Ngumuya is trying to protect mlomwe mzake Chaponda. He’s a very useless fellow. By the way I’m also mlomwe in case you wanna talk shit

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